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Hi, I’m Marti And I’m Marvelous

Hi there, how are you?  I’ve picked up a lot of new readers lately so I decided to take a few minutes to tell you who I am and why I am out here publicly telling the world about things like why my dog poops at work.  But that is another post all on it’s own.

MMy name is Marti, and I am pretty marvelous.  Actually that started when Sesame Street had a character for the letter ‘M’, Marvelous Martha.  Mom called me that a few times, though in playing along with the show, because my entire family and every friend I have had calls me Marti.  The only exception in the family was grandpa, who called me Martha Marie.  But only he was ever permitted to do that, no one else is ever allowed to refer to me by that name as he was the greatest man I have ever known and I adored him.  The rest of the family actually calls me little Mart because mom is big Mart.  I’m named after mom…and her mom.

I try very hard in my life to look for the silver lining.  No, life is not perfect and mine is no bed of thornless roses, but we all have a choice to be happy and positive, or miserable and negative.  I make the choice of going with positive.  This has been mistaken by some to be ‘ego’.  Not at all the case, more like I just see no reason to curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself, stir drama and try to draw attention to myself with folks feeling sorry for me and fawning all over me.  I don’t need that kind of attention in my life.  I prefer folks see me as a happy, fun, funny, quirky, good time kinda gal, someone marvelously wonderful to have as a friend.  And with very few exceptions, that is how I am known.  From my Avon sisters to the folks I used to work with, to my family and friends, I am all of those fun things and I enjoy being me.

Blogging is just a creative form of journaling for me.  While some think I let it all hang out (and I am a fairly open book), there is a surprising amount of things I do not share here on my page. I have used it as a way to lash out at people but it has been a few years since I did that and I’ve made all of the apologies I will ever make for those things.

I love to write, it is like therapy for me.  I am currently writing a non-fiction book of my journey of faith, falling from it, and crawling back up on that path.  I also have a work of fiction under way.  My blog just lets me vent, cheer, unload and decompress.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ve gained quite a following as well, the numbers of followers by email and RSS etc always amazes me, I had no idea anyone cared to read what I write.

So, for all of you who are new, welcome to my crazy life.  It’s like my own reality show, and you get to join me for the insanity.

Random Marti Facts:

  • I LOVE coffee. Regular, flavored, I usually have a cup with me at all times.
  • My favorite color is pink.  Yes always has been. Had a bubble gum pink room growing up.
  • Second favorite color is purple.  I leaned on that once for a while not to offend someone.
  • I’ve stopped exchanging who I am to please others.  Take me or leave me, I am who I am.
  • I love dark chocolate.  Add nuts even better.
  • Ice cream is a weakness.
  • I’ve been married twice. First time was a short one, second was 22 years.  I’ve been divorced 4 years.  I loved being married but being single certainly has it’s benefits!
  • I’m a born again Christian.  I’m also a sinner but I’m trying to lead a godly life.  I screw up, but thankfully I’m forgiven.
  • I forgive others way too easily, hence I tend to have numerous knives in my back that others cannot see.
  • I sleep well at night, I have a crystal clear conscience.
  • Currently I am in the midst of menopause and that sucks big hairy monkey balls.  Sorry if that offends some but it’s just the facts.
  • I am mom to 2 of the best people who ever walked the planet, and mother-in-law to 2 more of those types.
  • Nana is the best name ever!  Grandma is the best stage of life.  I have 3 with one more due any minute now.
  • I live in the Diva Den.  That is a wonderful, very large house with my mom, sister and now one niece. The other niece moved out to live with her boyfriend.  We have more fun than the law should allow.
  • My favorite shows are (in no particular order):  Sons Of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, CSI, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Unforgettable, Under The Dome, NCIS.
  • I LOVE football.  Nope I still don’t totally understand some things but I love love love to watch.  Love the Bengals, and yes I am fully aware that they are not the greatest team but hey, at this writing they are 2-0 so here is hoping for a winning season.
  • I am a full time Avon Representative, currently selling at President’s Club level and a Unit Leader with my sights on SEUL.  I am looking to grow my team all over the USA so contact me if you are interested.  Yes you really can make a living selling lipstick.

Stick around, it’s rarely boring in my life and I’m usually sharing it!

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Friday Confessional


Time to get some things from this week off of my chest!

I Confess….

I stayed up WAY too late last night.  Scandal was back on, and I had to watch it.  Sure, I could have watched it today on Prime Time On Demand, but it started and I was already curled up under a blanket watching TV so I stayed up.  Not good.

I Confess…

It was not good because this week my sleep patterns are all messed up.  Insomnia combined with night sweats is making it hard for me to get a decent amount of sleeping in, so I’m like a zombie walking around.  While that is mostly due to menopause, it is also somewhat stress as little things this week have all been ganging up on me and I am trying to study for my state exam next week and start two new jobs. UGH.

I Confess…

I am PMSing too…so if you crawl past me too slow and look like you might be packed with fat, sugar and calories, I’m likely to mistake you for junk food.  I’m craving chocolate and ice cream.

I Confess…

When I couldn’t sleep Wednesday  night I started googling what were the best free apps for smart phones.  I found some cool ones to use for my Avon business, some fun games etc.  but I also found one called Tagged.  I assumed it was a social media thing like FourSquare and Twitter, and being a social media junkie I created my profile.  Not sure what it is supposed to really be, but it was like a mostly free dating site or something. Suddenly I was getting friend requests and marriage proposals from all over the world.  Oh and you can “own” each other as pets…I was bought and sold and my value was simply outstanding.  And it drove me bonkers, I couldn’t keep up with all the “attention” so I dropped that one.  I am NOT looking for a relationship so it was a pointless waste of my time.

I Confess…

I am really looking forward to this weekend!  Tonight I am having dinner with a very dear friend.  Haven’t seen him in well over a year and we have a ton of catching up to do.  Both of us headed in new career directions and lots of things have happened to us both over the past year, should be a great, relaxing evening.  Then I hope to spend some time with the grandchildren this weekend, and take my granddaughter out to eat and hang for a bit for a date with granny.

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Friday Confessional

PhotobucketIt is that time again…

I confess…
I am really loving this whole grandma thing.  2 grandchildren, who knew?  LOVING it.

I confess…
It was very nice watching the snow fall the other day, pretty and all wintery like.  Day after Christmas, on my grandson’s birth day, but I’m over the beauty thing now, it can leave.  Sadly it is going to snow some more tonight.  Seriously, where is summer???

I confess…
I had great intentions for the Grown Up Christmas List posts, but then I had to jump on the chance to go to school.  I’m certified now as a CNA but the line of blog postings…well those are not going to get finished this year.  And after the baby being born, I’m just kinda of a big, mushy hot mess right now. 🙂  In a good way of course.

I confess…
While I have not gained any weight over the holidays, I acquired or ‘renewed’ some bad eating habits.  Especially the Grazing Habit, that one where I just nibble all day then think “I didn’t eat a single meal today”.  Nope, more like 18 meals, not one of them ‘square’ unless you can find some nutritional value in Esther Price chocolates and Christmas cookies.

I confess…
I am addicted to yet another game.  My brother and daughter play Plague, Inc. on their phones.  Now I’m doing it too. UGH…but darn it is GOOD.

I confess…
I love my new cell phone.  I was stuck between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy SIII.  My daughter, who had an iPhone, is now a reformed iPhone user, she has the Galaxy SIII.  She loves her phone so I went with it too.  I am very pleased.  My other one is a piece of crap, kept shutting off and rebooting itself all day long.  I came very close to opening up the car window on I275 the last day of classes and tossing it under the wheels of a semi.  The screen is so much larger on this one, I can actually read my Kindle books.  I need a new Kindle, I miss it. Time for the Kindle Fire HD me thinks.

I confess…
I need to get back to regular, daily posts…

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#6 ~ My Grown Up Christmas List

6To see the full list click  HERE

#6 ~ My Education Pursuit 

My wish is that this material will come easily to me, and that I can get through the next 2 weeks without issues.  I need this certification and I think I am a good fit for the job and type of work it will allow me to pursue.

I wish for nothing to get in the way of my going and getting my needed education.


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Day 15 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Silly as this may sound, I’m thankful today for Facebook.

My kids are grown, my son is a cop working odd hours, my brothers are both firefighters who work 24 hour shifts, but on different days than each other, and I have more cousins than I can count thanks to huge families on both sides.

Facebook is like a real time newsletter that allows me to keep up with what everyone is doing, see some great (and not so great) jokes, sharing of articles, photos, news etc.  I admit I did not like Facebook when I first got mine, but it grew on me.  I was a Myspace convert.  I’ve since changed Facebook pages as the first one had “fyrwife” in the URL and as that no longer applied I wanted to get rid of it.  I still use it as a side account for playing games when I need to add a bunch of ‘friends’ for my ‘family’ in things like Mafia Wars, or fellow farmers in Farmville2.  I’m a bit more selective as to who I add on my personal account.

Facebook also allows me to have ‘fan’ pages, which I can use for my businesses to promote or offer specials, and one for my blog page followers.

Recently a college student from church even started a page/group for those who wanted to join in a study of the book of Romans, and my church has a page/group as well, allowing me to reach out for or give comfort and encouragement.

But mostly, I’m just thankful for Facebook for the additioinal ways to keep up with my kids, what they are doing, and share some love and laughter.

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Day 2 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I am thankful for the technology we have today.  I can text with someone in Hawaii, chatting as it were in real time!  I can get on my computer and use Skype to talk via live stream video with a friend or relative,  there is an app for just about anything and everything you can think of, including birthday candles in case you forgot to buy them when you picked up the cake.   Even GPS on our phones that is pinging cell towers that can help track down a lost person if their phone is on.  I am absolutely blown away by it all and love it all as well.  Guess rather than be overwhelmed the ADD in me cannot get enough of the newest, coolest technology crack as it is released!  All of which helps me stay connected to family and friends.  Yes, I could pick up a phone and call, but with a family that all works odd shifts, this way questions and reaching out to touch someone can be done and responded too far more easily.  And then not to mention the new friends I’ve made around the world via the various social media available.  I love technology and I am so thankful for it!

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Friday Confessional – No Skeletons In My Closet, Just A Hooker


Time to hit the confessional, currently being hosted over at High-Heeled Love while Mamarazzi takes a break. SO the icon above will take you to Mamarazzi’s place, you need to click on High-Heeled Love to get to the link-up if you decided to participate or want to read other blogger confessions.  Face it, you KNOW you want too, because we all like juicy stuff on others.

My ex-husband used to say we didn’t have skeletons in our closet, our’s sat out on the couch where you could see them all, as we had nothing to hide.  I try hard to carry that on, as I see no point in hiding things.

I confess…. I have a slight competitive streak in me.  Okay more than slight.  A little competition for the sake of fun can get me up off my tush and onto the playing field rather quickly.  Like yesterday there was a recruit-a-thon in our Avon district, so I was more driven to go find new leads and ended up with 6!  Or when it comes to truly important things, like my farm in FarmVille2.  Staying ahead of my baby sister will drive me to pull out of bed early to harvest my wheat.  Provided it is an even playing field, with NO real money being spent on the virtual farms.  Not that I haven’t been tempted!

I confess…. I have been enjoying the attention coming my way from out west via Long Beach, my nickname for some guy that lives there that has been off and on trying to get my attention for a few years now.  Claims he loves me (I confess I’m not that dumb as to believe in love at first sight, especially through photos) and wants to marry me.  Daddy didn’t raise me to be an episode of Criminal Minds so my being skeptical is understated.  But I will admit the texts are kind of fun.  But no wedding bells or relationships in my future, as he has never actually come here  to meet me despite the 2 year attraction now.  And nothing sexual, the texts are pretty vanilla, just amusing.

I confess…. Sometimes I like the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse.  I love the show, The Walking Dead, and we even have a ‘Zombie Attack Survival Guide’ poster hanging in the upstairs hallway.  Why you ask? Okay it is all fantasy dialog, but there are more than a few folks I’d love to have a  valid, lawful reason to stab in the head with a screwdriver.  Don’t freak out, I’m not a nut case, like I said, fantasy dialog.  Admit it, you know of at least one person that in your mind’s eye you’ve splattered their gray matter on the walls via a crossbow!  Huh? You haven’t? hmm….don’t tell my therapist.

I confess…. I do my best work in the 11.5th hour.  Hence I will be crocheting my sweet little fingers off today to finish up blankets  for the baby shower for my grandson tomorrow.  Don’t judge!  One is actually for my granddaugther, as she became my son’s the day he married her mother.  We adore this little red head and I promised myself once that all of my grandchildren would have a blanket from their grandma.  So I am making one for her just not a baby one, this is a beautiful big-girl blanket.  I will post a photo later this weekend, as my daughter-in-law reads my blogs sometimes and she doesn’t get a sneak peak!

I confess…. I am not going to make it to ladies bible study this morning because of that blanket.  But it has to be ready.  It is hard being the big sister with a new baby getting the attention, especially when you blend families, so I want her to feel extra special in her new role.  So I need to get back to my hooking here in a brief few minutes!

I confess…. I am NOT going to have an iPhone.  Just not caught up in the hoopla or sold on it.  After a side-by-side comparison online of iPhone 5, Droid Razr Maxx and the new Samsung Galaxy SIII….I am probably going with the Galaxy.  I am very familiar with Droid software, and in comparing them, I actually see little difference that matters except the price!  And I’m seeing more and more apps that were iPhone now coming out in Droid as it is being realized that not everyone thinks the iPhone is the end all.  It helped that my daughter, an iPhone owner, opted to go with the Galaxy SIII when her upgrade time came this past week.  And she loved her iPhone, but says she feels the Galaxy wins hands down. And this phone talks to you in that creepy lady voice too, and does face talk, and the battery life is nearly twice that of the iPhone 5. Right there is enough for me.

Okay, that is all I have for now.  Off to find my hook and yarn and finish these blankets!

Signing off,

The Happy, Somewhat Of A Nut Case, Hooker

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10 Social Networking Sites/Apps

As part of the 100 Things I Love series, here are 10 social networking sites or apps that I’ve come to really enjoy! If they are underlined it is a link so you can check it out online.

TWITTER – I am very much Twiddicted, I tweet a lot, and follow people that tweet some fun stuff I like.  Some are family, some news, mostly just people that struck me as interesting or amusing.  Twitter is a 140 character mini-blog basically, and it is harmless fun.  Online or as an app, both ways are awesome.

 Foursquare – I love this app.  You ‘check-in’ where you go and earn points, badges and if you check in the most, the Mayorship of the location.  I’ve stolen said Mayorship and had them stolen from me  several times.  It is absolutely pointless other than some places offer food or other specials when you check in or if you are the Mayor and check in.  Harmless fun for us easily amused types. This of course is an app.

Facebook – Facebook is kind of like an ongoing sitcom for me.  Or a never ending newsletter I can read on friends and family.  As busy as everyone seems to be it is one of the best ways to stay in touch with my cousins that I would really talk to otherwise.  Comes in online and app versions.

GetGlue – Another truly pointless site and app, you check-in when you are watching TV and earn stickers (glue).  I have multiple sheets of stickers for various shows and specific episodes of many of those shows…and not sure what I should do with them.  It’s fun to see how many others have checked in to see the same shows, but it is pretty pointless.  Online or app, whichever you prefer.

Pinterest – ERMAHGERD this is totally amazing.  Okay to me it is.  It is a pinboard for things you find online that you like and want to remember where  you saw them.  You categorize your pins to help you find them.  The best thing to do, if you are not familiar, is go look at mine by clicking the link.  I LOVE Pinterest.  I have all kinds of things pinned for crafts I want to do, room decor I like, even a dreamboard.  Online and available as an app for iPhone and Android!

Words With Friends – Available through Facebook online and as a app, it is scrabble against friends on your friend list.  I love it, but tend to forget that I need to go play it.  I’ve had numerous games going at once but I admit, I have a cheat site to help me.

Draw Something – Pictionary with your friends, also a great app, and one of my favorite ways to waste  time when I have nothing else to do.  Which lately isn’t very often.

HEYTELL – Basically it is voice texting.  I love it because I can talk a lot faster than I can type, and sometimes I just like hearing my kids voices rather than reading texts.  Especially useful when driving or busy and cannot type I can speak and send, then listen when the answer comes back. Rather cool if you ask me.

WAZE – I am new  to this one,  but I LIKE it!  Hard really to explain, but it will help you find your WAZE around town, bad traffic, speed traps etc. Best bet is to read the FAQ, as it seems you can find ‘treasures’ and win actual prizes. Go figure.

Texting – Last but not least, texting rocks.  I text a lot between my Avon team, family, friends etc.  Texting is my favorite, and easiest way to communicate with family and friends because calling, while far better, usually finds people busy, or like my brothers out on a fire run, it’s just easier if I text and they can return it when they have time.

By no means is this an exhaustive list, just the ones that come to mind.

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Coffee & Cupcakes

Coffee – the life blood of this Diva.  I likely drink far more than I should but I wouldn’t  consider facing the day without it!

Cupcakes – small portions  of something delicious, CAKE!  Sugar, fat, calories…YUM!

My brain is powered by the coffee as I write and the cupcakes in this case are small servings of a variety of things on my mind.  Cute, I know 😉

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


If you came looking for a particular post from yesterday – it’s been removed, by me, by request.  I’m really not so bullheaded, I just want to be treated kindly, and with respect. And when someone approaches me in said manner, I can be very reasonable.  Push me, I push back.  Talk shitty to me, you will get it return (haven’t got that darn turn the other check thing down real good), but mature, kind and considerate dialog usually gets through even my thick skull.  Flies…win more with honey than vinegar they say! 🙂

Had a great evening last night!  Very sweet first meeting, good food, EXCEPTIONAL company and conversation.  More on that in the Dating Diaries later.

1pm and here I sit still in my jammies, sipping coffee and just finished a cinnamon Pop-Tart, listening to P!NK and writing.  Lazy, but great morning.  Don’t judge, I didn’t get to sleep until after 3am, had a lot on my mind, all good.  I am finally hearing the stirrings of the other Divas too, guess the Diva Den is coming alive.  Better late than never!

I really had hoped to ride today with my best friend.  Sadly it is raining so that idea is nixed.  A week in review over Mexican and margaritas may have to fill in the space where the wind would be blowing in our hair while we talk.   Ah well, it IS the company that matters, not the activity.  🙂

There are a bunch of things in my head for upcoming posts on self worth, dating, love, moms and step moms….my poor brain is rolling in so many directions, and I have post-it notes all over the top of my desk full of thoughts for them all.  Going to be writing a LOT.  Though one post will be about my own dilemma to continue blogging or bail out now.  Much to purge!

But for now, a shower and getting dressed is in order or I’ll be showing up for my week in review dinner in my jammie pants and a hot pink sport bra (great visual, add massive bed head, mascara smeared under my eyes and you have one sexy look!).