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One Last Snow Before We Go

If you follow my blog at all you know that while I think snow is pretty I am NO fan of cold weather. As a child I couldn’t wait for a good snowfall but the older I get the more the cold and snow are just a big pain in the tush.

Our beautiful deck is like living in a tree house in the woods. Deer and red foxes, birds, squirrels and rabbits call our backyard and woods behind it home. But this is coming to an end. Over the next 2 months we will be relocating. The Diva Den is closing. 😦  Mom is edging closer to her last day and while we don’t really have any desire to move, it simply isn’t feasible to stay here. Financially speaking we cannot do it with just 3 of us unless one of us suddenly wins the lottery, which is unlikely because we rarely purchase a ticket. I think the odds of getting struck by lightening on a sunny day are better. We are starting the process of purging the contents of the house that we simply don’t want, need or care to move. The dumpster will arrive and by then we will have it all on tarps in the garage waiting to be loaded up and hauled away.

Life begins new in 2, 2 bedroom apartments in the same building. I had been praying and asking for prayer via the church app and that prayer was answered. Easter weekend the first one will be available and my niece will move into it, her mom will follow and share it with her once the second is ready and mom and I move into our new place

The deck in summer


. By the end of May we hope to have the Diva Den sold to someone who has kids and will benefit from such a large house. We will all be in our new homes and hopefully mom will make it to be relocated and comfy there.

I have to say that it is bitter sweet. We are ending an 8 year chapter of our lives that has been full of laughter, a few tears and battles, but lots of love. Prior to the idea of 2 apartments in the same building, the weight of having to purge and sell this huge house without mom was a tough one to carry. Boo and I have never sold a house, and the thought of doing that while mourning the loss of our best friend and mom was agonizing. We are more than relieved to know that we won’t have to do that and can just focus on the grief when the time comes.

Winter here is gorgeous, that backyard is something to see when covered in snow and critter tracks. I hadn’t really given it much thought until driving home Wednesday seeing all of the trees covered in snow as I approached our neighborhood, awed by the beauty. It was then I realized we’d never see another major snowfall here in this house. Thankfully that didn’t last long because we’re about to get clobbered with a winter storm tomorrow that is forecast to drop some accumulating snow. I’m off work and going to sit and relish every flake as it falls, sipping coffee and crocheting with the fire place burning some logs and chatting with mom and Boo.

As is typical with weather in the Cincinnati area, it may not even happen. I suspect the Ohio River plays a part, but it seems that every storm system that comes at us, with rare exceptions, falls apart just before impact, going north, south or both around this city. The exceptions are the ones that like to throw the big punches bringing severe storms and tornadoes once in a blue moon, or serious snow falls. Wednesday the forecast was 8-12 inches of snow. Then it dropped to 1-3, then it was 5-8 inches and now 3-5. In other words no one has a clue and we have to wait and see. 100% precipitation is a given, but it could even arrive as ice, freezing rain, or just rain. For just this once I’m hoping for the snow, our last big hairy deal before we move. About 3 inches would rock, then with temperatures in the mid 40s the next day it will all go away and good riddance!

So today, I’m busting out a to-do list that is already insanely long, so I can just relax tomorrow and take in the hoped-for beauty. After that it is Katy bar the door we have to purge, pack and go!


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Wine & Cheese: 1st Serving 2018

wineandcheese2Some Wednesdays I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times. I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs. I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal. If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just search past postings. Sit back and join me now for a serving of some whine and cheese!

 ~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦 I know, it has been months since I blogged. Life. It happens.

😦 Mom is on the decline, I probably see it more than the rest of the Diva Den because I don’t see her for a few days sometimes when I’m doing double shifts. And others see it when the come over and haven’t seen her in a few weeks. 😦

😦 Winter is here and it has been so dang cold! And snow…OH I really do not like it one bit outside of being pretty to look at as it is coming down and then it just plan sucks.



🙂 Mom may be declining but here we are in January, 6 months past when we were told 2-4 weeks left to live. WOW. We had 2 Christmas celebrations, one in July and then she made it to Christmas anyway! She is one tough cookie. She is going to lose this battle, we know that, but we rejoice that she is still here!

🙂 Nearly a year into this job and I love it still just as much as the first day! Okay MORE than I did when I started. These sweet souls with whole hearts and broken brains are so amazing with what they can do, and how they make me smile, challenge my reserves when I cannot find a ‘tool’ in my belt to redirect or comfort them…I’m growing as a person thanks to them.

🙂 I have new air plants! I killed the last 3, I forgot for long stretches to dunk them in water for 20 minutes and those little things dried up. But I have 3 new ones. I have already neglected these too (face palm) but I’m trying!

🙂 Not sure what rock I was living under but I’ve only recently learned of bullet journaling and OMGoodness I LOVE it!!! Maybe my air plants stand a chance of survival after all now that my life is becoming more organized. More on this topic in a later post, which will happen thanks to this new way of being organized.

🙂 I have new jammies. I got a nice, warm, fuzzy set from my sister for Christmas and that prompted me to watch for after Christmas sales. Got a nice, $40 pair for $15 on sale and with some Kohl’s cash. I now have 2 pair and I’m in heaven. Go me!



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Friday Confessional


Time to get things confessed and off the chest!

I confess…

I am so done with winter weather!  TOO much snow is NOT good for making a happy Marti.  I want sunshine and WARM air, not this cold stuff, not the warming up of the car to go anywhere, it is time.  BE GONE WINTER! It simply is NOT melting and I want it gone, I want to see green grass!


I confess…

Thursday nights I am HOOKED on Scandal!  We Divas get some corn popped and pour some wine into our official, Olivia Pope wine glasses and we kick back.  This pic was from last night, though I didn’t care for the episode.  As the daughter, mom, mother-in-law and girlfriend of a police officer, it’s touchy for me.  I wish the show would let that explosive crap go.  The jury is out around here as to whether we will continue to watch it after last night.  OH, the glasses are available through Crate and Barrel.  23 ounces, and I think $15 each.


I confess…

It is looking like September is the month we move to Sarasota.  I cannot wait.  Meanwhile we are going to be on the beach on Siesta Key come the end of June, soaking up rays.  I cannot wait!

I confess…

While I was hoping for a girl, my daughter let the cat out of the bag, at a fun reveal party last weekend, that she is pregnant with a boy.  Grandchild number 5, the 4th grandson.  My adorable red-headed granddaughter remains the sole grandchick.  She likes that too!  Little baby Jace is due while this Nana will be in Florida, so I’m hoping he comes a week early on my daughter’s birthday, or holds until I get back.  I love this chapter in my life!

I confess…

This Nana is pretty pumped that Avon is coming out with a sterling silver Nana necklace too!  I cannot wait to get mine and wear it.  🙂


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Idea go /
Idea go /

Once again fear and insanity has gripped my fair city.  Seems nature shook the snow globe over night and OHMYGOSHWEAREALLGOINGTODIE!!!  Seriously the news has been beginning to end coverage of the snow.  Snow is far from uncommon in these parts and while winter doesn’t officially start until 12/21, it sometimes has fallen before Thanksgiving.

Our local news stations have covered nothing but snow today so if the zombie apocalypse has begun we are going to be playing catch up as walking cadavers descend on us because all we know here is that it snowed.  Every available reporter is spread out throughout our city so they can bounce between them and show us that by golly that white, frozen crap fell ALL OVER THE CITY!  Who would have ever imagined it would do that?  From the first snow flurry that fell until it all ends this is all we get here for news. They even took over the national news shows this morning to spend 2 more hours talking about the fact that it snowed.  It isn’t like it was the snow fall to break all records, it is 3-5 inches typically throughout the area.  I know this, of course, because that is all they talked about.

Before all this hit the grocery stores were jammed with folks buying up their French toast supplies of bread, eggs and milk.  My poor daughter actually needed to go for her grocery run prior to her step-son coming over today because teenage boys eat a lot. It was complete chaos and this unnerved us both.  We could have sold the parking spot to the highest bidder when we left.  Really, no one is going to get snowed in for more than a few hours to, at most, a day.  The world is not ending as we know it.  And who in their right mind buys bread, milk and eggs if they are going to be snowed in?  Load up on wine, steak, beer, chicken, veggies, more wine and beer!  Think this through people!  Even IF the power goes out, stick the stuff on the deck, it will keep out there in the snow!  And you can grill, just dig a path to the grill!  Skip the milk, make sure you have gas for the grill.

Yes, it is beautiful, for about 5 seconds.


I am so over winter already.



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Waking In A Winter Wonderland

1608969_583783925040469_2049936554_nYes I did know it was supposed to snow over night.

It was supposed to be 2-4 inches last I heard before crawling in next to my Knight in the bedchamber of the man-castle.

Okay all female jokes aside regarding ‘size’, that looks like a LOT more than 2-4 inches of snow out there.

Sigh…but it really IS very beautiful and I don’t have to go out today so I shall sit here with my laptop, Kindle, and Keurig and enjoy it.

The only bad part was my honey had to be up at 3am for work, outside in this glorious mess, means no snuggling in when I first woke up.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is on a morning when it snows? It’s like it insulates from the noise, and before you part the blinds to peek out you know it snowed a lot due to the peaceful silence.  The view in the half inch between slats makes you pull the cords and raise the blinds, and the view is breath taking.  For just a moment it’s like being a child again, before the realities hit about what all this means if one needs to venture out there.  For me, it is only to take the poor dog out, and when you are as little as a Yorkie it is quite disturbing to see that when the door opens.  She is such a trooper though, she went out on the driveway to do her business.  The home owners association will plow, shovel and otherwise have us dug out,  once it stops coming down.  Her little evidence will be scooped away and no one will be any the wiser.

The day ahead holds lots of mundane things to do. Laundry, clean litter boxes, maybe run the vacuum.  But then there is the baking of chocolate chip cookies, which already has been given a double thumbs up from young Einstein.  The Nestle Toll House kind today.  Because being a step-monster requires one to do sweet things like warm the house with the oven at times to bring forth gooey goodness for the kiddos.  I just wish it wasn’t so crappy out, I miss my grandkids and would run some fresh baked goodness to them as well just so I could cuddle the snugglebugs!  Little man is starting to walk, making 4 or 5 steps before landing on his diapered tush.  And Little Red needs to teach grandma how to use those darn rubberband looms so I can teach the step-daughter, Miss Thang, how to do it.  Sure, I can learn on YouTube but it isn’t the same as spending time with my granddaughter.

Ah well, I will work on my novel, that should keep me busy between the loads of Mt. Washmore and the cookies.  🙂

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Snow Day Coffee Musings

Coffee cup with steam“Snow is a great equalizer. It softens rough edges, hides ugly imperfections under its pristine cloak, quiets the harshness of sound. Traveling in it gives us all the same struggle (& a little sense of adventure) as we forge our way. That’s why I love the snow!” ~ Mary Herling Manifold

When I saw that this morning I loved it and asked Mary if I could quote her today in my blog post.  She is one of my many cousins on my dad’s side that I grew up with playing under grandma and grandpa’s dining room table while the adults sat around it telling stories we all remember well to this day.  Some very fond memories from that time.  I’m so thankful for Facebook as it has kept us all in touch when our family yahoo group turned in to a political soap box.

It is snowing this morning again, looks like we might have picked up another inch or  two.  Fresh covering over all of the foot prints and sled tracks on the hill in back, and the trees are all covered again.  So beautiful to sit in here and look at with my coffee in hand, Christmas trees all lit up and music playing.  I love working from home, I get so much more done this way.  Doesn’t hurt that I love my home!

Yesterday I made a decision that I have been pondering for several weeks.  In November of 2010, I had started another blog page for my faith, This Broken Angel – A Prodigal Daughter’s Return To Her Faith.  It isn’t that my faith isn’t woven into my life, or that I am in some way ashamed and want to hide it.  But not everyone believes as I do, or wants to read about that.  It can get kind of deep and The Musings Of Marvelous Martha is not faith focused, it’s about the crazy life I am living and not sure this makes any sense but the two are linked.  Sometimes I will reblog a post from there to this page but if you are at all interested you can skip on over there and follow it too.  Oops, hijacked myself.  The decision was if I was going to brush the dust off of that page and keep it, actually posting to it, or just let it go.  I decided that it will help me to stay focused daily on my walk so it is all cleaned up with a new look and I’m posting on it again.  Even bought the URL as when you invest money in something you tend to apply more effort.  🙂  And when you invest your time, you tend to put more time and effort into the task, it all feeds off itself and grows.

I just noticed I have 57 emails in my direct sales inbox for my 3 direct sales businesses.  I swear they mate and multiply over night sometimes.  Oh well no big deal. I will get to them later today.

You know what I love? This sounds nutty, but the smell of the carpets being cleaned!  Right now mine are being cleaned as I sit here.  If you are in the greater Cincinnati area, I recommend Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning.  They do residential and commercial and they rock!  6 rooms and a hallway for $99 right now.  You can’t beat that and who doesn’t want nice looking rugs for the holidays?  🙂  Not sure what the deodorizer is they use but it smells great.  With 3 cats and a dog, I may do this every 4-6 months.  They are a small, local business, 859-307-5690.  Support small, local businesses!!!

Hmm…my coffee cup is empty, time for a new pot of coffee.  And then back to work as soon as the carpet cleaners are finished. (I’m now standing at the kitchen counter with my laptop working and watching my carpets look AMAZING.  🙂

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Friday Confessional…

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

Ah, Friday.  Every week bloggers gather up all those things we didn’t share elsewhere and hit the confessional running to spill it all, giving us a clean slate.  As a pretty open type I already share way too much information about myself between here, Twitter and my Facebook.  But hey, believe it or not, I do have a few things left to share, so here goes:

I confess… 

My head is just spinning this week.  I started a new job last week, full time, back in the office manager role.  This time it rocks because I’m working a lot from home for now.  The boss doesn’t care where I work, just that I’m getting the job done.  And since often it is after normal business hours that I am attacking tasks for the business, he is good with me being home to get things done.  I multi-task best at home.  Current uniform:  Pink Avon hoodie, black sweat pants, and pink fuzzy socks.  I did shower and put on make-up, and sprayed some pink in my bangs.  NOW I’m ready to get my work on!


I confess…

I’m still pulling my Avon business back together but that IS coming along, albeit slowly.  I know I need to step it up, just been overwhelmed a tad with this new job thing.  BUT I am making progress.

I confess… 

When I wrote my post yesterday, about pondering balance in my life, I realized just how unbalanced I’ve let things become.  I need to carve out some serious me time to get things back in order.  First step is finding a church to attend, as I just cannot comfortably attend my old home church.  But that is a post for my Broken Angel page.

I confess… 

I have not seen nearly enough of my grandbabies of late.  But we had a wicked bug moving through the house and I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t carrying it before going to my son’s house.  No need to risk his household, especially the baby.

I confess… 

I am going to have to reign it in, dial it back, STOP EATING SO MUCH!  I love food, but it isn’t loving me.  Well then again, perhaps it is?  It sure is hanging around on my butt and hips enough to start charging it rent.  Eat less of things, but keep eating what I love.  And water, lots of water because I dehydrate too easily and well I am seeing signs of that.

I confess… 

It is winter weather here today.  Snow was in the forecast, just 1 – 2.5 inches but still snow.  I really hate being cold and don’t like snow other than looking at it.  But last night I went to bed with my blinds up so I could wake up to seeing big snow flakes falling gently to earth.  Snow didn’t arrive until long after I was up, instead I woke to the bright orange flashing of the lights on the salt/plow truck going down the street, pre-treating.  Not quite what I had in mind for a Friday morning scene from my reality show life here. Guess I need to get Mother Nature a copy of the script and tell the road crews to back off on the efficiency a bit.

I confess… 

I am jamming to Adam Ant.  This song is a tough one to sit still through.  Enjoy!

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Day 24 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Mom said it best this morning:

“I’m thankful for a warm house.”

I second that one!  It is 35 degrees outside at the moment.  Someone posted on Facebook a little while ago that they were seeing flurries.  Oh yippie.  I don’t  like winter.  I love snow if I am inside looking out on it with a hot cup of coffee in hand.  But I do NOT like being cold one bit.

So, as it is cold outside, I’m very thankful for the warm house we live in, keeping us comfortable on this cold day.

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Wednesday Hodgepodge

I found another great hop/meme recently, so jumping on board and linking up with Joyce, From This Side Of The Pond.  Click the badge above to link up or check out her page. She posts the questions for volume 69 of Wednesday Hodgepodge so here it is:

1. Did March come in like a lion or was it something less ferocious in your neck of the woods?

On March 2nd, it roared in like a lion on crack!  Tornadoes blew in Friday and while we dodged the bullet because they hit all around us (115 miles west, 27 miles south, and 27 miles east) it still rattles my cage when these happen.  And 4 weeks before the start of tornado season in this area.  Then we woke up to a light blanket of snow on Monday.  Go figure.  I’m very hopeful that this is not a sign of the weather to come this spring, I hate storms and very afraid of severe weather.

2.  Speaking of lions, which one’s your film favorite…The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Mufasa (The Lion King), Elsa (Born Free) or Alex (Madagascar). You might notice I left Aslan off the list. Including him would have made this question way too easy for many of you.

My favorite is Mufasa from The Lion King.  I loved the movie over all because I felt like it was a good lesson in doing what is right even when it take us out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes it means having to go back and right apparent wrongs but it is important.

3.  What’s your favorite spot from which to view the sunrise or sunset?

Both from the sands of the beach.  I think the beach is God’s therapy couch for us.  Sitting and listening to the waves hitting the shore is so therapeutic and when you toss in a beautiful sunrise or sunset there is just no way things cannot look so much better.

4.  To what extent is knowledge power and to what extent is truth power? What is the difference?

Knowledge is useless without action.  As a team leader in a direct selling business I see this a lot.  There are so many books, interviews, etc from speakers and authors that can arm my team with all they need to know to be successful, but until they put that into action, it isn’t powerful at all.  I think it applies pretty much to any situation, all the knowledge available us useless until we USE it, then it is very powerful and can change lives.

Truth is critical.  Lies, deceit and fabrication are dangerous.  Truth allows us to make informed decisions.  Truth IS knowledge but again, knowing the truth and not using it renders it worthless.

5.  What is something peculiar you’ve seen recently?

Exploding manhole covers!  I didn’t actually see it in person, but rather on the news this morning, from yesterday in our downtown area.  The story carries a viewer video of one of the explosions.  Very scary really, thankfully no one was driving over the cover when it blew!

6.  Bottle water…your thoughts?

Well, in countries where the water is not well filtered, an excellent idea.  When in Mexico I even brushed my teeth with bottled water (imported from the U.S.).  But locally our water is very well treated and frankly I’m too cheap to spend the money on bottled water.  I will fill a water bottle for convenience when I want to take some with me to walk or driving around because it is healthier than drinking soda, but I don’t make a big deal out of tap water vs. bottled.

7.  What is your strongest sense?

Yikes good question.  Probably my ‘6th sense’.  That gut feeling that often guides us out of trouble.  God? Mother’s intuition? Better judgment? Whatever you want to call it, that is my strongest when I pay attention to it.  It has kept me out of trouble and bad situations when I’ve followed it, and I’ve regretted when I did not.

8.  Insert your own random thought here:

Oatmeal.  Yes that is the random thought that just blew through my brain (it is a rather roomy place lately as I seem to have missed placed much of it as menopause is creeping in).  Thinking old fashioned, cooked on the stove top, oatmeal. Yum!

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Wine & Cheese ~ 44th Serving

Welcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 44th serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦  It would be really special if I could just BREATHE out of both nostrils.  We’ve had a really nasty cold/flu bug move through the house.  It came in with the little ones I watch and has spread like it’s paid to take us out.   For a week and a half now I’ve been so stuffed up and blowing my nose that it is raw.  Finally feeling about 75% human again but really tired of this and it can  pack up and move on!  I’m tired  of being sick!

😦  The weather around these parts is not doing a lot to help with the misery.  It is cold and rainy.  You know that misty kind of rain!  It is so dismal outside that I’d far rather it was snow (I know, I cannot believe I just said that) so it looked nice.

😦  Did  I mention I’ve had it with being sick? Okay just checking.

😦   Spam!  As in emails.  I must have about 200 hundred long lost relatives in third world countries that have left millions to me if I just allow some stranger in a bank somewhere to have all my information they’ll transfer those funds to my account.  Need Viagra at really cheap prices from Canada?  How about imitation Rolex watches?  Yep I got ya covered….NOT! Drives me insane.  OH and let us not forget that the hottest, single babes in my area have been revealed to me, for a small fee.  Dunno, guess it’s head hunters for hotties running that one?


🙂  As of the start of this post, the misty rain has changed over to snow!  Just gentle little flakes but certainly better than rain any day when it comes to my mood!

🙂  I have new jammies!!!  If you know anything about me over the past nearly 2 years it is that I LOVE  pajamas.  I have 2 new pair, much needed for the winter and so very comfy.

🙂  I’ve been able to enjoy the therapy of crochet this past week!  I love working with my hooks and yarn, and have a project going that I am very pleased with, and it is such a relaxing feeling as the stress of life disappears one stitch at a time.

🙂  Sitting in the quiet of the morning, both trees are lit, baby is sleeping, I’m showered, face painted, wearing comfy jammies,writing and sipping a cup of hot coffee, watching it snow.  My life is very good!  🙂


Dogs and men always look guilty of something. This explains the friendship. – FunnyOneLiners Twitter feed