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Morning Coffee On The Deck

12 Aug

image2.JPGOur deck is like being in a low tree house in the woods. It is one of my favorite places. Trees all around, nature living life right in front of our eyes. Some mornings deer can be found out here grazing, birds chirping and flying from one branch to the next, and even a pair of red foxes that took up residence nearby can be seen scooting along the tree line in search of food. Sitting here I can see the leaves fluttering in a breeze that is just a bit too gentle to make the wind chime sing that is hanging at the end of one of our over head beams. The crickets are still singing their night song as the last of the darkness hasn’t quite left the deeper parts woods. A nice, unusually cool 68 degrees for an August summer morning.

The deck faces west, into the wooded backdrop, so the sun is rising behind me right now, just beginning to kiss the tops of a few trees with it’s light, making them shine brighter than the lower branches. It is very beautiful to see.

No airplanes are flying over head to disturb the sounds just yet. We sit below the final approach to CVG airport, about 1.5 miles from the end of the runway as the crow flies so they come over us pretty low. Mostly the big cargo planes for DHL, Polar Air and by low I mean you swear you can read the pilot’s name tag.

image1 (1).JPGMe? I’m a vision of “just rolled out of bed” fashion, sporting black yogo pants that the top is rolled over on…twice..due to my weight loss, pink slippers, a pink Hello Kitty pajama shirt and my favorite baseball cap that hides the bed head hair-do I worked on all night. Absolutely stunning if I do say so myself.

I have my breakfast of Red Berry Crunchy O’s and a huge cup of coffee, along with my Kindle and one the books I’m currently reading. Oops, just dropped a crunchy on the deck floor. 5 second rule applies here, yes I did pick it up and eat it.

In about an hour or so my mom, sister and niece will each begin to find their way down to the coffee pot and join me out here in our little slice of paradise. We’ll talk, laugh, and enjoy not doing anything beyond sitting here holding down our chairs for a bit before life kicks us into action for the day.

But for now, it is just about enjoying this blessed gift of peace.


I Feel SO Lucky!

6 Jun

Maybe a better term would be BLESSED, I feel totally blessed!

Waking up to the nibbles on my chin of my kitten, quiet all around the house, brewing a pot of coffee in the early morning silence in a nice, big kitchen.  Then slipping back to my room to read  emails, catch up on  news and listen to music on my PC.  Enjoying a phone call with my youngest brother before his day got underway at the fire house.

Discovering that the sun is shining outside, the breeze is outstanding and the humidity is gone from the air.  Windows are all open and the warm breeze is blowing on me as I sit here typing. Trees swaying in the  gentle  wind, flags flying, birds  singing and laughter of children playing outside.

The view out of my window of this gorgeous  day reminds me of why I wanted a corner desk  by the  window so I could look out on the world.

The smell of goetta and waffles drifting up to my room as my sister is making brunch for the Divas, mixed with the smell of another fresh pot of coffee is making my stomach grumble, I can almost taste  it already.

My room is dusted and  vacuumed and laundry is all finished for the weekend,  so  it is a day of total  relaxation before going back to the office tomorrow.

The view from my desk

My family is all alive and well, and only a text, email or phone call away if they are not one of those  living in the Princess Palace.

Sometimes I just love sitting here enjoying the blessings I have, I am SO lucky!

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