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Saturday Morning Coffee & A New Focus

2 Jun

Close up of cup of coffee with pink roseI put an idea out there on Facebook via video that it would be so nice to return to a time when people wrote notes, sent cards for occasions or a letter just because, rather than a Facebook post for these events.

When mom died at the end of April, my mailbox would have cards in it each day for about a week or so and it was so nice to have something to physically hold in my hand that said I was being prayed for, I was loved, thought of and cared about through that ordeal. It felt like extra support and I have pulled them out now and then when I am having a “missing her” moment to re-read those encouraging words. But like life, folks move on and the mailbox goes back to being just bills or an empty space.

I decided to stick it out there and see if I had any others who wanted to start sending each other a note, funny card, recipe, article…anything that struck a cord at the moment it was seen that one had a desire to share. But, rather than text it or post it to social media, put it in the “snail” mail! 5 people responded, and since I had suggested this in the past (like um over a year ago…) and had interest but didn’t pursue it, I grabbed 2 others from back then and started a list. I pulled out note cards, found a funny cartoon to print off, put a personal note in each and mailed them. Small start but I at least did it this time!

I’m hoping to grow this into a sort of happy-mail, mailbox ministry if you will, a way to spread sunshine and joy to others. I want it to become more personalized to each recipient but had to just get it started so I did. And this creates my Christmas card list! I’ll start asking for birthdays, anniversaries, whatever folks on my list want to share so I can make sure to get those sent out.



Post It Note Tuesday

18 Jan

It is time for PINT, join the fun, link up or read up at:


Only Parent Chronicles


Write it, post it, share it!




10 Things That Make Me Happy

1 Oct

It is Friday and I just do not feel like using my brain today for lunch.  Work is stressful (judging from my back ache more so than I realize) and right now I just want to think happy thoughts.

So today I’m following a Plinky prompt that suggested writing about 10 things that make me happy.  That should not be too hard to manage.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

10 Things That Make Me Happy

My kids coming over for a visit, be it 5 minutes or for dinner or the football game, I love them very much and I am always very happy to see them.  Aside from that it is just nice to get a call from them to chat once in a while.  I miss them both and I’m so very proud of them and who they have become.  They are both hard workers and great people.


When my cell phone rings and it is Mr. TSASA or I get an email from him (thank you Blackberry phone that I can actually receive, read and reply on you).  He always makes me feel special and I very much enjoy even those short calls and emails that wish me good things for the day.


Sleeping in never fails to make me happy!!! It happens so infrequently that I get to sleep until I feel like getting out of bed that when it does happen I am SO thankful!


Pixel Kitten at night time…when she isn’t still all wound up but is instead sleepy herself.  She still suckles in the corner of her bed, having  never been weaned from the instinct to nurse, and she purrs SO loud while she does that I can hear her in my bed. Then she comes up on the pillows, still purring, and puts her head in the palm of my hand and wraps her front paws around my forearm and falls asleep there.  I love that she ‘needs’ me and is secure there with me.


Payday!!!  The feeling that I get when I see money in my bank account that I earned is awesome.  I always smile on payday even when paying my bills.  I mean, at least I CAN pay them, so that makes me HAPPY!


A Bengals win on Sunday!  Unlike Steelers fans (booooooo don’t like them), we don’t really know what it is like to have a team that consistently WINS games.  They think we have lost it because we get so excited.  Guess when you are used to winning the magic wears off.  So (fawk you Steeler fans) I am always HAPPY when we win and relish it!


The sunshine always makes me happy!  I love looking outside and seeing a sunny day on tap.  I LOVE the warmth of the sun on my skin when I am outside and how bright the colors are on a nice, bright sunny day!


Chipotle for lunch!  Hey, I’m easy to please what can I say?  And at the suggestion of my FWB started getting chicken rather than steak and yeah, still makes me happy!


A fresh cup of coffee.  First thing in the morning it gets the brain going.  Middle of the day it is a nice addition to whatever I am doing, and right after dinner it is the perfect compliment to any dessert.  Flavored or not, coffee is wonderful!


Blogging makes me happy.  Sometimes I vent, sometimes share happy things, other times just random thoughts or a meme.  No matter the topic, blogging makes me happy, it is something I thoroughly enjoy.


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