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Christmas Eve Morning Coffee Musings…

Coffee cup with steamI need to vent.

First, over night there was another drunk driving fatality.  Really, is it so difficult to call a cab? A friend? NOT GET DRUNK AND DRIVE???  It doesn’t just impact the family of the victim.  And by the way “victim” I use loosely as if you drove drunk and wrecked that is rather self imposed.  I prefer reckless fool to victim.  Word is out that he was in fact drunk, was verbally reported on the news.  There is a family that now for Christmas Eve morning is being told that someone isn’t going to be there to open his gifts this year.  But the impact doesn’t stop there.  Police officers and fire/rescue personnel will carry those images home with them today.  If you think it doesn’t bother them you are nuts.  And please don’t tell me that they should get a different job, it would eat at the heart and mind of the Grinch himself.  Then the lucky officer who had to go ring someone’s doorbell in the wee hours this morning to share the “good news” with the loved ones of the 24 year old deceased, he or she will carry that with them through the holiday as well, the shock, grief etc. of that family.  The only good is that he only took out himself.

Yesterday in the wee hours, a family headed to visit relatives for Christmas was forever changed when a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway hit them head on. He is dead, his 7 year old is dead, and in the other vehicle the parents are dead and some of their children are in the hospital with life threatening injuries.  All dead, so many grieving, and all because someone was not responsible enough to get a designated driver.

Yes, I’ve been one of those drivers in my life, and thankfully never hurt myself or anyone else.  Things like this remind me that it just is NOT worth it.

On to better things.  Sorry just had to vent for a minute.

I am not ready for Christmas, I have a few things to finish up here today.  But despite being dead broke and no money, I’m happier than I have been in years.  I have my family, my health, and finished classes and got certified to work as a nurse aide.  I have the love of a bunch of awesome, quirky, slightly off balance and dysfunctional family and friends.

On Wednesday my 2nd grandchild will make his entrance into this world and the huge family (on his mommy and daddy’s sides) that already love that little man more than we can all begin to say.

In this year I’ve gained a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, and before it ends a grandson.  So much love to go around, something money cannot buy to put under my tree.  Lives that make mine so full of joy and laughter.

Maybe that is why those stories make me so mad…I know how precious life is, and what a gift filled holiday this is simply because of who touches my life, and how I’d feel if one of those priceless treasures was torn from my world because of stupidity.

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Day 08 → Someone Who Made My Life Hell, Or Treated Me Like Shit

30 Days Of Truth

Day 08 → Someone Who Made Your Life Hell, Or Treated You Like Shit

This one has taken some time to ponder, and I’m still not able to narrow this down all that well to just one individual.  Certainly plenty of people have treated me like shit from the 1st hubby that had a tendency to black out and become violent when he drank, to the 2nd hubby that announced after 23yrs of marriage that he wanted a divorce.  He thinks otherwise but where I come from when you stand by and support someone through years of surgeries (about 17 total) and the pain and sleep deprivation moods that went with that, not to mention being the lone income for the family or the major bread winner most of the time, to suddenly bail IS treating someone that loved you like shit.  Okay and yes, life was a living hell through all of that, but I chose to stay knowing sooner or later it would improve.

In fact that is the conclusion I have arrived at after days of pondering this particular subject:  We make our own life hell by the choices we make.  When I married the first hubby, I discovered he  had an alcohol problem that resulted in some severe mood swings, paranoia, and violence when he drank.  I CHOSE to stay there for several years and put up with it.  Yes his drinking and resulting behavior is HIS own fault, but I am the fool that stuck it out for so long in that hell.  I made the choice so therefore I made my own life hell.  Same with the 2nd husband and his medical issues.  They were not his fault, and to some degree his moods on the narcotics, intense pain and lack of sleep cannot be totally blamed on him.  I made the conscious decision to live in that hell for years until we got him fixed, that hell was my own choosing and I could have packed up and left at any time.  But I stayed.  I have learned that marriage vows, should  I ever be dumb enough to take them again, will be rewritten.  To hell with this crap of  “for better or worse, richer or poorer, in sickness and in health”, I experienced all of that for 23 years and did not bail and for what?  One relationship closer to owning 10 cats, that’s what!  BUT I did chose  that life and to continue to love someone that was less than deserving of my love.   That is an incredible woman if I do say so myself.

I have moved on, and began a new life.  The men that are a now permitted  into my life are on  probation for life.  One screw up and out of the picture they go.  I won’t be treated badly again but one time by any man, at which point he is FINISHED.  I am special, a unique, outstanding, good hearted, giving, loving, compassionate woman.  Call it a princess complex if you want too, I don’t care, I am a great catch and if I grace your life with my presence you damn well better be ready to treat me like the incredible and amazing woman that I am!  No, I don’t have a big ego, I have a lot of male friends (no not ones trying to get in my skirt) that have known me a while, that told me how awesome I am, what a treasure I would be for any man, and what a fool he was that let me go.  They know of my temper, know what I did, said etc over the years, know my imperfections and character flaws, and still think I’m all class and wonder.  From now on this girl is choosing happiness over hell.

So, yes, someone has made my life hell….that someone was me by the choices I made and the resulting consequences, and the length of time I was willing to live with said results until I ( or another) removed myself from the existence in that Hades.

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