QUIET!!!! Simplify, Downsize, Restructure

iStock_000039816568SmallThree words that can cause sheer panic in the work force:




But when it comes to social media?  THAT is another story.  It can cause a lot of strife when you remove folks from your feed, deleting them from Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  I myself have had my feelings hurt when someone(s) remove me from following them before stopping to realize that they really had nothing of value to follow to begin with, and obviously felt I offered nothing.  Besides, who really needs the drama?  I deleted my own father off my Facebook more than once now because I simply could not stand another word of negativity.

Often times I follow, friend, etc., someone I think will add value to my life in someway, only to find out that most of what is there, while of value, simply is not relevant to my life at the present time.  It isn’t anything personal, it is simply that I just don’t have time to weed through things to get to the meatier items I’m seeking.   Or my feed is just too ‘noisy’ with things I cannot keep up with and so I start removing those things.

Hopefully folks won’t take it too personally if they suddenly discover they were eliminated from my feeds but I need to simplify my life a bit.  Between working, writing and more direct sales businesses than I can shake a stick at, I need to ease up on the flow of information I need to wade through each day.  I’d love to always reciprocate when someone follows me, but I just cannot do it.

It is time to clean off my followers, clean up my Pinterest boards, and simplify my social media addiction.  My sister-in-law is shutting down her Facebook entirely, and anymore I can understand that.  If it isn’t adding anything of value to her life, it’s gone.  While I’m not at that point yet, I totally support the effort.  I cleaned off Twitter and got down to following 125 people from over 200.  My goal is to get to 125 and no more than that.  I’m getting rid of the news and weather I follow, as it’s never any good news and the weather I can get by going to a site when I want to know.  It isn’t as if knowing what the weather will be is going to change anything and it’s just a bunch of digital clatter I don’t want in my life any longer.  My mind will be much healthier without it all.

I started the downsizing efforts Wednesday evening.  I was cleaning out my favorites/bookmarks in my phone and found myself on a former friend’s Twitter page.  I sent a request to follow, as it is private, before realizing that not only was I poking the bear, but it is most unlikely she would have anything of value to add to my feed at all.  Drama? More negativity?  No thanks.  I removed the request so hopefully she didn’t get herself in too big a snit over it.

My passion is my writing and my Avon business.  I dabble with the hobbies of Advocare, Jewelry In Candles, Charmed And Company Creations, Javita Coffee & SwissJust.  Mostly those get me a better price than if I weren’t a consultant/rep/distributor.  But the passion and love is truly with Avon.  Writing is therapy and a love I’ve always had since a child.  Those will have my utmost attention.

My faith will come first, above all else.  Then family, work, writing and hobbies.  My needle work (crocheting) will take a place when the weather is cooler.  I’m learning to calender block my time, down to washing my face, packing lunch for the next day, etc.  so that my time is better spent and I’m  more organized.

Delete, delete, delete some more.  It’s quieting down already!


Friday Confessional

Ah yes, once again time to go behind the curtain, into the confessional and reveal the things others may not know, or perhaps after I bare it all they’ll wish they did not!

Okay let’s get this rolling!

I  confess… 
I’m now hooked on yet another show.  Nashville got my attention and I’m watching it too.  Oh and American Horror Story, but not sure how long I’ll stick to that one, it is pushing the boundry lines for me as far as creepy goes.  But once I’m finished with bible study in the evenings, and it is too dark and cold to be outside now, I like to watch something while working on blankets.  My list of entertainment is growing for those nights when I want to stay in!

I confess… 
I might go back to school.  I love learning new things and as I have time it would be beneficial to add to what I can do!

I confess… 
I added a stat counter to my blog.  It isn’t visible to the public, but tracks a lot of great information on those who visit my blog.  I love it.

I  confess… 
I have been working on a few posts of late just not sure I will publish them.  Might have to make those password protected so my select audience can see them.


Your journey can only be as great as the chances you are willing to take. ~ The Single Woman

I confess… 
That quote really rings true for me.  My journey is about to grow, as there are many chances I am getting ready to take.  🙂  More on that at another time.


NOTE:  revision made, a section removed, per IP addresses in reports I believe the intended audience viewed it so no longer needed in this post. 

#37 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks

Remote Wars


Never having to fight over the TV remote.

No one comes in and says something rude like “OMG you aren’t really watching THIS are you?”

No one picks up the remote during your show, or favorite commercial and changes the channel.

No need to hide the remote or remove the batteries.

It’s all yours!

I could only find the photo, not the place to actually order this adorable, universal remote. But I want one!

#35 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks

Scheduling Conflicts


Never having to get back to anyone after you chase down your S/O to find out if you are available for parties, showers, movies, whatever it is that needs to be done.

No one bitches because you have to work late, conveniently, on the night of your mother-in-law’s birthday extravaganza…the one that you’d rather have a root canal without the benefit of numbing medications than attend.

It’s YOUR schedule, you fill it in or leave open space as you see fit.

#28 & #29 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



It happens, this thing called Drama.

For some of us simply waking up means there it is, waiting for our eyes to open.

Others…well they have to try harder I suppose.

Drama is going to happen in a relationship.

Be it with friends of his/hers, family, whatever or whoever, drama will occur.

Unless of course you are single.

No drama with his mama….

or sister, or niece, or whoever.




Holidays are stressful enough without trying to split them down the middle.

His parents want you at their house, her parents want you around their table.

No one wants to give, especially the couple, when it comes to traditions.

Our family always does….

Thankfully, when it is just you, there is no need to worry about where  you will spend a holiday or if it can be split in such a way as to make everyone (except the two of you) happy.

Coffee & Cupcakes ~ Zombie Edition

Coffee – the life blood of this Diva.  I likely drink far more than I should but I wouldn’t  consider facing the day without it!

Cupcakes – small portions  of something delicious, CAKE!  Sugar, fat, calories…YUM!

My brain is powered by the coffee as I write and the cupcakes in this case are small servings of a variety of things on my mind.  Cute, I know 😉

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

I feel like a Zombie today.  I went to bed at a decent hour (what I define as decent) and slept like a downed tree…until 3am when I woke up.  I was still awake at 4:30am, that was the last time I recall seeing the clock before the alarm went off at 6:00 this morning.  UGH.  The coffee pot is my best friend today, keeping the eyes open so the diapered crumb crunchers don’t duct tape me to a chair in the closet and dance on the coffee table to the Backyardigans.

If you saw my post-it note entry today, you know that I used that time of insomnia to come up with a new term.  I even googled it, then sent it to Urban Dictionary in the hopes of coining my new term, Zombie  Texting.  Not to be confused with drunk texting – which people do when sh*t faced drunk.  Those are fun because some people are so much more honest when they are intoxicated and you learn how they really feel.  Or they get obnoxious and flirty.  Either way they usually send apology texts the next day when they review their phone and discover their 2:30am booty requests.  Zombie texting is done when sober.  Like last night.  I woke up and couldn’t sleep and got very bored.  I knew of only 2 people that would be up at 3am, my son because he was on patrol, and a male friend of mine that like me has issues knowing when it is a good time to end the party and go to sleep.  My son must have been busy because I didn’t get a response until long after I had finally fallen back asleep.  My friend, well he was awake!  And most likely drunk texting in response to my Zombie Texts.

I have a new favorite kid show that I swear has some of the best songs, Backyardigans.  Great show, great music, and it is what my friend calls ‘baby crack’.  It comes on and there is silence in the room aside from singing along with the songs.

Still thinking on just how much will actually land on my private thoughts section.  I feel censored by even having that, but I do get it.  If it wasn’t my kids that were  impacted then I’d likely think differently and say “screw it, don’t like it don’t read it” but they are important enough for me to use it.  Dunno, jury is still out on that  one.  Really not sure why anyone that reads my page feels the need to say anything to my kids or my ex, but for some reason they do.

We Divas learn something new every day.  Sometimes the lessons come free, like there is a safety feature on our garage door opener for when we go on vacation, it allows us to open the garage from inside with the button on the wall, but not the remotes.  Very cool, we learned this after the button to engage that was accidentally pushed.  That was a free lesson when we found someone that could diagnose it over the phone.  The dishwasher was not so cheap a lesson.  Seems there is a switch on the wall that when you turn it off it turns off power to the appliance.  That little service call was expensive to learn that the only reason it wasn’t working was someone had flipped the switch.  SIGH….oh well it is what it is and we now know! (I knew we should have just called my ex, he can fix anything!)

Working on several topical posts today. Many in various stages of completion.  Some for specific days, others for whenever I feel like it.  One in particular is about divorce, moms and step moms.  I am writing part one of that, and part two is being written by a step mom that is very near and dear to my heart.  My hope is that it will be educational to those that read it, and maybe even help a few folks think through some things.  But for now, that is as much teaser as I will put out there.  You just have to keep stopping by!

Here, have a cupcake….