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Wine & Cheese ~ 71st Serving

wine n cheeseWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Every week on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining. Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well.

I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings.

Sit back and join me now for the 71st serving of some wine and cheese!

~*~ ~*~ ~*~


😦  I really have only one whine today.  Yep just one, singular complaint.  I wish people driving around would come to realize that sunglasses are not a fashion accessory.  Sure, you can buy some really dazzling pairs and match them to your outfit, shoes or even your underpants.  But they are a NECESSITY when driving into the sunrise in the morning.  Because if you don’t have them on, you hit the brakes because you cannot see.  This causes the dreadful chain reaction of others hitting their brakes to avoid hitting you.  In some cases they are in the next lane and hit their brakes because they fear you might change lanes.  The guy driving in the lane next to that person and one or two cars back sees the brake lights and panics and hits his, unaware of why you two are braking but not wanting to be involved in whatever unseen danger is lurking feels he should join the little brake-light-engaged party.  Behind these folks others are forced to now brake and within seconds ya’ll have managed to bring hundreds and even thousands of cars on a major highway to a halt!

You sick, cheap-ass over achievers in stupidity need to exit the highway and go to any local gas station/stop-n-rob and buy some sunglasses.  Priced to move from $5-$55 you can get yourself some eye protection and get back on the road and join the ranks of those of us with brains who prepare for that big, bright orange ball in the sky each morning.

Meanwhile, I think the ‘high speed’, passing, far left lane should be reserved for those folks sporting protective eye-wear.  Those of us smart enough to actually be prepared for the morning blinded by the light arrival of sunshine should be rewarded for our choice to be ready for this event so WE can at least be moving!

Doesn’t matter if your choice of sunglasses makes you look like a super model, Lindsay Lohan after a serious bender, or those ‘birth control’ versions that will ensure you are unlikely to get laid anytime soon, just WEAR THEM!


🙂  I am in SUCH a great mood!  Mostly because I have opted to be.  My entire morning routine was messed up and out of sync and I just didn’t care.  I ROLLED with it!  I have no foundation on because I forgot to use it! WHO CARES! no one here warrants my concerns about how my face looks.  Music played in my head and I danced as I put on my face and then sang to the CD in my car all the way to work.  Off key and sounding like a buffalo caught in a trap I belted out several great songs all the way to work.

🙂  I have a wonderful man in my life!  We’re kinda like the Brady Bunch, but different!  He has 3 kids, just like Mike Brady, only one is a girl.  And he isn’t a gay actor portraying a straight man.  And we aren’t married.  I have moved in with my 3 babies.  All are girls, just like Carol Brady’s were, only mine are 4-legged furry types.  2 cats and one Yorkie dog.  And we don’t have a housekeeper/cook like Alice, so I’m not standing around snapping green beans, pretending to be cooking, while wearing a cute dress and pearls.  But that also means we don’t have the creeper butcher, Sam, dropping by to hit on our housekeeper.  But we’re a blended little bunch just like the Brady Bunch.  I LOVE my life, I’m happy.

🙂  I learned how to do a direct sales party online, so now I can do them for anyone across the country, expanding my client base.  That expands my income which hey, who can’t use a few more bucks?


Go spread some joy anyway that you can!  HAPPY HUMP DAY!!!!


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From The Top Of The Fence

Lately I’ve found myself perched on the fence which runs next to the road of life.  Through sunny days, rainy ones, even some that are cold and snowy, I’m just sitting here on the top, swinging my legs and thinking.  Some times I’m walking down memory lane, remembering the happy and not so happy times in my life.  Other days I am looking with great uncertainty at my future.  Then there are the days I’m just hanging on for dear life hoping not to fall off of this spot on the top rail and land on my tush in the mud puddle on the road side.

The reason I am sitting here is that I’m really uncertain which direction to go at the moment.  So many potential paths meet at this particular point on my life’s map and I just don’t know which one to start down, so I’m doing….nothing.  Wait, not true, I’m doing a lot, just in one place, not going forward down any road, or backward for the matter.  Just existing.

Confused? Me too.

I am at a growth point in my life where I know in my core there is something I am supposed to be doing and learning, right here on the fence….but what?

One of the things I am pondering, is combining my blogs.  While it may cost me some readers, it is too much to manage with my spiritual journey and life blogs.  My faith is part of me.  So, I will likely import it here and you, the faithful readers, can figure out which posts you wish to read from there on your own.

I need to simplify my life and start cutting negative people and forces from my sphere as well.


I wrote the above portion while eating lunch at work yesterday.  On the drive home I was tapped into my friend/boss, because he shoots straight but does it with the kindest of hearts and best of intentions.  He knows all of my dark secrets, the cracks in my shell, and has seen all the hues of my colorful personality and still loves me.  He has seen me at my worst, and at my best, and both make him laugh out loud.  And when he knows this powder keg personality of mine is in a situation where the potential for a huge explosion of either anger or crazy, over the top insane fun is about to occur, he just says, “Keep your clothes on, Ethel”.  That is my cue to stop, breathe, evaluate and dial down.   Though it isn’t fool-proof, it does have a tendency to cause me to at the least slow down.

So yesterday I picked his brain.  I knew that I have areas I need a little nip & tuck so to speak when it comes to improving me on the inside, I have been very resistant to examining myself.  But sooner or later that little voice gets through my very thick shell and I listen.  You cannot pray for guidance and then ignore it when it starts leaning on the doorbell to your heart.  I asked him some pointed questions about things he has said to me, knowing I was not likely to warmly embrace the answers but if I want honest input he is the one to dish it out, in bite size pieces for me to chew on.

He carefully placed a plank across the mud puddle, then helped me climb down off the fence and we started to walk down the path with the sign that says “needs attention”.  On this path we encountered “drama”.  I hate that word and wanted to turn around and run back to the fence, climb back up and pout.  But I had promised to listen with an open mind and heart, and I did ask for this, after all.  He prefaced what he said by reminding me that when it comes to people he loves and those he employees as his right arm, he doesn’t do dumb and doesn’t do boring.  Poor man, I am anything but boring, and his word, ‘colorful’, doesn’t scratch the surface.   And no I am not dumb, far from it.  I just tend to make poor choices when I’m pissed off.  I ‘react’ rather than think.  Which is what he was getting to with the drama.

He doesn’t think I am a drama queen, just that I tend to be a magnet for drama.  And when it does come my way I have a tendency to grab a stick and stir it up really good.  Oh heck, who am I kidding, I grab the industrial grade blender and set it on high, lid off so the contents go everywhere.  He did note that this only happens when someone hurts me, that it is in raw pain and emotion that I will go for the throat and rip someone’s jugular wide open and then stab them repeatedly while they are bleeding out.  I don’t know when in my life this started, though my childhood was full of being the misfit.  I am a card-carrying member of the Island Of Misfit Toys from “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”.  I have never felt like I fit in that I can remember.  A person can only take so much being knocked down and picked on before they start lashing out.  I built up the walls around me to protect myself, and behind that tough exterior is a very insecure woman who still hears the voices of her tormentors at times.

The boss heard me described as “emotional” once by the ex, but he prefers to call it passion.  I am very passionate no doubt about it, in every area of my life from love to work to….yeah let’s not go THERE.  And he doesn’t think it is a bad thing at all, says people with passion also have a real heart.  But the passion can over flow the banks of the river of emotion and then the tsunami like damage can be done.  He also pointed out that I cannot change that, it is who and what I am.  BUT I can change how I direct and use that passion.  I don’t always have to flood the land with negative emotion. He has seen the positive emotion over flow and finds it highly amusing and fun to be around- says it is what draws folks to me, because I am full of life and compassion too.  He has helped me more than once (“Keep your clothes on, Ethel”) when what I wanted to do was shred someone verbally and so while it stung to get into this area of my character, I was able to see that I can indeed maintain who I am, not bury or hide my passion, just redirect the currents when negative emotions start the waters rising.

That  “come to Jesus” talk came in handy, and the timing was no doubt Divinely appointed.  See, when I got home last night and settled in after work, I came across a book that was recently published.  Seems the ex-hubster’s new wife is trying her hand at writing.  All in all it was a cute story, but I was cut deep by the ‘character’ of me and how others (ie: my children) view me in her tale.  I was given the name, Zelda.  Sounds like a wicked witch name, and yes I yanked open the broom closet but couldn’t find my magic means of evil transport.  What was written hurt, a LOT.  But with the earlier discussion still warm in my ears, I resisted the urge to write a tell-all book about the ex, “the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey would say, that  would show the world he is less than the stellar, upstanding member of the community that is portrayed in her novel.  Instead, I called the Cowboy and talked to him.  Then I took a deep breath and digested it all.  I have never said an unkind word about her, and I never will.  I don’t know her well, but what I have come to know is a nice person, with a beautiful smile that goes all the way to her eyes.  I’ve tried to do the right thing in any situation where we both were present, even went well beyond that on one occasion and I’d do it again even now.  She only knows the negative and fringe, she doesn’t know ME.  She doesn’t know the me that loved my husband with every fiber of my being, that prayed for him, that was there when he was broken and ugly, that remained faithful and loyal and never spoke an unkind word about him to anyone until we divorced.  The me that still loves him very much and always will.  The me my ex loved and married, had children with, and had a marriage that he said was 90% good.  The me that wanted more than anything to be a stay at home mom, but instead missed my kids growing up years because I had to work to provide for my family when my husband could not.  The me that never gave up on him, but was tossed aside like yesterday’s newspaper by him.  He was my hero.  Once the raw pain subsided, I could be happy for him, and I am, as he seems to have found his soul mate.

I’m so thankful that I didn’t react like I initially felt, but instead dropped the dagger, sat on my pretty little fingers and waited, prayed, cried and waited some more.  The more I did this, the more I decided I rather like “Zelda”, she is someone colorful and wacky, a little looney and far from boring.  In fact, I’m even going to pimp the book:

It is an ebook, available for 99 cents on your Kindle. Click the picture to purchase.

This morning I decided to look up name meanings, and see just what Zelda means.  I like it, and in fact, embrace it, especially after sharing it with someone else who said it fits me rather well.

Your First Name of: Zelda (from the website:

  • Your first name of Zelda has given you a responsible, expressive, inspirational, and friendly personality.
  • Expression comes naturally to you and you are rarely at a loss for words; in fact, you have to put forth effort at times to curb an over-active tongue.
  • Self-confidence has made it easy for you to meet people and you are well-liked for your spontaneous, happy ways.
  • You sincerely like people and do not often experience loneliness; your work and home-life are likely filled with association You enjoy music and could have a fine singing voice; however, the study could be somewhat difficult because you do not find it easy to apply yourself to concentrated study for long periods.
  • In this respect, this name is not altogether constructive; it creates a somewhat scattering influence which makes it difficult for you to finish what you start.
  • This name brings disappointments and emotional involvements through being too sympathetic and easily influenced.
  • As a result of your active nature, you have an appetite for quick-energy foods, which you could consume to excess.
  • Health weakness appear as skin conditions, or as ailments relative to the liver.
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Wine & Cheese ~ 61st Serving

iStock_000003890177XSmallWelcome to Wine & Cheese, my weekly, Wednesday whine session.

Many weeks on Wednesday I devote a blog to whining.

Despite being a really happy, positive person, I do have things that annoy me at times.

I never let anything grate on my nerves for long but thought it would be fun to vent them periodically in my blogs.

I also feel that good things, the cheese in life, should be acknowledged as well. I’m even going to throw in a bit of dessert, a piece of virtual chocolate, something that made me laugh or smile just a bit more than normal.

If you’d like to read the past editions of Wine & Cheese just click HERE for all of the past postings. Sit back and join me now for the 60th  serving of some wine and cheese!

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:(  I have been SO busy that I’ve neglected my blog.  It isn’t an intentional thing, only that it isn’t as big a priority as getting work done for my full time job and Avon business.  But hoping that I can fix that this weekend by writing ahead a bit and using the schedule feature to get things posted.  I miss writing!

😦  Where is Spring???  I am so tired of being cold, having my nose run, having to scrape my car off and warm it up in the mornings.  I want to roll the windows down and feel the breeze, get on a Harley and be someone’s fender fluff, sleep with the windows open in my room.

😦  My favorite TV shows are all coming to the end of their seasons.  This is both good and bad.  Good in that I won’t have to try to squeeze those in from Prime Time On Demand, bad in that, well…I’ll miss Daryl on The Walking Dead.


🙂  I am loving my job!!!  I didn’t think I would like being back behind a desk and computer but it is SO much more than that!  It is an awesome feeling when you are helping people who have watched their lives turned on end in minutes due to fire, flood or storms.  Knowing that what we do restores their homes and memories is a super way to spend the day, and our days fly by!

🙂  I keep being mistaken for being some years younger, and even asked a few times recently if I am my daughter’s sister.  I am not going to lie, I totally embrace turning 50, my new bi-focal glasses etc, but it does the ego very much good to be guessed or assumed younger!   I credit my skin care regimen!  You can read about that on my beauty blog.

🙂  It’s Wednesday!  Middle of the week and we can see Friday if we stand on our toes!  YIPPIEEEEEEE!!!


Oh SO guilty!!!


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#6 ~ My Grown Up Christmas List

6To see the full list click  HERE

#6 ~ My Education Pursuit 

My wish is that this material will come easily to me, and that I can get through the next 2 weeks without issues.  I need this certification and I think I am a good fit for the job and type of work it will allow me to pursue.

I wish for nothing to get in the way of my going and getting my needed education.


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#2 ~ My Grown Up Christmas List 2012

2To see the full list click  HERE

#2 – My Son & His Family

My second wish on my list is for my son and his family.

For his beautiful wife and he to have a love that lasts their lifetime, with “Just Enough” and be faithful and loving to each other always.

For his beautiful little girl, who to him is every bit as much his as his soon to be son.  For her to grow up to be a Proverbs 31 woman one day, who has a heart that desires to serve the Lord.

For his son, who is due to arrive this month, may he be born healthy and strong, and that he will grow up to be a man of God, and make his parents proud.

May all their lives be full of “just enough”, always.

Seen as part of a post on another day, entitled “Just Enough”. Author unknown.

“I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

– Author Unknown

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Day 28 – 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Today I am thankful for family and friends who can fix things.

My laptop is acting up and I fear it is on death’s bed.  My youngest brother is going to come by and check it out and see if he can do anything.  He is very good with fixing and building computers.  Thankfully.

He is also very good at breaking the news to you, when, as he put it, “I think it went to that great silicon graveyard in the sky.”

I have many friends and family members able to fix just about anything or they can recommend a solution.  Even if it is to open up the window and toss it out, or in the case of my car, hope space garbage falls from the sky and lands on it.

Seriously, though, I am fortunate to be surrounded by funny, yet talented individuals.


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Day 22 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

Thankful today for all those who will not be able to be home.

Our military deployed away from family – thank you for serving our country.

For the police and firefighters who have to be on duty today and away from family, my son and brother among them, – thank you for keeping us safe, please be safe today!

For doctors, nurses, and countless other jobs that must continue despite the holiday – thank you for all you do to keep things going.

And for the families who will celebrate this day without their loved ones in these various roles, thank you for your sacrifice that enables those men and women to do their jobs.

To everyone, have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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Pro – ?

This week the topic for Tuesday Coffee Chat is: Pro – ?

This is in regards to abortion.

The topic is highly controversial to say the least.

I had an unplanned pregnancy at 15yo, so I feel I can safely put my perspective on this.

I am pro-torn.  It just isn’t as cut and dry, in my opinion, as folks want to make it seem.  At least not to me.

First, for me it simply is not an option I would chose.  I thought about it long and hard when I was 15.  I was a sophomore in high school, had been accepted to the vocational school for the legal secretary program. I had a boyfriend, a summer of fun ahead of me and 2 more years of high school to do all those fun teenage girl things.  Pregnant was just a word until I found out I was going to have a baby.  I had a LOT of decisions to make.  Have the baby, or have an abortion.  If I had the baby, keep it or give it up for adoption.  If I kept it, how was I going to finish school, etc etc etc.  I ended up deciding to have the baby, a little girl, and gave her up for adoption.

Trust me being a birth parent isn’t easy, you carry that with you all of your life,  until, if like mine it is a closed adoption, you know how it all turned out.  I would say the vast majority never know what became of the child they placed for adoption if it is a closed one.  They can only hope and pray the child had the best of what life has to offer.  I was able to find the child, now an adult.  But that opens another set of issues.  For some, they reunite and try to make up for lost time as mom/child.  In our case…we were strangers.  She has a loving family, a mom and dad.  I gave her life, they gave her a LIFE.  She wasn’t looking for a mom, I wasn’t looking for a daughter.  We both had lots of questions waiting for answers, but neither of us was looking to add another seat at the Thanksgiving dinners with the family.  I guess that might sound cold, but trust me it isn’t.  We became friends of sorts, but I don’t push for contact.  That is all up to her.  We both have lives and families, we are friends that share some common genetic codes, and we’ve both had our eyes opened a bit to the wonder of what is genetic and what is learned behaviors.   She knows that I am here if she ever wishes to talk and that I will always care about her, but it isn’t something easy to explain.  She drifts in and out of my life at her will.  I was thankful to learn all my prayers had been answered for her, I could not have hand picked a more perfect family.   But I have no claim to her and while I enjoy and value her friendship very much, it is all by her terms.

Sorry, didn’t mean to hijack this.

Anyway, adoption IS a great option, but not everyone is mentally prepared to handle it.  It is far from cut and dry, have the baby, sign the papers then see ya bye.  It impacts your life and the child’s to varying degrees.

Keeping a baby and raising a child as a teenager is a personal choice, but not one I would choose or recommend.  As any parent knows there is more to it than diapers, naps, and feedings.  It too is not for the faint of heart.

Abortion is indeed taking a life.  I love the banner I have seen that says something to the effect: if we discovered a one cell organism on Mars, science would proclaim we discovered life on another planet.  But that a baby, until born, is not considered a life.  If a one-celled organism is considered life, then life begins at conception.  To me, in my mind, it certainly does.  But then it is actually a 2-celled organism I suppose.  Certainly once a heart starts beating, blood is flowing, then it must be considered life.  It is how we determine those outside of the womb are alive or dead, by a beating heart.  Brain activity would also make us call it a life, as the brain is actively making that little heart beat.  Per what I can find online, the heart is beating by week  4 or 5.  But prior to that, cells are actively dividing and transforming into various body parts.  It is alive.

Back to the discussion, is the Marvelous one pro-life?  Yes.  Is she also pro-abortion? Yes.

There are circumstances when I believe it is okay, if done very early.  But if there is ANY way to continue the pregnancy I think it should continue.

Now, about that whole woman’s right to choose, it is her body.  I’m calling bullshit right there.  The right to choose, in MOST pregnancies, was before you got pregnant.  There is precious little room for making the case of an accidental pregnancy with all the advances in medicine today.  Too many options to prevent the pregnancy are available.

The issue I have with its HER body, what about the other body that is growing there?   It’s not a child or baby if the woman chooses to end the pregnancy.  But it IS a child if she chooses not too?  People are charged with the murder of a mother and her unborn child in car accidents.  Or just the child if the mother survives.  I have an issue with that.  It is either a life and therefore a child, or it is not. But you cannot have it both ways based on want for that pregnancy.  To me, it is in fact a child, a life.  It isn’t murder if the mother ends the pregnancy, but it is if another driver runs into her and ends the pregnancy.  How can that even be?

And what of the fathers?

Sally and John discover Sally is pregnant.  Sally doesn’t want the baby or pregnancy so she goes and ends it.  She doesn’t need John’s permission.  In fact, he has ZERO say in the matter even though he wants the child.  That isn’t right it is HIS child too!  But wait, she is woman, hear her roar, and it is HER body so she gets to make the choice.  Sorry John you are but a sperm donor and have no say so whatsoever in the life of your would be child.

But suppose Sally decides to continue the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption.  NOW John matters.  The courts want his input and signature on the bottom line releasing his rights to this child.  If it is her body, her right to choose, why does the father even enter into the picture at this point?

OR Sally gives birth and keeps the baby, but John does not want this child.    Now little Miss It’s My Body and My Womb and My Choice suddenly expects John to PAY for her choice for the next 18 years.  How the heck is that even right?  If she doesn’t want it, despite him wanting it, then it isn’t a child, it is her choice.  But if he doesn’t want it, she does, now it is his responsibility.  Bullshit.

Sorry but dads get screwed in this and that is simply not right at all.

What about rape or incest?  Well as far as rape goes, if you immediately report it and go to the hospital, there are steps that can be taken during the processing of your body as a crime scene that will ensure it is unlikely you will get pregnant.  Incest is another issue in and of itself.  Sadly it isn’t until some young child is pregnant that the violation of her innocence is even known.  There will always be extenuating circumstances that I would support abortion, but they truly are rare in occurrence.  Abortion as a means of birth control is wrong, there are far better ways to prevent a pregnancy.

Okay that all said…I believe abortion for the most part is wrong.  It is murder in my opinion, a sin.  However…I don’t have to answer for another’s choice.  My sins are the ones I have to answer too.  And believe me if you are in line behind me on Judgment Day, bring a picnic basket because it’s going to be a long wait.   The dirt in front of my own door will have me sweeping for a long time.  Abortion is legal, and it is not going to go away because it is all about making money.  If you have any doubt of that, read the book “The Scarlet Lady” by Carol Everett.  The industry is far less about women’s health care and WAY more about making money.

SIGH…I’m sure this doesn’t help much.  See, it really isn’t all that easy for me to stand completely on one side or the other.

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Day 17 ~ 30 Days Of Thankfulness 2012

I am thankful for my freedom.  As in being single.

I know that will strike many as rather odd, considering how shattered I was when my marriage ended.

Being single, I’ve learned a lot more about myself than I knew before.  With me being the only primary responsibility and priority, I have had a chance for much reflection on who, what, where, when, why and how regarding myself.  I’ve discovered things about me that I’d totally forgotten.  I can be whoever or whatever pleases me at the moment and don’t have to sleep with or really care one bit about what those who are critical of my choices have to say about it.  I can take risks, explore, etc. the world around me and myself in MY time and do it all my way.  And I can fail at anything and not be criticized by anyone that matters to me.

I know it may sound selfish, but I don’t mean it too.  I think it is very important that we stay in touch with our true, inner self.  Often in a relationship of any great length, we let go of our inner self in order to hang on to the other person, sacrificing who we are to make another happy.  There is much maturity and self awareness that doesn’t usually come along until we have some living under our belts and sadly, most of us don’t have it when we marry young, as I did.  Relationships should be a blending of two people without either giving up who they are or parts of who they are, in order to make things work.  Compromise is fine, but not Photoshopping ourselves.  No one is worth  our priceless self that does not willingly accept what they view as our imperfections.  You want my best, you have to take the worst too.  I’m not a menu.

When the day comes that I get married again, my mate will be getting a far better person than the previous one had.  I know who I am now, and I’m not willing to negotiate me any longer.  And that, for the sake of both parties, will actually be a far better relationship arrangement than I was in before.  It is why more and more I think toward an arranged marriage, not one of someone else establishing for me, but me and the next significant other arranging based first on common sense, logic and reason, then attraction, and then let the love grow from the friendship and fondness.  Frankly I think it will have more staying power.

I’m thankful for the freedom that helped me find me.

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Friday Confessional


I confess… 
I did NOT want to get out of my bed this morning to go do this vendor event with my SwissJust upline.  But I needed the exposure to some of the products and knowledge she has, and she was going to be alone at an event that typically has 17,000 people through it in the course of the weekend so it didn’t seem fair not to go.

I confess… 
I am SO glad that I went to the event.  I did learn a lot and it helped me with my push out of my shy comfort zone.  And it was fun.

I confess… 
I am starting to really look forward to going to school in a few weeks to get my nurse aide certification.  At first I wasn’t but I love old people, and getting to work in the nursing home with them, helping to care for them, is appealing.  Having medical insurance again is a huge plus too.

I confess… 
I am somewhat glad that one of my favorite shows, Blue Bloods, is not on tonight.  I came home with a migraine today and it totally kicked my butt.  I don’t get them often, so when I do, I am always astounded at the amount of energy they drain from my body.

I confess… 
I am about to go re-heat my pumpkin spice coffee for the third time because I keep getting distracted online and forgetting to drink it.