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What If Just $10 Could = All The Money You NEED?

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Tarter Sauce On My Notes

The life of an Avon Lady is NEVER boring.  Well mine isn’t, but then I’m hardly ordinary so of course  it would be extraordinary for me.  Now pair me with my sister, and fellow Avon rep, and well  things will always be interesting.

Monday we cruised out with a car loaded down with Avon brochures, each inside a plastic bag, then rolled and rubber banded.  We toss them in driveways, just like the newspaper and the weekly store ads.  It has proven quite effective as we always gain a few new customers.  Generally we toss the same neighborhood 3 times then move to a new one.  Anyone who calls in an order is  considered a customer and we will then place the books on their doors.  This time I had a few boxes of left over brochures so we hit the neighborhood I grew up in.  We tossed them all and headed home.

We use this method to distribute the brochures because we toss roughly 700-1000 per campaign between the two of us, all within 2 hours or less.  To walk door to door and hang that  many would take a week.

Later that day I received a phone call from a gentleman that asked if this was the Marti that is the Avon lady.  While he would not give me his name, I know who he is because he provided his address.   He asked me to stop throwing my garbage  in his  driveway.  I calmly apologized for any  inconvenience and promised not to ever do this again, and would add him to our  “do throw  list”.  He  seemed to want to push the complaint end with me a bit so I listened politely and again apologized.

Today as we were headed out to work this Wild and Wacky Wednesday recruit-a-thon, my district manager lets me know she heard from the  man too.  This  man first texts her and then calls her to inform her that the head of the neighborhood block watch there has me on video tape throwing my brochures in drive ways and that they have called the Better Business Bureau,  the City, the Police, and he might call the paper.  Oh and of course he called to complain to Avon and that is how he was able to get my district managers  number.  REALLY?????? ARE WE SERIOUS?   Oh. My. Gawd.  Pick up the damn thing and throw it  in the trash if you don’t want it! You asked me on the phone, I very politely and professionally agreed to never bother you again.  Next thing you know Crime Stoppers will be featuring the video tape of me throwing Avon brochures in the driveways of potential customers.  BAAAA HAAAA HAAAAAA! Well, we believe in “go for the no” and I would imagine that is about as “NO” as it gets.  In a world so full of pain and serious issues…war, cancer, child abuse, poverty…you seriously complain about one lousy brochure?  Amazingly small minded individual.  Maybe he would prefer I go on welfare and he  can support me?

This rattled my brain so much today that over lunch with my sister, while  waiting for our afternoon recruit appointments, I ended up laying my notes in my cole slaw, and then my tarter sauce from my  Big Boy sandwich. Unbelievable.

OH, on a positive note, that same area  where Mr. Self Appointed Crime Prevention lives…well I gained 2 new customers, and a new recruit to my team.  I did warn her NOT to leave her brochures at his home. He gets his boxers all knotted up over it.

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OUCH! @#$%^&*!!!!!


I have a very painful boo boo today.

Okay wait, let me back up here a bit first.  Every 2 weeks I am prepping and throwing my Avon brochures.  At least 500, sometimes up to 1000 depending on a number of things.  This is a process of stamping each one on the space on the back with my name, phone number and website for my store.  I also hand date each and every one.  Then if there is an insert, and there nearly always is, I stuff them all.  Then I put each in a plastic bag, roll it like a newspaper and rubber band it.  Needless to say this takes a number of hours to accomplish, anywhere form 4-8 depending on the number I am processing for distribution.  My hands are SO sore by the time I am finished that I look forward to the day I am making enough to hire students to do this task.

Often the process of preparing these books is done along with my mom and sister.  We gather, stack up our boxes of catalogs, then go through the prep process while watching our favorite TV shows a few nights a week.  It is much more pleasant a task in the company of others.

On distribution day I load up my car with 6-10 large boxes of the rolled brochures and head out.  These boxes weigh a LOT and I am out of shape and never properly lift so add a back ache to the hands.  I drive along through various neighborhoods with my driver’s window down (this ought to be a treat come winter) and I go slow, tossing a brochure onto each driveway.  I have some streets that I frequent due to gaining customers on them, others I pick that I’ve never thrown on before.  I don’t come home until all of the brochures are distributed.  This takes only an hour to an hour and a half.  There are many reps that think this method is wrong, that I should hang them on the door handles or even knock on doors and meet the potential clients.  I say that this method works just fine, and besides I know what it is like to be in the middle of something and have the doorbell ring.  If they want Avon they will call and we will meet!

So, today I loaded the car and headed out on my rounds.  About half way through I received my severe ouchie.  I was pulling the rolled books from the box, in a hurry, and depositing them in my lap.  I have very long nails (yep you see where this is going) that are acrylic as I cannot grow them myself.  I wasn’t being careful and jammed my hand into the box.  I’ve done this hundreds of times without issue, but this time I did it at just the WRONG angle.  I snapped the nail on my birdie finger (that one we so like to use to inform other drivers when they are #1).  Not only did it snap but it tore the real nail beneath it, off the nail bed, about a quarter of the way down my natural nail. I uttered quite the string of obscenities that would have made a trucker blush.  Sadly the nail was still hanging on by a piece of the nail bed and now was bleeding.

I stopped the car and pulled off the broken piece, followed by a few more choice, not-family-friendly words.  Thankfully I had a band-aid in my purse (I have everything in there, once winning a contest for the most items on a given list, in my purse, including an unidentifiable object).  So now I am typing with the injured digit wrapped in a bandage, which is very awkward with mostly a stub and the other fingers having rather long nails.  I’m so ticked at myself, as it will be weeks before that finger can have a nail on it again.  SIGH….

Oh well, the day wasn’t a loss, all 600 books were distributed, already have one new customer from this toss round, and signed up a new recruit for my team.

By the way, if you’d like to start living the life of an Avon Lady yourself, join my team.  Doesn’t matter where you live I can sign you up, train you (live video etc) and help you make a nice living (decide what that is and you can earn it).  Just go to Start Avon and enter the code: BREDESTEGE-GARD and for $20 you too can make money and have some interesting stories to write about!  You will also receive top notch support from me, as your upline, as I take good care of my recruits.

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Me Time…

I’ve noticed that I’m not getting a lot of ‘me time’ lately.  Between 2 jobs I just don’t have much time left over.  Anyone that doesn’t think daycare is a job, has never done it.  It is difficult and what time I do have on the computer is interrupted constantly by at least one child if not all 3 of the ones I have all day.  But I do enjoy it so I’m not complaining.  Avon is hard work too, if you want it to be successful.  Not hard physically, especially now that I’m rolling and throwing the brochures from a moving car as opposed to walking them around.  But that takes time and planning.  I have a lot more to do than I had realized if I want this to be the money maker I know it can be.  But again,  not complaining at all, I love this business!  Mostly because I work for myself and set my own hours.  I’m a slave driver!

I’m at the end of a campaign, so it goes in tomorrow.  Orders are already online I just have to hit the final submit button come morning and it’s done.  I can now breathe for a night or two, relax a bit.  But I won’t.  Oh I have a glass of wine sitting here, but there is work to be done.  A new brochure to study, books to be read, I don’t feel I have the time to spend with online games like I wish I did.  Even when watching TV, most of the time I am multi-tasking by stamping and dating brochures.  I live for the day that I can do just the Avon, full time and really pour myself into it.  For now, I try to squeeze out as much time as possible.

Me time is nails and a hair cut.  Though even that is somewhat work related.  After all, would YOU buy cosmetics from someone that looked like they just crawled out from under a rock?  It’s like when I walk in a health food store and the person behind the counter looks like death walking, all skin and bones and chalky white skin.  NOT the picture of health if you ask me.  Sure, I want to be eating or drinking what you recommend, doesn’t everyone want to look like a starving vampire?  Having nice nails and my makeup on,  hair looking nice, goes a long way for selling Avon, at least I think so.

Me time is also a good book, though lately I’m reading books related to sales.  Not relaxing like a trashy romance novel, and it is work related stuff so I don’t count that as down time.  Blogging is me time too, therapy even. But lately I have only been keeping up regularly with my Avon blog, again work.  😦  I need to win the lottery.  I used to be somewhat of a procrastinator but that side of me has been swallowed up by the side of me that wants to succeed and make a lot of money.  Financial freedom, it IS what I most want, and to not have to worry about money anymore.  And I want to do what I love…working with people, marketing and selling great products.

I need to give myself an hour a day maybe, of me time.  To blog, pleasure read, play Farkle, anything as long as it is NOT work related and IS something I enjoy.

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Marvi Marti Special!!

I am feeling quite generous  at the moment!  SO you, my readers, get to benefit from it! Come on, OWN THE MOMENT!!!

Fergie,  of The Black Eyed Peas, has a second fragrance by Avon, Outspoke  Intense.  It is amazing! (email me at with your home/mailing address I’ll mail you a sample).  It debuts this campaign and has a special offer of a free, wrist wallet with the purchase of the Parfum Spray on page 5  of this  brochure.

Campaign 18 is loaded with great deals, and I want to sweeten the pot a bit.  For every order of $25 or more, from this current campaign, I will throw  in a FREE lipstick from page 21  of the current (18) brochure ($8 value, AND a free sample of the new, ground breaking skin care product, ANEW GENICS.  Simply place your order online (out of towners I will ship you the freebies – do NOT order them yourself, I can only give you the freebie by mailing it on my own – it will be ordered with my regular orders on 8/30 and mailed to you on Saturday, 9/3/2011) and when I see your order come through processing, I will contact you to chose you color from the Ultra Color Rich Mooisture Seduction Lipstick (with SPF15) line on page 21.

You can view the entire Campaign 18 brochure online at My Online Avon Store by clicking the photo of the brochure in this post,  then “shop eBrochure” on the right hand side.  Offer good until Tuesday, 30 at midnight (EST).

ALSO keep in mind orders that are $30 or more SHIP FREE directly to you! Just enter FS30REP at check out!

Hurry, campaign ends Tuesday, August 30th!!