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Day 12 – Something I Am OCD About

17 Feb

All About Me  In 30 Days – Day 12

I first want to qualify that I am not truly OCD, at least I don’t think so, about anything.  Not in the true definition of OCD at least.

But I AM picky about certain things being a certain way.  One thing I am OCD about is my bed.  It has to be made every day shortly after I get up.  I cannot and will not get into the bed if it has not been made.  I am not sure why this is but my bed must be made  before I can get into it. 

Part of it, in my opinion, goes back to my feeling that my bedroom should be my nest, my haven, my safe place.  I like my room to be in order, things put away and the room clean.  It gives me a sense of peace when I am in my room.  I chose the color to help bring about warm and happy feelings, picked my bedding because when I saw it, it sparked good feelings.  Things being put away and in order helps with that peacefulness.

I’ve always felt that the bedroom should be special.  If married it should be a warm, inviting, restful place.  Again, a nest and haven for the couple.  It should be off limits to the rest of the family and to friends.  Oh, and no animals.  For now, because I am single,  I really do not mind my cat being in my room, or the other cats that come in and sleep on the bed with me.  But if I were married again, no animals share the bed or the room.  Rover and the kittens can sleep in the guest room, on the floor outside the master bedroom, anywhere they like except mine and the spouse’s room.

The center of the bedroom is the bed, so the bed MUST be made.  No ifs, ands,  or buts about it.

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