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A Very Blessed Life

By the time this posts (it is scheduled) all the paper will have been torn from gifts, food consumed, hugs and laughs along with memories shared and new ones made.   But right now it is early morning, just me, the cats, my dog, a hot cup of coffee, Christmas music, Christmas candle burning, and the first toast from my new toaster eaten.  Outside was a glorious sunrise with lots of color, fitting for such a glorious day!

My honey is working until noon, then he will bring his kids home and we’ll open presents with them.  Last night we visited my daughter at her house to exchange gifts with her, my son-in-law (soon to be) and his son, my soon to be new grandson.  We had dinner and enjoyed some laughs, and made the first memories I’ll have in my daughter’s home.  I don’t have adequate words for the feeling in my heart as I watched my daughter cooking dinner in her kitchen with her honey chatting with mine in the living room, her dogs moving about, and just the feeling of seeing before me my baby, all grown up now, a woman with a career and family.  This child I carried within me, I knew her personality before anyone else did, she knew my voice before she knew anyone else’s and the way time has flown from the toddler in diapers crawling across a huge gift to open it.  Seems like just yesterday.

My son will be over later with his beautiful wife, my spunky, 8 year old, red-headed granddaughter and my grandson who turns 1 on the day after this special day.  Again, the memories I have of him, just a little blond toddler, clapping that he got the My Buddy doll he wanted, and how Buddy would go everywhere with us for quite some time after that.  This little boy that I also carried in my body as he grew, I knew his personality as well, and he too knew only my voice for many months, all grown up now.  A husband, dad to the little red-head before having one of his own, yet thanks to himself having a wonderful step-dad to set the bar, she is very much his baby girl.  And again, there are no words to do justice to what it did to my mother’s heart last December 26th when his wife gave birth to their son, and standing there seeing my son holding his son and watching him with his daughter, suddenly I loved that boy more than I ever imagined a mother could love a child.

1476782_567665776652284_1385290490_nI sit here at the table, looking around this beautiful home that is now mine, shared lovingly by the man who I love so very much.  A home he purchased with the hope of finding me to share it with one day.  My step-mom tiara is all dusted and shined up, and once again I wear it proudly half of the week when his kids grace this home with their smiles, laughter, and yes bickering as kids do.   This home that welcomed me, and my cats and dog.  A man who teases me and makes me laugh daily, and had no problem at all with my putting up and decorating 2 large Christmas trees.  And then a smaller one his daughter decorated, and the Charlie Brown one on the table.  There isn’t a Scrooge bone in his body, he is like a fun, big kid and enjoys the holidays.  I honestly never thought I’d be able to love again as intensely as I love this man, my Knight, but what a wonderful surprise to find out my heart still had so much more to give.  Even more, to discover what it feels like to truly be loved by someone in return.

Over the weekend my sister and I went shopping, both of us had all of our shopping to do yet.  I miss her and the others in the Diva Den.  We had so much fun and laughed so hard we nearly pee’d our jeans.  Crowds and chaos didn’t phase us one bit, we were too happy and having too much fun to let anything annoy us.  I may not have a lot of money, but I will find things that folks want if I can.  In search of a toilet paper holder, the kind that stands in the bathroom and can hold multiple rolls including one ready for use, and then marching through the stores carrying this item like we were leading a parade.  Hey, it’s what my daughter said they needed.  She spent hours trying to locate a butter dish for me, finding only a hideous ‘french porcelain’ one for $50 before calling me and learning I’d be tickled to have a toaster because I don’t own one.  Her sharing her tales of finding these items cracked me up and made it even more precious to me to have a 2 slice toaster on my counter this morning while I munched peanut butter on toast!  Believe me, I am delighted in life with the little things.

1485003_567105990041596_630222255_nIn my quest for the perfect gifts, I bought my honey something I heard him lament not having the money to purchase on several occasions, drum lessons.  He plays well, having both an electric and acoustic set, but he wants to play better.  So, I tucked that into a file drawer in my brain months ago as the perfect idea for Christmas.  Took some mental rummaging as this 50 year old brain has a bit of a messy system up in the old noggin, but I found it and bought them.  But how do you wrap a gift certificate for  man who loves to joke around?  Why in a Snuggie box of course!  See, he has said it a few times he will NEVER own a Snuggie.  Me, I’m a 3x over, card carrying member of that cult so I find it hilarious that he feels this way.  While shopping I came across a prank gift box.  It was too priceless NOT to purchase and use to wrap the certificate in.  I stuffed it full of balled up tissue paper to give it some weight, but the box, oh it is a priceless one.  A family size one, large enough to cover an SUV it says.  The family size Blankeez that is so wide it covers 2 sofas!  Yes that was it!  The look on his face will no doubt have been worth the few bucks to purchase this prank box.

We will head over to my mom’s with the rest of the family later today.  I look forward to this as I have this past year realized my parents won’t be around forever.  Of course I ‘know’ this but it is settling in as I see dad in a nursing home and mom undergoing chemo for the next 5.5 months, and how hard this first few weeks have been on her.  The part I love about Christmas is not all the gifts, but the people.  I love being around my crazy family so much!  Each quirky, unique soul is deeply loved and treasured by me, and any time we spend together is fantastic to me.  I have great memories of childhood with them, and so many more that were made over the years.

Yes, I really do have a wonderfully happy and blessed life.  You cannot buy what I have in a store, there is no return policy or store credit for any of it, and I’d never change a single minute.  The good, the not so good, the joy and pain, it is all part of what makes up this marvelous life I’ve been given.

2014 is so full of surprises and fun, I cannot wait!

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Snow Day Coffee Musings

Coffee cup with steam“Snow is a great equalizer. It softens rough edges, hides ugly imperfections under its pristine cloak, quiets the harshness of sound. Traveling in it gives us all the same struggle (& a little sense of adventure) as we forge our way. That’s why I love the snow!” ~ Mary Herling Manifold

When I saw that this morning I loved it and asked Mary if I could quote her today in my blog post.  She is one of my many cousins on my dad’s side that I grew up with playing under grandma and grandpa’s dining room table while the adults sat around it telling stories we all remember well to this day.  Some very fond memories from that time.  I’m so thankful for Facebook as it has kept us all in touch when our family yahoo group turned in to a political soap box.

It is snowing this morning again, looks like we might have picked up another inch or  two.  Fresh covering over all of the foot prints and sled tracks on the hill in back, and the trees are all covered again.  So beautiful to sit in here and look at with my coffee in hand, Christmas trees all lit up and music playing.  I love working from home, I get so much more done this way.  Doesn’t hurt that I love my home!

Yesterday I made a decision that I have been pondering for several weeks.  In November of 2010, I had started another blog page for my faith, This Broken Angel – A Prodigal Daughter’s Return To Her Faith.  It isn’t that my faith isn’t woven into my life, or that I am in some way ashamed and want to hide it.  But not everyone believes as I do, or wants to read about that.  It can get kind of deep and The Musings Of Marvelous Martha is not faith focused, it’s about the crazy life I am living and not sure this makes any sense but the two are linked.  Sometimes I will reblog a post from there to this page but if you are at all interested you can skip on over there and follow it too.  Oops, hijacked myself.  The decision was if I was going to brush the dust off of that page and keep it, actually posting to it, or just let it go.  I decided that it will help me to stay focused daily on my walk so it is all cleaned up with a new look and I’m posting on it again.  Even bought the URL as when you invest money in something you tend to apply more effort.  🙂  And when you invest your time, you tend to put more time and effort into the task, it all feeds off itself and grows.

I just noticed I have 57 emails in my direct sales inbox for my 3 direct sales businesses.  I swear they mate and multiply over night sometimes.  Oh well no big deal. I will get to them later today.

You know what I love? This sounds nutty, but the smell of the carpets being cleaned!  Right now mine are being cleaned as I sit here.  If you are in the greater Cincinnati area, I recommend Blue Sky Carpet Cleaning.  They do residential and commercial and they rock!  6 rooms and a hallway for $99 right now.  You can’t beat that and who doesn’t want nice looking rugs for the holidays?  🙂  Not sure what the deodorizer is they use but it smells great.  With 3 cats and a dog, I may do this every 4-6 months.  They are a small, local business, 859-307-5690.  Support small, local businesses!!!

Hmm…my coffee cup is empty, time for a new pot of coffee.  And then back to work as soon as the carpet cleaners are finished. (I’m now standing at the kitchen counter with my laptop working and watching my carpets look AMAZING.  🙂

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10 Ways To Fake It As A Domestic Diva

what NOT to wear!!!!
what NOT to wear!!!!

Domestic Diva I am not.  Nor a Domestic Goddess for that matter, but with enough good skin care products and quality cosmetics I can get in the running.  But when it comes to being domestic, I have to put up a good front.  If you are like me, you will never have your own TV show or magazine full of amazing crafts, home decor ideas, or even a recipe column in the local newspaper.  But you can pull off looking like you have a clue even if you aren’t the June Cleaver type.  The photo here is NOT what you are aiming for so if this is your domestic look, we have work to do!

1.  Just Bake Brownies

Brownies are the way to go if you know better than to attempt anything fancy for bake sales or the next scout troop meeting.  Hit the baking aisle at the store and pick up a box of nice, fudge brownies.  For those serious non-domestic types, like me, don’t forget to buy a pan for baking them.  Seems that helps, but who knew?  Get the non-stick variety, I use a 9×9, and even if it says non-stick I still spray the bottom with cooking spray.  No, not the big, well known brand named after some chick, I use the bargain brand with the store name on it because it works just as good.  Set a timer, it helps if you don’t burn them. Once cooled, you can stand out like a serious home-room mom by icing them and using M&Ms, mini peanut butter cups, or crushed nuts to decorate the top.

Everyone loves brownies and you just scored big with the kiddos.  I stick plain old brownies in the bowl and top ice cream and it’s dessert fit for a king.

2.  Pinterest

Seriously I have found some of the best, easiest recipes ever on Pinterest.  Just this morning I totally wow’d the Jr. Prince and Jr. Princess with breakfast that I found there.  A soft taco shell, spread with peanut butter, drizzled with honey and a banana rolled up inside.  They think this is the most wonderful breakfast burrito ever.  Use chocolate and skip the honey and you have a snack burrito that is healthy.  I have a number of yummy dinners I found on there that are delicious and simple.  Get a Pinterest account and use it.

3.  Multi-task the laundry

Yes..whenever there is a full load of any kind, put it in the washer!  I do laundry when getting ready for work some days, or while cooking dinner.  If there is a full load it gets washed now.  I fold it as soon as the dryer is done and put it away immediately.  This keeps me ahead of the game and not having a ‘laundry day’ means no one has to search for clean underwear or turn a pair inside out and wear them a second day.  And when your hamper isn’t full it makes you look like you are on top of the game.  Gone are the days of assigning a particular day to do anything, just get it done while other things are getting done.  A true domestic diva always has clean dish towels in her kitchen.  Don’t believe the wench, she is doing this too, she does not have a particular laundry day!

4.  Dust on the go!

Seriously is there anything more annoying than how fast dust accumulates?  And that alone makes a house appear dirty.  I do not set a specific time for that either.  On the way to the hamper with the dish towels etc, I grab an old washcloth out of the drawer and dust the wood work on the way up and down the steps.  I know, it’s brilliant!  Headed to open the blinds in a room, take that dust rag (come on, it isn’t a cloth, and it’s an old rag and let’s just call it what it is) and hit everything you pass.  Keeps your home looking freshly dusted.  Heck use the t-shirt your honey or son took off and left on the floor to do that particular room before landing it in the hamper.  Concern yourself NOT with the germs you may leave behind, no one is going to lick the top of the dresser or night stand!

5.  Use those commercials!

We all have our favorite shows we cannot miss.  Next time you are getting ready to sit down to your favorite show, invite the vacuum cleaner to the party, and a laundry basket.  During the commercials load that basket with whatever is laying around that doesn’t belong there, and run the vacuum.  ONLY during the commercials though.  Once things are swept and the basket is loaded, next commercial race the break in programming to get those items put in their proper place!  Think of it is as a mini, on the go workout as your fly through the house.  By the time the favorite show is done you’ve cleaned that room.  Bravo! No one will ever know you didn’t spend all day cleaning.

6.  You too can be a professional Dumpster Diver!

Seriously, do not go spend a bundle on furnishings when your neighbors are tossing perfectly good stuff.  Just remember, if you are swiping things from too close to home you might want to do it after dark.  Drive around on trash night to other neighborhoods and look for things that can be upcycled.  That means reused in better ways.  But first, have a vision.  Back to Pinterest sisters!  Search for cute rooms and print pictures.  NOW you are ready.  Hit the streets and look for things, or go to garage sales, the fodder there is amazing.  If all else fails the local thrift/goodwill store works too.  I know a woman who decorated her entire home in a Mexican theme from going to garage and resale shops.  It was beautiful and cost her so little to achieve a home Martha Stewart would be proud of!  Paint the room, that is the most expensive part.  Then get those items you find and add as you buy.  In no time you have redecorated on a tiny budget but it looks fantastic.  Carpets need replacing? Find area rugs that work with your theme or design.  Remember, there are groups online, on Facebook, where folks are swapping, selling cheap or free-cycling (giving to a good home), find those.  If the piece is a bit rough on the finish, put a nice lace napkin on top on an angle and dollar store vase and it looks great!  If that nosy neighbor up the street notices the table in the front hall looks so much like one she tossed, say you got it at an upscale antique store and just couldn’t pass it up as it is all the latest trend in decorating magazines.  She’ll be jealous. Never admit the truth.

7.  Get a ‘look’!

We all have days when we over sleep, or time gets away from us, or we are just to lazy to rise and shine.  On those days have a go-too look so you appear all put together and amazing.  I do this for work, because frankly they don’t need me to look like a goddess, but I cannot scare off vendors or delivery folks either.  Start with a simple, easy to achieve style.  If you have long hair you are fortunate that you can pull it back, twist it up, braid and go.  If you don’t have long hair, go short, with a cute style that is meant to look a tad messy.  I go for short myself, it drys fast, and a splot of hair paste to work it quickly into a spiky, soccer mom doo and hair is done.  Makeup is simple, always moisturize, then go for mineral powder! It looks awesome and brushes on fast.  Use your blush brush to apply eyes and cheeks quickly (I will do a video on this soon),  top it with a bit of mascara and you look fresh and awesome.  Who cares if it only took 5 minutes?  If you don’t have time to do your hair, get a sporty looking baseball hat and stylish but cheap sunglasses.  As long as it looks like this is your hat and not your son’s, it appears an intentional fashion choice.

8.  Fake nails

Who the heck has time to paint their nails these days unless they sit home while their hubby works 2 jobs to keep food on the table and the house out of foreclosure?  Seriously, go spend the money on fake nails.  Most of these cute little places will do a set for under $30 and fill them for less than $20.  It’s worth it, go every 3 weeks.  If you put nothing else for YOU in the budget, do nails.  Skip color it will chip and you look crappy again, so just nice, French Manicure.   They look clean, classy and gives you the ‘look’ of a woman with her act together.  Remember this is all about fake it til you make it.  Sell your plasma if you have too but get those nails!  Oh and then don’t forget to be careful when cleaning, use gloves etc.  I prefer gel nails as they stay looking amazing between fills.

9.  Home Made

Just because Aunt Bea had time to make cookies doesn’t mean we do.  All these cool appliances in our kitchens have not made life any simpler.  Screw the home made dough, you don’t have the time and the pre-made has the same stuff in it that you would be dumping in the mixing bowl.  Grab a few rolls and hide them behind something healthy in the fridge so no one sees them.  Then, when no one is near, set the stage.  Get out the mixing bowl and spoon, leave on the counter with a dish towel and turn on the faucet so the sink looks used.  Now it appears you just washed those, by hand even. You go girl!  Now get out that dough and get a tray of cookies in the oven baking.  If anyone is heard approaching you quickly grab the towel and dry off the mixing bowl.  They are in awe of you having quickly whipped up those cookies.  The house smells awesome and there are fresh baked goodies for the kids to munch on.  You just scored big and didn’t have to bust your butt, Nestle or Pillsbury did it for you.  If it smells home made, it is. After all you made them at home, right?  Do this when their friends are over so they go home bragging that “Tommy’s mom made us fresh baked cookies for a snack” and you are now the envy of the neighborhood.

10.  Cute Clothes

You just need one or two super adorable outfits.  Jeans a nice hoodie for cooler weather, or a cute shirt for warmer weather.  One pair of never wear them unless you need too look like a million tennis shoes or sandals and you are set.  Keep those for only trips to the store or to pick up the kids from sport practice.  Or maybe to be home room mom or anywhere you know you will be bumping into those real domestic freaks.  Then you look like you too have it together.  Go on, brag about busting your butt all day to make dinner, fresh baked cookies etc, and all while you actually work outside the home.  Everyone thinks  you are the bomb and no one knows you are cutting corners.

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Friday Confessional


It is FRIDAY baby!

And I am so thankful, as this was a busy, annoying week!

Confession is good for the soul, so link up and get it all off your chest with us by clicking the icon above!

I confess…

I am not myself today.  No idea who I am but feel totally out of sync with myself.  Weirdness.

I confess…

I have some decisions to make and just not positive which way to go.  Time for prayer and waiting, as usually I find the writing is right there, on the wall, in bold print, if I just relax, meditate on the Word of God, and open up to what I already know in my heart.

I confess…

I really wanted to go with the Knight to the football game (his eldest plays in the band) but I just am not up to it.  I’m exhausted, the allergies have been hell this week, and I just want my jammies and a glass of wine and my blankie.  Oh and of course books, lots of them, probably a dozen on the Kindle that I need and want to read at the moment.

I confess…

Tea sounds delightful too, only something that won’t make me sleepy.  ::Thinking:: cinnamon apple spice. Yep that would do it.  SIGH…means I need make a stop at the store though.  Even BIGGER SIGH.  Sticking to Chamomile, the dog was with me and she had a huge fit when I went in to buy oil for the car without her.  A trip to the grocery store and she might have had a stroke.

I confess…

I was very happy that Charlie Hunnam got cast as Christian Grey for the movie based on the book, Fifty Shades of Grey, as he is one of my favorite actors.  Makes me want to re-read the books again!

I confess…

I need to go home, chill and rest up.  I have a fantastic workshop to attend tomorrow and need to be as close to 100% ME again by 9am tomorrow.

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An i-WHAT????

Let me first state that I would by no means ever be up for the Mother Of The Year award.  I was far from the perfect mom.  Believe me, I tried to be a good one, but I did fall short.  Hopefully my kids forgive areas where I came up short in parenting skills.  I tried to make up for it in love.

I am not an expert in how to raise them or teach them.  I don’t even put much stock in the advise by the so-called experts.  And as for the whole “it takes a village to raise a child”  I am so unimpressed with what the village has put out that I wouldn’t let them dog sit!

One thing I do know is that we’ve raised a generation of kids who think they must be continuously entertained, and the current bottle feeders are only going to be worse.  10 year olds with smart phones, tablets, iPads, video games and most cannot count as high as the number of TV channels available to them each day.  Parents and kids out to dinner, each child with their own DVD player or tablet, zero interaction with mom and dad.  It is sad to me, as when I was growing up we had family time over our meals.  We all talked to mom and dad and each other.  It was a time of sharing, laughter and a wealth of memories were made.  More and more kids today are being raised by technology.

ipotty-boxYou can imagine, then, my reaction to seeing this little wonder.  REALLY????  Johnny and Susie cannot be potty trained without a damn iPad in front of them?  That is NOT potty training!  You aren’t teaching them to recognize the signs that their body needs to eliminate waste product.  This is a crap shoot! (no pun intended)  They spend a while sitting there playing Angry Birds or Bejeweled and then what, get an ice cream cone if they get up and there happens to be something in the potty?  Distract them from the task at hand by playing games on your iPad while they get hemorrhoids from sitting on the crapper for extended periods of time.  Gee, why don’t we come up with a little side table and junior can sit, shit and eat all from one dandy little spot!

shaking my head

iPotty? I think NOT!

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Friday Confessional



This means it is time to sashay on over to the confessional and spill it all!

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I confess…

I think my poor little Yorkie, Penny, thinks she is being prepped to be served as a delicacy in some 3rd world country where puppy is the meat of choice.  She seems to have mange.  I’ve looked into home remedies as I’m too busy and cheap to take her to the vet.  One of the things I found suggests cooking oil on the skin where it is itching.  So, I am using a q-tip to apply it to the various patches where she is scratching so hard she has broken open the skin.  Oddly enough, it works.  But I am pretty certain she fears she is headed for a BBQ pit.

I confess…

I lost a pound but I’ll be darned if I know how or where!  I added dessert into the routine the past 2 days and a bunch of fruit.  Not sure if that did it or not.  It certainly isn’t the lack of water I’m sucking down.  I need to get back to 64 ounces a day and watching what I am eating.

I confess…

I am LOVING having a washer & dryer at home.  My wonderful Knight hooked us up with them last weekend.  While I made many trips throughout the evening from the basement to the second floor putting things way as each load finished, I loved being able to wash everything at home.  And I might have just figured out where that pound went. Hmm…

I confess…

My middle name of late could be “Multi-tasking”.  Typically I have 3 things going on at once at work.  But at home during the evening last night I was cooking dinner, doing laundry, listening to a webinar and getting Avon brochures ready.  I was rocking it!  It was that way in the morning too, just not quite as many tasks.  I had laundry going while getting ready for work.  Yep, lots of steps, forget the mystery missing tonnage, call off the search party, I found it.

I confess…

I really need to take time to keep my blog updated.  I’ve been so busy scheduling my Facebook fan page posts in advance that I haven’t gotten to my blog as much.  I could use about 24 more ME hours in a day.


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Palace Pot Luck

The Palace is a happening place to be today!  SO much going on and accomplished before noon, I deserve an award of some kind.

Coffee was first and foremost, no caffeine = NO activity in my brain.

I cleaned out my email for my businesses, way too much spam had accumulated there.  Now there are a few dozen informative items to be read, listened too or filed but that will come later.

Showered and then gave the 8yo her bath.  She doesn’t really need much help except with washing her hair and getting a comb through Mount Tangle-Fest that invades her cute scalp over night.  She is ready to go cheer for her school football game, soon as the cheer leading uniform is on.

11yo showered then both kiddos fed breakfast.

1 large crock pot full of chili is on low in the kitchen for dinner.  My recipe.  VERY tasty and yes I will post it below with a photo of our dinner.

Cantaloupe cut and in a bowl, green grapes the size of a VW Bug washed and added, so now there is a mega bowl of fresh fruit to be snacked on.

Doggie got her bath, now she no longer smells icky.

Dishes done (can’t put everything in the dishwasher).

Dishwasher unloaded and put away.

Not too shabby a morning so far!  Now awaiting the new washer & dryer to be delivered.

Okay here is the recipe. It rocks, and is simple and you can use it for a base for something more elaborate if you wish.  This is meaty, and a tad sweet but not spicy hot.


This can simmer for a few hours on the stove or put it in the crock pot.

3 lbs ground beef (or chuck/sirloin, whatever you prefer)

1 package of beefy onion soup mix (Lipton or store brand works great)

1/2 package frozen onion (I buy the 12 ounce bag and use half)

3 cans seasoned black beans

3 cans diced tomatoes (I use the chili seasoned ones)

1 package of chili powder (I use Buena Vida)

Brown the meat then add the onions, chili powder and soup mix.  Allow to cook together for a few minutes.  Then add the rest of the ingredients and simmer for a few hours or cook on low in your crock pot and come home to a nice, tasty chili.

Best part is that kids love this too as it isn’t spicy.


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Monday Quiz About Me

Acting Balanced

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me – hosted by Acting Balanced and Touristic.

Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered! Grab the badge on either of their pages for your post if you like and link up for the MQAM.

Here are the Questions:

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

2. Do you get embarrassed easily?

3. What makes you cringe?

4. July 29th is National Lasagna day… are you celebrating?  What kind of lasagna do you prefer?

My answers:

1. What is your favorite pair of shoes?

Wow, my gym shoes I guess.  I recently purchased a great pair from Avon that slip on.  I love them.  My next pair will be a pair I found from Skechers that I HAVE to have because they are cute, comfy and of course they have pink on them.

3d31045e4b3e0768254893bcd1b7c7cf (1)

2. Do you get embarrassed easily?

Na, not really.  I used to be very hard to make blush, but not embarrass.  I was pretty jaded a number of years back so you would have work rather hard to make me blush.  Now, I’ve softened and while not embarrassed I do blush pretty easily.

3. What makes you cringe?

Hmmm…may have to get back to you on that.  Nothing coming to mind at the moment.

4. July 29th is National Lasagna day… are you celebrating?  What kind of lasagna do you prefer?

That would be a big ‘NO’.  He is making chicken of some kind tonight for dinner.  He is a good cook so when the opportunity is there for him to do so, I love it.  Not that I’m a bad cook but he just is better.  For now, I plan to look into cooking classes with my sister-in-law, I am growing to actually enjoy preparing food, something I hated for years.


5.  Do you enjoy getting time at home, alone, no kids or significant other, for a stretch of time? And if so, what do you like to do during that “me” time?

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Friday Confessional On Saturday

AHH Friday.  Except it is Saturday.  But I have to confess and I didn’t have time yesterday!

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I confess…

While I swear I am NOT whining about the weather, as hot is far better than cold, it IS taking it’s toll on me to drive 28 miles one way on the highway without A/C in my car.  Yes I drink plenty of water when I am working but still the heat was too much as we were under extreme heat warnings all week.  😦

I confess…

It was likely being dehydrated that caused the fairly strong migraine I woke up with Friday, which kept me home in bed until almost noon.  I am thankful for my 31 Oil that I used on my neck and temples, then put on a tissue to lay by my face on the pillow to inhale the healing aroma.  I am so sold on aromatherapy I cannot get enough.  OH and yes that kicked the headache for the most part.  Some residual ache when I woke but nothing like I usually have and I didn’t have to take medications!  WOOHOO!

I confess…

I have tried my 5th Pinterest recipe for dinner and OMG it was SO good.  Hawaiian chicken in the crock pot.  Yes I will provide the link:  –> HERE <– you will love this it is SO simple and SO yummy.

I confess…

After making 5 different recipes from Pinterest, and cooking some of my own ideas, I am beginning LIKE cooking! *gasp*  I know, I know…who would have guessed that I had a domestic goddess gene after all?  Guess she hides behind the lounger of my inner Diva.  She has been surprising me a lot of late.

I confess…

I kept it under wraps from the kids to test it out, but I burned Orange Essential Oil in my burner all day yesterday.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Knight’s kids, but any parent knows that an 11yo boy and 8yo girl are going to bicker.  It is much easier for me to play ‘parent’ at 50, now that I have been “mom” to a step daughter, 2 kids of my own, and 4 foster kids.  Age is a big factor too.  The Marvelous one has her limits though, and on the back side of a migraine is not a good time for me to be referee for kiddie squabbles.  But the oil did exactly as claimed, kept harmony in the household.  No bickering at all, they were angels ALL day.  I was shocked and amazed.  I can tell today that I’m not using Orange, as the bickering was back.  NOTE TO SELF: Orange Oil + kids = peace and harmony!

I confess…

I decided in the interest of keeping the peace and encouraging reading, which I think is vital, I would create the reading rule.  Every day the kids are here, they must read for 30 minutes.  It promotes quiet, but also gets them in a book and reading.  They did it and liked it!!! Imagine that.

I confess…

I’ve been sneaking healthy foods into everyone.  “Can I have a snack?”   Right after correcting that to “MAY” I have a snack, “Why certainly, a banana or apple, grapes or melon, have at it!”  My sister-in-law, who is my inspiration,  created a snack fridge out of a dorm size one she found.  Anything in there is permitted to be eaten at snack time when someone is hungry.  Everything in the fridge is healthy.  Veggies, fruits, string cheese, yogurt, and  other assorted good-for-you munchies.  I loved the concept so I am hunting down a similar fridge, or will give up one drawer in the kitchen refrigerator to make a healthy assortment of “yes you may” snacks.  This way there is no more “what can I have”. They know the answer to that question already.

I confess…

I am going to post a “shoe lust” post too. LOVE some of the ones I stumbled on this week.

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Wine & Cheese ~ 69th (gasp) Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 69th serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦  I have got to find a way to help Kentucky drivers realize that it is perfectly acceptable to do the speed limit.  I don’t mean exceeding the limit and speeding, I mean getting the vehicle up to that limit, achieve that which is posted!  10 mph under is just flat out uncalled for, really! Come on, give it a try, it’s liberating!

😦  I had the non-bucket list experience of being on the ferry during a severe thunderstorm.  I could see the sky was turning very dark grey, nearly black, as the storm was moving in, but I really did think that I’d be on the other side of the river in the blue grass state when it hit.  I was off just a bit in my estimation,  it hit just after the ferry had pulled away from the shore and was on it’s way.  Windy, the rain was coming down so hard you could barely see from one end of the ferry to the other (it only holds 3 rows of about 6 cars each to give you a feel for it’s size).  It rocked quite a bit too.  Being one that gets motion sick, this is not a real treat, especially combined with fear of water I cannot see the bottom.  I was pretty sure we were all going to die.  Obviously I was wrong.

😦  I often say in winter that I am NOT going to complain about the weather in summer, as there is nothing I hate like being cold.  But humidity is another issue.  I really do not mind high, hot temperatures one bit, but humidity so thick that you feel like you are walking through warm pudding sucks!  I am not happy.

😦  I am so tired of this hot flash crap that goes with menopause.  I swear my core body temperature is comparable to that of the surface of the sun.  The boyfriend found that highly amusing when I said it.  I did not find it amusing when he had set the A/C up higher one day.  70 degrees, my adorable Knight, no higher.  Even that is pushing it.


🙂  Every morning I get a sweet, sometimes funny, but full of love text from my Knight.  I lock them so they don’t get deleted and want to figure out how to save them to my computer.  I just love them.

🙂  Got my hair cut yesterday.  Not sure why, but that always makes me feel good!

🙂  Farts – they are funny!  Sure, they can be smelly, and even deadly.  The Knight claims to fart tulips.  Personally, I fart fairy dust, fun fairy dust.  The ex-hub used to discipline our kids if they broke wind around folks – do it in the bathroom or your bedroom.  Okay I’m big on being polite if you have to fart, walk away and let it go, then stand there a few so you don’t drag it back into the fold with you.  If you are in the store, with someone, be kind and send them away if you plan to crop dust the aisle.  Farting is funny but please, use some courtesy.  I am beginning to think my ex husband is such an uptight crab because he doesn’t blast one off more often and manage to find the humor in it.  A rather involved discussion of farting had me laughing so hard my sides hurt last night, thanks to some high fiber energy bars I purchased at the grocery store, and then dinner at Buffalo Wings.  I made the mistake of asking why the Knight’s meal was call The Triple Threat.  Seems it is a triple threat to one’s digestive pressure release valve.  The jokes continued and kept me up later than I wanted to be awake.  But laughter keeps us healthy!  The act of farting itself was NOT a part of the discussion.  I’m still laughing this  morning.


If you think otherwise, maybe you need to loosen up and let one rip.