I’ve Gone To The Dark Side

I knew the day would come when my beloved phone would need to be replaced. I had a Galaxy Note and really liked it, all the features and I knew the Android software well. But the phone was starting to do reboots for no reason and the battery life was beginning to wane. It was also responding slower and slower over time. Wednesday I went to Verizon, paid the remaining $29 owed, and traded in my Note for…and iPhone 7 Plus. I joined the dark side I’m told.

It took a bit of getting used too, at times I found it a tad frustrating. But I love technology so I quickly learned my way around and I think it is safe to say I’m to be an iPhone user from now on.

I also made a purchase on Amazon, after criticizing the items, until I had actually picked one up and messed around with it. Yes, the marvelous one is now the owner of 2, fidget spinners. *hangs head in mock shame* I KNOW, it is insane, but I do find them very soothing. I bought 2, and I really like them!


Life here in the Diva Den has become very laid back of late. Mom lacks energy to go the long haul with us, and really doesn’t want to drag Matilda around with her (the bag that her peg-tube empties into) so we do a lot of hanging out at home. The steady stream of visitors in the form of family and friends is nice, and helps us to make memories. It probably is a good thing we are all introverts and need to be home in our nests to recharge. Right now, I’m at my desk, window open enjoying the cool air (it is August 6th and only 71 degrees), listening to birds, rain, and incoming air planes. Mostly just quiet and I like that a lot. My job can be really stressful and trying to build a coaching business while working full time and helping out at home means this girl needs down time to recharge her batteries.

I’m not sure yet what will happen when she is gone. Hanging on to all this house for 3 of us seems silly, and it is not a cheap home to maintain. Sis and I have tossed around several ideas to each having our own apartment in the same complex or sharing one, or even renting/buying a small house. Just not sure what we want to do and until we have to make a decision the whole thing just sits there waiting to be addressed. It can go on that way too, we simply are not ready to face that.





The Cat’s Meow

Actually it was more like the cat’s cries of terror.

Sunday I moved my furry baby to the castle of my Knight.  I took her and Ditzy, our little window licker/mentally touched cat, and relocated them.  To hear them carrying on you’d have thought they were headed to the slaughter.  And their crying just made me feel terrible for doing this to them even though I know once adjusted to their new home they will both be very happy.  Pixel was suffering separation anxiety while I was away from the Diva Den, so since I’m moving in with my honey in stages, it seemed logical to just move her where I’m now sleeping.  She was less than impressed.

They cried all the way there, and then hid in the lowest level of the house in fear, continuing to meow like they were dying.  Ditzy has since made herself at home, finding places to go hide, playing with toys, and coming to us both for affection.  Pixel has refused to leave the bathroom in the lowest level where the litter box is now located.  I tried to convince her to venture beyond but every time I brought her upstairs she would slink, belly on the floor, back downstairs.  During the first night she was outside the bedroom door crying and trying to get in.  Once my Knight departed for work I found her in the hallway outside the bedroom door.  She ran right in when I beckoned and curled up with me purring her sweet little heart out.  But when I got home from work yesterday she was back downstairs and refused to come up.  If she was forced up, she hid under the couch.  I give up, she will just have to transition in her own good time.  But meanwhile I’ll still feel like a big old meanie for changing her environment.

My mom has determined that the Knight is either truly in love with me, or has lost his mind.  🙂  It’s love!  Though he did say something about there being a thin line between the two.

Wine & Cheese ~ 63rd Serving

An assortment of breads, cheeses and two glasses on wineWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 63rd serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦  I wish the weather would make up its mind and pick a side…Team Winter or Team Spring.  I think things are off by about 3 weeks here, and so when it would normally be WARM every day, we’re still getting a few chilly ones with frost warnings at night.  While I love the smell of a fire burning (in the fire place) I am over the cold.  My sinuses would probably throw a party.

😦  I love the smell of fresh cut grass, but my allergies are not at all impressed.  Yep I am a hot mess and keeping Kleenex in business.  Very sexy, I know, but then no one sneezes with quite the delicate charm as me.  Time to double up on the Zyrtek.

😦  I have nothing else to complain about.


🙂  A lack of things to complain about is a good thing!

🙂  The weather today is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, warm and breezy, blue skies….heaven help me to come back to the office when I run out at lunch, as it is going to be a real temptation to keep on going!

🙂  I’m out in front on the Diva Den Biggest Loser contest, down 7 pounds as of yesterday and yes, I am gloating.  *princess waves*

🙂  I have stumbled upon the Court Jester, he is attractive and very amusing.  More to follow on that. *wink*

🙂  Yummy lunch today!  Subway 6 inch chicken teriyaki with cucumbers, spinach, black olives and onions.  No cheese, no sauce.  Baby angels dancing in my mouth!!



Day 19 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I’m thankful for dinner.  With family.  Around the table.

I have very fond memories of dinners growing up, the whole family around the table eating a home cooked meal.

We have dinner around the table every night here in the Diva Den, and I love it.  While all the Divas cannot always be present, 3 of us are almost always here and that is makes it nice.

I love that my brother and Angie likewise have made dinner at the table as a family, with a home cooked  meal, the norm for their family.  And it isn’t easy when you have a blended family, but they make it happen.

Sharing about everyone’s day, over food someone cared enough to prepare, is one of those things that make being a family special and for which I am very thankful.

The only thing better is a family dinner with all my siblings and their families, and of course my kids and granddaughter.

Friday Confessional


It is time to slide into the confessional and let it all out again.  Mamarazzi is on a blog break so they are linking up over at High Heeled Love.  Come on, you know you have  stuff to get off your chest!

🙂  Naughty – Oh I have been a really bad girl this week….yes really bad.  I went and got myself involved in one of these time wasting, online games.  On Facebook.  I am so darn stuck in FarmVille2 that when I’m out running errands I have this nagging thought in the back of my brain that I might have forgotten to harvest something and will return to a field of withered plants.  It is just pathetic, I know.  They are just computer pixels, not real fruits and veggies, yet I let this eat at me.
🙂  I didn’t care – Okay, I confess.  The Cincinnati Reds were in the baseball playoffs…and I did not give a flying frog’s butt.  Really.  I am a hometown girl, I love my city and our teams, but it is October.  WHY is the baseball season so long now??  It used to be long over by now didn’t it?  Sorry but it is FOOTBALL season now, I don’t care anymore about baseball, those are the boys of summer.  I also wasn’t the least bit surprised they choked and blew it in the final game yesterday.  And I just didn’t care.

🙂  Meat – as in deer, ground venison.  My son got his first deer of the season and brought his mama a few pounds.  It is going to be mixed into my now famous, black bean chili.  I will use both the venison and ground round, but not going to tell anyone around here in the Diva Den.  They’ll only know if they read this today.  But bet me they will forget by the time I get around to making it.  Waaahaaaahaaaaa……

🙂  Over Indulgence – I’m using donating blood today as an excuse to over eat.  Cannot have me passing out and hitting floor, right?

Coffee Thoughts…

Sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and thinking over my weekend.  I really hate when the weekend comes to an end.  It isn’t that I don’t like working, I just enjoy my time off so much too, and the weekends just never seem long enough.  I am learning to really relish each minute of each day and embrace life, and finding that the more I do that happier I am.

Friday evening my baby girl came to visit, which was exceptionally nice as I never feel I get to see enough of my kids.  She concerns me because she looks so tired, but she has been sick herself with this flu/cold bug all the past week.  And between being in school all day and working in the evenings I think she is just getting a bit run down.  She was sporting one of the pink shirts the Delhi Fire Department is wearing for October for breast cancer awareness.  I know a lot of departments are doing this, which I find rather cool.  My brother made sure we all were able to buy the  shirts in the Diva Den too.  Real men DO wear pink, and most look great in that color.

We’ve been on a quest in the Diva Den to find a particular Highlander Grogg coffee.  The one we like was served up at Perk On The Pike before it closed.  This one has a slight butterscotch aroma and taste.  After Perk closed we were able to get it through The Front Porch Coffee House, but then they closed too!  That depresses me, I love going to a cozy coffee house and miss my Saturday mornings at Perk with my sister, crocheting and munching on stuff that was not real healthy and sipping coffee.  Mom finally found a place in Mt. Healthy, The College Hill Coffee Company.  This place not only carries our coffee flavor but it is flat out adorable!  I have determined that I need to frequent that one, even though it is a bit of a drive.

I’ve gone a complete week without going to Chipotle, I cannot believe it.  Mostly it is a money issue, just don’t want to be spending the cash at the moment with trying to get Christmas shopping done for my kids while I am still employed.  I might have to treat myself on Friday when we get paid again.

I’m actively looking for another job at the moment.  Once the season is over for out door painting I’ll be looking at being laid off and that won’t work, I have too many bills  to pay.  Hopefully I can find something soon, that carries benefits too, as this flying without health insurance is scary.

Best  part of my weekend was getting to spend time with Mr. TSASA last night.  We let him join the Divas for wine night, and then I got him all to myself out on the deck, which was nice.  We talked quite a lot, but I’m not sharing the discussion.  He also got to go where no man has gone before…to my room.  🙂  Okay so nothing naughty went on (only because others were home) but I did get a very nice kiss and Pixel let him hold her, which was also rather unusual.  I was bummed when the night ended. But again, relishing the time I do have and enjoying it very much.

Laundry is all caught up now, bedding changed, room cleaned, we even cleaned the house today.  Dad came to watch the game with us and have dinner. I am growing very concerned about him, he seems to be declining in health.  Sadly the weather is going to shift in coming weeks and we won’t be able to get him out as much.

Coming up this week are all the normal memes and hops I participate in, and my own periodic posts.  Wine and Cheese will be back on Wednesday, I was not feeling well enough to put together anything this past week.  I’m also going to be posting a book review.  Not my norm but the author asked me if I’d like to do one so I am reading it (great book!) and will be posting a review near the end of the week or Saturday.

I feel an early bedtime coming my way, though I know that once I  close my eyes the weekend will be over and the next thing I am aware of will be the alarm clock rudely pulling me from my sleep to start the work week.  I’ll likely stay awake as long as I can for that reason alone, to make it last just a few more minutes.

A Walking Germ Party

I’m sick.  REALLY sick.  Sadly I fear it may be the flu, but I’m holding out hope it will just be one kick ass cold.  Every part of my body hurts, my head is full of nasty shit and I’m rolling through a box of tissues a day.  I had SO thought for sure this was a bad allergy attack the past few days.  Heck I even felt GOOD yesterday.  But no, today it is fever, sore throat, aches, pains, sniffles, snot,  and sleeping.

Being sick in the Diva Den, if one has to be sick, rocks.  Women being nurturers immediately start taking care of you.  Diva Mom insists that I need to see the doctor tomorrow but I’m fighting that. Told her I wasn’t going too, she said yes I was, I said you cannot make me, and Diva Jeanne pipes in and says “I’ve got $50 on Grandma”.  The little traitor!  Diva Boo made me a snot-rag bag for putting used tissues in so I could just sit still and not have to keep getting up to go to the trash can.  Diva Mom brought home some Alka Seltzer Plus, which I swear is the best stuff around for getting one back up and moving.   I also took Mucinex DM, which has helped control the flow of crap out of my head and the resulting cough.

I have slept all day, relocating once to the floor of the family room before going back to bed.  I had hoped to watch the Browns kick the Steelers ass but that game wasn’t on here, so was watching Baltimore and New England, which I found surprising that Baltimore was doing such a great job.  I usually cheer for anyone playing the Browns, Ravens or Steelers as they are division rivals.  So watching the Ravens holding there own against the Patriots was interesting. I gave up and went to bed, just feeling way too crappy to stay awake.  Diva Mom drugged me up and I crashed.  Don’t ya love when a fever breaks? Sweating like I’ve been laying in the hot sun all day without a beer in sight, and the nightmare that always seems to accompany the fever breaking.  Sucks but I DO feel a bit better.

While under the influence of the meds I figured it was wise to finally eat something so while I’m inhaling this sandwich I figured  I’d blog a bit.  But I’m not long for this world, going to be curling back up in my bed with my teddy bear here very soon.  I really wish I had a TV in my room, I hate missing the games.  Not that I’d have seen much, I’ve slept so much, but still would be nice.  Okay, time to take my germ party back to my bed and get some more rest. OH the joy of being ill, BLAH. 

Sunday Morning Bits & Pieces

I think sleeping in seriously has been the greatest blessing this weekend.  It is amazing how much of  a change in perspective I have once I have had a good, solid night of sleep.  Two such slumbers in a row and I’m back in business  with my happy face on.

This weekend has moved along at a leisurely pace, seeming to last forever and that too makes me thankful.  Life in the Princess Palace is fun but so much more enjoyable when there is no  rush on to be going in 5 different directions.  We find our joy in simple things and a lazy afternoons.  We had so much fun yesterday when my daughter came over and  we sat talking in the living room batting a balloon around in the air.  At first it was to entertain the kitten, but then it became a volley balloon game of keeping it from hitting the floor.  It got rather silly and we were all laughing a lot,  which I have found that laughter is indeed great medicine.  I was glad we did  this as it is kind of awkward for me when my daughter comes over.  Life was easier living together as there was no scheduled time we were social, if we both happened to be in the kitchen or crashed  on the couches we talked, laughed and shared.  Now it is a scheduled visit and feels that way, a visitor  in my home that should be entertained.  It feels  very unnatural and that is one of those adjustment things  I’m going through now.  I don’t feel right going off to my room to write or check emails when she is here like I could do when we were under one roof.  Her purpose in being here is to be with me so it changes the dynamics of our relationship completely.

We’ve all been venturing out to the deck,  despite the heat and humidity.  Honestly the 90+ temps are not a big deal, it truly is the sticky air that makes it hard to sit there.  Just the effortless task of occupying a chair will make us sweat bullets out there and that is not pleasant at all.  However the deck is like an extra room in the house and probably everyone’s favorite  gathering place.  It is shaded,  comfy and the woods full of wild life make it  wonderful  but it is much nicer when it is just hot out.  We all wonder  what it will be like come winter when we cannot use our favorite place.  I have a feeling the family room will become the winter  gathering place with a fire burning and crochet  hooks  flying  while we keep warm making things.

My son is due for a visit today  which will be nice.  Haven’t seen him in the past week and  love hearing his stories from work.  He will be here to mostly play World Of Warcraft with my sister and niece which is fine.  He’ll take breaks from the intensity of the game to sit and chat over a beer with me, and hang out for dinner hopefully. Just having him around is a good time no matter what is going on.  Who knows maybe his little sister will wander on back too, as she really enjoys her big brother and also feels  she just doesn’t get to see him enough.

This coming week will be busy as I am hopefully starting a part time job to supplement my current income so I can get things payed down and have more cash flow.  I hate the thought of missing dinner in the Diva Den a few  nights a week but I really get nervous about being able to make my bills and still have a buffer of money  available to feed my indulgences now and then.  Like a new teddy bear.  My teddy bear was bought to give me something to wrap around when ex-oinker was on duty.  It is losing its softness and has a very well loved look about it.  It actually helps with the arthritis in my neck and back by providing support under my arm when I sleep so I need to find a new one.  I haven’t shopped the stuffed animal section of a store in so  long I  don’t even know what is out there.  At one time I had wanted the ex to go with me to Build A Bear and kiss the little heart they stick inside, something for me to keep and treasure if anything happened  to him.  Now…I’d be tossing that bear on the fire  pit come 8/2 so thinking I am glad we didn’t spend the money.  Okay so I’d likely just give it to my daughter but you understand.  And if it weren’t for the physical benefits I’d be getting rid of the current bear yesterday!  Guess I need to go over to Animal Crackers if it is still around and see what I can find.

Well the coffee in my cup has grown cold while I have been busy typing.  Hmm..it is 12:38pm..does that mean more coffee or time for a cold, adult beverage since it IS Sunday, and still summer time and I’m feeling really lazy and content today? Decisions, decisions….

*photo credit: Filomena Scalise/FreeDigitalPhotos.net