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6 Drinks/Beverages I Love

As part of the 100 Things I Love, here are 6 drinks or beverages that I love!  Again, as with the other lists, no particular order is given.

Diet Coke – happens to be sitting on my desk at the  moment.  When it comes to sodas, I prefer diet as the regular stuff is just too sweet.  I also prefer diet Coke to diet Pepsi.  And a fountain version is always far better!

Coffee – another drink that happens to be sitting on my desk at the moment, a hot cup of pumpkin spice coffee.  I love coffee, especially flavored, and I drink it black.  In the winter I sometimes use a flavored creamer as a treat, but over all just plan black coffee is tops.

Beer – I am of mostly German roots, some Hungarian and a splash of Irish to keep it interesting.  Naturally my German side loves beer.  Of the many beers, I prefer Mich Ultra though it gives me migraines if I have one or have several.  Next up is Bud Select 55.  Yes yes, diet beer I know.  I also like Fireside Nut Brown Ale in the winter months.

Wine – I enjoy wine, though I know about nothing regarding quality, I either like it or I don’t.  I buy wines based on the labels.  The  more amusing the more likely I will try it.  One favorite to date is 7 Deadly Zins.  I kept that bottle, and the Middle Sister wine, Forever Cool, because the label is so on target with my personality.

Herbal Tea – Cinnamon Apple Spiced and Cinnamon Rose are favorites, as well as Peppermint.  During the summer I enjoy mint iced tea like grandma made.  Many of us in the family got hooked on mint tea, and some of my cousins have mint from grandma’s garden.  I need to get some from them to start my own mint bed.

Eggnog Shakes – UDF (United Dairy Farmers) makes the world’s best eggnog shake!  McDonalds doesn’t have too bad of one either, but it rates second in my book to UDF.  I LOVE these and they are only available during the holiday season.

When it comes to beverages those are the first 6 that come to mind.  There are likely many others but 100 Things list only asks for 6, so there you have it.

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Friday Confessional – Auto Correct Arranged Marriages

Good grief, it’s Friday already?  Guess it is time for confessing all my sins for the week.  Jump on the hop/meme with us by clicking above.  Mamarazzi is on break but clicking the image will land you over at High Heeled Love where the link-up and confessions are taking place.

I confess…
I may have had just a little too much fun with my kids last night.  Not drunken insanity, more like drunk on good times.  My sides and stomach hurt from laughing so hard, its  the most work out my abs have had in…well a while.  My son texted me to see if I wanted to go to dinner with him, his wife and daughter.  I rarely turn down a free meal so I said yes.  He invited his sister along too (Thanks Bubbie, I love when we all spend time together and I don’t see you all enough).  My son is perhaps one of the few that doesn’t raise an eyebrow when mama orders a 32oz draft.  He knows I will take the entire meal to drink it, appetizers included.  Well most of the time.  He’d be the first person to land a second one in front of me.

I confess…
My kids can make me laugh like no one else.  We laughed til my mascara was pretty much cried off my face.  Even when something isn’t really all that amusing, my daughter has the most contagious giggle and laugh.  Sometimes I was laughing at her laughing.  And I confess much of what we were laughing about was  most inappropriate.  Just go to Damn You Auto Correct for examples of what nearly killed me inhaling tortilla  chips.  I couldn’t breathe at times I was laughing so hard.

I confess…
I am considering an ‘arranged’ marriage of sorts next time around.  Hold on, Cinnamon, my spicey friend, and read these 4 articles about romantic love and the science of arranged marriage.  You are probably the one person I know that will ‘get it’ better than others. Article 1What Is Romantic Love, Article 2 How To Make Romantic Love Last LongArticle 3How To Easily Fall Out Of Romantic Love, and Article 4The Science Of Arranged Marriages – How Do They Work.  I seriously figured out why my 22 year marriage failed.  Someone didn’t make ME center of his world like I did him.  The incurable flirt that he was, was a recipe for disaster.  But seriously I think the arranged marriage of logic and reason has merit.

I confess…
This FarmVille2 thing has me so buried.  Do yourself a HUGE favor and never ever go there!  Do not click the link and get suckered into playing it.  It is a cult of some sort and I’ve been brain washed into worrying about making cheese, harvesting wheat and envying someone named Walter for his farm, and he and the farm are no more than pixels grouped to LOOK like something cute and real.  The illusion is powerful, the addiction very real.  I need a 12 step program for this.

I confess…
I threw something at my cat this morning.  2 things actually.  I was too wired to sleep last night so I used the lavender oil on a spare pillow case to find the Sandman.  That worked like a charm but I was wide awake far earlier than I wanted to be because my darling little furry one was knocking on the closet door.  She paws at the door with her front paws while standing on the back ones, it sounds a lot like rapid knocking.  Not really loud as much as highly annoying when I am trying to sleep.  I usually let her in the closet to explore when I’m putting on my makeup in the morning because I can keep an eye on her while she is knocking things on the floor (I have a walk in closet with a dresser in there and she enjoys pushing things off the edge and watching them fall).  But I was not about to let her in there unsupervised and certainly not at 6am.  This was supposed to be my sleeping in day.  I finally waded up the pillow case and threw it at her.  She was back 5 minutes later, hell bent on getting in.  I threw my teddy bear next.  Not at her but at the door above her head so it would startle her.  That didn’t work either.   I just gave up and finally went in search of coffee, I know when I’ve lost the match.

I confess…
I am eating peanut butter crackers and drinking a diet coke for breakfast.  Don’t judge it sounded good to me.

I leave you with one of the things that got my daughter into a fit of giggles last night.  She had been on Pinterest and for whatever reason was searching on “Bob Cat” and this is what came up.  She laughed herself into tears that night, and again over dinner when she pulled it up to show her brother.  Scary thing is, I found it nearly as funny as she did.

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100 Random Facts About Me…

I have had serious writer’s block the past few days. So, I decided to publish my 100 random facts I had been adding to periodically in a draft format, waiting for a day like this.  Before you all think I fell off  the  face of the earth (I’m falling alright but not  there), figured I should post something!

  1. My favorite color is pink, followed closely by purple.
  2. My favorite flower is lavender roses, followed closely by yellow, then pink.
  3. My favorite vegetable is corn.
  4. I am a natural blond but once in a while I sport auburn, or temporary pink sprayed throughout.
  5. Peppermint iced tea, lightly sweetened, is one of my favorite drinks, year  round.
  6. I never had any desire to be a Disney Princess when I grow  up. (note that says WHEN, still haven’t!)
  7. I am terrified of the  dark and sleep with a night light of some kind (an actual night  light,  FeBreze Luminary, laptop screen saver…).
  8. I sleep with a stuffed Teddy Bear (don’t judge).
  9. I am very much afraid of storms.
  10. I am afraid of heights.
  11. I’m also afraid of fire.
  12. I cannot  stand to sit with my back to  the door when out.
  13. I’m not a glass half full person, I see mine as 95% full.
  14. I chew on my bottom lip, it is a habit that I have found impossible to break.
  15. I wear contact lenses for distance and cannot drive without them.
  16. Because of the contacts, I need readers when the contacts are in my eyes.
  17. I REALLY do want a Butt Freckle
  18. My favorite time of the year is Christmas, and the only time of year I like snow and cold.
  19. I have 3 tattoos, and plan to have my whole back done eventually.
  20. I have both ears triple pierced, and my left has a fourth up top.
  21. My nose is pierced and I wear a tiny diamond  nose  ring.
  22. I LOVE to read.
  23. I LOVE to crochet! especially baby blankets and booties. If I make a blanket  for you, then you are very special!
  24. My favorite beer is Mich Ultra, but it gives me migraines no matter  how  many or few I drink, so Bud Select 55 is what I drink.
  25. I love coffee!  Flavored ones even better.
  26. Chocolate is great, dark chocolate is even better (Hershey’s special dark!)
  27. I had a hysterectomy when I was 40 years old, YEAH!
  28. I have had a tummy tuck and the twins enhanced.
  29. I’ve been married twice, both times to fire  fighters.  Never again to that profession!
  30. My favorite job is what I am currently about…childcare and Avon!
  31. I’ve been in roughly 40 of  the  50 states, but  never lived further  than a 5 square mile area of where I am now.
  32. I was born under the sign of the bull, and fit it to the letter!
  33. I started playing Farmville on Facebook,  what was I  thinking???
  34. I love my smart phone.
  35. The first child I gave birth  to I placed  for  adoption.
  36. I hate wearing shoes, prefer socks or bare footed.
  37. I  go through a LOT  of little footie socks because I don’t wear shoes.
  38. Diet Coke is better than Diet Pepsi.
  39. I love rings, and over time will have one for every finger, thumbs included.
  40. I wear a set of wedding bands  I  bought for myself, keeps the flies away so to speak.
  41. I will get married again, one day.   I enjoyed being someone’s only one, and having someone be mine.
  42. I’m a reformed cat hater.
  43. My second  favorite holiday is Halloween.
  44. But I hate haunted houses and scarey movies.
  45. I love watching football – Bengals, Colts, Bearcats and Buckeyes.
  46. I enjoy Bearcat basketball too. (can’t stand Xavier)
  47. I am NOT a fan of the fighting Irish, sorry Notre Dame
  48. I totally hate shopping, a root canal  is more pleasant (they drug you!).
  49. I love scented candles, especially WoodWick candles.
  50. I do NOT like surprises as in parties.  Don’t do it, I’ll be upset.
  51. I boycott Valentine’s Day (Single Awareness Day), even when married/attached. If you want to get me flowers, do it for NO reason, not the pressure of the mass marketing.
  52. I can cook…but I HATE  it so I  don’t do it.
  53. Meat is not murder, it is dinner. Pass the steak sauce,  please.
  54. I do not text and drive.  I  will at a red light but if moving the phone is put down.
  55. I am not currently in a relationship.  Just not sure it’s what I want at this time.
  56. I like putting a pink streak in my hair sometimes just because I can.
  57. I used  to have my nipples, belly and south of the border piereced, and I might consider it again.
  58. At Christmas time I LOVE UDF (United Dairy Farmer) Eggnog shakes!
  59. I have a tough exterior but get my feelings  hurt very easily.
  60. I rarely let anyone see me cry.
  61. I miss grandpa Fred very much, even after 14 years.  Sometimes when my life is over whelming or I need to think, I go sit by his grave and talk to him.
  62. UDF Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, with chocolate syrup drizzled on it and walnuts is the ultimate PMS food.
  63. I read my bible, often, and find much comfort and guidance in it’s pages.
  64. I feel like an outsider in the lives of my kids, and like I miss out on so much.  I still struggle  with bitterness toward the ex for that but try to focus on forgiveness.
  65. Currently I have 3 blogs, each with a different audience and purpose. Thinking of combining 2 of them.
  66. Yes, I play Angry Birds on my phone, and it annoys me, I am beginning to really hate snickering little pigs.
  67. While those looking from the outside see me as outgoing, I’m painfully shy and hate situations where I don’t know anyone.
  68. I am directionally challenged, I get lost even with GPS.
  69. Sometimes I think I should have gone into marketing, I seem to ‘pimp’ things very well.
  70. I am torn about returning to school to finish my degree, not sure I want  to be an interpreter but wish I knew American Sign  Language better. Thinking returning just for the language parts
  71. I totally support concealed carry and gun ownership.
  72. Gun control = taking very careful aim so you don’t miss.
  73. I always vote.
  74. I never vote party lines.
  75. I try to donate blood regularly.
  76. I am an organ donor, take it all if it can help someone else.
  77. I am a procrastinator and do my best work in the 11th hour.
  78. I couldn’t care less if Carson Palmer never plays again.  He signed a contract and should stick to it.
  79. Very rarely am I ever seen outside without my face on, too self  conscious.
  80. I used to smoke, quit when my son was 2years old (26 years ago!) cold turkey.
  81. When I am least huggable is when I need a hug the most!
  82. Fleece blankets right from the dryer  when I am cold are just amazing!
  83. Nutella on 12 grain toast is a great breakfast or snack.
  84. If you hurt my feelings I am quick to forgive.
  85. If you hurt someone I love, I will become your worst enemy and nightmare.
  86. I like my bedroom to be cold when I am sleeping.
  87. When I need one, nothing beats curling up on the bed and taking an afternoon nap. Even better with someone wrapped around me.
  88. Fountain soda pop is by far the best way to drink pop of any kind.
  89. Microwave popcorn is snack crack to me.
  90. Sometimes kisses really DO make boo boos feel better (especially the ones of the heart)
  91. Hugs for no reason are the best kind.
  92. Actions do speak louder than words, but sometimes I just need to hear the words.
  93. I get a flu shot every year, and never get the flu when I do!
  94. If I find Toll House Chips in the pantry, I will open them and just eat them right  from the bag.
  95. I would far rather be hurt by the truth than by catching someone in a lie.
  96. Sometimes I like to do dishes by hand, the hottest water while wearing rubber gloves helps the arthritis in my hands.
  97. Sometimes I just want to sleep in until I wake up and feel like getting out of bed.
  98. I have an addiction to jammies, I will buy every cute (not sexy) pair that I can afford.
  99. I like to color and blow  bubbles, it’s just FUN.
  100. I color outside the lines sometimes, because it is how I like to live my life.
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Popcorn & Diet Coke

It’s what’s for breakfast!

Seriously, that is breakfast today, after 3 cups of coffee…because it sounded good.  Heck, it’s low fat popcorn and it is fiber, so that makes it healthy, right?  Okay maybe not so much, however it beats a couple of iced and sprinkled donuts.  Not that those were an option, as we don’t have any and this Princess is still sitting here in black lounge pants that are covered in little pink, purple and white hearts, a bright pink sport bra and award winning bed head.  Think ogre, Princess Fiona/Shrek.  Yeah, a trip to the bakery looking like this and all the towns people of Saylor Park would be running for their lives in fear.  Except for Yatz and Angeo.  She’d observe the hysterical masses running down the streets, as she glanced out of the window, and casually remark “one of your sisters must have rolled from the bed to the bakery again”.  So, popcorn and a Diet Coke will work for today.

It is a very lazy morning around here.  Divas Sarah and Jeanne spent the night elsewhere, the rest of us stayed up very late sipping adult beverages on the deck after I got home from a very nice evening out.  But those details will be in the next edition of The Dating Diaries.  It has been a very long time since we all were able to sleep in and just mosie around yawning, scratching our bums and doing NOTHING.  I’m liking it.  Would have liked it a lot more if the cats hadn’t felt the need to come inform me, at 8:30am, that their food and water were empty.  Grrrrr…… though I did get a good night’s rest so I will forgive them, not that they care.

So anyway, now I am sitting here, enjoying my  P!nk’s Greatest Hits  So Far  album, working on posts for this coming week and looking forward to a day with family around the pool.  Note to self: use sunscreen this time, 2 weeks suffering from one sunburn is excessive and not real smart.  I need to make a point of packing lunches and taking the wee ones to my brother’s to swim starting this week.  The free tan that comes from hanging in a pool is the best.

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My Imperfect Yet Colorful Canvas

Better to get to the end of your journey & look back on a colorful, imperfect mess than a blank canvas.


I follow The Single Woman on Twitter and on her page, her wisdom in life and relationships is often right on the money for me!

My life is a colorful, imperfect mess.  The canvas has yet to be completed but don’t look for a masterpiece there.  Well, on second thought, DO. I AM a masterpiece, I am me..totally unique, wonderful, me.  Consider yourself lucky if I bring you into my life for any length of time, because there is no one you will ever know quite like me!

Yesterday I posted some things about myself, here are  more of the colors on the canvas that is Marvelous Martha:

I drink a lot of coffee, straight black coffee.

I prefer diet coke over soft drinks.  I don’t drink it because it is diet, I drink it because I like it.  Yes, I am one of those women that orders a bunch of crappy food at the drive  through and a diet.  DUH, I know it is not off setting the junky calories and fat grams!!!  I  HATE regular soda, way too sweet tasting for my tongue.  So stop looking at me like I am an idiot when I order!

I have a tendency to have too many little projects going at once and not always finish them.  I think I am likely ADD, big  shocker there most of the women in this family seem to be.

I cannot dance  worth crap.  Oh slow  dancing is passable.  But I don’t usually get on the dance floor at a club or wedding, not my thing.  Don’t ask, there isn’t enough beer to get me to prove this.

I am very careful with my heart, so if I am foolish enough to give it to you and you break it, you won’t likely get a second shot no matter how much I felt for you.  Yes foolish.  I’ve yet to give it to any man that didn’t either drop it or deliberately shatter it.  I’m getting tired of it being on life support and beginning to believe my ex-husband was right when he said “all us men are pigs”.

I forgive easily enough, but I don’t forget and I never trust the person again once my trust is broken.

I love summer, because I HATE being cold.  Sure snow is beautiful and I appreciate that and enjoy watching it.  But cold is painful.  Give me tropical climates!

I am not thin.  I am not fat.  I’m a tad curvy, and I am comfy with and LIKE my curves.  Not even plump, just curvy (big boobs and hips that carried 3 babies).   I will not lose weight or put it on for any man.  Take me as I am or take a hike.

I enjoy being dressed up, but hands down I far prefer my jeans thanks.  And a t-shirt or a sport jersey, with my face all painted up for my team.  I am just a simple, low maintenance woman.

I need readers, and it sucks.  But I’m trying to grow old gracefully so I deal with it.  They tend to hang around my neck on a chain, just like my grandma.  Don’t judge, at least I can find them!

I have all my own teeth, none of which are removed and placed  in a glass or other container.

My eyes are grey.  Not blue, not green, not hazel, but honestly grey.  They pick up color and reflect it, and they change to a deep blue at times with my moods.  I only learned this recently when my best friend, Stan/Mr.Wonderful, noticed it and told me.  He was the first man that ever took time to look into my soul.  I never met anyone else, including my ex-husband, that wanted to go there to see my deepest dreams, longings, and fears…my very vulnerable side.  Out there somewhere is Mr.  I Don’t Want To Live My Life Without You Beside Me, and if he plays his cards right and doesn’t push, but takes the time to LOOK, he’ll get to see inside my soul too. (Frankly not holding my breath on that one)

Christmas is my favorite holiday.  I love that time of year and cannot get the tree up soon enough.  I love all the shows, the colors, decorations etc.  I am like a kid!

I love Mounds bars, if kept in the refrigerator, and M&Ms the same way.

I hate wearing shoes! I prefer to run around in socks, hence I go through a lot of them.  I even kick my shoes off in church and they remain under the pew in front of me for the entire service.  🙂

I love to read…it is like a drug to me.  I will even read the shampoo bottle in the shower  if I haven’t had a good reading fix lately.  Don’t smirk, at least I read!

I wear a bridal set on my left hand.  It is NOT the one my ex put on me years back, I purchased this one because I like it.  It keeps the heat off.  No, not bragging, but it does minimize unwanted advances and I do get my fair share.

Eating out is fun, but cooking with someone in the kitchen is much more so!

I DO want to learn to throw darts.  I enjoyed the brief stint, even though all I was ever really told was “throw at the center of the board”.  Hoping someone will take up the teaching and REALLY teach me.

I like to bowl, I have my own ball and shoes…thinking me and my sister need to find another league soon!

I love Chipotle Mexican Grill….I eat the same thing every time I go. YUM!

I love cold fried chicken!

Dark chocolate is WAY better than milk chocolate any day.

My ice cream should never be served without special dark chocolate syrup and walnuts.

My hearing is starting to go, so  loud places make it very difficult for me to hear, I prefer a bar without live music when talking to someone. Or to sit outside on the patio where  I can hear my friend and the music.

My idea of group therapy is a circle of friends around a table and a cooler full of beer….or a table at the local bar.

My idea of one on one therapy is wine and a blanket under the stars with someone special to talk too.

Okay okay, enough viewing this canvas for now.