last chanceI know, my wonderful readers, I’ve neglected my page. I’ve been busy busy busy, but I will update you all soon!!

Meanwhile, I’ve been working one of my many direct sales businesses, Jewelry In Candles, and LOVING it.  I signed up FREE.  NO minimums on sales, so it’s even better.  30% commissions were something I wasn’t passing up.  And I started building a team.

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Weird & Wonderful – Tuesday Coffee Chat



The Weird:

What is with dogs?  I take the Yorkie out to do her business and as long as she is just peeing it isn’t too difficult, she finds a spot without even bothering to sniff for the most part.  But OH if she needs to drop a little brown bomb, look out.  She will walk a path in about a 2 to 3 square foot area, the same path, over and over and over again.  Soon as she gets to the end of the little design she walked, she does it again.  Some times she will reverse like a toy that has bumped into the wall, and go back over her exact steps, then reverse and do it all again.  Same path.  After several minutes of this, with me coaching her to “focus damn it mommy has to go too”, she finally walks about 2 feet outside of that area, in a straight line, and poops.  It’s as if she was drawing some kind of picture and then walked to the unused corner of the virtual canvas and signed her name with a turd.  I just do NOT understand it.  I have found multiple reasons for dogs doing this online but none stands out as the true answer other than to annoy an owner at 5am who is themselves doing a potty dance in the front yard.  However it is highly discouraged that I squat and go or the neighbors may get upset.  WEIRD!!!!

Speaking of dogs.  I had to leave the Yorkie at home today.  The boss brings his dog to work and she has fleas.  My puppy was fine after being fed and taken outside, then put back in her crate…until she heard me pick up my keys and stuff to leave.  Suddenly she started to whimper and made me feel bad.  It was like dropping my son at daycare or the baby sitter all over again 27 years ago!  I got all weepy too!  WEIRD!!!!

I love a good glass of wine or 3 now and then.  For quite awhile after moving into the Palace with the Knight I didn’t drink.  He doesn’t drink so there were no wine glasses in the house, and I just really didn’t feel much need to have a glass of wine.  I won’t argue as to anyone ever really needing a glass, as believe me in the interest of keeping the body count down I can justify, once in a while, needing  a glass of wine (or 3).  One night a few weeks back I decided I needed wanted a glass so I stopped and picked up a bottle of white zin.  Then I headed on over to Dollar Tree for a nice glass.  I bought the biggest one they had, for only $1.  While I have had wine it in, I’ve noted that even putting in sparking, fruit infused water to sip, seems to have a calming effect.  Same can be said for a diet soda.  It makes me wonder, if it isn’t just the glass?  The shape, the way it feels in my hand..kinda brings out the diva side of me, all sophistication and elegance, total class.  That side of me that will go off to the bathroom, shut the door, and quietly fart all lady-like rather than let it rip nice and loud while watching football.  WEIRD!!!!

The Wonderful:

Yep…you guessed it.  My Knight.  My man is just amazing and I cannot imagine life without him now that I’ve had life with him.  WONDERFUL!!!

1368638_520993701319492_1728425436_nMy wonderful man conceded (without batting an eye) to me bringing home a new kitten.  Originally my thought was til we found a forever home, but the kids and I wanted to keep her.  I actually wanted her from the first time I saw a picture of this adorable, black kitten that appears to have some Persian in her as her fur is long.  She has milk chocolate-colored eyes and is a rescue case.  She was found around a Skyline restaurant so my cousin dubbed her “Skylar”.  She had fleas and tape worm, but has a clean bill of health now from the vet.  She is 3-4 months old and 3 pounds of boundless energy!  The Knight’s mama sent me some great info about how to introduce her into the critterdome at home, so she wouldn’t be scared.  Well it didn’t last long and we had her out.  Pixel and Ditzy checked her out and hissed loudly at her, unimpressed with her cuteness.  Penny, the Yorkie, seems to like her, they rub noses and Penny wags her tail, and Skylar likes to hang near her.  If Penny is in her crate, Skylar lays next to it until we let the dog out.    The big cats, just keep hissing.  I was concerned at first, but seems my kitten is not at all afraid.  If they hiss at her, she bolts and chases after them.  She will chase them all over the house!  If they are laying there and she walks by, she will stop, reach out and touch their tail with her paw.  They turn, hiss and she lunges and they run.  Then she struts around and you can just tell she knows she just won!   It’s a riot.  She is a little bad ass!  WONDERFUL!!!!

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Friday Confessional

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg


It is F-R-I-D-A-Y baby!!!!

Confession, it is said, is good for the soul, so let’s get started!

I confess…

I am just about dancing on the ceiling!  Okay so I know it is likely water weight but when the numbers on the scale begin to DECREASE I get happy and very very motivated.  3 pounds down this morning and that is making all this water (I could seriously row to work) worth it.  And giving up my wine for flavored water, and measuring everything that is going into my mouth.  Next step is to add in walking.  I WILL beat my mom, sister, and sis-in-law in Biggest Loser score.

I confess…

Tonight it will be hard to be good.  Train ride, dinner, all with a dear friend and my kids and their SO’s.  But I WILL make an effort.  It is the start of ‘pre-partying’ or ‘tailgating’ for my 50th next Friday.  By good I do mean watching what I eat and drink.  I mean it, I have every intention of being very careful.  And grandma used to say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I’m screwed.

I confess…

That wine glass from yesterday’s post?  I should have stayed off of that website.  SO many amazing ones to chose from.

I confess…

When I was out with my friend last Saturday, the topic of Internet dating came up as that is how we originally met.  I got to strolling down memory lane, wondering what fodder was there for my novels in the making.  I have to say that it was fun, meeting so many men and enjoying conversation.  But there were a few horror stories in there as well.  It could make for a great book in and of itself if not a few chapters.  So, for shits and giggles, I checked to see if my profiles were still there, and they were inactive but accessible, so I activated them.  Holy Mother Of Freak Parades, into my mailbox came the full blown marching band.  Thankfully I’m able, due to past experiences, to weed through the clowns and ring masters to find the truly REAL and nice guys on these sites.  They are few and far between.  NO I am not looking to date, was just curious, and yes I know all about the cat and curiosity.

I confess…

I am about to go devour a wonderful salad with tuna and fresh avocado on it.  Avocado is a new thing for me, and while I’m still acquiring a taste for it, I’ll admit it ain’t bad!



I’m too gullible.

I give people the benefit of the doubt.

I forgive and let people hurt me again.

I believe people even when I see red flags and holes in the story.

I just want to believe the best about everyone.

I get hurt.

I get my heart broken.


I got to dream for just a while.

I got to enjoy some attention.

I got to believe sweet things about myself.

Some day maybe…

I will accept that if it sounds too good to be true, it very likely is.

Day 4 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

A warm, comfortable bed, that is what I’m thankful for today.

Some mornings the hardest task of the day is crawling out from the soft, warm blankets.  I sleep like a brick in it, it is so comfy, cozy, and warm on chilly mornings.  I know there are many around the world who are fortunate to sleep at all, and then it is on hard, cold surfaces, or in ditches fighting wars.  Some would not know such joy as to have a warm blanket let alone soft cotton sheets and a thick, cozy comforter.

I am very aware of the blessing of small simple things, and my bed is one of those seemingly simple pleasures for which I give much thanks!

#33 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



If you are male, there are possibly a grand total of 3 products in the shower: shampoo, soap/body wash, shaving gel/cream.

If you are female…the number is infinite at best!

Because we are in a different mood every morning, and our mood dictates the scent we want to wear, there are countless possibilities for body wash.

We have different shampoo for different reasons as well.

Male or female…if single, the shower is YOUR domain, as much or as few products as you please will grace your tub and shelves.

And it is always just as you like it, NO complaints!

NO this is not our bathroom. It is from Ugly House Photos, click photo to go there!

#27 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!

Toilet Seat


One nice thing about being single, male or female:

The toilet seat is always just as you left it!

Leave it up, it stays put.

Leave it down, and there it will be next time you use the bathroom.

Personally, I prefer to keep the lid closed, keeps cats from drinking from it and from knocking things IN to the commode.

#20 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!




It’s a choice you can make  if you are single.

No need to bother with it.

Spend the entire weekend without one if you can stand yourself that long.

Totally awesome shower curtain, click the photo if you want to purchase it or see other cool ones!

Where It All Happens

I saw a post thread recently about what your blogging space looks like.  I thought it was a cool idea, and even more so when I was able to capture my room in a panoramic photo with my phone!  So I have one of those and then other shots that are  just regular.

Most of my blogging is done right here, in my bedroom.  It is essentially my nest, my very own spot in the world.  I chose the color, bedding, everything.  I love my room!  I purposely have the desk by the window so I can watch the seasons change and things going on outside or sit in the breeze when writing.  I found the bedding while shopping online before we ever moved in.  I waited until we knew we had the house, then started looking for something I liked to make my  room a haven for me.  Once I had the bedding and curtains I picked the color of the walls.  I knew anything would go with the black and white so that was a good choice.

I moved furniture around a number of times before I settled on the way it is now.  I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted until I got it this way.  Then I finished decorating by hanging things on the walls.  I love the finished product.  It isn’t Better Homes & Gardens, and sure won’t win any awards, but it is MINE. 🙂


Monday Memos ~ Lazy Day Edition

Okay so yes it is Labor Day, but I’m having a lazy day, so it’s my lazy day edition.  Lazy because I have NOTHING at all to do.  No kids to watch, no where to go, been there, done that, have the day OFF.  Sadly that means off from The Count too, as he has to work.  Ripping out and tiling a bathroom doesn’t sound like the way to spend a holiday to me but the money is too good to pass up.

Dear Self,

Okay sweetheart, off the pity party bus.  I have been having myself a bit of a pity fest over the lack of time I get with my kids,  and the amount of time their dad, daddy’s girlfriend and others that frequent the marital residence and pool/hot tub get to spend with my babies.  Seeds of bitterness that  land on the soil of my heart are usually quickly eaten up by birds of positive thoughts.  I guess it was my ‘blue’ day of PMS, but I let it get to me yesterday and the day before a bit, causing some of those seeds to take root and become seedlings with the potential to be seriously rooted weeds that would be no good to anyone.  A few tears and a pep talk from The Count and I grabbed a virtual garden tool and yanked those growths by the roots.  Not prudent to allow that.  After all, if hate starts growing that is free rent space in my heart and mind granted to the former prince who deserves no space, even at outrageous prices, right?



~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Cats,

The food in all of the food bowls is exactly the same.  Poured from the same bag into the bin, then scooped from said bin into each food bowl.  It most certainly is NOT different nor does it taste better from the oval bowl than it does from the round one.  When the oval one is empty, eat out of the other bowl!  Do not lay in the upstairs hallway carrying on like you are dying until we fill the pink bowl.  Get a grip on yourself, especially you, Noel.  The 3 of you are worse than a bunch of children!


The Staff

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Self,

Never again ruin a cup of perfectly wonderful coffee by putting creamer in it.  GROSS, GAG, PUKE!  Stick to black, it is far better that way.



~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Schleprock,

Look neighbor, this is the 4th time in 7 days that you are cutting your grass.  The yard is huge and you own a riding mower, yet you use that old push version.  All of the neighbors are onto you, this is a way to avoid being stuck in the house talking to the wife, isn’t it?  Trust me sweetie, if we all figured it out, she has too.  No  one’s grass grows this fast.  You are not fooling anyone when you shovel .5 inches  of snow over and over, same reason we get it.

Whatever you finally used to make your shutters stay attached to the house, seems to be working.  But we did find it very entertaining to watch one fall off in every storm and you out there angrily tossing it into the garage, along with the down spout that fell off the roof onto the wife’s car.  Sorry we so easily amused at your antics and bad luck at upkeep on the homestead,  but we simply cannot help it.

The Diva Den

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Dear Count,

Thanks SO much for another fantastic weekend.  You rock my world and I am enjoying this relationship so very much. Watching it unfold at it’s own pace and relaxing and soaking in your attention and affection has been nothing short of amazing.  The way you look at me gives me butterflies and turns me inside out.   Be careful and gentle with my heart, it is a fragile thing but I entrust it to your care.

I am having so much fun and have such sweet memories in simple things like the festival and bingo with corn, being hand fed french fries in the rain, and watching  turtle races.  I still want to know what made those little things run that fast! 🙂

You are by far the best!



*for the curious, I added the Count’s photo (with his permission) to the Supporting Cast page*

~*~ ~*~ ~*~