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QUIET!!!! Simplify, Downsize, Restructure

iStock_000039816568SmallThree words that can cause sheer panic in the work force:




But when it comes to social media?  THAT is another story.  It can cause a lot of strife when you remove folks from your feed, deleting them from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  I myself have had my feelings hurt when someone(s) remove me from following them before stopping to realize that they really had nothing of value to follow to begin with, and obviously felt I offered nothing.  Besides, who really needs the drama?  I deleted my own father off my Facebook more than once now because I simply could not stand another word of negativity.

Often times I follow, friend, etc., someone I think will add value to my life in someway, only to find out that most of what is there, while of value, simply is not relevant to my life at the present time.  It isn’t anything personal, it is simply that I just don’t have time to weed through things to get to the meatier items I’m seeking.   Or my feed is just too ‘noisy’ with things I cannot keep up with and so I start removing those things.

Hopefully folks won’t take it too personally if they suddenly discover they were eliminated from my feeds but I need to simplify my life a bit.  Between working, writing and more direct sales businesses than I can shake a stick at, I need to ease up on the flow of information I need to wade through each day.  I’d love to always reciprocate when someone follows me, but I just cannot do it.

It is time to clean off my followers, clean up my Pinterest boards, and simplify my social media addiction.  My sister-in-law is shutting down her Facebook entirely, and anymore I can understand that.  If it isn’t adding anything of value to her life, it’s gone.  While I’m not at that point yet, I totally support the effort.  I cleaned off Twitter and got down to following 125 people from over 200.  My goal is to get to 125 and no more than that.  I’m getting rid of the news and weather I follow, as it’s never any good news and the weather I can get by going to a site when I want to know.  It isn’t as if knowing what the weather will be is going to change anything and it’s just a bunch of digital clatter I don’t want in my life any longer.  My mind will be much healthier without it all.

I started the downsizing efforts Wednesday evening.  I was cleaning out my favorites/bookmarks in my phone and found myself on a former friend’s Twitter page.  I sent a request to follow, as it is private, before realizing that not only was I poking the bear, but it is most unlikely she would have anything of value to add to my feed at all.  Drama? More negativity?  No thanks.  I removed the request so hopefully she didn’t get herself in too big a snit over it.

My passion is my writing and my Avon business.  I dabble with the hobbies of Advocare, Jewelry In Candles, Charmed And Company Creations, Javita Coffee & SwissJust.  Mostly those get me a better price than if I weren’t a consultant/rep/distributor.  But the passion and love is truly with Avon.  Writing is therapy and a love I’ve always had since a child.  Those will have my utmost attention.

My faith will come first, above all else.  Then family, work, writing and hobbies.  My needle work (crocheting) will take a place when the weather is cooler.  I’m learning to calender block my time, down to washing my face, packing lunch for the next day, etc.  so that my time is better spent and I’m  more organized.

Delete, delete, delete some more.  It’s quieting down already!

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Wine & Cheese ~ 78th Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 78th serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦  I am ready to find Skyler kitten a new home.  Okay not really, but I’ve about reached the end of my rope.  I get that she is just a kitten and therefore more curious and mischievous than an adult cat, but she has a mean streak too, she likes to bite me, hard.  And her favorite pastime is trashing the one Christmas tree.  Well, when she isn’t on the kitchen counter knocking things off.  I’m positive she is going to hell too, because she got into the nativity and tossed baby Jesus and the 3 Wise Men out and on the floor.

😦  At the moment it sure isn’t looking like a White Christmas is on order for our area.  This is the one and only time I’m crazy about snow.  Don’t need a lot, just a few inches to wake up to on Christmas morning to set the mood.  Instead it looks as if it will be just dry and cold.  I’m not happy.  Time to get all the kiddos wearing their jammies inside out and backward and all those other crazy superstitions they have for snow.

😦  I think that I am again getting a cold.  I’m so tired of blowing my nose and having sniffles.


🙂  I have had the opportunity to work from home more lately.  I love this!  Not only is it a big savings on gas, but I actually do better work when I am home, alone, in the quiet.  My coffee pot close by, oils for the diffuser or my favorite candles.  I love it.

🙂  I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I’m starting to have fun with Instagram!  It’s actually a rather enjoyable app.

🙂  I not only worked from home today, I managed to get 3 loads of laundry done, and make a kick-butt dinner as well, all while rocking the job.

🙂  It’s not quite 8pm and I’m done with everything I needed to accomplish today.  That means a book, my tea, and my jammies are on deck now. WOOHOO!


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Friday Confessional

And ya’ll know what that means?
Time to hit the confessional and let  it all fly.

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I confess…

I slept around the clock last night.  We were in bed  and sleeping at 9:00, the Knight had to be up early to work.  I surfaced briefly to use the bathroom around 6:30am, long after he had left for work.  When I climbed back in bed I thought I would re-exam the inside of my eyelids for just a few moments, checking for leaks ya see.  I woke up at 9:05am.  Guessing I was tired.  I don’t feel the least bit bad about that either.

I confess…

I ran out of creativity for dinner tonight.  When it came time to make it, I didn’t do like last weekend and pull great ideas from Pinterest (yes I made things last weekend I had pinned on my food board and yes it was very good).  I went for simple, burgers, mac-n-cheese, and veggies.  I didn’t even make the brownies, just went with the stand by candy bars in fun size for dessert.

I confess…

Seriously hoping the item I bought from Arbonne to assist with menopause helps because the hot flashes are killing me.

I confess…

Best thing I have done for myself of late is stopped playing games on Facebook.  I am starting to really see how much time I was wasting.

I confess…

A cup of coffee sounds SO good right now, even through it is after 8pm.  Caffeine doesn’t bother me, I am just ADD enough that it will not impact my ability to sleep.  And it will give me something to do while I read my books.  Well after I empty the dishwasher that is, but I can do that while the coffee is brewing.


Have a marvelous weekend ya’ll.

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Monday Listicles ~ 10 Reasons I Am Great!

Do you like blogging lists?  Click the icon above and come link up and list those items! This week it is all about being GREAT!


    1. I am the great procrastinator!  If putting things off until the last possible minute (or longer) were an Olympic sport, I’d hold the gold medal.
    2. When it comes to organizing and cleaning up, I’m your girl.  Just don’t expect it will last long, as my walk in closet can attest at the moment.
    3. I hold the unofficial record for re-heating my coffee in the microwave before I finally get to actually finish a cup.
    4. No one exposes themselves to their allergens quite like me.  Cats? Highly allergic, yet not only are there 3 living here, I snuggle with them then end up a mess of watery eyes and runny nose.
    5. When it comes to hiding things, from myself, to keep them safe? I’m your girl!  Right there, in plain sight! Like my cell phone I’m frantically searching for all the while talking on it.
    6. No one walking can pack the bedroom trash can like I do!  Too lazy to go get a trash bag and empty it, and too forgetful when I am in the kitchen to grab one, I just push the contents down more and more until they are packed in there so tight you need a crow bar to get them out.
    7. I am an over achiever in the menopause symptom department.  I can heat the entire house for hours at a time with a good hot flash.  Memory? Excuse me what were we talking about?
    8. Unintentional workouts – got that covered too.  Go all the way from the top floor to the lowest point in the house, the laundry room, and remember that I forgot something in my room that needs washing.  Come all the way into the house after shopping, and realize that I left shopping bags in the trunk.
    9. I have a knack for picking out/falling in love with the most expensive item in the jewelry store.  It may be the smallest diamond they carry, but if I just have to have it (I never get it just want it), it will be the single most pricey one they carry!
    10. I can control the cloud cover in summer time.  No really, I can.  It can be the most beautiful, cloud free, blue sky day.  If I go out to lay in the sunshine, every cloud in a 500 mile radius descends on the area to block the sun.

Yep, I am pretty darned impressive!