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Sunday Wine Musings…

It is 7:10pm, first day of daylight savings time, so my body and mind believe it is really only 6:10pm and I have to convince them this is not the case because I must be up at 4am tomorrow for work. Hoping the wine helps with this a bit.

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, wasn’t sure I was going to keep writing it but I’ve decided to stick around and try like crazy to post more often. Life has a funny way of invading your plans and priorities have to be addressed. Sadly most days writing is not the priority. At least folks can tell from my Instagram on my page that I have not died!

While I’ve been away, I had to patiently wait until my daughter passed the 3 month mark to let the world know that I’ll be a grandma for the 6th time come late summer/early fall. I am beyond over the moon about this, as the Nana gig is by far the most amazing yet. I am hoping for a girl this time, as we only have one girl in the mix, but a healthy baby is a joy regardless of gender. Early in April we’ll find out that secret and it is either buying more Bengals and Reds attire for a boy, or tutus for a girl. Well and yes sports items for her too because that is how we roll.

News flash…save your money and if you are into those Yeti tumblers, I can tell you that RTIC is just as wonderful and about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost. I fill mine as I leave for work at 5am and that coffee is still hot at 9:45am in our daily stand-up meeting at work. If I use it for cold drinks, ice is still in it 12 hours later. Could be longer but I’m rarely one to let anything sit that long before consuming it. Really, save yourself a fortune! I’m making a series of cup cozies for that size tumbler, though they don’t need one as they never ‘sweat’ and are easily held no matter if it is a hot or cold drink inside. It is all about having a fashionable cup at that point! 🙂

Over the past week I was trying like crazy to come down with a rip-roaring sinus infection. Maybe the weather didn’t help as we had a few odd days with winter, then spring (even a tornado warning at work) then back to winter again. We are currently experiencing winter for those interested in what cue card nature is reading. The infection was growing, causing a headache, snot factory, and over all fatigue. In the past I have boiled water and put tea tree oil in it and inhaled the steam, but that can burn your skin and its uncomfy to breathe. So, on a whim I googled and found out I could put tea tree oil in my neti pot!!! One drop, per the many articles I found, or it can irritate the sinus membranes. But I did this twice a day over 3 days and could feel it draining away. Today I’m breathing freely and really amazed. NOTE: I am NOT a doctor and this is NOT medical advice…just passing along what worked for me, flush those sinuses with saline and tea tree oil at your own risk.

I’ve not been neglecting my shop, in fact I have several items to stock, just haven’t taken photos and built listings. Again, life has been in the way a bit but I now have the supplies for shipping and I’ll be placing these over the next few days. My daughter is starting to add things as well, so we’ll have some really nice items coming this week.

Speaking of her…she recently became a Jamberry rep. Like me, she has a passion for direct sales, but needed to find her passion for a product. Me, I’m back on Avon but that is another post. My baby girl LOVES the nail wraps and finally took the plunge to become a rep. And she is making money, which is no real shock as once you find your passion product you are going to do well. It doesn’t hurt that these sell themselves right off your finger nails. Seriously she has people stop her to ask where she got her nails done. I had tried them once but didn’t have a real clue what I was doing. Now, if you go to a party or search YouTube you will have it down. I let her do a manicure on me 2 weeks ago from her stock and was blown away. I wash my hands at work easily 30 to 50 times in a shift. The wraps held up great through it all. And trust me I am hard on my hands, they are my most used tool every day at work. I also bite my nails. So this helped me make it 2 weeks without biting them at all. I actually have some nail to work with today and she came over and did my nails and my mom’s with the wraps we purchased from her. Mom is going through chemo and her nails just are so thin and fragile now. We figure wraps will help to protect them and she found a color she loved. You can see how short my nails must have been by where they are today, with this new french manicure wrap on. I LOVE them!

My index finger is the shortest I have and I’m determined to keep at this to get something grown. I cannot go real long, as nails cause skin tears to our elderly residents, their skin is onion paper-thin so it takes so little to injure them. But I can have pretty nails!  Each sheet is enough for 2 manicures with a few wraps to spare, and only $15 a sheet! Check out her shop, the selection is just incredible. You can do a Basic Bundle for only $58.50 and that includes 4 sheets of wraps, the mini heater, and all the supplies you need to do your wraps, so it is quite the savings!

Well the dryer is calling me with the song of its people, so time to get my laundry folded and tuck myself into bed for my day tomorrow.

Y’all have a marvelous one!



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2012 – The Year Of Embracing ME!


I love ME.

I do not need a relationship.

I am not looking for a relationship.

In fact, I’m looking to avoid a relationship at this point.

2012 – my year of JOY.  And part of that joy is going to be in being single.

One thing I learned after my divorce in 2010, I had lost me in the 22 years of being married.  We ALL do this in relationships.  HOSSO (he or she significant other) doesn’t like our nails with color on, so we get those nails done in a French manicure all of the time.  Those cute little airbrushed designs on the nails? Nope.  Tattoos, what you have is what you get, HOSSO doesn’t want you to get anymore, or maybe doesn’t care for your choice of designs so you don’t get the desired ink.  Feel there are situations where using the word FUCK is appropriate (outside of the bedroom)? HOSSO doesn’t like that word so you just don’t use it.

These are minor things really but over time we all make changes, burying parts of ourselves to please our HOSSO.  I looked in the mirror at the end of the marriage, after moving out, and realized the person looking back at me was a complete stranger.  Oh she looked familiar, but I didn’t really know her anymore.  I had buried so much of myself that I was a screwed up mix of a person that looked like I had melted in the kiln, I wasn’t recognizable any  longer.  Heck maybe that is why the marriage didn’t work out after 22 years, I kept trying to adapt to my HOSSO’s specifications instead of standing up and being ME from day one.

In peeling back those layers to find the real me underneath, I’ve learned a LOT.  Baggage is not a bad thing.  We all have baggage we drag through life.  You know what? I opened mine up and took a long hard look.  I even went as far as to pull out some of the items and put them back ON.  See, every experience in life is in those suitcases we pull along with us. It is who we are and it is not a bad thing to have baggage.  If we dumped it all, then all that is left is the empty shell of the vessel that is us.  The canvas would be white and blank and BORING!  I don’t want to be dull, I want to be ME.  And ME is in all of that baggage.

I’ve decided that in order to really free myself from any remaining layers piled on me, I need to take a year to just enjoy being Marti.  Marvelous, wacky, destined for old maid/crazy cat lady status, MARTI.  For 2012 I do not want a relationship.  I want to enjoy being just me. Not Marti & ______ (fill in the blank with whatever male counter part name).  I want to embrace being the odd woman out, the 5th wheel.  I have plenty of male friends I can go hang with for a football game, a beer, dinner or whatever.  But I do NOT want to date anyone, I don’t want to be known as anyone’s woman, girlfriend, or significant other.  Being single is my CHOICE.  I can have a relationship, long term if I so chose.  But my choice for now is to just be single, sassy, marvelous ME!

I’m going to start a new category and page on my blog, Sassy & Solo – reasons why being single ROCKS.

The Marvelously Sassy One! yes that will be my new, crazy cat lady name.  🙂

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Yesterday I put up the 5 ‘facts’ for readers to determine which one of the 5 was true.  The idea was to show my skill at embellishing things, criteria for the acceptance of the MEMETASTIC award.  Any believable tale must have a grain of truth in order for it to at least seem like it could indeed be fact.

I posted 5 facts, each with just enough truth to be believed as possibly true, but only one was true.  Time for the big reveal!!!



F 🙂  Everyone who reads my posts knows that I am a reformed cat hater.  Call me the Crazy Cat Lady, I love the little fur balls now.  We have 3 cats in our home, all females.  While we aren’t overly picky about which breed of feline we have, we insist that they all have to be polydactyl cats!  Yes each of our kittens has more than the normal amount of toes on their paws!  Usually cats have 5 toes on their front paws, ours have 6 or 7 depending on the cat.  Nothing normal about the Diva Den, why would we have normal cats?

While it is a fact that I am reformed from hating cats, loving them to pieces, we do not have a single polydactyl (aka Hemingway) among them.  Frankly the last thing we need is a cat who has anymore reason to presume itself special!

F 🙂  I love being pampered, and one of the ways in which I pamper myself is getting my nails done.  I have had acrylic nails nearly ongoing for about 7 years now.  I never got pedicures often, too expensive and frankly I don’t have real cute feet so why draw attention to them was my thought.  Recently I noticed a trend at the nail salon in which women are getting acrylic nails on their feet!!  I finally gave in and decided I have nothing to lose so had them done on my toes.  For the first time I feel like I have great feet, all nicely painted on those picture perfect, acrylic nails.  Now, I love my feet, and if it was not so cold I’d have flip flops on already to show them off!

It is true, I have had my nails done for years, and love that, I find the whole getting one’s toenails done to be just kinda freaky!  NO thanks, I’ll just stick to a pedi and some pretty polish.

F 🙂  Two of my supporting cast, my brother Mike, and his wife, Trina, are actually both my cousins.  Mike is a cousin from my mom’s side.  His mom was one of my mother’s first cousins who was pregnant out of wedlock.  She wanted to keep him in the family, but was unable to raise him.  My parents adopted him and raised him as their own.  Trina is one of my cousins, our dad’s are brothers.  They always had a special friendship and attraction to each other growing up.  As an adult, Mike consulted with a lawyer and found that because he was a second cousin to us siblings, and not a birth child of my parents, he and Trina were not related and therefore not really cousins.  They have been happily married for 18 years and have 2 kids. So, my sister-in-law is also my cousin, and my niece and nephew are actually like 2nd cousins once removed or something weird like that.

I loved that many of you thought this was true, as it IS rather believable that it could indeed happen.  However Mike is my blood brother (all of my siblings are blood) and Trina is related by marriage only.

T 🙂  In a bizarre twist of fate, we grew up with a cousin as a neighbor and never knew it.  The boy behind us was around the age of one of my brothers when we were growing up.  I received a friend request from him all these years later, and did not recognize his name any longer.  He told me that he was my cousin, and had grown up in the house behind us.  I thought it was a stalker at first, since I knew the kid behind us and they were not related to us.  Turns out, my dad’s cousin had given birth out of wedlock and placed him for adoption.  All that time growing up we had a cousin living there and playing with my brothers and never knew it!

This is the true story/fact!  Growing up the kid behind us, Bobby, actually turns out was a cousin.  His birth mom and my dad are cousins.  It was all these years later that he asked to be my friend on Facebook then explained to me why.  His adoptive parents remembered our last name so when he found his birth mom, and learned his birth name,  (it is highly unique) he hunted down his unknown cousins.  Kinda cool!

F 🙂  One time when getting my nails done, it was taking longer than anticipated at the salon due to a high volume of customers.  I was last in line so when my now ex-husband came to pick me up they had just started my nails.  He was irritated by the delay so I convinced him, with a little help from the nail tech that was now free, to get a pedicure.   He finally gave in and found out it was a rather NICE experience.  If you have ever had one, you know that they will put clear polish on your toe nails if you aren’t having color done.  After some teasing he acquiesced and let them paint his toe nails bright red.  He has worn them red, to my knowledge, ever since.  Turns out he found having his toe nails colored was a kind of turn on for him.

I would NEVER post something like that about Pete/ex-hubbster if that were true!  Pretty sure none of the firefighters fell for that one, as they have undoubtedly seen his feet a few times at the fire house.  He was irritated, and he did get a pedicure after a LOT of pressure (Hey, Chad Ocho Cinco gets them weekly, as do many men, more men should keep their feet looking nice!!) I do not believe it was an experience he ever repeated and he drew the line in the fun me and the nail techs were having (at  his expense – though he was a good sport), when it came time to polish his piggies.  He enjoyed the massage chair, the foot and calve massage, but he drew the line on nail  polish!!

There you have it, the truth and the fabrications!!

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Meet Me On Monday – 10th Edition

Blogging is a funny thing…we tell our most intimate thoughts for all to read and yet most of the time I find myself sitting and wondering, “who is this person!?”  I know them…but yet I don’t know them!  I want to know who the person is behind all those words so I thought of a great way for all of us to “meet” each other!

Every Sunday Never Growing Old will post five get to know you questions that you can copy and paste into your own Monday post and we can all learn a little more about each and every one of us!! (go to her page to link in!)

“Its a great way to to meet new friends and for others to get to know me better….one Monday at a time!!!”….as quoted by the Chacogirl!!

She will make this SIMPLE and FUN!!!

She will add a linky on her page so we can follow who participates and get to know them better!!  Be sure to link the POST and not just your whole blog!


1. What is your favorite dessert?
2. What do you wear to bed?
3. Do you get regular manicures/pedicures?
4. Did you play any sports in high school?
5. Do you have an iPod?
My Answers!

1. What is your favorite dessert?

ANYTHING chocolate is my favorite, especially if it happens to be dark chocolate.  UDF (United Dairy Farmers) Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream covered in dark chocolate  syrup is at the very top of my list!!

Simon Howden /

2.  What do you wear to bed?

Well when I was married I slept in my birthday suit.  I was always prepared with a robe on the bed in case  the house caught fire.  As if I really would give a hoot at that point if I had clothes on or not!  Now I sleep in jammies out of respect for my female  family members.  If I had a bathroom in my room I’d not care, but I tend to function on autopilot at night so don’t want to be wandering around naked.  I actually own this pair of jammies below, and easily half a dozen similar in style.  This one is available on the Animal Rescue Site store.

3. Do you get regular manicures/pedicures?

Yes to manicures every 2 weeks, as I have acrylic nails that are very long and need to be filled.  Pedicures as needed and as the budget allows.  My hands are far more visible so those I am more concerned with above the tootsies.

J Frasse /

4. Did you play any sports in high school?

Nope, I am simply NOT the athletic  type at all.  Walking is about as good as it gets, and that is  not really a sport.  In high school, until I could drive, I walked  pretty much everywhere, which is probably why my butt is bigger  now, I  don’t have to hoof it nearly enough!

5. Do you have an iPod?

Nope, just never saw the  need for one to be honest.  IF I would want music to listen too, my BlackBerry can hold a lot of music and I have headphones for that so I’m good.  I simply cannot justify the money for one when that is really all it would do it is play music.