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Random Thoughts For 1/1/2017

I’m the only one awake at the moment here in the Diva Den. I was awake for the change of numbers at the end of the date, and then I went to bed. Being a very early riser for work (4am) I was wide awake at 6:30am today.  That darn little switch in the brain click to the “on” position and here I am, sipping coffee and doing laundry before I head over to watch my youngest grandchild.

Hot cup of fresh coffee on the wooden table and stack of books t2017..oh what will happen over the next 365 days? God only knows for certain, but I have a few predictions/thoughts and plans:

  • Mom will keep taking chemo, at least for a bit. The tumor has nested itself against her hip, so this latest chemo (the one that nearly killed her last summer) is being given in a reduced dose, spread over time, in the hopes it will shrink the tumor away from the bone so it doesn’t eat through and fracture the hip. We’ve dubbed it “Pandora” and we know in the end Pandora, being terminal, is going to win, but mom isn’t going down without a fight. I will be beyond happy if she is here to roll into 2018, but it is highly unlikely. Meanwhile we take it a day at a time, making memories in ways I never imagined.
  • I will be making better money as I get my certification to pass meds in Kentucky soon. I’ll keep working in memory care, where my heart now thrives with my adorable, challenging, if you don’t laugh about it you’ll cry, residents.
  • The shop is getting a serious focus, I’m going to be doing more research, pre-planning of what to make, and doing more to schedule releases of stock. I’m taking this more seriously now, not just a fun hobby to make a little pocket money, but to really focus on it as a business.
  • I’m leaving Avon behind. I love the products and believe it them, but I am one woman with entirely too many irons in the fires and need to simplify my life. With so much anticipated in this new year, I have to do some serious pruning.
  • Purge..that is the word, my word for 2017. Purging things I don’t need, wear, have time for…and it will include not just things but activities. If it isn’t building me up, doing something positive for my faith or life, it has to go. If I don’t wear it anymore, it doesn’t fit, whatever the case, gone it will be. This includes other blogs I have, those are being done away with and everything I do post will be here. It is possible I will keep a blog for the shop, but I’m not certain of that just yet. If my faith posts offend, well then I suppose folks will have to skip reading those.
  • In the spirit of simplifying my life, even my page here got a small makeover, just a cleaner look.
  • My novel…oh the changes I’ve made, rewrites, restarts…it will be written this year but with a new direction. I’ve started, stopped, changed things, and started again. But I’ve purged all of that and starting over. As for the non-fiction work? Well, there is much I could say about that, but it is suffice to say at Woman Camp this past Fall, with my church, I freed myself by God’s grace of the burden I was carrying. I thought writing it about it would be healing, but instead I talked to my new friends, other sisters in Christ, around a fire one afternoon. Then I walked through a guided process, alone on the edge of the woods, prayed, cried, prayed some more, then took the veil of guilt and shame that was covering me, and literally dropped it on a fire and watched it all blow away in black smoke that diminished and became clear, crisp air. I’m free from that, washed in the blood of Christ, it is behind me. Perhaps I will write about it one day, here in my blog, to help others be free of the veils holding them back. Time will tell, and God will direct that path.

My coffee has grown cold in my cup, the washer is finished, and I have to be over at my daughter’s in 2 hours to spend a day with my grandson while his brother and parents enjoy a football game.

Happy New Year to all, and God’s richest blessings upon each and every one of you reading this!

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A Black Coffee Kind Of Life

I drink my coffee black…no cream or sugar. It is very simple, just straight coffee.  As I have gotten busier of late  with building my Avon business, I’ve started to see the need for my life to go black coffee as well.  Simple and easy, just straight without all the extras that simply are filler that make it taste sweeter but in reality just add unwanted, drag me down pounds.

One way I have already done this is to clean up my Twitter account. I stopped following over 100 Tweeters.  It isn’t anything personal, just that I noticed I was scrolling past oodles of tweets that I had missed because I didn’t have time to read them.  If I am not reading them, no point following them.  I am following a number of folks that I look to for inspiration and marketing ideas, in addition to family and close friends.  Those  are the tweets I wish to find in my feed at the moment.  No offense if I  stopped following you, just too busy right now.

Over the coming week, I will be making time to clean up my Facebook account.  I follow a lot of people on there that I simply ‘know’ in passing and really don’t have anything to do with in my life, those will be going too.  I will also be cleaning out my closet and drawers, purging a bunch of clothes I have no use for any longer.  Many were from a former time in my life that I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them now.  Others are things I haven’t worn in the 17 months since I moved into this home, so they obviously are not needed.

Scaling back and simplifying is something I’ve done periodically throughout my life, it is like cleansing the soul and mind.  Not necessarily bad things just ‘stuff’ that is cluttering up my mind, heart or time that I need to let go of so I can grow and move to the next chapter or stage in my life.  Even my television habits have under gone some purging, I only have a few shows that I really enjoy and care to spend time watching, and when I do have them on I am usually working on something at the same time to make it a profitable time spent.

I’ve not had the kind of time to devote to writing, which has to change as my blog is my therapy and being neglected.  In order to do that I need to make some adjustments to the way I am doing things and eliminate things I do that are just time wasters.

*sipping black coffee*  Time to start purging…