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My Journey Begins

I made a decision a few days back, the decision to take back my health. I’m about to turn 54 and I’m not at all where I know I need to be to keep up the pace in my job or to live much longer as a healthy, functioning person.

I have an old and dear friend who has lost 93 pounds and kept it off for 3 years now. She looks totally amazing and is healthy along with having oodles of energy. I would look at her before and after photos and think “I want that”, but wasn’t willing to just spend 30 minutes sitting down to talk with her because I knew it was going to cost money and a change in lifestyle.

Now after 2 years of working as a STNA, I know that I must do something. I’ve tried various diets, programs etc over the years and that didn’t do it. I even changed a few things, but I’m still sitting back at 185 (down from 199 but holding) and my body is saying some not so nice things to me at the end of my shifts. 7 years ago I was at 155, still heavier than I should have been but 30 pounds less than today.  My blood pressure is creeping upward too, into the high range, no doubt from lugging me around.

I now work in an assisted living memory care community, so I’m not pushing and pulling lifts with bodies on them (a broda chair alone can weigh 90 pounds before you put the resident in it for the day, adding 200 to make a total of 290 pounds to push and pull up hallways), but I’m on my feet for 8 hours and still doing some lifting and a lot of squatting-to-standing. I need a change.

I don’t just want that, I want THAT!!!!

My daughter-in-law got with this friend of mine (we all go way back) and started down her journey and has lost a sizable amount toward her own goal. She even decided to take the plunge and become a health coach. She is now my coach. And when I start seeing success I’m jumping in too so I can help other people make a healthy turn around.

I plan to post photos, blog entries and encouragement for others who want some inspiration. And if you see the results you seek you can contact me and I’ll hook you up with my health coach.

Yes, it is a financial investment in the beginning, but I realized looking over my bank statement that I actually spend about this amount on iced coffees, breakfast and lunch at the drive thru when working, or when I’m out and hungry. I’ve invested a lot of money to get here, a little more to get healthy only makes sense.

Day One will be as soon as my tools and food arrive (and yes you do transition to your own foods over time), when I will post my official weight for the start of the journey and photos. I’m sticking myself out there because where I am now doesn’t matter as much as where I’m going to be!

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NOEXCUSES-Fitness-Challenge-AUGUST1-e1405185836460I am so motivated since starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (I’m on Day 22 and down 8 pounds) that when I stumbled on the NO EXCUSES Fitness Challenge for August over at Pink Heels Pink Truck’s blog, I knew I had to be INVOLVED!  It starts today so why not?  I mean, I walk every day anyway, though not as far as I want to go but that is okay because now I have new motivation!!!

It doesn’t hurt that my favorite color is pink, I love heels and love trucks, so their blog was just too much to pass up!  I have to give credit where it is due, I found it thanks to the Friday Confessional, as Aubrey over at HIGH HEELED LOVE had mentioned it in her confessions today.  Thanks Aubrey, virtual hug and a virtual high 5!

Last night I was on getting my new challenge to do with Advocare, Lean In 13, and ordering the products I need for it, and trying to figure out what I’d be doing next.  I have the workout DVDs for Level 1, but want to do more than just that.  Well smack my butt and call me Princess, if that isn’t just what I needed to find today! WOOHOO!

Means I need 50 minutes a day, 31 days.  If I miss a day, I will have to add minutes another day.  I have my tracker printed off from their site and I’m just open book enough to post it periodically as I fill it out.  Accountability anyone?

What about you? Are YOU in for the challenge?