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100 Marvelous Facts About Me

I’m in a totally fragmented, random kind of mood.  Nothing deep, just typically odd for me.  I’m freaky like that.  Some call me weird, I say gifted.   Regardless of how you define it, I’m so very unique.  Quirky, fun, funny, odd, sarcastic, kind, loving, forgiving….yeah like that.  I have NO idea where this is headed, just random things in my brain.  Consider it a peek into the garden, and be thankful. I don’t open that gate often to the world.

  1. If it is pink, it will catch my eye immediately.
  2. If by chance it is pink and has any amount of bling, I’m on it like a fat kid on a cupcake.
  3. I am fairly certain I am ADD, based on studies regarding stimulants & treating ADD, caffeine and adults.  I over consume but yet sleep even on a full pot of java.
  4. I am OCD about a few things…the bed has to be made for me to get in it, I will check the stove multiple times before I go out of the door, it may be hanging in the art museum but if a picture is crooked, I will straighten it.
  5. I mix my veggies in my mashed potatoes.
  6. Ketchup on roast = awesome.
  7. I snore.
  8. Everybody poops.  At least that is what the book claims, but I cannot prove it as I’ve yet to take a poll on the  matter.
  9. I am not an abstract thinker so I cannot do algebra.  I need concrete stuff to get my head wrapped around it.
  10. I have a big butt.  Hey, I do, why deny it. I can live with it.
  11. I have big boobs too, thanks to the ex and my surgeon.
  12. I love wind chimes.
  13. I think true beauty in a person is what they look like in the dark.
  14. If you don’t understand #13….you aren’t for me.
  15. Coffee is it’s own food group. So is chocolate.  Both are on the bottom of my food pyramid.
  16. One of my favorite things is chubby baby feet.
  17. I drink my coffee black.
  18. I prefer diet colas, cannot handle the sweetness of regular.
  19. I buy wine based on the amusing labels.  If it tastes good to me, I’ll buy it again. I don’t care about the price.
  20. I  just stopped in the middle of this to dust the box fan in my room because it needed it.
  21. I am afraid of the dark so I need a nightlight.
  22. I sleep with a teddy bear, wrapped around it just like a kid.
  23. I actually read and follow the washing instruction tags on all of my clothes.
  24. I only did the laundry when I was married because the ex did NOT read the tags.
  25. Tanning was a way to fight depression during the winter for me. I miss it.
  26. Procrastination is my middle name.
  27. My best work has always been accomplished at hour 11.5
  28. My cat always bathes herself before going to bed. I think this is wise, one just never knows….
  29. Grandma said wear clean undies in case you are in an accident…I just don’t bother wearing any, hee hee hee.
  30. I need a line item in my budget for over due library books.
  31. Reading is an addiction, I will get a quick fix reading shampoo bottles in the shower if necessary.
  32. My lucky number is 13.
  33. Don’t piss me off, you will end up in my novel.
  34. Christmas is my favorite time of the year/holiday.
  35. I despise being cold, but love snow for the beauty…from inside sipping coffee.
  36. I HATE surprise parties, do it and I WILL walk out.  Try me.
  37. Not real big on surprises at all to be honest.
  38. I believe in ‘ghosts’ and think some are demons, some are dead folks that won’t move on.
  39. I hate  wearing shoes, but don’t like being bare foot.  I go through a LOT of footie socks.
  40. I love tattoos.
  41. I have a nose ring, a small little ‘diamond’ but one day will have the real deal.
  42. I’m considering getting my eyebrow pierced.  I don’t really know why, just want too.
  43. Sometimes I spray pink in  my hair, because I LIKE it.
  44. I’m a reformed cat hater.
  45. I’m about 1 bad relationship away now from owning 12 cats.
  46. I am very allergic to cats.
  47. I own a cat.  We’re a package deal.
  48. I love post-it-notes, in anything adorable or pink, not because I  need them I just buy them cause they are cool.
  49. I love anything Hello Kitty, but I’m only just beginning to collect such items.
  50. I’m allergic to bee stings, not deathly, at least not yet, but it is progressing each time.
  51. I cannot, in conversation, just get to the point.  Believe me there is a reason for what color underwear someone was wearing in a retelling of a story that has nothing at all to do with ones drillies.  It makes sense to me so don’t interrupt.
  52. If I don’t write it in my planner/calendar,  it isn’t real likely to happen.
  53. I love the term “fartin shimmy” and I know what one is.
  54. My favorite flowers are equally lavender, pink and yellow roses.
  55. I gave someone a lap dance once to earn their beads – a really cool set of fire fighter ones.  No, you cannot have them.
  56. I’ve posed naked for photos (in my early/mid 40’s), they were published on 2 websites.  Yes I still have them. NO you may not see them.
  57. Because I’m afraid of the dark, very afraid, I keep a flashlight right by my bed. It needs NO batteries, and it’s a cat, eyes light up 🙂
  58. I’m terrified of storms when they get severe or loud.
  59. I’m terrified of fire, so I will not live in a house that I cannot easily escape from via windows that are not too high up.
  60. I change smoke alarm batteries far more often than necessary.
  61. I’ve been told I talk some in my sleep.  I wouldn’t know for sure, I’m asleep when this occurs.
  62. I have a piggy bank.  It is not pink, as this one matches my bedroom, but I actually do put money in it.  I love it.
  63. If what my ex tells me, that sexy is 90% attitude, then I ooze sexy from all of my pores.
  64. I want to live to be 100 years old.
  65. I’ve always gotten along better with men than women.
  66. My shower gel, body lotion, skin softner, deodorant and cologne…are all the same scent.  It’s just one way I roll.
  67. I don’t hold a grudge forever, even when I try.  I’m just too forgiving of a person.
  68. I prefer to be at peace with all people if at all possible.
  69. There are 2 people on the face of this earth that you can note a significant rise in blood pressure just by mentioning my name.  I’m powerful like that! 🙂
  70. I currently cannot see a damn thing. I own ‘hoopty’ spectacles.  One arm on my glasses broke and I’ve not replaced them or my contact lenses to date.  Another way I roll.
  71. Yes, I really was part of the swinger lifestyle once.
  72. It is very unlikely I will ever run for public office.  (see #56 and 71 – enough said)
  73. I don’t get emotionally attached to things anymore, as the ones that should have meant something (like my wedding rings etc) proved worthless in meaning.
  74. I am a reformed pack rat.
  75. “All a girl really wants is for one guy to prove to  her that they are not all the same.” ~ Marilyn Monroe.  I’m still waiting.
  76. I’m perfectly imperfect.
  77. I’m looking for the guy that will love every imperfect part of me, and find it all to be perfectly adorable and love worthy.
  78. Inside this woman that is so confident, sexy, brazen at times and fun on the outside, is an inner child that is shy, scared and needs to be loved unconditionally.
  79. I believe the minute you start finding fault with someone you ‘love’, you’ve begun applying conditions to your love, you show that you don’t love them, but want to mold them and control them.
  80. While I do enjoy being around people, a lot, I am somewhat of a loner at times too.
  81. < – that is the year I graduated from high school.
  82. I have been in 3 countries outside of the U.S.
  83. I’ve been in about 40 of the states in this country.
  84. There is SO much to see right here in the land I love that I would be happy just traveling around seeing it all here!
  85. I LOVE light houses.  My favorite is the one in Cape Hatteras.
  86. I believe that the beach is God’s therapy couch for us, and the sounds of the waves hitting the shore are the most soothing of stress.
  87. In 54 days  I will be 49 years old.  This bugs me way the hell more than turning 50 will.
  88. Every once in a while I enjoy reading a really trashy romance novel.
  89. I struggle with my weight, goes with being a Taurus…we love food.
  90. It’s important to me to be able to achieve my goals and be financially independent.  It isn’t that  I don’t want to be loved and cared for, but I never want to NEED a man to support me.
  91. No man ever keeps me.  They gain my heart, then suck my love dry  and leave me.
  92. I still believe in true love, the forever kind of love.  Just not sure it is meant for me.  Once  the infatuation wears off, they don’t really love me after all.
  93. My dream table would have at least 12 settings of china, each one different from the next.  Each a complete place setting, but no two alike.
  94. I’m working on my bucket list.  Not that I plan to die soon, I want to live to be 100, but time IS going forward.
  95. I enjoy all genres of music…the mood I am in or  I want  to be in, or the atmosphere I wish to create dictates what I am listening too.
  96. I hate plucking my eyebrows, it makes my eyes water like crazy, so I just shave them, CAREFULLY.
  97. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned that happiness is the journey, and a decision, not a destination.  No wonder I’m happy.
  98. I love my family something fierce.  I will protect them even if I don’t agree with their choices.
  99. Sometimes I sleep with music on softly on one of the music channels (Sound Scapes), it helps me unwind if I’m stressed out.
  100. This has not even put a scratch in the surface of who I  am….
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Dear Future Husband ~ Things You Should Know

Dear Future Mr. Marvi Marti,

I thought it would be nice to get a few things out there on the table in advance of the big day when we will finally pledge our undying love to each other.  This way it is in writing and you cannot  later say you were unaware.  Take notes darling.

  • I have 3 tattoos, and there will be more.  This is not negotiable.  I like my ink and I like my future ink.  Flowers and candy are all very sweet, but flowers will wilt and die and candy makes my ass fat.  Ink on the other hand will last forever.  If you want to surprise me with something special, think ink.
  • I have a nose ring.  Just a little diamond.  No, I will not take it out.   Yes you will come to find it cute.  If  by chance you do not,  well  tough tiddly winks babe.  No I won’t be piercing anything else.  I did that at one time.  The twins don’t want rings and south of the border….well okay maybe that one again someday.  It’s my border, I’ll pierce it if  I so chose.  You feel free to pierce your junk too if that is what you chose.
  • Sometimes I put pink dye in my bangs.  Just a streak or two.  Just learn to deal with it.  It washes out the next morning.  Sometimes I just feel like having it there.  No, I am not too old to do that.
  • I have a job, two of them actually.  One is daycare, I watch kids.  Yes it IS good money and I enjoy it very much.  I’m not looking to be wealthy off of it, it pays my bills and enables me to be home to do laundry, dishes, cook, and clean.  It also enables me to have time to write.  I also sell Avon.  Make-up.  Vanity Crack.  I love this job too.  I do plan to make a ton of money doing it.  I watch the stories in the training materials, I know that there are women making 6 figures dealing eyeshadow and mascara.  I plan to be one of them.  It takes hard work and a lot of time.  I have nothing better to do while I am looking for you.   I won’t be giving up the Avon, accept it.
  • I blog..sometimes a lot.  I have several.  I love to write.  I will not stop blogging, so deal with it.  Think of it as my therapist, it is keeping the body count down and it doesn’t cost you anything.  Yes I am very open in my blog and from a security perspective that might be a risk.  Tough.  I have  my doubts that the Boogie Man is looking for me, or a stalker.  And that is why there is  something called concealed carry permit.  Enough said.
  • My faith is important to me. I will attend church and be involved.  Sometimes I don’t get up on Sunday and go, most of the time I do.  It is my choice. You will accept this.

Those are a few of the non-negotiable things you will want to be aware of before the big day. Well perhaps a compromise can be reached as to a few, like no pink hair when we visit your family.  But only a compromise.

Until next time, my love!


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Through The Mill ~ Thursday Edition

Obviously MARvelous

Who Is Marvi Marti?

Random stuff you may not know….

I’m quirky.

I sing in the car when I am driving by myself or with kids (they never complain).

No, I cannot name that tune…or the year, album or artist…I just love a song or I don’t.

I love ice cream, most any flavor but have a fondness for UDF’s Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I am 48 years old and I sleep with a Teddy Bear.  Don’t judge.

I am very much afraid of storms, fire, heights and the dark…in no particular order.

My favorite color is pink, followed closely by purple.

Coffee is a must have every morning, it keeps the body count at a minimum.

I  have a super power – Spidar – spider radar.  I know when one is near long before I see it.   I go into ninja mode and squash them, sometimes with my bare fist if that is all I have handy.  You’re jealous, I know.

I am a natural blond but don’t let that fool you, I am not stupid or dingy.  I don’t even use that effectively to my advantage, I cannot play dumb to save my life.

My ex-husband, 22 years of marriage and a ‘surprise’ divorce, and while I will on occasion rip him a new tail on my blogs, I love him and really do hope he finds someone special.

I am a Taurus.  To the letter.  To know my sign well is to know me.  Those under the sign of Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius need not bother, we are NOT compatible.  Seriously bad stuff to mix me with those.  Don’t hate, the stars made that determination.

My nose is pierced and I wear a small diamond there, get used to it, I will not take it out.

Yes, I do have tattoos, and I like my ink thank you very much. No it is not trashy, that is your opinion.  Yes I plan to get more.

Sometimes I put a temporary pink streak in my blond hair for shits & giggles.  Because I can.

I seem to gravitate toward fire fighters even without knowing what they do for a living, likely because I am a very strong personality and need someone equally strong so I don’t walk all over them.  Those relationships never seem to last for me, perhaps it is time to break that mold.  Chef, cop, CPA??

I get jealous, so yes in relationships I need reassurance if it is a serious one.

I am passionate about my feelings, both good and bad.

I don’t cheat, I am faithful and loyal to a fault.  I expect the same in return.

Never again will I change or bury part of myself for a man.  Take me as I am and accept me or take a hike.   I won’t ask  you to give up your various amusements (softball, golf, darts…) and I will not give up mine (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare etc).  Nope won’t tweak it either.  You either want ME or you don’t.  Don’t? Your loss pal, certainly not mine if I have to adjust who I am to have you in my life.

I am perfectly content with alone time, you’d be surprised how much I sometimes relish the silence and being by myself.

Yes I do cry, no you won’t likely see it unless we’re watching a tear-jerker movie.  I rarely let anyone see me cry, especially the one that caused the tears.

Tears exception:  Sometimes when I pray, or during a particularly moving hymn or sermon I will cry in church. This does not count as seeing me cry, understand?

Yes I go to church, I try to go weekly and not because we have too.  We don’t.  I go because my soul is hungry and likes to be fed.  I cherish my faith, if I put time with you one Sunday ahead of being in church, consider it a rare honor and be thankful, you must hold value and meaning in my life for me to do that.

I screw up, make mistakes etc.  I’m human.  So are you. Deal with that reality.

When I fall in love I love completely.  I will make you number one in my life, do not abuse this.  If you do, you may well find yourself de-throned, I’m done being stepped on and used.

I  totally support the right to bear arms.  Yes I own a gun and I will use it.  Don’t make me prove this.

My best friend is a guy, a straight married guy.  He owns a nice motorcycle.  I spend time with him talking and riding.  He helps me keep life and faith in perspective.  Deal with it.

I can check and add oil to my car, brake fluid, and change burned out lights.  Trust me, this is a big hairy deal.

I am a reformed cat hater…I love them. Love me, love my cat…or at least accept that I have one.

I won’t lie so ask questions carefully, you might not be able to handle the truth.

I donate blood regularly, and you should too.

I am an organ donor, I won’t need them when I’m gone so hopefully they help someone else.

I root for under dogs.

I am a Bengals fan, and yes I know they suck but I am still a fan.

I am also a fan of the Reds, the UC Bearcats and Ohio State.  Michigan sucks and their fans are dorks!!!!!

I like beer and an occasional shot of good whiskey.  Jager too but that stuff is poison and doesn’t like me.

Piss me off you may find yourself in my blog writings.  Don’t complain, it could be worse, you could end up in my novel.

I  like to snuggle.

I am very affectionate.

I am enjoying my life, every up and every down.

I’m not looking for Mr. Right…I’m looking for Mr. I Cannot Imagine Life Without You As A Part Of It.

Maybe Rhett had it right when he asked Scarlett to marry him just for fun?

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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Are You Red Or Pink?

It is Day 2 of the LBS 5 Day Writing Challenge. Today the question/topic is:

Are You RED or PINK?

I am definitely PINK!  As a child my bedroom was a lovely shade of Pepto Bismol PINK, it was my favorite color.  Well it still IS my all time favorite (purple runs a very close second), but for a few years I had a purple thing going on, but back to my first love I prefer PINK!

PINK is girly, and I embrace my femininity, I LOVE being a female.  I have many shades of the color in my personality.  Being a girl means it is okay to be emotional, and soft on the inside, light PINK.  But we are also permitted to be strong, courageous and tough when needed.  That would be my deep, MAGENTA side! (just another shade of PINK)

PINK might seem like a sissy color to some, and RED the very hard core and bold, but PINK is deceptive.  Keep in mind that to get the color PINK, you mix RED with WHITE.  Think of PINK as the more balanced form of our sisters that sport RED (no offense meant ladies) as we contain all the strongest characteristics of both RED (bold and flashy) and WHITE (soft and mellow).

This package? Yep I am all PINK

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It’s A Teddy Bear Kind Of Day…

This day is screaming at me to go home, curl up in bed and wrap around my teddy bear.  Seriously.

First, it is a tad chilly out, high temperature today will only be 65.  That is sweat shirt weather and I grabbed a hoodie.  I have no hoodies for my place of employment, in fact I am not at all sure the company has any printed up.  Instead I’m sporting one advertising my friend’s pest control company.  I love it, all soft inside, just thick enough that it is warm and cozy.

Coffee is flowing like crazy today, I am exhausted.  I stayed up way too late last night watching the rescue of the miners in Chile.  And then the rescue crew, because that is how I am.  With brothers that are fire fighters I know how important those rescuers are to their own families and I just had to know that they made it safely out of the mine after they got those that were trapped out of that hell hole.  I swear if I stop moving for 5 minutes today I’ll be sound to sleep.

Thanks to some mild thunderstorms, with some strong wind gusts ahead of the rain, it looked like it was snowing large gold flakes on the way home yesterday with the leaves flying.  It was actually very cool to drive through, very pretty.  Now today there are a LOT more leaves on the ground and the trees look exceedingly bare in some places, making it feel more like Autumn.  That makes me want to go curl up with someone (yes I have someone in mind, Mr. TSASA in fact) in front of a fire and snuggle.  And nap.  Naps are important right? And really what better way to nap than wrapped up warmly in someone’s nice, strong arms?

I woke up this morning with either a cold setting in, or my allergies going crazy.  Every Fall and Spring, I go through this.  Sore throat, headache and nose running, and I lose my voice.  Now there are likely a handful of folks that would say my having no voice is a good thing.  But in my job, I need to be on the phone a lot and so not having a voice is NOT going to be a good thing if this is my semi-annual allergy induced silence.  I’m less than thrilled.

This morning I was feeling a rebel moment coming on.  The end result of that is my hair is pink today.  My work polos are black and red (and one that neon green) so it clashes with the pink I like to spray in my hair. It also just isn’t all that darn professional.  I haven’t sported my fun color in a few weeks.  HOWEVER seeing that I am in a black hoodie today, and the reality is I see no one but the painters and occasionally the owner or regional VP of the company, I basically said “fuck it” and grabbed the spray can.  🙂  I am feeling pink!  Purple is one of my top colors but pink is the all time favorite.  My bedroom was bright pink as a kid.  I will always lean toward pink in anything I buy for myself.    Pink is girlie and while I have a ‘butch’ side to me, I’m a girlie butch.  Pink makes me feel warm and fuzzy, which makes me want to snuggle and that brings Mr. TSASA and my teddy bear back to mind again.

Yep, it is a teddy bear kind of a day.

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Hair & Boobs, Brain & Heart

Dolly Parton is one of my favorite women, she is cute, funny, and so down to earth.  Recently she tweeted the following on her Twitter account:

“I hope people realize that there is a brain underneath the hair and a heart underneath the boobs.”

That got me thinking about what people see when they look at me lately.  What is it they think they know about me from what they see on my Facebook, Twitter, and blogs?  Do they just see the outside shell or can they SEE below the surface?

I know many probably think my mental choo-choo has totally derailed of late, especially my kids, and I guess I cannot blame them.  Their mother, who used to be a bible thumping, long jumper wearing, involved up to her eyeballs church lady,  is running around with a butch looking hair style and dying her bangs pink at 47 years old.  They watched their parents go from chairman of the deacon board and teaching youth in a Reformed Baptist church to riding a Harley and hanging out with their ‘new’ friends at clubs.  And then, when their mom and dad’s marriage appeared to be better than it ever was, their dad suddenly wanted a divorce, wasn’t willing to try to work things out,  leaving their mother’s heart shattered into tiny fragments while dear old dad is ‘just friends’ with a woman young enough to be his daughter that happens to be divorcing herself.

On The Surface

My boobs..yes they are um, well large now.  I come from a line of women that have some booty on them (read big butts).  The boobie fairy skipped over us but the bun fairy blessed us in abundance.  Maybe she was feeling bad that her winged sister bypassed us so she waved her magic wand over us all twice (seriously, stop trying to do us favors and just send our fairy godmothers as those wenches haven’t been seen anywhere in a very long time).  Along with the boobs I had a tummy tuck, as having kids had made a mess of my abdomen.  It was something I did, for me, that I am very pleased with and now my top half balances the bottom half.

My head is covered in blond hair with a spray of bright pink in it.  The ex hubby disliked the spikey hair do and could not stand the pink in the bangs so I only did the dye one time while married. My daughter is not overly fond of the color either, and my son…well I think he just accepts his mother will never be ‘normal’ but she has fun and he sees enough pain and stupidity in the world through his job so he figures I am harmless.

Looking Beneath The Surface

Under the highlights and the pink there is a brain.  I’m blond naturally but I am NOT stupid.  In fact I am pretty damn smart.  I held a 4.0 gpa for 2 years of night college, and when I left had a 3.75, so I am far from dumb.  I am wise enough not to get suckered into ocean front property in the desert, and not naive enough to fall for “just friends” when the friend’s car is hidden in our garage so no one knows she is there.  As the saying goes, believing bullshit doesn’t make it true.  While I may not always make the wisest of decisions, it isn’t due to a lack of gray matter in my head. You can keep telling me it is night time a million different ways, but if the sun is shining brightly (and we don’t live in Alaska), I’m not buying it.  Yes, I am a bit confused lately and no doubt I am acting like it, but my world got turned up on end 6 months ago and I don’t have it all quite back in line yet so deal with it.

Don’t let the big boobs fool you either, underneath the silicone twins is a heart.  That heart is loyal to a fault when it loves someone.  It is big enough to care for a whole lot of people and is learning to love the person in mirror for who she is and not who others think she should be.  Right now that heart that was shattered is in more pieces than you could count and it is a pain beyond words.  Suffice to say there are times still that it just flat out hurts to breathe and I wonder if there will ever come a day when I will be able to get the pieces glued back together into something that remotely resembles what it was before it was dropped.  Meanwhile, sometimes those splintered remains override the brain’s attempts to think rationally and I have a melt down.  I think after 22 years of loving someone with every fiber of my being, no matter how imperfectly by their standards, I am entitled to those moments of temporary insanity.

Most of the time I am level headed, and over all I am happy and enjoying life.  But it takes longer than 6 months to get over a lost love that lasted 22 years, and a broken heart that still deeply loves the person that broke it.  So dear son, daughter, and friends, when you see the crazy hair and the lapses of reason, crazy venting text messages, keep in mind that beneath it all there is a brain and a heart just trying to sort through the debris and don’t judge me too harshly.

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Random Tuesday Thoughts


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Random Thoughts In Marvelous Martha’s Head Today

  • I really wish the ladies room was closer to my office, I hate walking so far away.
  • Why is it the damn phone will sit there silently until I am half way out of the door headed for the ladies room or coffee and THEN it rings?
  • I really think self sticking stamps and envelopes are the shit!
  • Skanky ho blond – thinking that is how heavily highlighted I want my hair today when I leave my stylist, I want the spray in pink dye to really stand out and be noticed.
  • Hmm..that guy on MySpace is cute, too bad he is a firefighter – DELETE – 3rd time may be a charm but I’m so done with men from that profession!
  • Wondering what the boss would say if I drew pictures all over the production board (it’s a whiteboard)?
  • I really feel bad taking Pixel kitten to the vet, she was freaked out and literally wrapped her front paws and legs around my neck. Poor baby is going to hate hate hate me next week when she goes for surgery. Spay and front de-claw and away from me for 2 nights *sad face*.   Getting a micro chip too so if she were to ever get out hopefully someone can find me and return her.
  • E-Harmony is a pain in the ass, I stopped at 85% complete on the survey.  I’m pretty certain at that point they already knew what toothpaste I use and what brand of toilet tissue.  I don’t need to go through that much information about myself, I am looking for fun, not a commitment.
  • I could use a cup of coffee right now.  I think the folks that run the lounge here and provide the free coffee need to learn about the mid-afternoon sleepies and stop locking up so early, WE NEED CAFFEINE DAMN IT!
  • Lovely, raining again. That means that traffic will suck so I will barely get to my hair appointment on time.
  • I have no idea how or why, but the Oscar Meyer Wiener song is stuck in my head today.  Seriously why would anyone WANT to be a wiener?? Being chewed up and swallowed doesn’t sound so pleasant to me!
  • Men in the midst of a midlife crisis dump their wives for women young enough to be their daughters, buy sports cars or Harleys and cover their gray among other things.  Exactly what is it us women are supposed to do?  Marry for money and hire a cute pool boy and play Mrs. Robinson?  Seriously, what DO we middle aged chicks do, cause I’m not about to sit around feeling sorry for myself! If the best revenge is living well, then I have some creative revenge living to do!
  • OMG is it 5 o’clock yet?  If I wasn’t heading out to do some radical ME pampering this day would fly by, but hell no it is C-R-A-W-L-I-N-G by!