I’m Here!

I know, I haven’t posted in a LONG time, like a month now. Life was getting in the way and I had to focus on other things. So, this may be a long update.

Mom Update

19598742_1451064548312398_1923680622368278396_nMom is still with us, and those who see her say she looks great. She is declining slowly, but she is in good spirits. Hospice is here 3 days a week to see her and assist with things. I’m hoping she keeps it up so she can be here for the 6th great-grandchild’s birth.

Because she had hoped to make it to the holidays, we held Christmas. Yes it is July and yes the house is decorated for Christmas, including the tree being up. Her siblings and kids all came and we had a wonderful time, just like it was the annual, family, Christmas Eve party. The decorations are still up, which we may or may not get around to taking down.

My Health Journey

OH so much to share!

I am now down 32 pounds, and I’m real excited about that! I had to finally break down and buy a couple of pairs of jeans because nothing fits. Even my scrubs have gone to donations as they didn’t fit. I bought some medium scrub pants, and now also wearing small. Until I can purchase some new ones, I have to wear medium some days. Such a great feeling. My new jeans? Size 8!

b4 and after

This past weekend I was in Dallas for the company convention for us health coaches and our clients. I was SO excited to go and learn. This company is awesome, and I have so much more knowledge now. Next step is getting my certification as a health coach, my goal is by the end of August. If you are interested in a sure fired way to get weight off, without exercise, all scientifically based and proven for over 20 years, contact me. If you follow the plan you cannot fail. I’m living proof as I have done pretty much every diet and plan out there but never had much success. My blood pressure has dropped to a great level, I sleep great, and I have energy to spare! I’d love to have you as a client.

Grandbaby Watch

He isn’t here yet. In fact he is just under 36 weeks baked. But my baby girl is past ready. Elijah has dropped, mama bear is nesting like a fiend, and we would all love it if he arrived safe and healthy very soon.

First Shift

I moved to first shift at the beginning of last week. Decided it would serve my health clients I’m coaching better if I am on first rather than second shift. And if someone on 2nd calls off it makes it easier to stay over to help.

So, there it is in a quick nut shell.  More to come!


Shelving 2011 ~ Boxes 15, 16, 17 and 18

I follow The Single Woman and that is where I was inspired to come up with this year ending purging from my life. The first post (Life’s Changing Landscape: Shelving 2011) covers the how/why, the rest will be the 31 things I am shelving from 2011 that will not go with me into the new year, the full list of posts pertaining to what I’m purging can be found here: Shelving 2011.

I’ve been busy and haven’t really worked on this purging thing but I’m going to try to get caught up today!

Box 15

Time management – or the lack there of. We’ll called it unstructured time.  That is an area that needs my attention in a big way.  The lack of scheduling my life is killing me.  I already have  procrastination boxed but the lack of a planned day isn’t helping me either.  I need to start setting specific times for things…Saturdays for delivering Avon.  An  hour in the evening to read because “good leaders are good readers” and in order to lead this Avon unit I need to stay on that.  I even need to set specific scheduled days for things like my laundry, and  times of the day  for relaxing  things like online games.  Structure!  Yep that is what I need, no more cluttered time.

Box 16

Lack of sleep, or staying up too late.  I have a really bad habit of doing this and it is not helping in the issues in box 15.  I set my alarm for a specific time each morning, 5:20am, then hit the snooze alarm numerous times because i stayed up way too late the night  before.  This isn’t good because I am behind by the time I do finally get out of bed, sometimes waiting to shower until the baby I watch is asleep.  That didn’t work out so hot this past week as she was sick and Friday sounded croopy to me so I was  not about to  let her sleep without keeping a close eye on her.  I am off for 2 weeks from childcare, time to catch  up on my sleep and work on getting all these boxes dealt with so that come 1/1/2012 I am purged and rolling on energy.

Box 17

LAZINESS when it comes to my lack of getting off my rump and exercising.  High blood pressure and heart disease are in my genetic makeup so, as this 48yo has yet to discover the fountain of youth, it is high time I actually DID something.  We have a treadmill, weights, and 3 flights of stairs in this big house.  Not to mention a  street that is long enough to loop for walking and a gorgeous park with hiking trails 2 blocks away.  I think it is time to box up the laziness and start getting a little toning and cardio worked back in to my life.

Box 18

With the laziness taking a hike it is time I started eating wiser too.  Not  just a bit healthier, but a bit LESS.  I used to follow Gwen Shamblin (girl get rid of the 80’s hair and ease up on the tanning, you look like a crack whore) and Susan Powter (I won’t touch this one too much there)  until I felt like they seriously derailed mentally (and to think my ex husband thinks I have mental issues?).  But they both do have some good advice.  Cut portions in half and eat far less fat.  Dolly Partin lost all her weight years ago by continuing to eat all the things she  liked just eating less of it.  So, some serious focus on cutting down to portions sizes and cutting out some of the crap I eat (like um BEER which my son tells me goes right to the butt).

Ah there, all caught up on purging.