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Friday Featured Friend

Friday Featured Friend Feline

Today I am featuring one of the Diva Den cats, Ms. Ditzy, who feels she  needs a soap box to air some grievance she has with me.  So, I decided to let her have at it.  She is our 3rd, and for now, final cat addition.  Roughly 6 months old, we refer to her as our ‘special’ cat, as in mentally touched.  She is NOT the brightest bulb in the box.  Here she is with her first post:

Greetings to all of you, my name is Goddess, you may call me Princess.  I am well aware that the staff refer to me as ‘Ditzy’ but that is their disrespectful name for me.  I am royalty, after all.  I mean, look at that photo, that is a true Princess, don’t you agree?  Of course you do.

I’m more than just a tiny bit miffed of late at the staff member that feeds us fabulous felines,  the one you know as Marvi Marti.  As far as her duties of feeding us, we give her a ‘C+’.  Too many evenings she arrives back at the palace late,  or just seems to forget us, how rude!

But it isn’t her lack of attention to our food dishes that has my tail puffed up like a Christmas tree.  It is her inability to accept that the one she refers to as Mr. Wonderful, belongs to ME!  He is the staff member in charge of entertaining me, and my most adored play thing.  SHE thinks he is here for  her and frequently distracts him from his duties: playing games with me.  It brushes my fur the wrong way, and it simply must stop!

My very favorite game is fetch.  Stop gasping, we cats taught the game to dogs, they just try to pretend they thought of it first.  Seriously, dogs have  no brains whatsoever.  Kick them and the fools come back wagging their tails.  Kick us? OH big mistake, we will poo in your bed, chew the tassels off your favorite shoes, fling the litter box contents all over, or trip you in attempts to kill you on the stairs.  We cats are gods, get used to it.  We punish those that serve us when they are incompetent or anger us.

Let me tell you what this not so marvelous one does.  My man-toy arrives and as the staff opens the door, there I am sitting pretty as can be near the door awaiting his adoration.  What does the Marvi do? Steps in between he and I and into his arms, making him hold and kiss her.  I know, right? HOW RUDE!!!  Then he tries to appease me after the wench has gotten her fill.  REALLY not happy about this at all.

Do you think she is at all lagging in making sure he has something to eat? OH no!  She will wait on his every need, getting him a drink and even turns her phone off and puts her computer away.  Unless of course he wants to dance with her, then he puts on romantic music and turns the lights down and dances with her, even singing to her!  Do you think he ever thinks to hold me and dance  with me, the goddess he is here to entertain? OH no, she has him all to herself and refuses to give him up!

The past three evenings he has come over to play games with me and entertain my wonderful self.  At first, once she was done slobbering all over him at the door, he sat on the floor throwing my crinkle.  I impressed him with my abilities to jump and twist in the air (we taught dogs to do that while chasing frisbees), then landing feather light on my paws.  I would walk all regally back to him, dropping the crinkle at his side allowing him to continue our little game.  While retrieving the crinkle, I find SHE has once again diverted his focus to HER.  There he is, head in her lap while she is rubbing his head and cooing at him!  Or worse yet, has  her head in HIS lap while he is rubbing her head!  REALLY????  And do you think he requests a back scratch from me,  the one with the natural claws? OH no, he asks her, the lowly food wench,  to use her fake talons to scratch his lovely, muscled and tattooed back.  It makes me want to heave up a hairball in her shoes.

One would think this staff member would be tripping over herself to please me after stealing my man-toy, but no, she continues to ignore every opportunity to pay me homage.  She has a window kitty cat television right next to the desk lounging platform in her sleep chambers.  There are few things we felines enjoy like watching our kitty TV.  Do you think she raises the blinds turns it on when I paw the ledge and ‘meow’? Oh no,  she shoos me of the room and closes the door.  She doesn’t seem to grasp that there are NO doors ever to be closed to us of tailed divinity.  NONE of our staff seems to understand this.  HUMANS! Such simple minded low life they are.

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Random Happy Thoughts

Random Happy Thoughts

I think I’ve gotten my latest frustrations out of my system, today calls for random happy thoughts that have rolled through my head today.

  • Sleeping in totally rocks!  Went to bed at midnight and didn’t get up until 10:45am this morning.  I feel MARVELOUS!
  • Grocery shopping is fun when you share the experience with someone.  I enjoyed going shopping with Diva Mom.
  • Nothing beats fresh veggies, especially corn on the cob  purchased from local farmers at road side stands  and picked fresh this morning!
  • Having my daughter over  to spend the afternoon and evening with us, cooking out and wine tonight  in the Diva Den.  I miss living with her and love  getting to spend  time together 🙂
  • Storms that come blowing in suddenly, packing hail and making the lights flicker are a bit scary.  But the power stayed on so all is good!
  • Caramel Truffle coffee tastes SO good,  I really enjoy flavored coffee!
  • I love this house!  Still kind of adjusting after 2.5 months but it is the coolest place and I love living in it! It is so big and spread out giving us each the needed  solitude but still having each other so nice and close.
  • Grilled hamburgers are SO yummy!  Add folks you love  around your table and they are a feast fit for a king!  Well a bunch of princesses at least.
  • Crisp, clean sheets to  change on the bed, I just love it!
  • Church festivals with warm beer and poker tables, gotta love  ’em!
  • Puppies and kittens are so fun to watch interacting, especially when they do not know they are not supposed to like each other.
  • Unexpectedly bumping into my youngest brother when dropping off lunch to my dad is a very good  thing (even if he is sweaty and stinks from working outside).
  • A nice deck with the woods as our back drop is so wonderfully relaxing,  heat  and humidity just don’t seem to matter when sitting out there.
  • Texts from old friends,  favorite  drinking buddies! I LOVE YOU GUYS
  • Saturday night  wine at the Diva  Den, always something to look forward too!
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I Am One With The Bean

It is Monday and it helps to be caffeinated.  VERY caffeinated.  That is the other thing about working and significance to days of the week, Monday means something again.  It means if I am smart I went to bed early Sunday evening.  Note:  Seems I’m just not all that bright? I am burning strong at night light wattage brilliance when it comes to getting a good night of sleep.

Coffee – just get the IV drip bag and I should be good to go, my liquid jumper cables, something to get me going again.  I am kind of shocked that I’m not a lot more sleepy, I did not get to bed at 9:30 last night as planned.  It was 10:30 and then I had insomnia.  I could not fall asleep even though I was so comfortable and tired.  I listened to an impressive storm roll through, watched Pixel kitten freak out over the lightening flashes outside of the window, ducking between me and my body pillow now and then.  When I did finally fall asleep I kept waking up all night for some reason.  I intend to be in by 9:30 tonight, but we shall see.  My grandmother used to say the road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Coffee is the life blood of the Princess Palace.  My mom, sister and I are huge drinkers of java.  We like it all, regular and flavored, if it is ‘leaded’ we drink it and entirely too much.  Some where out there is a study my aunt read that indicated adults who consume a lot of coffee could be ADHD and the caffeine is working like a medication would for them.  I wouldn’t doubt that at all just based on unscientific observations of my family.  My sister found a Bunn coffee maker for home that is the most prized possession in the house.  In less than 3 minutes it brews a full pot of coffee!  We stop just short of paying homage to it each morning, we need to give it a name it is so special to us.  There is no crisis that cannot be overcome if we gals have coffee in hand!

It doesn’t matter that it is in the upper 80s and humid outside, after dinner it is coffee on the deck.  In the mornings, before anyone has anything to eat, we are reaching for the coffee.  Have a problem to work through and need the other Divas in the household to talk it over? Get the coffee pot and some cups.  Working on a blog isn’t happening without a hot cup of coffee on the desk.  Had a great day at the office or shopping for bargains, by golly it calls for some coffee!  Yes, we DO have an addiction issue here.  You know you have a problem with the bean when you drink a lot of coffee before bed and sleep like a brick.  Hmm…maybe that was the issue last night, I didn’t have coffee, I had a beer.  Note to self: Coffee before bedtime.

It is Monday, caffeine will help, I am one with the bean!