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Morning Coffee On The Deck

12 Aug

image2.JPGOur deck is like being in a low tree house in the woods. It is one of my favorite places. Trees all around, nature living life right in front of our eyes. Some mornings deer can be found out here grazing, birds chirping and flying from one branch to the next, and even a pair of red foxes that took up residence nearby can be seen scooting along the tree line in search of food. Sitting here I can see the leaves fluttering in a breeze that is just a bit too gentle to make the wind chime sing that is hanging at the end of one of our over head beams. The crickets are still singing their night song as the last of the darkness hasn’t quite left the deeper parts woods. A nice, unusually cool 68 degrees for an August summer morning.

The deck faces west, into the wooded backdrop, so the sun is rising behind me right now, just beginning to kiss the tops of a few trees with it’s light, making them shine brighter than the lower branches. It is very beautiful to see.

No airplanes are flying over head to disturb the sounds just yet. We sit below the final approach to CVG airport, about 1.5 miles from the end of the runway as the crow flies so they come over us pretty low. Mostly the big cargo planes for DHL, Polar Air and by low I mean you swear you can read the pilot’s name tag.

image1 (1).JPGMe? I’m a vision of “just rolled out of bed” fashion, sporting black yogo pants that the top is rolled over on…twice..due to my weight loss, pink slippers, a pink Hello Kitty pajama shirt and my favorite baseball cap that hides the bed head hair-do I worked on all night. Absolutely stunning if I do say so myself.

I have my breakfast of Red Berry Crunchy O’s and a huge cup of coffee, along with my Kindle and one the books I’m currently reading. Oops, just dropped a crunchy on the deck floor. 5 second rule applies here, yes I did pick it up and eat it.

In about an hour or so my mom, sister and niece will each begin to find their way down to the coffee pot and join me out here in our little slice of paradise. We’ll talk, laugh, and enjoy not doing anything beyond sitting here holding down our chairs for a bit before life kicks us into action for the day.

But for now, it is just about enjoying this blessed gift of peace.


Saturday Coffee Musings

27 Sep

iStock_000044919954SmallGood morning, though nearly afternoon!  It is a coffee loaded Marvelous One today.  Hope you have your beverage of choice for the morning and have eyes wide open and a great day ahead of you.

I found a very interesting piece of folklore this morning, and I’m hoping that it is wrong but I fear that it is dead on and that is a problem.  Seems that Persimmon seeds can predict winter.  Not unlike the Woolly Worms and other methods of determining the coming season and it’s snow and cold, if this piece of lore is to be believed, I’d be buying stock in companies that produce milk, bread and eggs now.  All methods are pointing toward a LOT of snow.   As this is the first day of deer season around these parts, I’m hoping to have plenty of venison steak in the freezer and plenty of wine on hand if we are to be snowed in at all.  I have little desire to munch on French Toast all winter, my priorities are in order.  And my kids both hunt so hopefully I will be seeing those first photos on their Facebook feeds later today of their first spoils of the hunt.  I know many are opposed to hunting as a sport, and while they may enjoy the sport side, trust me when I tell you that the meat is the object of desire.  They both cook up some amazing venison dishes.  This year my mom is hoping to get one from them for our freezer as we’re rather fond of this meat as well.

Recently I started a beauty blog for my customers and blog followers.  While primarily beauty related, there will be other items too that might be of interest.  Stop on over and visit http://www.martigardner.com and see for yourself.  I’ll post current specials and coupons for Avon and Jewelry In Candles, as well as tips for applying makeup, selecting your fragrance, skin care advice and much much more!  It’s in the infancy stages but I wanted to share that.

I’m hoping to get a lot of writing time in this weekend.  This writing a book gig is rather fun but takes some focus.  I’ve done a bunch of research and I’m working toward the fiction being published soon.  The non-fiction is set with a publisher so that one needs a lot more attention.  They would like to have the first draft by the end of November so I need to start applying my calendar blocking to devoted writing times.  The fiction will be an ebook and that will a self/indie published work.

While it may be many months to even over a year before I will be reaping the rewards of being a full time Avon Lady, I’m not giving up the dream or the work.  It is one of those things like the analogy about the penny.  If someone offered you $3 million dollars, or a penny that doubled in value every day for 30 days which one would you take?  Most folks immediately opt for that $3 million.  The penny doubled is 2 cents, then 4 cents, then 8 and so on.  It isn’t until near the end that it finally explodes and on day 30 you have over $10 million dollars.  It is what Darren Hardy calls the compound effect.  By the way, that is one fantastic book to read.  Direct sales is very much a compound effect business.  You work and work and build and build and for a long time see no real results.  Then suddenly, it just takes off and the money pours in and the business expands like crazy.  Trouble is most people give up long before hand, they want to get rich quick and it simply doesn’t work that way.  It’s a job, not a hobby.  Crunching the numbers shows me that I’m looking at a full year before I will see the rewards of my hard work and be able to replace the income I just lost, but unlike 90% of those in this line of work, I refuse to give up.  My why is very strong and pushing me forward daily.

Well, it is back to the bagging and tagging of brochures today so that I can get them distributed next week.  Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Sunday Evening Wine Musings

6 Jul

10528037_661869007231960_1756530536_nIt has been a beautiful past few days, and regretfully the holiday weekend is coming to a close.  The weather has been completely perfect, in the 70’s with blue skies and lots sunshine and breezes.

I love where I live for many reasons, not the least of which is the house full of crazy, fun other women in my family.  Friday evening we sat on the front steps watching neighborhood fire works, then moved onto the deck.  It turned into karaoke until 2 am when we all went to bed.  My family is so much fun.

10516943_661129657305895_661815101_nAnother reason I love it here is the park like atmosphere.  It is so peaceful to sit on the deck and enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee. There are woods behind us and therefore we have plenty of deer that come through.  I went to let the dog out that next morning and found this doe laying between the trees, near the deck, enjoying the sunshine.  Later that afternoon a fawn came prancing through the backyard.  They are beautiful creatures, dumb as bricks, but quite the sight.  I admit, I wouldn’t mind having her in the freezer come hunting season.  I don’t hunt but both of my kids do and I am always happy to take some venison off their hands.

It was a great message in church this morning, which just topped off the weekend.  I have trust issues with God, I see that after today.  I need to ask Him to help me with that.  I also signed up for the running group at church, but with the walkers.  I need to start walking then I can run.  I also ordered the 24 Day Challenge from Advocare (did I mention I sell for them too? – Direct sales junkie! I might need and intervention).  I have to get serious before I end up with health issues so now is the best time and they say the best exercise is the one you will do.  Well that would be walking!  Eventually running.

I will be returning to writing something of substance this week.  Need to learn to block my writing time and then actually sit down and do it.  That and everything else I need to do.


Friday Confessional

4 Oct

AH Friday, how I love this day!  Last day of the work week, quitting time marks the beginning of a few days of chilling out.  It also means it is time to go into the confessional and get some things out there so let’s roll this.

I confess…

Friday couldn’t have gotten here fast enough!  This week flew past, but it has been so hectic that I swear it couldn’t arrive quickly enough to make me happy!

I confess…

I think Sheldon from Big Bang Theory might be a distant relation.  While not super OCD about most things I DO have a some areas that simply have to be a certain way.  Meanwhile I LOVE that show.

I confess…

My book (okay it’s several) is coming along, slow and steady.  I love writing, it is one form of therapy for me.  Just wish I had more time to sit on the couch of said therapist!

I confess…

I am so excited about a current direct sales company, that I’m actually doing a review and interview with the founder. That is coming soon!

I confess…

1384380_10201425286286702_791300864_nI am SO proud of my daughter.  Before I say more, let me stress she ADORES animals.  As a vet tech/ICU nurse for critters she stands on her head to keep them alive and getting better.  That said, she decided she wanted to learn to hunt.  She likes venison because it is a healthier meat.  It also bothers her to see how slaughter houses torture animals with their process of killing.

Now, if you are one of those who does not understand the need for deer hunting, stop here.  I believe in hunting if the animal being hunted is used for food.  I’ll take time out now to thank my son for some amazing venison last year.  Okay back to the confession.  She went bow hunting the other night and got her first deer.  It gets no more organic than hunting wild game, as she said.  No antibiotics, no growth hormones, just a wild animal that will be used to feed her family for the coming months.  Hopefully she remembers her mama’s freezer has room so I can use some to make my black bean chili.  But just look at the smile on her face!!  She took her shot and got it.  And she made sure it was a quick death.  She even did her own gutting etc, as she wants to be a true hunter.  Her older brother has 2 so far this deer season.  I see a lot of venison dishes in their future.


Friday Confessional ~ Derailed Diet Edition

7 Dec


I confess… 
I did not get my 6th wish posted until this morning (it was due up yesterday) because I was just too tired and brain dead by the time I got in front of my laptop.  Gave up trying to get all the pieces in place and went to bed.  So I posted it this morning and the 7th will go up later today.

I confess… 
I totally went off the rails last night as far as my eating healthy and counting/tracking all grams of any type going into my mouth.

My son and his wife and daughter came over for dinner and grilled up some bacon wrapped venison steaks and OMG were they delicious.  The venison, corn and small potato were not the problem.  My choo-choo jumped the track at the peanut butter cookies, white chocolate peppermint M&Ms (available exclusively at Target) and a few beers.

*hanging head in mock shame*

Yeah, not really all that upset with myself over it to be honest.

I confess… 
There is cinnamon, walnut iced coffee cake sitting on the kitchen counter calling my name.  I am resisting at the moment but it would be best if the cats grabbed it and hid it some place far from me.  I’m weak in the area of sweets, I admit this.

I confess… 
I just caved and had a small piece.  I just had to have it.  I’m placing all blame on the cats for not acting fast enough.  Okay not at all…but then they have no interest in coffee cake.  We need a dog.

I confess… 
It is after 10am and I am still in my jammies.  I haven’t had a shower either.  And the worst part? I really would be just fine with staying like this all day, complete with the smeared mascara on my face from yesterday because I also confess I didn’t bother to wash my face before bed.  Just do not feel like getting myself together and getting ready to face the day.  Some times I just LIKE being lazy.  Okay I love it.  However that isn’t an option today so I’ll be headed to pull myself together as soon as this post is finished.

Monday Memos

8 Oct

Dear Neighbor,

I want to first tell you that I love animals, especially dogs, cats and deer.  The cats I am quite certain you’ve picked up on as there are 3 of them in this house and whenever there are open windows they all sit in the window watching the world (we call this kitty cat television with surround sound when the window is open).

You know I love dogs as I have been known to doggie sit my daughter’s little Yorkie, Penny, when she is away.  We’ve had the Akita on the back deck for a day too, though we regret that she was not allowed in the house as she views the cats as 4-legged snack food.   But I’m hijacking this memo….

I love deer, and that is one thing I dearly love about living in this house, the woods behind us and the deer that are often seen grazing in the back yard.

What I do NOT love is your obnoxious dog that never stops barking and has kept the deer away.  Put him out to do his business then bring his sorry, barking tail inside so we don’t have to hear him all day and the deer will return.

Kind Regards,

Growing Tired Of The Barking


Dear Bengals,

That really was not an impressive game yesterday.  Last week’s win was not very pretty but then I’ll take a win any way we can have it.  But really, when you are down by 4 so close to the end of the game, is 4th down and 5 really NOT a good excuse to just freaking GO FOR IT????? What did you have to lose at that point?  SIGH, being a fan of your stripes is not easy most Sundays.  Please, get it together.

A disgruntled fan

P.S. – Bravo Colts!


Dear Kurt Sutter,

I got hooked on your show after being an ‘old lady’ to a biker for a while who was a member of an outlaw motorcycle club.  I love the show, the realism of it all, but really, did it have to be Opie????  I suppose it IS realistic that way, but wow did not see that one coming!  I’m on the edge of my seat this season, cringing, crying, laughing and cheering on the bad boys each week.  By far this is the best season you’ve written.  I’ll forgive you for killing off main characters, as long as you leave Gemma, Tara and Jax alone.   I think we need more episodes of Jax & Juice without shirts on. *panting*


A devoted Sons Of Anarchy Fan


Dear FarmVille2

I hate you.  No offense but really I hate you.  I have a business to run, and while I’m out there building my team and trying to keep the business going, I’m back to worrying about crops withering in fields and chickens going hungry.  Please, help a farmer out here and get an app for that please!  At least then I can milk the cows while on the go!


Farming Pixel Produce Again


Dear Cyber Stalking Chick,

Shame on you!  I am told you lost someone to suicide who was a victim of being  bullied.  They also tell me you were under psychiatric care yourself for being a victim of bullying.  And now you are yourself a bully!  You should be ashamed of yourself!  By the way, be careful dear, not everyone is really your friend, and they have tossed you under the bus this time.  What  you are doing is  a crime, move on and fascinate someone else, my patience is wearing ever so thin.  Get a life that doesn’t involve me or mine.

Fed Up,

Time For Serious Legal Action

Friday Favorite Things

9 Dec

friday favorite things | finding joy

I stumbled across this in following another blogger named Marti.

Being a person that finds joy in simple things in life, it is right up my alley to reflect on this past week and find some of those joyful moments to share.


One of my favorite things is watching this little darling growing and changing.  I am an in home daycare provider.  My kids are grown up, 21 and 27yo, so I miss having babies around.  I get my baby fix with this one, Kinsey.  It’s especially fun on Mondays to see how much she has changed in just the weekend.

I love the house I live in with my mom, sister and 2 nieces.  The backyard is a park like setting and one of my favorite sites is to look out and see wildlife right outside the sliding door by the deck.  It is odd to see them like this at lunch time, usually they are here in the morning,  but then this area is starting to get over run with deer.

I bought myself some new jammies this week and some sweater socks.  I love warm jammies and silly socks.  My cat isn’t so sure about them though, she seemed concerned I might be replacing her.

I love those impromptu visits I get from my kids, especially when food is involved.  My daughter phoned the other night and said she was coming for dinner and was going to make apple pie…in our kitchen.  She did it from scratch, even the crust!  It was delicious! She trashed the kitchen in the process but kudos to her, she cleaned up after herself later!

Wine & Cheese – 7th Serving

4 Aug

It is Wine & Cheese Wednesday, the day I devote a blog to whining.  Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.  I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.  I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.  I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile  just a bit more than normal.

Enjoy some wine and cheese with me!

Wine – 7th Glass

This Is The Way We Wash Our Hands!

I am by no means a germ-a-phobe but I do believe in common sense when it comes to things like using the bathroom and washing your hands.  I cannot tell you how many women I see use the facilities then run water over their finger tips before drying their  hands and exiting the bathroom.  These same ones then use the serving utensils at the salad bar in my favorite restaurants or handle  the coffee pot  in the office.  GROSS!!!  And men,  really, per studies in public restrooms across the country 50% of men did not wash their  hands (compared to 25% of women).  HELLO???? Come on guys, you actually touch that baloney pony of yours and then don’t wash your hands?  How many of you  fire  fighters do that and then go cook dinner  for the rest of the fire  house I wonder?  Or cops write a ticket and hand it off with all the germs you picked up from your dickie-do?  Ladies don’t get too  proud,  25% of our sisters are not any better and might be selling us cosmetics  at the department store counters, or pushing a grocery cart before someone else touches it after they have wiped their kitty and not washed their hands.  REALLY IS IT THAT TOUGH?? Wash your hands!!! Here are some hand washing instructions, including a video for those that are clueless about this topic.

Landscape Losers

Okay you mowing warriors, I’m really pissed off.  Anytime I have to give credit to the ex husband, he who shall not be named, Lord Voldemort, King of the Swine, it just sours my otherwise sweet disposition. (Just kidding Petey boy don’t get your teeny weeny man-kini undies  in a knot)  On my way out of the hood, I pass some pretty expensive, upscale mansion size palaces homes.  In fact several house local TV news and radio celebs.  These folks pay for a lawn service to come and care for their grass and shrubs.  I have no issue  with that, we pay for our grass to be tended as well by landscapers.  I’m fairly certain our boys are not charging near what these others are getting, and yet our lawn boys  are doing a grand job.  For starters the lines are straight, and it looks like professionals maintain our property.   I wish I could say the same for the more expensive in our area.  Today while driving out of happy land to work, I noticed shredded trash on  these palatial yards!  The bozos manning the mowers just rolled right on over disposable cups and other litter tossed by manure minded morons.  Not like it was a lot,  a cup  here,  a bag there, but SERIOUSLY?????  Does the homeowner have to pay extra for you to get off that standing blade buggy and grab the garbage  rather than you just mulching it into their grass??  I’d fire your sorry asses!  The royal ex-oinker would never dream of doing that, his customers lawns are a reflection on HIS service that they are paying for! Pick up the trash you bums!

Antlered Assassins

They’re out there, lurking on the sides of the road, well hidden in the trees and tall grasses,  waiting perfectly still until some unsuspecting motorist  comes by and then they spring into the road right in front of the vehicle.  Brakes lock up, tires squeal, rubber marks the pavement where the motor  vehicle comes to a sudden stop into the side of a deer.  While Bambi might  indeed have died, the car doesn’t usually escape unscathed.  In fact many  times it  has to be totaled from the damage caused by these creatures.  Do NOT be fooled, their beauty is masking black hearts of evil.  They are after us, out to destroy our cars.  They seek revenge for  their  4  legged  soldiers that have attacked and lost the battle to the 4 wheeled enemies we drive.  I know, my sister is on their hit  list.   The place was Stet, Missouri.  Don’t try to find it, we’re certain the United States government uses it for their witness protection program.  A 4-way stop sign with a pole barn for a fire house, gravel roads that  are numbered rather than named, it is  the boonies.  Driving to work one morning, from out of the  field next to her, a deer attacked my sister’s Honda Civic, running right into the side causing $3,000 in damage on it’s mission to take  her out, the 12-point, 220 pound buck sacrificed its life for the assault.  Some farmer  ate well for months, but she became a target of the Deer Assassination Squad.  Ever since that day she is  tracked by the hoofed animals.  Her  vehicles like magnets, drawing them to her.  Her latest encounter again she  won, but not without peeling fur off her front bumper.  Thankfully it was all the damage done, but this one was a professional, it skirted serious injury and ran off.  They are growing in number daily, spying on us (yes we had a ‘cute’ little one looking in the front window  last week), they simply must be stopped!  Hunters, load your weapons, bring me the steaks, chops and ground venison, I  have the grill and chili pot ready!

A Serving Of Cheese


They come in all shapes and sizes, some younger some older, some are related to you, others are not, but they always have your back, your best girlfriends.  I don’t know if guys have  this kind of bond  with friends, but there is nothing like  a girl’s sisters  in gender.  They wrap around ya when the going gets tough, show up with chocolate and wine, send emails and  IMs  of  encouragement, and understand ‘chicks before dicks’ – never let a guy come between you and your best girls!  I LOVE all you ladies I call mom, sisters, sister-in-laws and friends, you enrich my life, and have made one of the toughest times in my life bearable.  XOXOXO you are ALL amazing!

Medical Science

My hat is off  to all  those  that have paved the way and those today researching, working with determination to beat those diseases that  rob us of our loved ones too early in life.  As my cousin’s 23yo daughter is about to enter a fight for her life, I am awed that in a week’s time they know what she has and are preparing her to fight  it, all thanks to countless hours and dollars that daily research and discover new  ways to combat cancer, among other things.  The medical field  rocks!

Prayer Warriors

To all those that daily answer the call to hit their knees or faces, praying for those they know, and many they do not,  lifting them up and begging God to intervene on the behalf of another.  I believe in the power of prayer, and thank you all for keeping so many in your daily supplications simply because you were asked.  Thank you all SO much!


As seen on Twitter  today in a Tweet  from  @margaret_crymes: Martha Stewart: Making you feel bad about your inability to decorate with pine cones & tacky glue since August 3, 1941.

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