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Popcorn & Diet Coke

It’s what’s for breakfast!

Seriously, that is breakfast today, after 3 cups of coffee…because it sounded good.  Heck, it’s low fat popcorn and it is fiber, so that makes it healthy, right?  Okay maybe not so much, however it beats a couple of iced and sprinkled donuts.  Not that those were an option, as we don’t have any and this Princess is still sitting here in black lounge pants that are covered in little pink, purple and white hearts, a bright pink sport bra and award winning bed head.  Think ogre, Princess Fiona/Shrek.  Yeah, a trip to the bakery looking like this and all the towns people of Saylor Park would be running for their lives in fear.  Except for Yatz and Angeo.  She’d observe the hysterical masses running down the streets, as she glanced out of the window, and casually remark “one of your sisters must have rolled from the bed to the bakery again”.  So, popcorn and a Diet Coke will work for today.

It is a very lazy morning around here.  Divas Sarah and Jeanne spent the night elsewhere, the rest of us stayed up very late sipping adult beverages on the deck after I got home from a very nice evening out.  But those details will be in the next edition of The Dating Diaries.  It has been a very long time since we all were able to sleep in and just mosie around yawning, scratching our bums and doing NOTHING.  I’m liking it.  Would have liked it a lot more if the cats hadn’t felt the need to come inform me, at 8:30am, that their food and water were empty.  Grrrrr…… though I did get a good night’s rest so I will forgive them, not that they care.

So anyway, now I am sitting here, enjoying my  P!nk’s Greatest Hits  So Far  album, working on posts for this coming week and looking forward to a day with family around the pool.  Note to self: use sunscreen this time, 2 weeks suffering from one sunburn is excessive and not real smart.  I need to make a point of packing lunches and taking the wee ones to my brother’s to swim starting this week.  The free tan that comes from hanging in a pool is the best.

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10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

Mama's Losin' It

There are always a lot of reasons we hate our jobs, so I decided to chose this writing assignment so that I could THINK through the reasons I love my job.

1. I’m employed! Sounds silly but I was let go from my previous job after 26 years with the company.  I spent 18 months drawing unemployment and crawling the walls.  Certainly I did enjoy being home and free to spend my day as I wished but my kids are grown so there wasn’t a lot to do.  I did experiment with some cooking and that went well, and enjoyed laying pool side in the summer, but I NEED to work.  So finding this job was a blessing!

2. Other than my subcontractors and the boss coming and going throughout the day, for the most part it is just me there.  I have a lot of freedom to listen to whatever I want on the radio, curse a blue streak when I feel the need, and other than the phones I am really left undisturbed a good portion of the time.  I like this, I do not do well with micro-managers so being able to function without someone over my shoulder is great.  And when I need it quiet to concentrate, it is QUIET.

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3.  The challenge..seriously since the boss resigned over the past weekend my job has become a world class challenge.  I’m trying to get my balance in managing 2 territories and doing all the necessary follow up and preparation so my subcontractors are on the ball and supporting the owner and VP that are now handling all the quoting and sales in these areas as well as their own.  I am stressed but it is like being dared to fail so I’m all over it and trying hard to succeed.

4.  Not going to lie, the free donuts on Fridays are kinda special to me.  The building management provides them in the coffee lounge every Friday morning, and that is just a sweet (no pun intended) little perk I very much enjoy!

5.  Free coffee is another mega plus!  The building management also provides the free coffee daily and anymore I need all the life giving push I can get in the mornings.  More than once I’ve read or heard about studies indicating that ADD adults tend to be medicated by caffeine which then masks the symptoms.  The women in my family drink coffee like addicts shooting up so there may indeed be something to it.  We can drink an entire pot each and sleep like bricks, and we’re focused on it so who knows.

6.  It keeps me busy!  Nothing is worse than watching the clock tick slowly by and being bored out of one’s mind.  This job keeps me hopping and that makes the day go by faster.  In fact some days it goes by too fast and I wish there were a few more hours to the work day so I could stay ahead of the tasks when things pile up.

7.  The job is the paycheck and the paycheck is keeping the bill collectors at bay.  I am able to pay all of my debts and that is a huge plus for me since I have no desire to have bad credit.  Took a long time after the first divorce 25 years ago to get my credit score rebuilt, not about to let that happen again.

8.  The close proximity of Chipotle Mexican Grill is another thing I LOVE about my job.  I am addicted to their steak bowl with rice, black beans, corn salsa and cheese so having one literally a block away from me can some days make it all worth the effort.  Comfort food makes the day so much better!

9.  Parking is a plus, it is also free and there is a large parking lot out there.  Knowing folks that have to go downtown to work and pay ridiculous amounts of money to park in the garages makes me realize how fortunate I am that my wallet is not forking out money to plant the car between a couple of white lines somewhere.

10. A full hour for lunch if I want it!  In that hour I am able to recharge my mental batteries and untangle my thoughts so I can tackle the remainder of the day.  Sometimes that may involve a few rounds of Farkle on Facebook, a good novel, or putting my head on the desk and taking a nap.  Whatever I do with it, that full 60 minutes that is ALL mine makes for a better work day!