Reading Challenge 2016


Our public library put up their 2016 Reading Challenge, and I LOVE it!  I am a book worm so having something to read is always awesome in my opinion.  The challenge is to read 25 books, and below is the challenge list.  I will add my reads as I go, with a 1-5 star review of the books read. The hashtag to follow this challenge is #CincyReadingChallenge


  1. A book written more than 100 years ago
  2. A memoir
  3. A book translated from a foreign language into your native tongue
  4. A book picked at random from the library shelf
  5. A book recommended by a librarian
  6. A travel book about a place you won’t likely see
  7. A book you read back in high school
  8. A book with more than 900 pages
  9. A book of short stories
  10. A genre you’ve never read before
  11. A book title that was made into a TV show or movie
  12. A religious or spiritual book
  13. A self-help book
  14. A cookbook
  15. A book about crafting or DIY
  16. A book about a historical event
  17. A western
  18. A mystery
  19. A book with a wacky pun in the title
  20. A graphic novel
  21. A coffee table book
  22. A banned book
  23. A book written the year you were born
  24. A book set in the town or city where you live
  25. A book written by someone who shares your first name

A rather intriguing list, don’t you think?  With 25 books, that means knocking out  an average of 2 a month, not too difficult! OH let the fun begin!!!