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Friday Confessional

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Can we just let that sink for a moment?

(insert dramatic, silent pause…..)

Last day of the work week for most of us, a day long awaited throughout the hustle, bustle and insanity.

Okay back at it!  It is Friday and that means Aubrey has the confessional open.  Click that innocent looking little girl above to link up and confess your naughtiness from this past week.  Confession is good for the soul, it is said, let it fly.

I confess…

I am exhausted.  Not sure why, just flat out tired.  I think it is the whole getting used to being up earlier. I was starting the wake-up process at 6:15am during the school year, which some days meant crawling from my rack at 7am after multiple uses of the snooze alarm, in order to get Mia on the bus (the 8yo I was watching before and after school).  Now, I am waking up at 5:15am.  My poor, over worked guardian angel isn’t even awake at that hour.  I am pretty safe without her assistance until I walk out of the door, provided I don’t use the stove.  🙂  I am getting into bed around 9:30pm so not sure why I am so sleepy other than adjusting to the new time, and sleeping in a new place.

I confess…

The new place is the boyfriend’s home, the castle of my Knight.  More or less I’m shacking up with him.  🙂  I am very happy, just adjusting to new surroundings.  As this week is ending I’m sleeping solidly having gotten used to noises etc.  In fact I am sleeping better next to him and loving it!  Slowly I will move in all of my “stuff”. I have clothes there and will gradually move in my earthly belongings but no rush.  I have what I need and I have him.  No sense totally shocking the poor guy.  Heck, he already accepted my cat, my niece’s cat and soon my daughter’s Yorkie.  Tell me that isn’t love!

I confess…

The longer I am with this company the better I like my job.  There are days it is mentally taxing and I leave here super fatigued, but I love it.  Those are the days the stereo in the car is cranking out something to help me transition out of the office mentality and into the ME time mind set.  Even with all the road construction and highway traffic issues, I am in a pretty good mood.  Getting upset doesn’t make the cars move any faster, so I just relax and roll with it, singing along with the songs.

I confess…

I really could use a nap right now!  Might have to run out and get a Monster.

Ya’ll have a wonderful Friday!

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Farewell, My Love, I Shall Miss You!

Many a day I’ve spent countless, intimate moments with my deepest love of the morning.  I do NOT like getting out of my very warm, comfortable bed, especially after being awakened rudely by the blaring alarm clock.  By allowing a little wiggle room in my  morning routine, I am rescued every 9 minutes by my pre-dawn knight in shining armor, the snooze button.  I think, perhaps, the single greatest invention since the alarm clock would be the snooze alarm.  9 extra minutes of glorious sleep when I’m just not quite ready to leave dream land behind and start the day. And then another 9, and yet another.

Beginning today the boss needs me in the office at 7:30am.  In order to achieve this, I have to give up my priceless extra moments and say goodbye to my morning love….my snooze alarm.  I’m crushed!! No more snuggling back in for just a bit, I have to get up and get moving immediately.  SIGH….I’m going to miss it SO much!!

A moment of silence for my grief is in order, please ………………………………………………………………………

Farewell my love of the morning, perhaps one day we will meet again.