My Supporting Cast

This is the supporting cast that stars with me in my reality show known as my life.  At any given time they can, and likely will be the subject(s) of my writings.  As others are talked about I will add them too:

My mother, known as Diva Mom – God bless her for putting up with all of us all these years and not killing us! She is now in heaven as of April 28, 2018. My heart and soul will never stop hurting.
My dad, camera in hand, he loves taking pictures
My brother Yatz and my sis-in-law Angie
Mike & his wife, Trina
my sister, Boo
My son and his wife
My baby girl and her husband
my niece, Sarah, and her husband
my niece, Jeanne
Pixel – my 4 legged heart band-aid. My sister gave her to me for my 47th bday when she was just 4 weeks old


What are your thoughts?

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