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Meet Me On Monday

It’s been several weeks since Java at Never Growing Old posted a set of Meet Me on Monday questions, but we’ve been missing it – so Acting Balanced decided to resurrect the idea and starting today she’ll be posting 5 questions on Sunday evening along with a linky for you to link up your post answers!

Here are today’s Questions:
1. Are you planning anything for Valentine’s Day?
2. What song automatically popped into your head when you saw this question?
3. What did you have for breakfast today?
4. Where do you keep your keys?
5. Who was your favorite teacher from when you were in school? 

Answer them on your blog and link up!

Acting Balanced

1.  Are you planning anything for Valentine’s Day?

That would be a huge NO!  I jokingly refer to it as ‘Single Awareness Day’ and think it is a nothing but a big scam by greeting card and candy companies. It is also a guilt driven reason to show some token of affection, which I wrote about last year in my post, My Favorite Valentine Tradition.  I don’t want, need or even appreciate anything on that day from anyone professing to love me.  Do it another day when the rest of the world isn’t, because you thought of me and wanted me to know you love me.  If you do it for Valentine’s Day, then I cannot help but believe that is the reason you did anything, out of fear of being a dolt and not because there is a true desire to show affection.

2.  What song automatically popped into your head when you saw this question?

Seriously, some dumb song I cannot even sing more than a line or two of because that is all I know, from a goofy animated, singing thing we found at Walgreen’s.  I was out shopping with my sister and I happened upon it.  I suggested my brother needed this at the firehouse to amuse himself and the other firefighters.  Here is a small video clip of the insanity that I took before we dropped it off to him at work yesterday.

3.  What did you have for breakfast today?

Nothing yet other than coffee.  It is only 7:08 and I rarely eat at this hour.  I need to be up a few hours before I can handle food.

4.  Where do you keep your keys?

I keep my keys in my car.  I park in the garage so I see no reason to take them out of the car or then I never seem to be able to locate them!

5.  Who was your favorite teacher from when you were in school?

Mr. Peter from English I and later Creative Writing when in high school.  He always challenged us and he and I would go head to head now and then.  I actually learned much about myself as a person thanks to him those two classes.

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My Favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition

My favorite Valentine tradition…is the boycott.  The UN-Valentine celebration.  Yes, for nearly 22 years of marriage, I did NOT want anything for Valentine’s Day.  And I never will want anything.

See, to me it is a big scam.  Once a year, men and women who normally do nothing special for their honey-baby-mine outside of birthdays and Christmas, are guilt driven by displays shoving it down their throats some creative marketing to do something to prove their love.  They don’t do it because they were driving home from work, or out running errands and thought, “wow, I love my sweet schnookems, I think a little token of my love is in order“, at which time they buy a card, or candy bar, or flowers, and surprise their dear, sweet cupcake.  The only reason they think to buy love  gifts is because everyone else is doing it so there is pressure.  Not only from store displays, but billboards, TV  and radio commercials.

Let me help you realize something…people  don’t feel special if you are guilted in to doing something for them, no matter where the pressure is coming from.  Special is being the only woman in an office building of hundreds that gets flowers, out of the blue, for NO reason other than being loved by someone who was thinking about you.  It isn’t special when there are 50 florist delivery trucks in and out of the complex dropping off flowers for dozens of women because for a change their man did something special.  Not to mention that for what he paid for those flowers on Valentine’s Day he could have sent her flowers 4 different times on other days.  The prices are jacked up because it is a heavily promoted scam to bilk a bunch of money out of people.

If I am special, I want those unnecessary tokens (unnecessary because one’s kiss, touch, hug, attention etc should speak their affection on a daily basis, with some passion and feeling and not just when they want a little some-some) when no one else is getting them.  I want it to be because I was thought of and as a surprise (it isn’t a surprise if everyone is doing it on a national holiday) not because it is expected.  If it takes a month of advertising to bring me to mind  enough to pressure someone into spending far more than they would if they thought of me on their own..then I must not be that special and would rather they just didn’t bother.

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