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Friday Confessional

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I confess… 

I LOVE my city, for many reasons.  One of them is our outstanding news team on WKRC.  Friday mornings our traffic reporter, Bob Herzog, does “Dance Party Friday”.  Sometimes he just dances around to various songs, dressed in costumes, and other times he writes parodies of songs.  It is the highlight of Friday morning for me, as he is just hilarious.  He also MCs the Delhi Skirt Game but I will cover that another time.

Here is this morning’s DPF.  He is singing about route 50, aka – River Road, one of the key routes toward downtown and the highways for those of us who live on the west side of town.

And this is my favorite one he has done so far over the years:

He has danced with traveling Broadway show casts, the Ben-Gal cheerleaders, and countless others.  Oh and okay one more, that was a funny one he did one morning that got all the studio and in the field reporters involved.

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If I Were The Devil…

This is the work of the late Paul Harvey.

I think it speaks well for itself, first broadcast by Mr. Harvey in 1965.  Rather disturbing how on target this all is, as I believe most all of this has or is currently happening.

I will let it speak for itself.

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Friday Confessional

Ah yes, once again time to go behind the curtain, into the confessional and reveal the things others may not know, or perhaps after I bare it all they’ll wish they did not!

Okay let’s get this rolling!

I  confess… 
I’m now hooked on yet another show.  Nashville got my attention and I’m watching it too.  Oh and American Horror Story, but not sure how long I’ll stick to that one, it is pushing the boundry lines for me as far as creepy goes.  But once I’m finished with bible study in the evenings, and it is too dark and cold to be outside now, I like to watch something while working on blankets.  My list of entertainment is growing for those nights when I want to stay in!

I confess… 
I might go back to school.  I love learning new things and as I have time it would be beneficial to add to what I can do!

I confess… 
I added a stat counter to my blog.  It isn’t visible to the public, but tracks a lot of great information on those who visit my blog.  I love it.

I  confess… 
I have been working on a few posts of late just not sure I will publish them.  Might have to make those password protected so my select audience can see them.


Your journey can only be as great as the chances you are willing to take. ~ The Single Woman

I confess… 
That quote really rings true for me.  My journey is about to grow, as there are many chances I am getting ready to take.  🙂  More on that at another time.


NOTE:  revision made, a section removed, per IP addresses in reports I believe the intended audience viewed it so no longer needed in this post. 

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10 Famous Lines From Books/Movies

As part of the 100 Things I Love series, here are 10 famous lines from books or movies that I love.

  1. “E.T. phone home.”  from the movie, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, who doesn’t remember that one, or hear it.  I’ve been known to text that to my kids now and  then as a reminder that mama does enjoy hearing from her babies now and then, even if those babies are now 22 and 28 years old. Continue reading “10 Famous Lines From Books/Movies”
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10 Writers I Love

I am determined to finish the 100 Things I Love over the next week or so, I’ve left it hanging out there entirely too long!

So, 10 writers I love is up next.  As it doesn’t not specify book or blog authors, I’m going with both!  This is by no means an exhaustive list, and keep in mind that most of the things I read are not heavy.  I read for entertainment and to relax, it is one of my guilty pleasures in life.

  1. J.K. Rowling – yep, I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series.  I started reading it back when everyone was having a fit about it because *gasp* it is full of witches, wizards and magic!! You know, church folks (not necessarily my church) were having a field day over it all.  My daughter wanted to read the books so like any good parent I decided to read the books first in case there was something I felt I needed to use as an object lesson.  It’s how I handled a lot of things while home schooling our kids.  I was hooked as soon as I started the series and could not wait for the next one to come out.  Frankly, it is harmless in my mind to enjoy a fantasy of a world where I can jump in the fireplace and land on the west coast.
  2. Jean M. Auel – I fell in love with these books, The Earth Children’s series.  Prehistoric man and her version of the story, centering around a character named Ayla.  I loved the first book, which was also my first introduction to herbal remedies etc. and couldn’t put it down!  While I don’t personally buy into the evolution of apes to men (why is it some apes did not evolve, was there a protest??), it was a great series!
  3. Bodie & Brock Thoene – The Zion Convenant Series was SO good! Historical fiction set during WWII, it was a serious page turner. 9 books in that series.  When my son was in high school studying WWII I got him started reading the series as the history is very well researched and I felt he would gain more that way than just from his history books.  He even loved the series.  I also loved their Galway chronicles series but only got through the first 2 books.  I need to find those in the library and start it again!
  4. Christine Feehan –  I’ve only read the books in her Dark Series but OMG would I love to be the life mate of any one of her male characters of the Carpathian race!  Steamy, racy and seriously great books.  I recommend starting at the beginning with Dark Prince as they do build somewhat on each other.  I once wrote a post, about wanting to be Mikhail Dubrinsky’s mate because I LOVED the words used in the Carpathian binding rituals between life mates.  *heavy sigh*
  5. Lori Wick – She is probably my favorite Christian fiction author.  I love pretty much all of her books, the best by far being Pretense and my second favorite, Bamboo & Lace.
  6. Martini’s Needed – I love this blogger.  She writes from her heart and about real life. Her blog is great and I highly recommend it.  She doesn’t write often but when she does, she is spot on.
  7. Cinful Cinnamon –  Her blog, Cinnamon’s Spicy Life is a personal favorite.  Not because I know her but because in knowing her I know she too writes from her heart and while we don’t always see eye to eye, more often than not she leaves me thinking!
  8. Sandi Kirk – another favorite blogger, she holds down 2 blog pages that I LOVE, Being Peachy, and Sometimes It’s Not Easy Being Peachy. Her sense of humor is off the chains and I am often laughing out loud.
  9. Amy’s Blam – is another outstanding blog!  Amy is hilarious and her life adventures are too funny.  She is the queen of bling too.
  10. Jenny Lawson – better known as The Bloggess, is probably my all time favorite of bloggers.  She has caused me to want to visit the taxidermist and buy up dead, stuffed critters.   And also to appreciate the art of large, metal chickens.  No home should be without one!
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Not Welcome Here!

I think at some point in life we all dream of having wealth and fame.  To be a household name, with enough money to do whatever we desire on our bucket lists without worrying about how we’re going to pay the electric bill when we are done with our latest adventure.  Pulling up in front of a hotel in our limo, crowds going wild over our appearance when the door opens and our feet, wrapped in only the best designer shoes, hit the red carpet as we are quickly escorted by our security staff through the crowd.  I have no idea what I’d want to be famous for, mind you.  I cannot sing and I’m not one that enjoys being center stage so not sure that kind of fame would do it for me.  And I cannot act either so being a famous movie star isn’t likely to be my ticket to stardom either.  But I sure would not mind all the money and the special treatment that goes with having your name in lights.

Regardless of what would make us famous celebrities, we can dream of that kind of fame.  But what about the responsibility that goes with that well-known name and star on the Hollywood walk of fame?  I’m not talking about being a role model, because sooner or later a sports hero or singer is going to do something we do not want our children to emulate.  I’m thinking more in terms of the idea that having money and notoriety not being a free pass to act irresponsibly or even cross the line into criminal behavior.

In an article I was reading the other day, Top Celebs Banned by Hotels, I was a bit disappointed by the behavior of some, and not at all shocked by the behavior of other well known names of fame.  The  behavior of some of these  people is just juvenile and in many cases would land the average person in jail.  Do these celebrities think that their fame and money makes it acceptable for them to behave this way?  And when are we as ‘fans’  going to start demanding more from those we are making wealthy by attending their concerts and movies?  I don’t mean more as in above average, I’m just thinking in terms of responsible, adult behavior!

One example being John Travolta.  According the article it would seem he has a little trouble keeping his hands to himself when getting a massage in some hotels.  Never mind that the advances are on male employees, the mere fact that he would do this to anyone turns my stomach!  I wonder how long it would take a hotel to show a guest lacking fame and wealth the exit door for such behavior?  And Lil Wayne, he must have quite the reputation if he cannot even check IN to the Wynn, his reputation having preceded his arrival.  And then there is Britney Spears, behaving in a way publicly that no parent would permit from a toddler during dinner.  Some on the rest of the list were a bit of a surprise, others not so much.

What makes these people think that they are some how exempt from acting with some maturity?  Or is it just me?  Read the article and let me know what you think!

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Proceed To Party!!!

I love a good party, but face it the cleaning before hand, then after it is over, the making of all those yummy foods…it can make being a hostess a real chore.  Now if you are hosting a party for a friend in a direct selling business, or booking a party from one you attended, then it can be even harder because you have to find an available date with the rep and hope people that RSVP that they are coming actually show up!  But the hostess gifts are always nice and that makes us want to do this all the more.

What if you could host such a party, earn FREE stuff, and not have the hassles?  No need to clean the house, no food to prepare, no hoping that your friends will have time to be at your party.  What if it was an eParty and it lasted a week or so?

Want to earn some FREE AVON?  Then I have a proposition for you!

You host an eParty with me and you get to earn free product of your choice!

It doesn’t matter where you live, once your eParty closes I let you know how much free Avon you can purchase. You place your order with me and I ship it to you at no charge! 🙂

Party Total      Your Earnings:
$100-$149            10% in FREE product
$150-$299           15% in FREE product
$300-$499           20% in FREE product
$500 &  up            25% in FREE product

Contact me to set up your eParty!