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The Soap Kitten ~ Product Review

Recently I stopped in to my local Artisan Collective shop to browse the creations of local residents in my community. While there I saw some soaps and decided to give one a try. My face soap was nearly gone at home so I inquired about the selection and went home with a bar of Morning Dew soap. Avocado and Cucumber, it smelled so good!!

I’m not one of those people who wigs out over ingredients but I do know that the closer to nature we get on things we use in and on our bodies, the healthier it is and as a result we are too. I don’t know what, if any, chemicals cause cancer or other diseases but I also don’t see the point in taking unnecessary risks. I also believe in supporting local, small businesses whenever I can because it helps keep food on the table for those families. My daughter is a careful shopper of things more natural based and I suppose she is rubbing off on her mama. ūüôā

QkJCNDBGNEEyMjE3Q0UyODEyQjM6ZDZhNDdjOWUxNGViODJmZmMyN2I5NmY1ZWNhMGUyM2Q6Ojo6OjA=The Morning Dew bar is made of Olive, Coconut and Castor oils, cucumber, avocado and goat’s milk. Being someone who battled adult acne in my late 20’s and early 30’s I get nervous about oil anything but decided to just give it a chance.

It lathers up nicely but not too much (I’ve read that the more lather the more a product is actually stripping your skin of its own moisture, as do chemicals). I use hand-made cotton scrubbies to wash my face so I rubbed the bar with my wet scrubby and cleansed my face and neck. Not only was my face very clean, it¬†felt clean! No oily residue left behind, it rinses away leaving just clean skin! I’ve been using this product now for 2 months and to be honest my face has never felt this clean and the skin looks amazing. (At 54 we really notice these things!)

Morning Dew is $6.50 per bar and is a pretty decent size brick of soap. I broke mine in half and only keep half in the shower at one time. Washing my face twice a day the whole bar lasted 8 weeks, very economical in my opinion.

I was so impressed I got online to¬†The Soap Kitten’s website¬†and looked at her other products because she officially had a new customer, ME! Turn around is fast from order to shipment, another plus if you are like me and tend to wait until the last-minute to restock.

I’ve purchased the Morning Dew Again, as well as Stay Frosty, Christmas Past, Sugar Shack and Heavenly Body. All smell amazing and are just wonderful for your skin. The scents¬†are not overly strong, and don’t hang with you to clash with perfumes, another plus!

You can purchase direct from Soap Kitten or at one of the locations listed in her website if you happen to be local to Cincinnati’s west side.

Other ideas: use the soaps as shower prizes at wedding/baby showers, birthday or Christmas gifts, and hostess gifts!

You won’t be disappointed!


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Hooker Shop Talk

Hooker Shop Talk is going to be my new heading for all things related to¬†By Hook And By Hand, from what I’m currently working on, ideas for future items, newly released items, and anything else crochet related that strikes my fancy.¬†

13680871_1076108255808031_8434021617286095772_nThis morning we released cotton face scrubbies. ¬†These are made from 100% cotton yarn that is left over from making wash cloths. ¬†Often there isn’t enough for another cloth to be made but plenty to make a scrubbie or two. Not fans of wasting precious yarn, we decided to make scrubbies with the left overs. ¬†These are so simple to make, I can usually hook¬†5-7 in a 1 hour television program, with breaks to eat popcorn and sip wine. ¬†I know, this is the life!

Why use these cotton scrubbies?

We were purchasing makeup remover wipes to the tune of $5-8 a pack for 30 wipes. With 4 women in the Diva Den this means we spent a lot of money on something we were throwing away. We also bought those cute little cotton circles or squares for our eye makeup removing. I decided to give these a try and I’m hooked (no pun intended). I have a hook in the shower that I use for my cotton, crocheted wash cloth and I stick the scrubbie over it too. Machine washable, I simply toss it in the laundry after using it and grab a new one each day (I use each one twice a day, once in the morning and evening). Cotton breaks down in the landfills very fast because it is natural plant fiber, so that is a plus when it is time to toss these in the trash, though based on others sharing their stories these and the wash cloths last for years.

While making them it dawned on me these make terrific little hostess gifts at your direct sales spa, makeup, or skin care product parties. They also are perfect as stocking stuffers or teacher thank you gifts. If you haven’t made the switch to handmade, cotton wash cloths and scrubbies, why not do it now? Check out the shop for these and other items!

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TTUT ~ OMG? Seriously?

OH and spilling it I plan to do.

I’m frustrated right now. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, still the perky, positive, marvelous woman. ¬†But lately so much has frustrated me!

My car. ¬†I swear the piece of &*$^% has spent more time being fixed than it has being driven in the past 6 months…okay year! Past YEAR! ¬†And each time it is something new going wrong. ¬†I cannot afford a new car right now, so I have to just keep praying we finally fix the last thing and I can drive it for a while. ¬†The shocks and struts need replacing, have for literally years now. ¬†The ex promised to “get to them soon” for over a year, then when we were divorcing he again said he’d get to them. ¬†I moved out, those will likely never see HIS promise kept. ¬†I keep hoping space garbage will fall from the sky and take out the car.

My Avon business. ¬†It is a little hard to keep a business going when the car doesn’t work. ¬†Especially one in direct sales. ¬†I need to be able to get out, meet people, distribute my brochures and get those sales and recruits. ¬† But I need my car to do that. ¬†Grrrrrr…… ¬†The website side is down too. ¬†If you need any Avon, like great stocking stuffers etc, please, go to MY AVON STORE and buy buy buy! ¬†Til midnight tonight, $10 orders ship free (when checking out use code: SHIPTEN). ¬†After midnight, all orders $30 or more ship free. ¬†Tell a buddy, I could seriously use every single sale no matter how small!

My SwissJust business.  Never got off the ground because again, the stupid car.

I want to start a 2 week school program next week to get my certification as a nurse aide, but without a reliable vehicle that simply isn’t likely to happen. ¬†I have a job if I can just get the darn certification!!!! GRRRRR! ¬†And I don’t even want the job, I love my Avon business, but ¬†until I can recover from the down time financially, I have to do something. ¬†Besides, having the certification and job to fall back on is not a bad thing.

Sunday, after one day of having my car back and loving my FREEDOM again, I got in it to drive to church and it is acting up again. ¬†I wanted to cry! I was determined that if I had to walk there in the rain, I was going. ¬†I’ve missed 3 weeks prior due to a cold/flu/something virus that I finally shook off after spending a day with the puke virus and fever. ¬†But finally I got the car to cooperate and drove. ¬†Walking really is a doable thing, the church is only a little over half a mile from my house, and I won’t melt if I get wet. ¬†I was SO glad I went, so well fed and I miss my church family when not there.

SIGH….okay nothing changed by venting, but I feel better. ¬† ūüôā

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Be YOUR Own Boss

Be YOUR Own Boss

How would you like to be your own boss, set your own hours, determine how much YOU can make?

I am looking for motivated, enthusiastic women and men to join my team.¬† It doesn’t matter where you live, thanks to technology and the Internet you can be on my team with Avon.¬† I will provide you training, FREE, at your convenience.¬† You will be in business for yourself but never by yourself.¬† Daily contact through my Rep-Pep emails, team meetings every campaign that you can attend via Skype for free, weekly phone call with me to help you grow your business to achieve your dreams.

For only $20 you can become a part of Avon and work for yourself.  NO inventory to order and maintain, just a $20 investment that can earn you as much as you need or want.  Mad money, supplemental income or a career, you make it what you want it to be.

Join my team by going to Start Avon and enter the code: MARTIGARDNER to get started.


Questions? Feel free to email me and set up a Skype appointment when we can video chat about your future success with the company that has been in business for 125 years and going strong!