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How Do You Define Beauty?

547Some time back I saw a thought question, “What does beautiful look like in the dark?” and really contemplated that one.  I eventually included it as part of my dating profile on dating sites, stating that if you didn’t know what beauty looked like in the dark, you weren’t for me.  Not because I thought of myself as unattractive, I know I’m not an unattractive person.  I’ve turned my share of heads over the years, without having to dress in clothes that look like I borrowed them from my daughter.  At 50 I still turn a few heads, not as many as before in my younger days, but then it isn’t all that important.  All I have ever wanted was to be able to turn one head, and keep it turned, my direction forever.  Sure physical attraction is important, but I wanted that head to turn for ALL of me, the entire package.  Not my face, figure etc, but for my mind, my heart, my dreams and desires, my laughter and my tears.

For the past several years I thought that wasn’t possible to find, someone who found me beautiful in the dark.  I’m not talking about physical intimacy, heck I have no issues leaving the lights on for that, I am what I am.  I wanted to find that person who found me beautiful in those areas that are not ‘visible’ to the human eye.

Wouldn’t it be a very interesting world if we were all blind and could only ‘see’ people for who they really are?  Not their vessel, skin color, the hair, makeup or lack of it, a few extra pounds, wrinkles, warts whatever.  But all we would be able to see was their inner person, the heart and soul of the man or woman.

I worked for a few days in a nursing home, while getting my CNA certification.  Age is a real beast to the physical body.  Some folks will be blessed to age well as far as physical appearance, but let me tell you many do not.  Some are almost ‘disgusting’ to look upon, making it difficult to look past the outside and into the heart.  And what of those severely burned, or maimed by accident or war?  Hard to get past the sometimes horrifying exteriors.  Yet that person on the inside is still the same one that at one time maybe we’ d have called sexy or hot.  How many have we all passed by barely looking at, that could have enriched our lives if we had seen past their looks?

There are so many beautiful, interesting, wonderful people in this world who go unseen by us all because they aren’t one of the pretty people.  Sadly, many of the pretty people are down right ugly as sin in the dark, their hearts and souls are rotted to the core.  Selfish, mean spirited and ‘me’ oriented, all they have is their outside shell and one day that will have been nipped and tucked to the limits and they’ll lose that physical beauty and have nothing left.

424928_375886175759726_181805898501089_1684276_1686805568_nI did find someone who finds me attractive on all levels, which blows me away.  He finds my heart, mind and soul to be a huge turn on, in addition to finding me physically attractive.  In the dark, I think it is safe to say, he probably finds me even more beautiful than I could ever be in the light because he loves who I am, not what I look like.

A friend on Facebook posted this video today which brought this blog topic about beauty in the dark back to mind.  How tragic to realize how many persons of value one has missed knowing because they didn’t measure up to a physical standard.  I teared up watching Dustin Hoffman sharing this, because there was a time I was that person others wouldn’t have even given the time of day.  The “ugly duckling”.  And I’d not trade that for the world because those times are what made me drop dead gorgeous in the dark.

What do you look like in the dark, stripped of your exterior?

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Friday Confessional

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpg

With bed head worthy of a gold medal, I slip down the aisle way, still in my jammies, yesterday’s makeup smeared on my face, and morning breath that could knock over a pot belly pig.  Into the confessional we go….

I confess… 

I did NOT wash my face last night.  This irritates me to no end as I’ve been very disciplined to do this for over a week. I notice the difference the consistent use of a good skin care regimen makes and I’m peeved at myself for not doing it last night.

I confess… 

I am working from home again today.  I did not sleep well last night, in fact barely slept at all.  I rose looking like I was auditioning to be a zombie on The Walking Dead.  On top of that we’re still waiting on our offices to be remodeled (almost finished) and I’ve reached my limits on being able to function in a conference room doubling as an office for 3 of us at another company’s location.  I am way too OCD when it comes to my desk and files and mentally cannot handle the mess and disorganization we’re forced to tolerate while our offices are finished up.  Oh,and there are NO windows in this room we are using, which drives me bonkers.  I cannot wait to be moved into the new location, where I have my own office, and it is PINK because I wanted a pink office with black furniture and black & white accents.  My wonderful boss humored me.

I confess… 

I have way over indulged on Easter candy this week.  Even my riding jeans are a bit too snug for my liking.  Those are the ones I wear on the back of a Harley because they are roomy.

I confess… 

I “Feel” the winds of change breezing through my life.  Cannot yet say what it is, but I just feel ‘change’ coming.

I confess… 

I always loved seeing The Red Hat Society ladies out and about.  They seem to have SO much fun.  As I am approaching 50 next month I decided to look into it, thinking you had to be 50 to join. Well you don’t!  You just wear a pink hat and lavender clothes until the magic birthday, then your regalia is purple with a red hat.  There was no chapter specifically in my township so…I not only joined, I founded a chapter.  🙂  I am now officially a Queen!  WOOHOOO me!  More to come.

I confess… 

I cannot stand to be around myself right now so it is off to the showers with this royal one, ya’ll have a very wonderful FRIDAY!


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DING DONG? Yes Please!!

While yesterday was in fact my first official day as ‘just’ an Avon Lady, today was my first real full time day of working it.  I love my job,  no doubt about that.  I’ve loved this since the day I signed up a year ago.  However I REALLY love this job today.

Right out of the gate I called the customers that I had orders for and set up time to deliver their products and collect the money.  I enjoy this time, I love meeting new people that phoned in orders and I really enjoy the smiles when I show up with their goodies.

Because my sister is full time as an Avon representative, we went out together.  It is a lot more fun with a partner in crime so to speak.  We book bombed (tossed) 1000 Avon brochures  throughout various neighborhoods on our side of town while we delivered the orders.  I even enjoy that part,  it is like spreading seeds in a garden of customers.  It doesn’t hurt that the two of us can find fun in just about anything we do together.

Then we began the process of prospecting.  We took many ideas from our recent leadership training workshop we had attended a few weekends ago, putting into practice approaching strangers,  leaving prospecting flyers under windshield wipers, and sticking notes with our contact stickers on them and hand written,  “Need $$? Call me, I’m hiring!” on ATMs, pop machines and newspaper stands.  The goal is always to talk to as many folks as possible, and get contact information.  Once we have contact info they are considered a lead.  We each got 5 leads today and countless unknown ones from the fliers, stickie  notes and book bombing.  It was a GREAT day.

The best part was we slept in,  getting out of bed when we darn well felt like it!  Then we were able to socialize and window shop all day,  all the while talking to a lot of very wonderful women about Avon.  Every single woman we spoke with said the same thing, they did not have an Avon representative!  I’m told only 13% of the women in my area are serviced by an Avon Lady or Man, which means a huge potential customer base.  I have so much work to do!  🙂


If you’d like to give Avon a try for some part time/supplemental or full time income, please contact me and let’s get you started.  It is the best $10 investment you will ever make.  Yes, JUST $10 and you are on the way to limitless earning potential while enjoying one of the most FUN jobs you will ever have!

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Shameless Self Promotion

I LOVE what I do,  watching kids and Avon.  But the daycare  side is drawing to a close.  Summer is here and I need to focus on my Avon business to go full time.  It’s what I’ve wanted since I saw the business and earning opportunity that comes from being my own boss.

$10 investment and  I was off to the races making money, selling one of the most familiar names in products.

Now, I’m a national recruiter, stretching my team across the country.

I’m looking for a few things and you, my amazing audience of readers,  can assist.

First,  it is warm weather  and I need a sales boost.  If you haven’t seen an Avon brochure lately, I would  love  for you to take a look via my Avon Online Store.  Just click “Shop my eBrochure” on the right hand side and you can page through the current brochure/catalog.  Avon sells Deet free bug repellent, you won’t be sorry you tried it!

That is the first thing you can do to assist me…buy!  Get on my Avon site and place an order!  Avon has 100% satisfaction guarantee so you can return things if they do not meet your expectations.  But please, if you have ever considered buying from Avon, I would LOVE to be your Avon lady – shop with me from home, pay online and it will be shipped directly to you!  Want to save money on shipping?  If you use the code, 99JUNE1 your order ships for just .99 cents!  If your order is $30 or more, it ships FREE!!!!!!  So please, consider helping a sister out and place an Avon order, spread the word to friends and family too!

Now, second.  Have YOU considered becoming an Avon rep?  It is only $10 to start, nothing more.  No need to stock inventory.  Just $10.  Your first 4 campaigns you will receive 40% commission, and after that you earn 20-50% based on your sales.  Example: Place a $300 order and your commission is 35% earning you $105.  I know just about everyone could use a little extra income.  Or a lot if you chose to work it that way.  Sign up with me,  online, and you will be in my downline, on my team, and I will help you, train you and teach you to build your business. How you say? Just go to Start Avon and use the code MARTIGARDNER and pay the $10 and you will receive your kit  in a few days and then the fun of working for yourself, as a part of my team begins!!!  You have nothing to lose but $10 if it turns out not to be your thing.  But I know you will succeed and LOVE this business.  If for no other reason than the discount you will be able to buy your own Avon for, and really why pay retail?

So,  that dear readers is how you can assist  me,  and at the same time shop sales, and start your own business!  And yes, a few really good men sell Avon too, and they are very successful!

Thanks SO much!

Your Online Avon Lady 🙂

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Yes I DO love it, Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color in Medium Mahogany Brown 5.65, it ROCKS!

I  know I have talked about it before, but I LOVE this product so much!  It gives me a GORGEOUS auburn color that has held up very nicely with very little fading.  I also use Advanced Techniques Color Lock treatment every day to ensure I keep my rich, outstanding color.  And to think I spend my  life as a natural blond, when I’m finding out a sassy red-head has every bit as much fun as those sporting golden locks, and quite possibly even more.

I’ve also been so pleased with the skin care regimen I used from Avon, and the make-up, that I have to share this proof-photo from my son’s March 17th wedding.  No airbrushing, just ME with the skin getting smoother thanks to Avon Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid (on sale in Campaign 9 for just $20!!!!).  If you know me you know how often I photo-shopped my personal photos, hating the pits in my face from adult acne in my 30’s.  I was skeptical to say the least about the effectiveness of this product, but they say it is 79% as effective as a professional, microdermabrasion and I’m here to tell you that I am never going a day without this product again.  You can see for yourself how great my skin is looking thanks to Avon skin care and make-up.  I’m sold.

YOU are welcome to try them for yourself through my personal Avon store or, if you’d rather NOT pay retail, contact me via my store site and become an Avon Independent Sales Rep yourself!  Save money AND make money in a job where you set the  hours, you are the boss, you determine how much you want to make!  No matter where you are in the United States, I can train you and mentor you in your business!

Here is what I use every single day with product numbers:

Face Cleanser, morning & evening – Anew Reversalist Renewal Foaming Cleasner (622-098)

Followed, morning & evening by – Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid (415-423)

Next up, morning & evening – Anew Reversalist Renewal Serum (338-247)

Daytime is followed by my moisturizer – Anew Reversalist Day Renewal Cream SPF25 (247-307)

Around my eyes, morning and evening – Anew Reversalist Illuminating Eye System (245-213)

I follow up on the eyes, with Anew Genics Eye Treatment, as of a few weeks ago before this ph0to, (013-849)

At night time, after the Renewal Serum dries, I use Anew Genics Night Treatment Cream (472-887)

Okay here it is, the photo I spoke of, and if I do  say so myself, I don’t think I look my age (49yo here very soon).  My biker honey says I don’t but then he IS a bit biased.

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Why Not YOU?

We all need it, mad money.  That little bit of extra cash that allows us to buy lunch out at the office now and then, go out for a drink at happy hour, or to a matinee on the weekend.  Maybe you need it to take the kids to dinner or an  indoor water park on a snowy day.  Or maybe you need more than that, you need a part time income to supplement your family budget.  After all, many workers haven’t seen a raise in a few years and things are getting tighter by the day.  Maybe, like me, you lost your job when the economy tanked and need a full time income.

Why not try Avon?  Why NOT you, and why NOT today?

Save money on childcare by being HOME while you work to build your own business.  Set you own hours, be your own boss.

Alcohol, tobacco and cosmetics were the things during the depression that INCREASED in sales.  In every bad economy those things are on the rise.  We gals can live with being poor, but we’re going to look darn good doing it!  And when money is tight people change their spending habits.  Avon offers quality products in cosmetics, jewelry, fashion, every day, bath and body and more, that are top of the line.  They can do everything those expensive department store brands can for a considerable savings.  Don’t be mistaken, higher price does not mean better quality.  And with Avon, your customers have the convenience of shopping from their seat and not their feet.

You earn 20-50% commission based on your sales, so you can make as little or as much as you want.  Even if you just purchased your family’s needs (bath products, hair care, cosmetics, lotions/moisturizers) you’d have enough in sales to get quite a commission!  Our sales are always outstanding in the brochures, and as an independent sales  representative for Avon you would be getting those great sale items at an additional 20-50% savings!

$10-$20 to start, and that is ALL you need.  That small fee ($10 if you are local to me, $20 if you sign up online) gets you everything you need to launch your very own at-home business.  There is a wonderful amount of online training (free!) and you would be in my downline so you would get lots of help and training from me as well.  I use Skype to connect with my out of the area team members and for them to be able to attend the team meetings every 2 weeks!  With Avon you truly are in business for yourself, but not  by yourself.

I am always looking for ambitious men and women (some of our top sellers are men!) to join my team.  Why not you, why NOT today?

To join my team and start working for yourself, just go to START AVON and sign up with the code:  MARTIGARDNER

You will receive everything you need in 5-7 days to begin working for yourself.

Skeptical?  I’ve met those women making 6 figures in Avon.  Just check out Barb Avery, her and her husband got there in less than 2 years!  Watch her video on her site, “Our Story” for how they did it.  YOU can do this too!

Sign up today and join my team, I’d love to have YOU!

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid

I am a complete skeptic, as stated in early posts, when it comes to the promises made by skin care lines.  Yes even Avon, and they are my bread and butter.  But after trying the Reversalist regimen from the Avon Anew line, well I was sold that yes indeed, it did wonders for my skin.

In Campaign 4, Avon releases the latest product in the Anew line, in conjunction with the 20 year anniversary of the introduction of the Anew line of products.  This new product is Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid.  Avon says it is “79% as effective as a professional microdermabrasion”.  My skepticism was on full on alert.  We were given samples of this product at our last district sales meeting so I took it home and decided before I tried to sell my customers on this I’d try it for myself.

I have some deep pitting around my chin and lower jawline from battling adult acne in my early 30’s and would love to be able to afford a microdermabrasion treatment for it, or a quick lift face lift.  But I am nervous about any cosmetic surgical procedure and they are pricy.  So imagine my delight when I started to see improvements in my skin from using this product!

The first morning my skin did feel amazing.  I’m 2 weeks into this addition to my regular skin care regimen and I LOVE this product.  Yes, there is a visible difference, the over all look of my troubled skin is improved.  I am looking forward to seeing what 8-10 weeks out will look like.  I am completely sold on this product and highly recommend it.  I love when I try something and can tell my customers that yes it really does what it says!  The texture of my skin is much better.

Anew Clinical Resurfacing Expert Smoothing Fluid is available in Avon Campaign 4, for an introductory price of $20.  Normally $38 it is on sale this one time, you do not want to miss this.  A little bit goes a very long way!

It is available through my Avon online store now!!! Orders of $30 or more ship FREE.  And remember, Avon has a satisfaction guarantee, if you are not happy with the product they will refund your money.

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OUCH! @#$%^&*!!!!!


I have a very painful boo boo today.

Okay wait, let me back up here a bit first.  Every 2 weeks I am prepping and throwing my Avon brochures.  At least 500, sometimes up to 1000 depending on a number of things.  This is a process of stamping each one on the space on the back with my name, phone number and website for my store.  I also hand date each and every one.  Then if there is an insert, and there nearly always is, I stuff them all.  Then I put each in a plastic bag, roll it like a newspaper and rubber band it.  Needless to say this takes a number of hours to accomplish, anywhere form 4-8 depending on the number I am processing for distribution.  My hands are SO sore by the time I am finished that I look forward to the day I am making enough to hire students to do this task.

Often the process of preparing these books is done along with my mom and sister.  We gather, stack up our boxes of catalogs, then go through the prep process while watching our favorite TV shows a few nights a week.  It is much more pleasant a task in the company of others.

On distribution day I load up my car with 6-10 large boxes of the rolled brochures and head out.  These boxes weigh a LOT and I am out of shape and never properly lift so add a back ache to the hands.  I drive along through various neighborhoods with my driver’s window down (this ought to be a treat come winter) and I go slow, tossing a brochure onto each driveway.  I have some streets that I frequent due to gaining customers on them, others I pick that I’ve never thrown on before.  I don’t come home until all of the brochures are distributed.  This takes only an hour to an hour and a half.  There are many reps that think this method is wrong, that I should hang them on the door handles or even knock on doors and meet the potential clients.  I say that this method works just fine, and besides I know what it is like to be in the middle of something and have the doorbell ring.  If they want Avon they will call and we will meet!

So, today I loaded the car and headed out on my rounds.  About half way through I received my severe ouchie.  I was pulling the rolled books from the box, in a hurry, and depositing them in my lap.  I have very long nails (yep you see where this is going) that are acrylic as I cannot grow them myself.  I wasn’t being careful and jammed my hand into the box.  I’ve done this hundreds of times without issue, but this time I did it at just the WRONG angle.  I snapped the nail on my birdie finger (that one we so like to use to inform other drivers when they are #1).  Not only did it snap but it tore the real nail beneath it, off the nail bed, about a quarter of the way down my natural nail. I uttered quite the string of obscenities that would have made a trucker blush.  Sadly the nail was still hanging on by a piece of the nail bed and now was bleeding.

I stopped the car and pulled off the broken piece, followed by a few more choice, not-family-friendly words.  Thankfully I had a band-aid in my purse (I have everything in there, once winning a contest for the most items on a given list, in my purse, including an unidentifiable object).  So now I am typing with the injured digit wrapped in a bandage, which is very awkward with mostly a stub and the other fingers having rather long nails.  I’m so ticked at myself, as it will be weeks before that finger can have a nail on it again.  SIGH….

Oh well, the day wasn’t a loss, all 600 books were distributed, already have one new customer from this toss round, and signed up a new recruit for my team.

By the way, if you’d like to start living the life of an Avon Lady yourself, join my team.  Doesn’t matter where you live I can sign you up, train you (live video etc) and help you make a nice living (decide what that is and you can earn it).  Just go to Start Avon and enter the code: BREDESTEGE-GARD and for $20 you too can make money and have some interesting stories to write about!  You will also receive top notch support from me, as your upline, as I take good care of my recruits.

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Me Time…

I’ve noticed that I’m not getting a lot of ‘me time’ lately.  Between 2 jobs I just don’t have much time left over.  Anyone that doesn’t think daycare is a job, has never done it.  It is difficult and what time I do have on the computer is interrupted constantly by at least one child if not all 3 of the ones I have all day.  But I do enjoy it so I’m not complaining.  Avon is hard work too, if you want it to be successful.  Not hard physically, especially now that I’m rolling and throwing the brochures from a moving car as opposed to walking them around.  But that takes time and planning.  I have a lot more to do than I had realized if I want this to be the money maker I know it can be.  But again,  not complaining at all, I love this business!  Mostly because I work for myself and set my own hours.  I’m a slave driver!

I’m at the end of a campaign, so it goes in tomorrow.  Orders are already online I just have to hit the final submit button come morning and it’s done.  I can now breathe for a night or two, relax a bit.  But I won’t.  Oh I have a glass of wine sitting here, but there is work to be done.  A new brochure to study, books to be read, I don’t feel I have the time to spend with online games like I wish I did.  Even when watching TV, most of the time I am multi-tasking by stamping and dating brochures.  I live for the day that I can do just the Avon, full time and really pour myself into it.  For now, I try to squeeze out as much time as possible.

Me time is nails and a hair cut.  Though even that is somewhat work related.  After all, would YOU buy cosmetics from someone that looked like they just crawled out from under a rock?  It’s like when I walk in a health food store and the person behind the counter looks like death walking, all skin and bones and chalky white skin.  NOT the picture of health if you ask me.  Sure, I want to be eating or drinking what you recommend, doesn’t everyone want to look like a starving vampire?  Having nice nails and my makeup on,  hair looking nice, goes a long way for selling Avon, at least I think so.

Me time is also a good book, though lately I’m reading books related to sales.  Not relaxing like a trashy romance novel, and it is work related stuff so I don’t count that as down time.  Blogging is me time too, therapy even. But lately I have only been keeping up regularly with my Avon blog, again work.  😦  I need to win the lottery.  I used to be somewhat of a procrastinator but that side of me has been swallowed up by the side of me that wants to succeed and make a lot of money.  Financial freedom, it IS what I most want, and to not have to worry about money anymore.  And I want to do what I love…working with people, marketing and selling great products.

I need to give myself an hour a day maybe, of me time.  To blog, pleasure read, play Farkle, anything as long as it is NOT work related and IS something I enjoy.

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Free Vanity Crack, Shipping & Special Gift!!!

I am SO excited  about some fun stuff for the girls today!

First, my buddy, Cinnamon, agreed to do a personal evaluation of a new product from Avon and then write up a review.  I just knew she’d love this new mascara, she has beautiful eyes and the new mascara made  her  lashes look amazing!  Check out her  blog today, I’ve Got My Eyes On Avon and her before and after photos. (Thanks to her hubby for his camera assistance!)

Cinnamon is  offering a special little gift to anyone that orders $10 or more from my Avon store, some darling little wine glass charms!  She hand makes these, you’ll want some, they are just adorable.

In addition to that gift, IF you order before midnight, Tuesday, 7/26/2011, ANY size order SHIPS COMPLETELY FREE!!!! Just enter the code: FRIENDS2011 at checkout!!

I want to point out a few awesome deals….

This fabulous swag bag is only $19.99, comes with the 5 products shown (a $72 value), when you purchase $10 in beauty products from pages 4-99 and 156-178. Guess what?!  On those pages you will find some outstanding buy one get one free deals on everything from lipstick to mascara!!!! Check it out in my personal Avon store and get this gorgeous bag!

Don’t forget my give away!  Entries for it close at midnight, Sunday, 7/31/2011.   Avon’s new, Clinical Eye Lift Pro!  It’s a $30 value and I’m giving one away free! See my Vanity Crack Blog Page for details!!!