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Friday Confessional…On Saturday Night

2 Feb

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*comes running through the ‘sanctuary’ of Blogdom, in socks so as not to disturb anyone, slides past the confessional, falls and utters obscenities under breath…so much for trying to be quiet*

Okay, it is Saturday evening, in fact in 65 minutes it will be Sunday morning.  I’m late for Friday Confessional but I’m here, ready to spill it all out and thankfully Aubrey is a doll and left the door open for us better-late-than-never types.  So let’s get this all out there….

I confess… 
I just ran the clock down to 60 minutes because for some reason at 10:55pm popcorn and a cold beer sounded this side of outstanding so I had to run downstairs to pop some and grab a brew from the fridge in order to actually function.

I confess… 
I LOVE MY NEW JOB!  Just over 2 weeks into it and it is fantastic.

I confess… 
Regarding said job, I am COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with the learning curve.  Trust me, I am not bragging, but I am one kick ass office manager who can multitask and seriously get it done.  But I’ve not worked in the Restoration industry.  While the job has many similarities to working as an admin in an IT department, and office manager at painting company as well as a heating and air company, it is as different as it is similar.

I confess… 
I might have thrown a highlighter at my boss Friday because I was stressed and he was being obnoxious…because he could…and it was funny.  But don’t tell him I’m overwhelmed and stressed out.  Hell, he reads my blogs, he will know.

I confess… 
The boss knows I am a tad stressed, he can tell at times.  And while I’m right 100% of the time when I go head to head with him, he was right twice this week.  I wasn’t wrong (because I am never wrong), he was just more right than I was those 2 times.

I confess… 
While with my daughter today, as she was having the final touches put on her large tattoo that has taken multiple sittings to complete, I experienced tremendous ink-envy.  But now, I will be fixing that.  I am starting to gather the images and ideas to send the artist to have my sleeve designed for my left arm.  I cannot wait to get it started.  I have 3 tattoos now, but I have so much more I want to do.  My addiction is long over due for a fix and the sound of the tattoo gun nearly sent me into DTs.

I confess… 
I plan to be better about posting this coming week, I hate not staying up on daily posts.


#25 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!

25 Jan



Seriously, when was the last time I painted my toes?

Hmmm…..before the camping trip I think, around Halloween.

See, I was dating The Count back then and so I kept the piggies all pretty.

Now that I am single?

Screw it, who cares?  Still a peek of red polish left on a few toes and I just don’t care!

#23 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!

23 Jan

Rip It Good


Oh yes, we are going THERE.

There as in bodily functions considered RUDE beyond words when performed in front of others.

Functions some folks (read: MEN) think are just hilarious.

Okay SOME men, my son for one.

My father used to lift a cheek, let one fly, then say “Oh, did you hear that trumpet roach?”

Not funny.

Especially trapped in a car on the highway with him.

My ex-husband on the other hand would have been mortified to let slip in front of anyone, as it is rude and obnoxious and in poor taste.

Oh alright there are some women the find them amusing. I’m not one of them. However if you engage me in a fart war, I will win.

Consider yourself warned.

Anyway…being single means not having to worry about the issue at all!

#15 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!

15 Jan



Ink..as in tattoos.

I happen to like tattoos.

Not ALL over me, but I have a few and want a few more.

They are significant to ME.

I dated a guy for 5 months that didn’t want me to get more, said “I don’t want your body littered with ink”.

Key word there, my former love, YOUR…

..as in MY body.

MY choice.

MY ink.

Being single means NO one tells me not to get another tattoo.

*Note: yes those are my legs from a photo shoot I did in an abandoned theater*

DO NOT Put Your Loved Ones In The Closet!

16 Sep

*Disclaimer: no this has NOTHING to do with my current love – he loves me and mine just as we are.

We’ve all done it…asked someone we love to ‘hide’ something about themselves when we take them around to be introduced to our friends or a potential significant other.  That or when we are bringing those individuals home to meet the family we ask everyone to temporarily (or permanently) exchange who they are to make sure we are putting forth a good first impression.  Examples I have encountered is guys removing earrings, or  girls  removing their nose rings, either sex removing ear gages or covering up tattoos.  Or if two people we love maybe aren’t married and are living together, or maybe are gay, we ask the ‘different one’, to keep their uniqueness unknown or in the shadows so as not to offend the new love interest or their family or our new friends.  On the surface this might seem okay, it certainly has to me in years gone by.  But after 48 years of circling the sun on this planet I’ve wised up in many ways.

The people that I love are important to me.  My parents, my siblings, my children, nieces and nephews, even dear friends.  No one I know or love is perfect, everyone of those that are priceless to me have quirks and imperfections.  And each is a unique individual.  I  know them by who they are INSIDE, not just outside.  Our exteriors are going to change, some for the better (don’t you just love those that look better as they age?) and others for the worse.  I don’t love my future sister-in-law  because she has tattoos, I love her because of the strong, amazing, wonderful woman she is INSIDE!  I also happen to have ink envy, I very much love her tattoos!

I  love my baby brother, not because of his ink down his leg, but for the incredible man he is INSIDE. I  love my other brother not because he doesn’t have tattoos, but because of the wonderful man living inside his inkless shell. I don’t judge one for his hair,  or the other one for the lack of it, I love these men for who they are and have become.  I love my baby sister for the intelligent, caring, giving person she is INSIDE, not the color of her hair this month, which is subject to change frequently.  Her worth is on the INSIDE.

There was a time in my life I judged folks by what I saw on the outside, that is until I began to ‘decorate’ my outer package to my own liking.  I triple pierced both ears, very radical at the time I did this.  Later I had the top of my left ear pierced and then my nose.  Just a tiny diamond but still it is ‘different’.  Then, when I was 40, I got my first tattoo.  I now have 3 of them, and I love each one.  My  ink and piercings do not define who I am, they are simply part of the wrapping paper of the package that is me.  That wrapping happens to have some scars in it, from surgery to enhance parts of me that I was unhappy with, again those changes do not reflect my inside person, my heart, they are simply dressing and bling so to speak. Sometimes, just for kicks, I put pink dye in my  hair and make some pretty pink streaks.  My hair, my choice, still the same old me underneath.

If you love me, then the people that I love and are important to me, should be important to you too.  I’m not saying you have to agree or even condone my choices in self decoration, or those of my loved ones and friends, but if you are going to be a part of my life, I will NOT leave my loved ones in the closet, hiding any part of themselves.  The closer you are to me, the more important those persons should become to you.  Not only is that love, but that is flat out respect.  And you will treat those I love with respect even if you don’t like them.

If your nose is so high in the air that you cannot date my daughter because her mother has tattoos or a nose ring, then you are not worthy of her.  If you parents don’t allow your offspring  to date someone in my family because of their living arrangements or one of their parental units has some ink, then kiss  our asses, you and yours are entirely too shallow to be significant to any one of us.  How dare you judge the book by the cover!  We won’t judge YOUR parental units or family members based on the color of their hair, if they have hair, if they wear earrings, what car they drive, what part of town they live in or how much money they make.  We want to know you and yours for who you are inside, that is the part of you that holds value.  IF who any of us are outside isn’t good enough as we are, then you aren’t anyone we care to know and you sure as hell don’t deserve to be in the life of any one of us.  And shame on anyone within our ranks for asking another to cover up themselves, exchange themselves or stay in the shadows.  We stand together, proud of the people we are on the INSIDE, and to hell with those that only see what is on the outside. We will NOT put anyone in a closet to please someone else.

Dear Future Husband ~ Things You Should Know

22 Jun

Dear Future Mr. Marvi Marti,

I thought it would be nice to get a few things out there on the table in advance of the big day when we will finally pledge our undying love to each other.  This way it is in writing and you cannot  later say you were unaware.  Take notes darling.

  • I have 3 tattoos, and there will be more.  This is not negotiable.  I like my ink and I like my future ink.  Flowers and candy are all very sweet, but flowers will wilt and die and candy makes my ass fat.  Ink on the other hand will last forever.  If you want to surprise me with something special, think ink.
  • I have a nose ring.  Just a little diamond.  No, I will not take it out.   Yes you will come to find it cute.  If  by chance you do not,  well  tough tiddly winks babe.  No I won’t be piercing anything else.  I did that at one time.  The twins don’t want rings and south of the border….well okay maybe that one again someday.  It’s my border, I’ll pierce it if  I so chose.  You feel free to pierce your junk too if that is what you chose.
  • Sometimes I put pink dye in my bangs.  Just a streak or two.  Just learn to deal with it.  It washes out the next morning.  Sometimes I just feel like having it there.  No, I am not too old to do that.
  • I have a job, two of them actually.  One is daycare, I watch kids.  Yes it IS good money and I enjoy it very much.  I’m not looking to be wealthy off of it, it pays my bills and enables me to be home to do laundry, dishes, cook, and clean.  It also enables me to have time to write.  I also sell Avon.  Make-up.  Vanity Crack.  I love this job too.  I do plan to make a ton of money doing it.  I watch the stories in the training materials, I know that there are women making 6 figures dealing eyeshadow and mascara.  I plan to be one of them.  It takes hard work and a lot of time.  I have nothing better to do while I am looking for you.   I won’t be giving up the Avon, accept it.
  • I blog..sometimes a lot.  I have several.  I love to write.  I will not stop blogging, so deal with it.  Think of it as my therapist, it is keeping the body count down and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Yes I am very open in my blog and from a security perspective that might be a risk.  Tough.  I have  my doubts that the Boogie Man is looking for me, or a stalker.  And that is why there is  something called concealed carry permit.  Enough said.
  • My faith is important to me. I will attend church and be involved.  Sometimes I don’t get up on Sunday and go, most of the time I do.  It is my choice. You will accept this.

Those are a few of the non-negotiable things you will want to be aware of before the big day. Well perhaps a compromise can be reached as to a few, like no pink hair when we visit your family.  But only a compromise.

Until next time, my love!


Random Thoughts On A Sunday Afternoon

1 Aug

I took a break from blogging yesterday, with getting up early and working part of the day, and a lot on my mind, I just did not feel much like writing. I was more for relaxing on the deck with a beer and so I did just that. It was SO beautiful too, great breeze, lots of shade, and even the noisy cicadas really were nice to listen too. I am all about windows open if we can handle the temperatures, I love hearing the outside world.

Last day as a married person, by this time tomorrow I will be free! And funny as it sounds, I am happy about it. Less than 24 hours to go and counting! I will no longer have financial responsibility for the mound of debt like the house he is in danger of losing because karma is coming home already to bite him square in the ass. NO sympathy here. Even Mustard, his wonderful, pearl yellow Harley that is in my name, that he is also going to lose soon because he cannot afford it, will no longer be my problem. The divorce papers give it all to him, and he will likely be kissing it all goodbye here in the next year because he won’t be able to afford to keep any of it. Unless he moves in his girlfriend, the one he says is not a girlfriend. She has left a painful wake of emotional and mental debris in the lives of many other men that were married when she sank her claws into them, (not to mention SHE is married), and it is only a matter of time until he who shall not be named finds out what a truly evil little bitch she is, just like all her other victims learned the hard way.  In celebration I will get a new tattoo, but that one I’m not certain of what to have done, looking into it, it has to be something unique.

I do have another tattoo planned, for over the top of my left breast, for my kitten who has been my heart band-aid. It is planned just need the money for it and that will take a bit to pull together. I love getting inked, hurts like a mother *&^%$! in some spots but it is also a bizarre high that I love. I have 3 already, with 2 on deck now and no doubt more will follow in time.  That is  another wonderful thing about being single, no one telling me ‘no’ to more tattoos.  My body is MY canvas and I will  decorate it as I see fit, which  is as it should be.

Pixel  kitten does not have a hernia but is reacting to her sutures it seems.   Add her being crazy and running around playing which is causing friction to the internal ones  and it seems to be an issue.  A  big shot of strong antibiotics and  she seems fine, though short of gluing her paws down she is NOT resting much.  She wants to play and if  I lock her in my room she carries on like  she is dying  so I give  up.  She learned how to get her collar off too so she is moving about in stealth mode periodically, no little bell warning of in coming kitten attack.

I enjoyed an over night  visit with my daughter last night.  She  joined us for our Saturday wine night, which this week we went with a beer, Pete’s Wicked Ale.  She crashed here with  the dog, who woke my mom up at 5am to go outside.  Not sure  why she left  the couch with my daughter to get grandma to let her out.  Then she and the big cat sat outside my door doing their  best  to get  Pixel to annoy me enough to feed them all.  They are like a pack of children.  Today my son is visiting, and soon my dad will be over and hopefully one of my brothers, and we will grill steaks and enjoy dinner together.

This time last weekend I was in a rut of shitty days,  today I am reminded what crap cards in life can really be like.  I am from a big family on both sides, dad is one of 10, mom is one of 8.  I have more cousins than I can count, and I know them all.  I have very fond memories of summer  time when growing up, going to grandma’s over by Elder High School.  My cousins all there, in droves, hanging out,  sipping  peppermint iced tea, eating popcorn made on the stove top to absolute  perfection (never a burnt kernel), and eating Smarties.  Sometimes someone walked us around the corner to get penny candy at the little store.  In the garage were a  bunch of tricycles in various sizes  that  we  stood on the back  of and raced up and down the street  and  driveway.  Some of my cousins  I have felt closer to than others,  one of those is my cousin Patty.  This  morning I received the following  email,  it hit  me really hard.  I read it laying in bed via  my BlackBerry, barely able to breathe and crying through a good portion of it.  The Divas will of  course be here for her and her daughter, in anyway we can, but right now they need prayers.  If you are a praying type, I ask that you please keep her daughter, Michelle,  and their family in your prayers.  I asked Patty for permission to post this in my blog, as I believe  in the power of  prayer and the more we can get for Michelle  the better.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Some of you know that in the past week we have been waiting for Michelle to see a specialist about a soft tissue mass that was discovered in her upper right arm last Friday when an MRI was done.

About 3 weeks ago, Michelle had some pain in her arm and she thought maybe she pulled something.  About a week later, she found a lump and made a doctors appointment.  Last Friday and MRI was done and everyone thought it was something like a tendon, ligament, or something else she tore.  We got a call Friday night that the MRI showed a soft tissue mass in her bone and it had possibly gone outside as well causing the lump.

Long story short – we got into see “THE” doctor in Cincinnati that specializes in tumors of the bone (Dr. Joel Sorger). Apparently, he is the ONLY and the BEST.  The news we received this morning was not what we hoped.  He told us whatever this is – it is very aggressive.  He said it could be one of three things:  1) a really bad infection of some kind; 2) a benign tumor; 3) cancer.  This thing has actually broken through the bone on her arm and is now both inside and outside the bone.  He told us you do not typically see begnine tumors go through the bone – they either stay inside or outside.  He also told us that a lot of times which cancer, you can see little pieces of bone within the tumor and he is not seeing that either.  Basically, we don’t know.

We spent the day at Children’s in Liberty township today getting a Chest CT (too make sure there is nothing to keep her from getting a biopsy – something messing with anesthesia) and a full 1.5 hours of MRI on her whole right arm.

Friday was a long day for Michelle and me. We got to Children’s at 11:05 a.m. and did not arrive home here till after 7:00 p.m. last night.  Michelle got a Pet Scan which is where they inject radioactive material into her and any bad cells that are in her basically eat it up.  Then they put her in what looks like a big MRI machine and scan her whole body.  The purpose of this test was to see if she had any “suspicious” cells anywhere else in her body.

We did the scan and then were told to go up to the Hematology/Oncology department and meet with Dr. Geller.  One of his doctor assistants came in and took a very extensive family history from us.  Then, in came Dr. Geller with 3 other people in our tiny room. I could just tell (you know, as Mom’s can) that something was up.  I was completely petrified yesterday that this whole body scan would tell us Michelle had bad cells everywhere and if that happened I don’t think I could hold up.

He did tell us the mass in her upper right arm lit up light a Christmas Tree.  He told us that the very good thing is that nothing else..not even one tiny speck…showed up anywhere else in her scan.  This means – it’s only in the arm and no where else.  Now…with good news always comes bad.  He told us that the mass in her arm showed up so bright that he typically sees that when it is cancer. He also added that he would be very surprised if the mass was not cancer.  Michelle and I held up pretty good with that news.  I think all along that was my worst fear, but I was ready for it and surprisingly I think she was too.  He said there was still hope that it could be an infection or non-malignant tumor, but not to count on that.

He started to talk to us about chemo therapy and what type of cancer the thinks this is.  He said he believes it’s a sarcoma (sp?) and that it is an aggressive one.  He also said that he believes we caught this very early and that’s a good thing.

Now…that’s when he talked about the possibility of Michelle having children once she received chemo therapy. It seems that they have no clue how chemo affects each person and it’s wildly different with each one.  There is a chance that having chemo would cause her to go into early menopause and render all of her eggs useless.  I had thought about that once the day before, but Michelle was not ready to hear that news at all and completely broke down right there.  No one should hear at the age of 23 and married less than a year should have their hopes and dreams of having children someday disappear in an instant.  He brought in an oncology fertility expert to talk to Michelle (he had her waiting outside the door) and we talked about harvesting her eggs now — before chemo — so they can be fertilized, turned into embryos and frozen until later when her and Adam want to start a family.

There’s even a catch that… to get the MOST eggs possible, she would receive hormone therapy and it takes 4-6 weeks.  He told us we might not have 4-6 weeks, depending on what he finds out today from the biopsy.  So in that case, they would have to go in and get the eggs surgically — and typically they don’t get as many that way that turn into viable embryos.  So now it’s a waiting game to see exactly what the results of the biopsy are from today and how much time we have to harvest eggs.  We are supposed to meet with everyone back at Children’s on Tuesday to have everything laid out on the table and hear what this mass really is in Michelle’s arm.

He did say that if the mass in her arm is what he thinks it is, they have treated thousands of these and given all of the facts right now for Michelle’s case – there is no reason at all that they cannot treat her successful and she will live to be an old woman.  He said he does not believe this was a genetic thing (so we don’t have to worry about this happening to Casey).  It’s a random thing with no rhyme or reason.  That’s when it hit Michelle that she would lose her hair and asked if she would… all of the nurses said yes and we had another melt down.  I don’t blame her – I don’t even like to go out on a windy day once I have my hair perfect.  You men will not understand, but I know all of you women know that you’d rather have anything else happen to you before you lost your hair.  I really don’t know how to console her on this one because it would be devasting to me too and I don’t have an answer for her.  I could not go and start talking about wigs already so I just hugged her and said we’ll figure it out.

Yesterday was Biopsy day.  Her doctor was Australian and quite a character.  He also told her that he believes the mass in Michelle’s arm is cancer and he thinks it’s in the bone too (the Oncologist did not).  We’ll see on Tuesday I guess.  They went in an drilled the hole that is in Michelle’s bone a little bigger and took what they needed for the pathologist.  Ironically, I got a text from my sister, Theresa, saying that she and Marina (her daughter) were there.  I thought they were coming to sit with us during the surgery, but she was there because Marina’s doctor detected a heart murmer earlier that morning during a checkup and sent Theresa and Marina to Children’s to Cardiology.  Since Michelle was in surgery and Steve and Adam were up there, I ran down to be with my sister who was alone and pretty freaked out.  Marina’s heart was making a “goose honk” noise and every resident, intern, nurse and janitor kept coming in because they never heard anything like that before.  Turns out that it’s pretty much nothing – one of her heart valves let’s a little more backflow happen than it should and now it’s making this noise.  It’s not something to be concerned about so they let her lose.  What are the odds of that?   The only two girls in the family both in the hospital at the same time.

I will keep you all posted.  Even though the biopsy procedure was supposed to be very, very painful, it seemed that last night (with the help of pain killers), Michelle was doing pretty well and even told me she was going to work today.  We find out on Tuesday what the results of the biopsy are and what the next steps will be.  We pretty much know how things will turn out at that meeting – we will just have to be strong and march through the steps to get her better.  I will keep you all post.  Sorry it’s through email but it’s the easiest way since we are spending so much time in the hospital and I have hardly been home since Wednesday.

Please keep Michelle in your prayers – I believe God listens!


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