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Friday Confessional…

 photo HighHeeledLove_zpsbbcc137c.jpgWOOHOOO!!!

Confession time!

If you have something to get off of your chest, click the little girl above and come share.

I confess…

I have a headache, sinus related that I can tell, and  I fear it is the start of a summer cold.  This would just suck because I want to have a relaxing weekend. Chilling does not include filling tissues with a nose full of snot over and over again.

I confess…

I am thoroughly enjoying being a dog owner again.  My daughter’s little darling, Penny, the yorkie, is making for more interesting work days.  I bring her to the office so she isn’t caged during the day and she is enjoying it.  She has toys, a nice mat to lay on, and a pack-n-play if I need to keep her isolated while meetings are going on.  Mostly she wanders the office with her nose on the floor looking for food.  I swear, she is fed!

I confess…

It is a 2 Monster kind of day. As in Monster Energy, Absolutely Zero.  The can that has 2 servings?….I am on the second can now.  Not so much for the energy, but more for my ADD, I am having issues focusing.  12 billion thoughts in my brain and I cannot seem to nail down just one to work on.  This sucks.

I confess…

the secretI decided to start reading The Secret.  I am very intrigued as many are raving about the movie and book, so I am giving it a fair chance to impress me.  If you have read the book or seen the movie, please comment as I’d love to hear other’s opinions.

I confess…

I am now currently reading too many books, if that is even possible:

The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne

Every Woman’s Battle – by  Shannon Ethridge

Black Listed By The PTA – by Lela Davidson

Be A Direct Selling Superstar – by Mary Christensen

A View From The Top – various Avon Senior Executive Unit Leaders (SEULs)

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Friday Confessional – Saturday Style

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*Due to a busy day and a fairly pissy mood, I didn’t FEEL like confessing on Friday.  But Aubrey is such a wonderful meme/hop hostess she won’t mind me letting it all fly today.*

I confess… 

Yesterday sucked for the most part.  From the time I rolled out of bed dragging butt tired right up to laying on my bed in the middle of the afternoon sweating buckets from the humidity, it just sucked.  If it could go wrong yesterday, it did.  Until I arrived at my honey’s house, then things improved 200% simply because he is who he is and always makes me laugh.  And he is just hot.  And looking at him and feeling my heart swell up with love for this guy just does wonders.

I confess…

If looks could kill, the boss and a slew of others I bumped into yesterday would be in the early stages of decomp at the moment.

I confess… 

I sleep better when I’m with him.  No clue why other than I just do.

I confess… 

There will never be enough time in my life to read all of the books I’ve added to my Kindle….but I keep adding them anyway.

I confess…

I just polished off a great bowl of oatmeal and if it weren’t for the fact that I’m finally losing my muffin top, I’d go for another.  Ah, self control.

I confess…

I’m about to go finish reading a really good book that is eating at me to see how it ends. Unintended Consequences, a freebie on Kindle a while back, has been really good!

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Doc In The Box

docWell okay, not a doctor, a nurse practitioner.

And not in a box.  In our grocery store.

The Little Clinic.

I have to say…I am impressed.

I’ve been sick off and on now for oh…maybe 2 months?  Mostly I figured it was allergies, and it was, however it grew.  It became a sinus infection.  I did what every good Diva does, I self medicated with antibiotics I found left over from others in the house.  I know, I know, not good, especially when they were expired.  Weaker versions of their original selves.  Oh I checked to be sure they were ones for treating sinus infections, and they were, but they were weak at best.  It helped a little. But then things just got worse.  Even my eyes are watery and itchy from the, well, yuck stuff in my head.  Not good.

So, now that I’ve lost my voice, I finally went to have it checked.  Okay, again, mom said she was dragging me there strongly suggesting I go.  As I am self pay because I do not have insurance, I opted for the newly opened  Little Clinic.  For what it would cost me at the doc’s office, but without an appointment and much more convenient hours (guess THEY understand people work or have other obligations and their illnesses don’t seem to receive the memos about 9-5 except when on the golf course.

The place was not busy, was seen right away, and now I have a nice, strong, new antibiotic and a steroid to take to get me going.  Not  contagious just nothing more than a whisper and my head is stuffed and it’s dripping its yuck down my throat.  Lovely visual I know.  I’m a vision of loveliness actually, sporting my Bengal jersey (and of course they lost) and sniffling, blowing, sneezing.

And now, all medicated up and with a hot cup of hazelnut cappuccino (thanks to my niece moving home with her Keurig) I’m curling up on the bed to work on a crochet project and enjoy my virtual, HD fireplace on my TV (no fireplace in my bedroom) along with some nice Christmas music.

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Day 29 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I am thankful today that I am still currently self employed.

What I have held on to as allergies to our 3 cats, and I am rather allergic to them, now seems to be more.  I think I  may have a roaring sinus infection.  To top it off I had a touch of a stomach virus which left me sick to my stomach this morning.

My ‘job’ allowed for me to blow off the day and sleep most of it.  This was a good thing.

Still not feeling grand but thankful I did not have to go to work like this.

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Day 13 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I am very thankful this morning for a warm bed to sleep in!

Many are still without power from Hurricane Sandy, and many don’t have a home to go to at all.  And there are homeless individuals all over the world that slept in great discomfort and cold last night.  I don’t take for granted  the creature comforts I have, including that warm, comfortable bed of mine.


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Day 4 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

A warm, comfortable bed, that is what I’m thankful for today.

Some mornings the hardest task of the day is crawling out from the soft, warm blankets.  I sleep like a brick in it, it is so comfy, cozy, and warm on chilly mornings.  I know there are many around the world who are fortunate to sleep at all, and then it is on hard, cold surfaces, or in ditches fighting wars.  Some would not know such joy as to have a warm blanket let alone soft cotton sheets and a thick, cozy comforter.

I am very aware of the blessing of small simple things, and my bed is one of those seemingly simple pleasures for which I give much thanks!

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Sniff Sniff Achoo Achoo Blow And Oops!

Usually I do Post-It-Note-Tuesday, but today, I am late even getting to blogging.  Several days late.  Too much going on, and when I had time to write I was seated in front of the 2012 Debate #3.  And that is ALL I am saying as far as politics.  Welcome to my wacky life of late.

My allergies are in full swing.  Actually if truth be told they are in over drive.  Nose running, eyes and nose itching, even the roof of my mouth and my inner ears itch.  I’m rolling through the tissues a box at a time when I am at home.  A walking, breathing, gooey, nasty, snot machine.  Sounds absolutely adorable, doesn’t it?  Yes, far less than feeling sexy, I feel like a commercial for _______ (insert your favorite allergy med).  Sniff sniff, ACCHOOOOOOO!!!!  BLOOOOOOOW.  And it isn’t the pollen, that is low. Nope this is the cats.  All 3 of them.  One of which is mine and has taken again to bedtime love fests of chin scratches and head rubs before she will return to the end of the bed and snuggle up against my leg or my feet, leaving a bunch of  fur and dander.  If I try to pretend I’m sleeping, she sits right on the pillow next to my head and stares down at me like a vulture waiting for the last heart beat of some road kill before it swoops in.  I sneezed so darn hard and so many times rapidly the other day I seriously should have considered shopping for Poise pads.  Lovely, 50 has me in the cross hairs, the AARP will be sending me crap soon, and now I can sneeze and wet my pants, such talent!  Let us not forget the hot flashes but THAT is another topic and I’m not up for that one.  Pass the Geritol if they still make it.  Right about now, my dear biker friend is freaking out on life as women don’t do ‘those’ things, like wet our pants, fart or belch.

Can you tell I’m totally out of touch with my inner diva and goddess today?

I feel so much better now!  Time to go grab my hook, yarn and plant myself in front of NCIS so I can drool over Mark Harmon, then NCIS:LA so I can pant over LL Cool J, and then Sons Of Anarchy when I just might lick the television screen whenever Charlie Hunnam is on it!

Just for you Cowboy!!!
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Monday Memos

Dear Self,

If ever I wish to stage a crime scene, I must remember that my current hair dye would substitute well for slightly old blood.  While washing my hair in the shower after dying it Saturday evening, I noted that the tub and walls looked a lot like a blood bath had occurred in there.  In a weird kind of way I found it rather cool!

For the record, of course I cleaned up!  No evidence left behind 😉




Dear Readers,

Need knock-off, high quality imitation Rolex watches?  Having erectile dysfunction issues and need something more natural than the little blue pill?  Want to save someone’s life that says my cooperation is a matter of life and death to hundreds of their people?  Maybe you want to assist some dude that works in an African bank and is sure that YOU are the lone, surviving relative of some rich soul that died and they want to transfer mega bucks to you and YOUR bank account?  Either way, I am your go-to girl.  Per my spam file on email I seem to have all the connections.  Hey, I’m cool like that, I’ll share!

For shits and giggles,



Dear Pinterest,

I hate you.  Okay not really but wow I could eat up hours and hours there pinning a few thousand cool things I can only dream of having the time to actually DO some day!




Dear Stalkers,

Hopefully you have all moved on and found better things to do than read my tweets and blogs.  But just in case you are still here (and we both know that you are because I am just that darned irresistible), here is wishing you are great week!


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#26 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



Pajamas are all about practical.

You wear flannel or fleece to be comfortable.

You can answer the front door in them if the door bell rings without giving anyone heart failure.

Nick & Nora are far less expensive than Victoria Secret.

Your dog or cat couldn’t care less what you look like crawling into bed.

Nick & Nora will actually be worn…more than 5 minutes.

Jammies – all about YOU!

Practical, comfy jammies
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#19 ~ 365 Reasons Being Single Rocks!



Okay this one isn’t quite mine.

I mean I had it on my list as sleeping anywhere you wish in the house.

Not on the couch because you are fighting and you were banished or decided to be a dolt (listen if you opt for the couch rather than the bed you are indeed a dolt).

But you fall asleep wherever and it is YOUR choice to sleep there.

The part not quite mine is what a local DJ on the radio posted on his Facebook this morning, that goes right along with this reason:

“The best part about living by myself is not having to explain why I fell asleep on the kitchen counter…naked…again.”

~ Jeff Thomas Q102

Picture 'borrowed' from Daily Cognition, click photo to see other funny animal sleeping pics