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Christmas Eve Morning Coffee Musings…

Coffee cup with steamI need to vent.

First, over night there was another drunk driving fatality.  Really, is it so difficult to call a cab? A friend? NOT GET DRUNK AND DRIVE???  It doesn’t just impact the family of the victim.  And by the way “victim” I use loosely as if you drove drunk and wrecked that is rather self imposed.  I prefer reckless fool to victim.  Word is out that he was in fact drunk, was verbally reported on the news.  There is a family that now for Christmas Eve morning is being told that someone isn’t going to be there to open his gifts this year.  But the impact doesn’t stop there.  Police officers and fire/rescue personnel will carry those images home with them today.  If you think it doesn’t bother them you are nuts.  And please don’t tell me that they should get a different job, it would eat at the heart and mind of the Grinch himself.  Then the lucky officer who had to go ring someone’s doorbell in the wee hours this morning to share the “good news” with the loved ones of the 24 year old deceased, he or she will carry that with them through the holiday as well, the shock, grief etc. of that family.  The only good is that he only took out himself.

Yesterday in the wee hours, a family headed to visit relatives for Christmas was forever changed when a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway hit them head on. He is dead, his 7 year old is dead, and in the other vehicle the parents are dead and some of their children are in the hospital with life threatening injuries.  All dead, so many grieving, and all because someone was not responsible enough to get a designated driver.

Yes, I’ve been one of those drivers in my life, and thankfully never hurt myself or anyone else.  Things like this remind me that it just is NOT worth it.

On to better things.  Sorry just had to vent for a minute.

I am not ready for Christmas, I have a few things to finish up here today.  But despite being dead broke and no money, I’m happier than I have been in years.  I have my family, my health, and finished classes and got certified to work as a nurse aide.  I have the love of a bunch of awesome, quirky, slightly off balance and dysfunctional family and friends.

On Wednesday my 2nd grandchild will make his entrance into this world and the huge family (on his mommy and daddy’s sides) that already love that little man more than we can all begin to say.

In this year I’ve gained a daughter-in-law, a granddaughter, and before it ends a grandson.  So much love to go around, something money cannot buy to put under my tree.  Lives that make mine so full of joy and laughter.

Maybe that is why those stories make me so mad…I know how precious life is, and what a gift filled holiday this is simply because of who touches my life, and how I’d feel if one of those priceless treasures was torn from my world because of stupidity.

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Not As Young As I Once Was…


What the heck was I thinking?????

I am so T-I-R-E-D….

Yesterday my baby girl turned 21.  Last night we went out to my favorite little pub to have a drink to celebrate.  Me in my moment of temporary insanity wisdom tagged people on Facebook to come out and join us.  It quickly turned into a small party.  Her brother, old neighbors, my brother and Diva Angeo, my ex-husband (oh yes, I was nice and he did his best to play nice in the sandbox too), and several others showed up.  I crawled in bed about 2:30 this morning.  But not before lots of fun, photos of 3 of us (one being my daughter) up drinking on the bar, and a lot of “oh stay for one more mom/Marti”.  I must be insane!!!  While this time I did not get totally hammered, whenever I am out with my son it is usually a “you will pay for this later, self” kind of time.  I am paying for it thankfully from lack of sleep and not a royal hangover.  But then I didn’t do shots or play drinking games, I actually CAN behave sometimes!

I am so far beyond exhausted this morning.  Most of this week I have had insomnia at some point during the night, waking up unable to go to sleep again.  And now, here I sit, sucking down coffee like I  need it to breathe (which as tired as I am I probably DO).  Miss Marti will be dead on her feet today. Jumper cables may need to be used to keep me going today.

I remember a time, in my much younger days, when I could do this all week long and be bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning, sometimes not even going to bed between the party and the next work day.  Those days are long gone!  Good grief I am getting too old for this!  Who am I kidding, I AM too old for this!  Ah but it was fun 🙂



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