Mt. Washmore, My Least Favorite Mountain

Yes, Mt. Washmore. As in “wash more often”.  Or maybe “wash more” again.  I swear the dirty laundry mates and multiplies, as I am washing twice a week and still it just piles up!  Oh well, at least we have a washer and dryer, nothing would be worse than loading it up and having to cart the mountain off to the laundromat.

10013668_607000622718799_1229616938_nI had to say goodbye to my little bad-ass cat, Skyler.  She just didn’t ever manage to fit in around here.  She has been around for 6 months but at no time did she ever get along with the other cats we have, or the dog.  In fact, there was no love loss between the humans and the kitten.  Things about her were simply not normal.  Eyes that didn’t change indicating blindness.  Aggressiveness that simply increased rather than decreasing.  She’d spend hours spaced out, tongue out, drooling puddles, then seem to surface mentally and completely go berserk.  The last straws were the sudden attacks and biting.  I cannot risk my grandson being attacked and I was less than appreciative of her tearing through my shirt sleeve and into my flesh with her teeth.  So she is now hopefully placed in a home that is ready for a special needs feline.  The other cats have settled down again, and in fact I found them snuggled up together when I got home from the store today, something that hadn’t happened since the kitten arrived.

1957395_606989869386541_1136329841_nWhile out shopping I happened upon something very disturbing.  The local KKK was demonstrating on a street corner nearby.  This did not make me happy at all.  These hate filled monsters grate on my nerves.  It would not bother me one bit if someone ran them over.  In fact, I wish I had my grandpa’s favorite dream weapon.  He used to say “If I had a gun that shot shit…”.  Well, if I had a gun that shot shit, I’d have shot every damn one of them with the smelliest manure available.  Instead, I flipped them off as I passed by and made sure they saw it.  Then I had to explain to the step kids who they were and what they stood for, which didn’t sit well with the kiddos.  Good.  Educate them young in tolerance and Christian love, and yes I did mention that my flying the middle finger was not very Christian.

Glad to be back home with the two cats who show the black and white together are an awesome combo.


Reading The Tea Leaves

Okay I’m not really reading them.  I have no clue how to read tea leaves and not even sure…okay I do NOT believe you can ascertain anything at all from tea leaves in your cup except perhaps that the tea bag broke and perhaps you should start with a fresh one and a rinsed cup.

IF you could, in fact, read the tea leaves in advance of things this week, you would have told me to stay tucked in bed.  You’d have seen:

*There was to be an allergy attack that is so severe I lost my voice and cannot control the snot factory which was once my sinus cavity.  It sucks at levels I cannot begin to share, and I am still feeling the effects.

*The medication I opted to take to help me actually breathe again, something I’m rather fond of doing, not only would give me creepy dreams, but would annoy my lower GI track.  Enough said.

*That the odds of my getting past level 63 in Candy Crush Saga this week are about that of hell freezing over or the Bengals going to the Superbowl this year.  And yet…I did it just a few minutes ago by total fluke.  Maybe there is hope for the Bengals?

*Perhaps 24 more hours in a day, ones that I could devote entirely to my own pursuits, would be a HUGE benefit.

*I need to do that calendar blocking thing not only with work, and my 2 direct sales businesses, but for reading, and for writing my book.

*Writing a book is a big hairy deal for me…and yes some of you who read my blog (my less than friendly stalking drama queens) will be in the book.   Maybe more than one of the books in fact.

I am in a mood to write so I am sitting here in my jammies with my Chamomile tea and pondering big and important stuff like Shittens.shittens1   Yes, it is exactly what you think if you let it sink in, a mitten for cleaning up poop.  At first, I got a huge kick out of it thinking it was not real.  But alas, it seems it IS real.  I see stocking stuffers for Christmas this year.  In fact after getting my CNA and considering, of late, looking at part-time work in a nursing home (believe me they wipe a lot of tush there), I cannot help but wonder if this isn’t a product every nursing home NEEDS!

You can check out the website –> HERE  <– and now don’t you wish you would have thought this one up?  Honestly the website is such a hoot,  But then I have a warped sense of humor.

Okay time to end the rambling.  I just needed to get some writing out of my system.  It is now time to go curl up in my bed with my Kindle, the dog, a glass of wine, and some 31 Oil in the diffuser.  Because I have no idea which oil I want, and with 31 essential oils blended together, one of those is bound to hit the mark.

Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

It’s Monday which is quiz day.  Not sure what to write about but want to post something?  This is your hop/meme. Click the icon above and come link up. Acting Balanced posts the first 4 questions and you make up a 5th question for those reading your blog to answer in the comment section, so be sure you do that as you move around.

Here are the Questions:

1.  June 10th is Iced Tea Day – do you drink iced tea?  Sweet or unsweet?  Flavoured?

2. What would be an essential for you to survive a long airplane flight?

3.  How do you explain wanting an iron to someone who does not speak English?

4.  Should smoking be allowed in restaurants?

**And the bonus question for readers to answer below in the comments**

5.  Who or what is your go to when you need a little inspiration in your day to get your motivation mojo on?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

1.  June 10th is Iced Tea Day – do you drink iced tea?  Sweet or unsweet?  Flavoured?

Yes I love iced tea!  I grew up drinking mint iced tea because my grandma on dad’s side made it.  Everyone in the family at some point had taken a cut of the mint plant and started growing it to make grandma’s tea.  She would cut and dry the mint to be able to make it all year round, it is kind of a family tradition.  I will need to start my own mint plant here soon at the Castle so that I can make it.  It is sweetened, so I have to be careful not to over do it or the weight I am losing will be back.

2. What would be an essential for you to survive a long airplane flight?

Xanex and a few very strong drinks.  No really, the other passengers get very disturbed by my being curled up in the fetal position on the floor sobbing and sucking my thumb.  I HATE flying, it terrifies me and never gets any easier for me.  I have found that the Xanex and a couple of shots of whiskey = the Marvelous one will sleep like a baby all the way to the landing of the plane.

3.  How do you explain wanting an iron to someone who does not speak English?

Acting it out!  I think I could easily express it to someone that I needed an iron through actions.

4.  Should smoking be allowed in restaurants?

Yes.  Let me explain. I am not a smoker and do not like being around it at any time but especially when eating.  However I do not believe the powers that be should make it illegal to smoke where folks eat, leave that to  each individual establishment to determine if they will be smoking, non-smoking, or have designated smoking sections.  There is NO proof whatsoever that second hand smoke causes cancer, that is a complete bogus claim.  There are beliefs and theories but so far no proof.  Not to mention that often the food those folks are consuming in the smoke free environment are doing far more damage to their bodies by clogging arteries etc.  Places that opt to remain smoke free will draw customers like me, who do not smoke and don’t want to be around it while eating.  Those that allow it will draw smokers.


5.  Who or what is your go to when you need a little inspiration in your day to get your motivation mojo on?

I have several.  I will go to Youtube and watch either Patsy Clairmont or Amanda Gore.  Both are hilarious women.

December Goals

It’s time for the Monthly Goals Linky Party!
How it works:
On the first Wednesday of every month, we write a post recapping our goals from the month before and setting goals for the future month.  Then, we link up the post with the linky party and give each other encouragement and support by visiting and commenting!
At the end of the year, a super awesome prize will be drawn and awarded to one random blog that linked up goals throughout the year!
To link up with the hostess and join in click the icon above and jump on board!

November Goals Recap:

  • Walk 5 times a week, rain or shine if outside, or inside on the treadmill, but walk and be up to 3 miles a day by the 30th of the month! FAIL! but not giving up!
  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day (I’ve been easily dehydrated for months).  SUCCESS!
  • Healthy snacks, if I must snack, during the day. SUCCESS
  • Less coffee and more herbal tea. Still working on this one
  • Eat breakfast every day. (candy is NOT breakfast) SUCCESS!!!
  • Start measuring portions on all food! Stop over eating. SUCCESS!!!
  • 8 new team members to my Avon business by the 30th. FAIL! But my car was in the shop so hard to get out there and work it.

Okay so 4 out of 7 isn’t too bad, better than 50%!  🙂  But I am going to keep those that I did not make on the list for December.


  • Walk 5 times a week, rain or shine, inside or outside, but at least 10 minutes a day and work up to 3 miles a day by the end of the month.
  • Less coffee and more herbal tea!
  • 8 new team members to my Avon business.
  • Continue to track myself daily on and not slack off like I have in the past.
  • Take off at least another 6 pounds by the end of the month.
  • Get my walk-in closet organized and in order and keep it that way!
  • Daily devotions and bible study – every single day!
  • Make it to church every Sunday this month.

November Goals

I LOVE this Linky Party!!! Please, anyone who blogs, join in! I’ve checked up on the past months over at My So-Called Chaos and you will not be sorry you joined in this one! I am going to do it on my spiritual journey blog too, as that one will be a different set of goals!

November Goals

  • Walk 5 times a week, rain or shine if outside, or inside on the treadmill, but walk and be up to 3 miles a day by the 30th of the month!
  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day (I’ve been easily dehydrated for months).
  • Healthy snacks, if I must snack, during the day.
  • Less coffee and more herbal tea.
  • Eat breakfast every day. (candy is NOT breakfast)
  • Start measuring portions on all food! Stop over eating.
  • 8 new team members to my Avon business by the 30th.

Okay those are realistic and very much needed!  Check back for a success report periodically and at the end of the month.

Coffee & Cupcakes ~ Vanity Crack & Spice Edition

Coffee – the life blood of this Diva. I likely drink far more than I should but I wouldn’t consider facing the day without it!

Cupcakes – small portions of something delicious, CAKE! Sugar, fat, calories…YUM!

My brain is powered by the coffee as I write and the cupcakes in this case are small servings of a variety of things on my mind. Cute, I know 😉

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

While we’re back to Defcon 5, it  was a frightening time around this place this morning…the tea bags were  gone! I KNOW, RIGHT?!?!  How the devil is one to brew a nice pot of mint iced tea when there are NO tea bags in the entire Diva Den?  Seriously this should never be  allowed to happen, ever.  Reality is we’re probably Defcon 3, as the tea bags purchased were mistakenly decaf, but we’re okay with that, at least we have the iced tea. Deep breath  in….exhale slowly…..

I love WordPress, I really do.  But when I started my  Chronicles of an Avon Lady blog, they wouldn’t let me use  links to my Avon page, as the primary purpose of that blog is to  promote business and share  my adventures.  I get that.  So it is now relocated.   Vanity crack = makeup/cosmetics.  We gals that wear the stuff and are into it, new  blush or mascara is like crack…hence Vanity Crack is  the name.  You can access it  from the Lipstick Diva  icon on my sidebar.  The one with all the lipsticks.

Mt. Washmore has been all but conquered today.  I’ve been very busy.   Kids to care  for, and laundry.  Oh and took on a side project/job working on some ad copy for a friend.  We will see how that works out.  I’m great at marketing me, my pages, my Avon…not sure how I will do with the other but sure giving it my all.

I enjoy broadening my blogging horizons, so in addition to writing about my life, thoughts, etc, I participate in several blog memes.  AKA: Hops, bounces,  link-ups.  Hosted by one or more blog pages at once, they range in themes, and it can be a fun way to find other writers to creep on.  If you are like me you enjoy finding new memes so when I find one I like, I share it on my meme/hop page.  Today I want to point you over to Cinful Cinnamon’s page.  She has a no rules or catches link-up on Sundays, The  Tiki Hut, and she has a new one she just launched, the Monday “Me” Hop.  She posts writing prompts on Monday, then you write and link up on Thursday.  Spread the  word, more spice to add to your blog week!

It would seem my sleep cycle is back sync, I’ve actually slept the past two nights.  Still need to get to bed earlier but at  least when I do go I am SLEEPING!  For this I am grateful.

I have several blogs with a bit more substance and depth to them in the works, just really needed to formulate them in my head and figure out how to approach them.  But they are coming soon.  Stay tuned.

Pass the cupcakes, please…