An i-WHAT????

Let me first state that I would by no means ever be up for the Mother Of The Year award.  I was far from the perfect mom.  Believe me, I tried to be a good one, but I did fall short.  Hopefully my kids forgive areas where I came up short in parenting skills.  I tried to make up for it in love.

I am not an expert in how to raise them or teach them.  I don’t even put much stock in the advise by the so-called experts.  And as for the whole “it takes a village to raise a child”  I am so unimpressed with what the village has put out that I wouldn’t let them dog sit!

One thing I do know is that we’ve raised a generation of kids who think they must be continuously entertained, and the current bottle feeders are only going to be worse.  10 year olds with smart phones, tablets, iPads, video games and most cannot count as high as the number of TV channels available to them each day.  Parents and kids out to dinner, each child with their own DVD player or tablet, zero interaction with mom and dad.  It is sad to me, as when I was growing up we had family time over our meals.  We all talked to mom and dad and each other.  It was a time of sharing, laughter and a wealth of memories were made.  More and more kids today are being raised by technology.

ipotty-boxYou can imagine, then, my reaction to seeing this little wonder.  REALLY????  Johnny and Susie cannot be potty trained without a damn iPad in front of them?  That is NOT potty training!  You aren’t teaching them to recognize the signs that their body needs to eliminate waste product.  This is a crap shoot! (no pun intended)  They spend a while sitting there playing Angry Birds or Bejeweled and then what, get an ice cream cone if they get up and there happens to be something in the potty?  Distract them from the task at hand by playing games on your iPad while they get hemorrhoids from sitting on the crapper for extended periods of time.  Gee, why don’t we come up with a little side table and junior can sit, shit and eat all from one dandy little spot!

shaking my head

iPotty? I think NOT!


Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

It is Monday, which means quiz time.  Not to worry, everyone passes this, because it’s about YOU!  Well about ME on my page, but you can link up by clicking the icon above, grab the badge and questions and make it all about you.

Add a 5th question on your post for your readers to answer in the comment section, and be sure to answer #5 on mine, in my comment section.  Come on now, show some LOVE and if you stopped by, answer that question for me!

1. June 17th is Eat Your Vegetables Day… do you need a special day to celebrate veggies? Your favorite veg?

2. How did you spend your Father’s Day?  Or for those who don’t have Father’s Day on June 16th, what did you do this weekend?

3. June 18th is National Splurge Day… if you were (are) going to participate what would/will you splurge on?

4. What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?

My answers:

1. June 17th is Eat Your Vegetables Day… do you need a special day to celebrate veggies? Your favorite veg?

Na, I love veggies! Just about any one of them rocks with me.  Favorite is a toss up between corn and lima beans.  Mix them together and oh I am in veggie heaven.

2. How did you spend your Father’s Day?  Or for those who don’t have Father’s Day on June 16th, what did you do this weekend?

In the morning, the Knight’s kids were with us.  After they left we went to my brother’s and saw his crew, my mom and my dad.  My sister-in-law made enough food to feed a small army, all of which was AMAZINGLY good, especially the grilled items.  Thanks again Yatz & Angie for the hospitality.  Some day my sister will be at the same place at the same time so she can meet the Knight.

3. June 18th is National Splurge Day… if you were (are) going to participate what would/will you splurge on?

Not even certain, to be entirely honest.  I hate shopping for clothes so that would never be on the list.  Maybe a new set of gel nails?  I do need them and keep putting it off because I hate spending the money.  But I LOVE having them, they make me feel feminine.  I enjoy being girlie!

4. What is the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?

Jamaica, which I would love to visit again!  The people there are so amazing, treated us like royalty and the country is so beautiful.

Bonus question – your turn to respond!!!! Just answer in the comment section please!!

5.  If you could have any unconventional/exotic pet, what would you have for your pet?

Friday Confessional

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg


It is F-R-I-D-A-Y baby!!!!

Confession, it is said, is good for the soul, so let’s get started!

I confess…

I am just about dancing on the ceiling!  Okay so I know it is likely water weight but when the numbers on the scale begin to DECREASE I get happy and very very motivated.  3 pounds down this morning and that is making all this water (I could seriously row to work) worth it.  And giving up my wine for flavored water, and measuring everything that is going into my mouth.  Next step is to add in walking.  I WILL beat my mom, sister, and sis-in-law in Biggest Loser score.

I confess…

Tonight it will be hard to be good.  Train ride, dinner, all with a dear friend and my kids and their SO’s.  But I WILL make an effort.  It is the start of ‘pre-partying’ or ‘tailgating’ for my 50th next Friday.  By good I do mean watching what I eat and drink.  I mean it, I have every intention of being very careful.  And grandma used to say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I’m screwed.

I confess…

That wine glass from yesterday’s post?  I should have stayed off of that website.  SO many amazing ones to chose from.

I confess…

When I was out with my friend last Saturday, the topic of Internet dating came up as that is how we originally met.  I got to strolling down memory lane, wondering what fodder was there for my novels in the making.  I have to say that it was fun, meeting so many men and enjoying conversation.  But there were a few horror stories in there as well.  It could make for a great book in and of itself if not a few chapters.  So, for shits and giggles, I checked to see if my profiles were still there, and they were inactive but accessible, so I activated them.  Holy Mother Of Freak Parades, into my mailbox came the full blown marching band.  Thankfully I’m able, due to past experiences, to weed through the clowns and ring masters to find the truly REAL and nice guys on these sites.  They are few and far between.  NO I am not looking to date, was just curious, and yes I know all about the cat and curiosity.

I confess…

I am about to go devour a wonderful salad with tuna and fresh avocado on it.  Avocado is a new thing for me, and while I’m still acquiring a taste for it, I’ll admit it ain’t bad!

He Is Here!!!!

It is currently 1:12am on 12/27/12.  I am sitting here sipping a glass of wine, unwinding from such an amazing night!

I arrived at the hospital at just after 3pm on 12/26/12 and went right up to the labor and delivery floor in search of my son and his wife.  They were there to give birth to their son.  I was blessed that despite a winter storm blowing outside complete with snow and freezing rain, Cowboy took me up there in a 4-wheel drive truck so that I could be there to hold my grandson shortly after his birth.  I had hesitated for a while, knowing how hard it is to have others there when in labor and after, but I just couldn’t stay away.

At 10:32pm, weighing in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and 20 inches long, Collin Patrick arrived into this world.  Shortly after his birth, the nurse came and summoned Ryann, the big sister, to come meet her brother.  They spent some time, just daddy, mommy, Ryann and Collin, before we all were ushered in to meet the newest addition to our families.

He is a beautiful baby!!!!

OMG I am just a mushy hot mess at the moment.  All tears of joy and excitement.  Melissa’s mom held him then handed him off to me.  Guess everyone knew that the grandmas had first dibs.  I was sorry my ex and his wife were not there so that grandma Judy could hold him too.

This is the best gift ever of Christmas, this wonderful little boy!

As a typical grandma, I’m sharing the photos.  🙂

Collin Patrick at around 1 hour old.

Collin Patrick at around 1 hour old.


Ryann and her new little brother, Collin


Me and my grandchildren

Day 20 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Today I’m thankful for time spent with my mom and sister, grocery shopping.

It is no small wonder we aren’t asked to leave the store sometimes.

I swear the 3 of us could turn a root canal into something highly entertaining and amusing.  We have the best time together and laugh so much that more often than not we come home all running for the bathroom from laughing so hard.

Getting to this place in my life was not my plan, staying married forever was plan ‘A’.  But Plan ‘B’ has turned out to be something amazing, fun, and I swear a day doesn’t go by us without a lot of laughs.  If laughter is the best medicine we should all live forever!


Day 10 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Today I am thankful for my grandchildren.  I have a spunky, red-headed granddaughter that I absolutely adore!  And sometime next month my grandson will arrive.

This has been an awesome time for me, adjusting to this grandparent chapter.  I became a grandma in March when my son married his beautiful (inside and out) wife and became daddy to her daughter.  We gained 2 very special ladies into the family that day and the time I get to spend with them is precious to me.  My granddaughter has the most contagious laugh and she is full of energy.  Today I spent time with her while her mom spent a day with the women from her family.

She has already taught me a few important things, like how to spoil an 8yo,  and that I need to get some games around here for her and I to play!

This little angel has wrapped the women in the Diva Den around her finger, and I am SO thankful for her in my life!

I received this in a text from my  son one evening a few weeks ago, and it absolutely made my day:

Day 9 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness

In light of Day 8’s post, this one is a good follow-up.

I am thankful for my ex-husband.  He was and is a very good dad to both of our kids.

While I still have some serious hurt where he is concerned, as I’ve let things go and actively forgiven and prayed for him, it is subsiding and the good memories of those 22 years are surfacing.  And I am very thankful for those good times we had.  In addition I am very thankful for the woman he has found in his life, Judy, as she is wonderful friend to both of my children and they love her very much.  She is one of those people that has such a beautiful spirit that seems to touch everyone she meets.  I am thankful for Pete’s happiness and the joy it brings to the lives of those around him.

I Color Outside Of The Lines

I am an oldest child.  My poor parents cut their parenting teeth on me, and survived not only me but 3 more offspring.  They did well though, no one ended up in jail and we’re all pretty responsible members of society.  At  least we fake that part well most of the time 🙂

I have always been one that is a tad different, maybe even eccentric at times.  I tend to think out side of the box, dance to the beat of an odd drummer, and I color outside of the lines.  All this is a good thing, or can be, if I keep it under the lens of a biblical perspective.  On the simplest of terms, what would Jesus do.  I am not overly fond of that WWJD thing but it works for now.  Perhaps it would be better said, what would a daughter or son of the Most High do, what is the most Christ like, God honoring thing to do?   I love jewelry that is crowns, but not because I think I’m the self-appointed queen of anything.  I love crowns because they remind me that I’m the daughter of the King of the Universe, and that one day every crown I’ve earned will be cast lovingly at the feet of my Savior in heaven.  I wear a cross necklace not to tell everyone around me that I’m a believer (my behavior should do that), but so that when I see it in the mirror, I am reminded to look closely and be sure my reflection is mirroring my Lord and Savior.

Nearly 2 years ago I returned to my home church briefly.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, and it was but I let too much get in the way of it being the life line.  Part of issue I had was that when I went back expecting things to be as I left them, and they were not.  When we left it was “Pete and Marti with the party”.  When I returned it was a solo,  emotionally and spiritually battered mess.  I left and it was various friends, one couple in particular.  I returned and our former best buds were divorced and it was him alone in the pew with his kids.  Other members had left, and there were many new faces.  Then as I was trying to regain my spiritual footing in the midst of feeling judged (my heart issue), a former friend turned enemy decided to send my pastor an email making sure the church knew that they had a wretched sinner among them.  She, claiming to be a born again, God-fearing believer herself, wanted to be certain it was known that I was a former swinger, and that I had ‘attacked’ her on twitter.  It rocked the boat for me just too much.  The wounds of losing my husband in a divorce, the former dear friend turned enemy, the attempts to smear and attack (not to worry they already knew about where I had been), I was unstable and just didn’t last long there before going all lone ranger Christian.  How did that work out for me? Not so good as you can well imagine.

Here I am now, just 2 months shy of the 2 year mark of trying to return, but this time I went back ready.  I am prepared for the storm of judgment and attacks that may or may never come my way, either from others there, others in my life, or that former friend who herself is neck deep still in that swinger lifestyle.  My heart is very aware of where it needs to be each Sunday.  I’m back to being in God’s Word every day, or that is the goal.  I openly admit I miss one now and then but most days it is the case and I’m in the middle of some good bible studies that help too in reaffirming my faith.  This time I’m prepared to stick it out, because I’m not here for anyone by me and the Lord.  I’m there to worship Him, and be fed.  Anyone having an issue with my past, or how I dress, or my wild, bleach blond hair, well that is their issue not mine.  That is between them and God to deal with, not me.

Sadly, when one lives a life of coloring outside of the lines, they leave themselves open for other people to judge.  Okay even those that color meticulously inside of the lines also are objects of others scrutiny.  Anytime you are different from those around you that is just human nature to pick it apart.  Different draws attention.  But different is not always a bad thing.

I dare to be the line pusher, rule breaker and that can be both bad and good.  I have always colored outside of the lines, but not always in a good way.  When we sin we color outside of the clear lines set down by the Lord in His precious Word.  That is a big mistake.  It causes damage, it is sin, and sin always has consequences.  But when I stay within God’s lines, yet color outside of man’s lines? Well that can be a good thing.

I’m going to be doing a series of posts about coloring outside of the lines.  Some will be about my journey off the path and into the pig pen, some will be about my journey back home as a prodigal daughter.  Both are really one big picture of coloring outside of the lines.  But maybe, just maybe, when I’m done, you can see that it isn’t always a sin when the color goes past the boundary, sometimes it can be a beautiful picture if you stand back and look with an open mind.

#28 & #29 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



It happens, this thing called Drama.

For some of us simply waking up means there it is, waiting for our eyes to open.

Others…well they have to try harder I suppose.

Drama is going to happen in a relationship.

Be it with friends of his/hers, family, whatever or whoever, drama will occur.

Unless of course you are single.

No drama with his mama….

or sister, or niece, or whoever.




Holidays are stressful enough without trying to split them down the middle.

His parents want you at their house, her parents want you around their table.

No one wants to give, especially the couple, when it comes to traditions.

Our family always does….

Thankfully, when it is just you, there is no need to worry about where  you will spend a holiday or if it can be split in such a way as to make everyone (except the two of you) happy.

Cough, Sniffle, Blow, Wipe, Achoo! Repeat

It’s that time of the year again, when colds and flu are rampant and everyone is stuffed up, coughing and sneezing…it’s gross really.

I am a victim yet again of the cough, sniffle, blow, wipe, sneeze and repeat process.  I am stuffed up tight despite the nasal sprays, Neti Pot and Thermaflu in an effort to un-clog the nasal passages.  This just sucks. Without NyQuil and a few beers I’d likely not get any sleep.  Yes I know, this isn’t good to do.  DON’T try it at home, I’m a certifiable nutcase professional, leave it to us Pros.

Despite not feeling 100% I did manage to sign 2 new recruits this weekend, and hopefully a 3rd this evening.  I have another for later this week.  All in all, no complaints there.  However, by the time I finish this meeting tonight I’ll be lucky to have any voice left to speak of!

I’ve decided to take part in a new (new to me) blog hop/meme today.  I found it on a blog I follow and it looked fun.  I love lists so this one is right up my alley.  Today it is 10 things I said I’d never do, then found myself doing.  This won’t be that hard, I hope.  Click the Monday Listicles icon below to be magically transported over to North West Mommy’s page to link up!

10 Things I Said I Will Never Do

  1. Get married again (after the first fiasco – and then I did. Said it again after 22yr marriage ended…but I know I will)
  2. Pick up a piece of food or a pacifier and blow/lick it off before giving it back to a child, once it has fallen on the floor.
  3. Own a cat, “the only good cat is a dead cat” was my motto…Reformed cat hater here!  Currently we have 3.
  4. Call in sick to work when I wasn’t ill – I called it a mentally health day.
  5. Move back in with my mom.  Oh I love mom and love living with her, but in your late 40s??? Yeah well it ranks up there as one of the best things I’ve done in my life.
  6. Forgive the ex-husband.  Did, and what a weight is off my shoulders.
  7. Use some of my mother’s famous lines with my kids….oh to have a $1 for every time I heard my mom coming out of my mouth!
  8. Babysit as an income…who knew the economy would tank and I’d be laid off after 26 years at one company?  And then 2 more times?  Turns out it is the second best job I’ve ever had!
  9. Sell Avon – silly me, not only do I sell it, it IS my all time favorite job and I’m in leadership and loving it.
  10. Dye my hair any color but it’s natural blond.  And then my sister and nieces went auburn for the winter…and I followed right along!