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Better Living Through…Nature!?

25 Oct

This week I opted in on the Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop and chose option 3 – Tell us something that fascinates  you.

I used to say, “Better living through chemistry”, as in just hand me a glass of wine and this will all be okay.  No wine? Okay a cold beer will do the trick.  Or a shot of whiskey.  Or chocolate, just give me the darn candy bar or cookies and I’ll let everyone live another day.  And of course there is the good old Lexapro because the ex said I was overly emotional and had anger issues.  He is the ONLY person who ever told me this, even my kids now tell me that no I really wasn’t that bad.  But what the heck, I’ve got myself down to 20mg and it probably has kept the body count down while I went through the divorce and these 2+ years after.  My clue that I really don’t need it, for depression or anger is when I go to take it, from the daily pill container, and discover that I haven’t had it in a week.  And no one is saying, “yikes have you had your meds today???”  I was on 40mg but honestly I was border line zombie material so I backed myself down from it.  I think having a full range of emotions is the intent, without slicing throats.  Only one throat I have had any real desire to slash and that one divorced me.  Well okay, the soon-to-be-though-not-soon-enough-former-sister-in-law, but honestly I think it would be better if she suffered.  Sorry, inner voice took over there for just a minute.

Chocolate makes my butt huge, and well so does beer.  Wine is all good but there is that whole  “in moderation” thing, and the risk of a DUI and well that would suck sour grapes really.   Honestly I do not care for taking medication of any kind.  I have grown more and more skeptical of chemicals.  I think modern medicine is amazing, but I think the less drugs we take the better.  Not to mention side effects and those lovely little warning labels that say not to exceed __ number of doses in a specified time period.  That is just dandy but what if my nose is stuffed up and I’m only 3 hours into the 12 hour period of the nasal spray???  Or  it has only been 2 hours and I cannot exceed 4 doses over a 24 hour period of some pill??

Recently my skeptical self encountered essential oils.  100% pure, pharmaceutical grade oils.  I bought into herbal teas after finding success with ailments, then discovered oils.  In struggling with allergies I allowed myself to ‘try’ spraying Eucasol from SwissJust on a tissue and laying it across my face and holy mother of sinus clogs I discovered that my head cleared right out and I could breathe!  I’ve gone through almost every drop of the stuff I have and will be buying more.  And unlike that famous vapor rub, this doesn’t leave greasy stains on anything.  I love it.

Then came Lavender Oil.  My friend had trouble sleeping, suffering from insomnia issues.  She put a few drops in her hands at bed time, cupped them over her nose and inhaled a while, then rubbed her hands on her pillow case and spent her night inhaling the wonderful scent and she SLEPT!  I was in a short struggle with brain scramble, when the ADD just won’t settle down so my mind could shut off and I could sleep, so I tried it.  I again was shocked beyond my skepticism when I found myself sleeping like a downed tree.

The granddaddy of them all is the Body Balm.  I was told to put it in a spray bottle and spray it down my chest and back a pump or two when hot flashes hit, thanks the menopause trying to elbow its unwelcome self into my life.  The primary ingredient is Arnica Extract.  There are 12 secondary ingredients including Edelweiss extract, Chamomile extract and St. John’s Wort extract.  I can tell you that it is said to be awesome for bruises, sprains and stings.  My sister put it on  a blister and it was gone the next day.  And with regards to those hot flashes?  Cue the angels singing and warm light from above, it works!

I have now taken a total fascination into essential oils and aroma therapy.  The Anti Stress Activator has 15 various oils, and 2  drops gently rubbed behind my ears and on the nap of my neck and yes, the Marvelous one is chillaxed.  Mind crystal clear and R-E-L-A-X-E-D.  Fascinated is so understated.  Call it mind over matter, the stuff of witch doctors and snake oil salesman, but I’m here to tell you that it works.  This stuff is essentially amazing!   Should you decide to try out essential oils, be certain they are 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade or they lack the necessary strength to really be effective.


Ermahgerd! Plaid!

4 Oct


What comes to mind when you think of the word, “plaid”?

Hmm..well first off those lovely, pleated PLAID skirts we wore in Catholic school when growing up,  and for one year of high school.  And of course now there is the kinky side of it, as an adult, because many men like their female to dress up as a naughty school girl for them.  Makes me wonder at times about the psychological implications of that, but then let’s not go there.  I wasn’t a big fan of the skirts back when I had to wear them, though I’ll admit it was very easy to figure out what to wear to school each day…the plaid uniform skirt, white blouse, white knee socks, and a blue or green sweater depending on the colors in the skirt.  Still not seeing what is so sexy about that.

Next on the list is Christmas!  Whenever I see plaid in green, red, black and gold, I think the holidays for some reason.  Ribbon, table runners, all sorts of things during the holidays that are plaid in those colors start popping up around Christmas.  I love it.

I also think of my son, wearing his plaid when playing the bagpipes.  Since he was just 12 years old he has played the pipes with first our local Sheriff’s department band, and then the Cincinnati Emerald Society.  He is quite good, and I was always quite proud of him.  He has been known to pick them up at any Irish  pub he happens to be in and just play, like he plays them daily, which makes my brother slightly sick because it seems most folks have to practice.

My son playing on St. Patrick’s Day (his personal holiday he claims, as he has a big chunk of Irish in his genetic makeup) a number of years back.

My son a number of years ago when he played with the Sheriff’s dept. band

Then I think of my brother, who also plays the pipes now, with the Cincinnati Emerald Society.  He too is rather talented, and I love seeing him in parades and at events playing, as somewhere in us is decent size splash of Irish genes, enough to give us all a doozie of a temper when mixed with our German and Hungarian blood.

Baby brother with his pipes

Which leads me to nearly 10 years ago on my 40th birthday when my entire family met for dinner to celebrate with me.  It was wacky fun, and as we were leaving there were drive-by silly string attacks on each other in the parking lot while my son and brother are tailgating with the bagpipes.  Bet no one there that day imagined they’d see anything like this goofy bunch!

This year on St. Patrick’s Day, my son’s official, personal holiday, he married the love of his life.   I had hoped he would dress in his kilt but he opted for a tux.  However they did have a piper at the wedding and reception, a long time friend of his from clear back to 12 years old when he first started playing in the Sheriff’s band.  During the reception the piper spoke for a minute about my son, then handed him the pipes so we got to hear him play at least!  The wedding is probably my happiest ‘plaid’ thought to date!

My son clowning around before his wedding.


The piper leading the wedding party from the ceremony down the street to the reception.


My son playing his buddy’s pipes at the reception.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

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5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 20 Things About Me!

1 Dec

I am taking part in Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today, and chose this prompt:

Five Things. List 5 things we don’t know about you, 5 things you’re knowledgeable about, 5 things you know nothing about, and 5 things you believe.

Mama’s Losin’ It

5 Things You Don’t Know About Me (at least most of you)

  1. I was not only the first grandchild on  my mom’s side, but I was born on my grandpa’s birthday!  Mom missed the party because she was having me.  Needless to say we had a very special connection and I loved him very much.  He has been gone 15 years and I miss him very much.
  2. My first dozen red roses was from my grandpa, on my first birthday.
  3. I gave birth to my first child when I was just 16 years old, on 12/26/79.  I placed her for adoption and never imagined one day  having the opportunity to meet her.  Our contact is sporadic, but I have had closure and it’s okay if we don’t ever meet again.  I gave her life but I am not her mom, she has parents that she dearly loves and I couldn’t have hand picked anyone better for her.
  4. I  think my favorite snack is popcorn.  Not into a lot of butter or flavored, just normal microwave popcorn will do.  I eat it pretty much daily, usually in the evening with a beer while reading or watching TV.  Though I did just have it for lunch, healthy I know.
  5. I am one of those people that get laughed at in the drive-thru at McDonald’s or Burger King because I order a value meal, then chose DIET coke to have with all that fat.  No, I know it doesn’t balance it in some way.  I happen to prefer diet over regular, because I find regular just too syrupy for my taste.  Yes I know that it is bad for me, but I like it so I drink it.  Life is too short to deprive myself of the things I enjoy.

5 Things I Am Knowledgeable About

  1. Crocheting things – I love to work with a hook and yarn, it is like therapy for me.  I learned the very basics in 6th grade, making up my own patterns until, while 16 and in the maternity home, I actually started learning to read patterns.   I enjoy making blankets in the Fall and Winter because whatever my project is keeps me warm while I work on it.
  2. I am fairly knowledgable about Facebook and Twitter.  I can navigate and teach someone else quite  a bit.  Until they make changes, but it  doesn’t take me long to figure it out.
  3. Ulcerative Colitis – I have it and have read anything and everything I can find on it.  I know what is likely to trigger mine out of remission and what medication works best to get it back into remission quickly.  I manage to go many years without issues because of this knowledge.
  4. Deaf culture as I was in college to get my interpreting degree and got to within one class to finish and then didn’t.  I learned a lot about the Deaf and have a great love of sign language.
  5. The dangers of drinking shots of Jagermeister.  I swear it is poison and no two bottles are the same.  I’ve had duplicate days of eating and drinking that included shots of Jag, and some ended well and others were a disaster.  Nothing changed except the bottle from which the shots were poured, leading me to believe no two are the same.

5 Things I Know Nothing About

  1. Calculus – I hate math,  I suck at numbers in general and anything above the basics is an abstract mystery to me that has yet to and never will be solved.
  2. Music.  I either like it or I do not, but that about sums up the total of what I know about it.
  3. Golf – other than it is incredibly BORING to watch on TV.  And one of the sport’s most famous had a real problem keeping his pants on around beautiful women when married.
  4. Working on cars.  I can put gas in them, check the level and add oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid and windshield wiper fluid.  Outside of that the damn things are complex and mechanical and I haven’t a clue.
  5. Horticulture – I have a black thumb and may be guilty of the death of even fake plants.

5 Things I Believe

  1. I believe in God, that He is very much there, very real, and that nothing happens apart from His will or allowing it to happen.
  2. That everything happens for a reason, there are no accidents or coincidences, and it isn’t for us to understand how that all works.
  3. That the Bible is in fact God’s word, given through mortal man, and that when we started removing God from every day life, every day life went to hell in handbasket.
  4. I  believe no one is responsible for my bad or good behavior in life.  It isn’t about my upbringing, being spanked, etc. but rather it is about choices I make, good or bad.
  5. I believe happiness in life is a choice.  Not about what happens to us but how we respond.  We chose to find the silver lining or just see the storm clouds.

10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be A Real Housewife From Any County

5 May

Mama’s Losin’ It

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10 Reasons Why I Could Not Be A Real Housewife From Any County

  1. I am single.  Hard to be a housewife if you aren’t married to carry the title ‘wife’.  Not seeing that on my future horizon anytime soon so yeah, housewife is kinda out for me.
  2. I would never be happy not working at something.  The country club, lunch, tennis and shopping aren’t productive in my book, just not happening for me.
  3. I HATE shopping with a passion (how non-girlie I know).  I get a headache just thinking about going to the mall.
  4. Short of getting my nails done every few weeks and my hair highlighted every 3 months, I really do little to pamper myself. Okay maybe a good shower gel now and then.
  5. Speaking of pampering, never had a massage despite having had a friend that was a massage therapist.  Sad right?  Way too expensive IMHO.  Much happier having someone massage my hands when my arthritis is acting up. Way more personal.
  6. While I really do enjoy the symphony,  I much prefer a blanket under the stars listening to the Cincinnati Pops in the park curled up with someone special, to getting all dressed up to go to Music Hall.
  7. Other than a tummy tuck and  boob  job to fix what I felt were major flaws from having kids, I will grow old gracefully with a good skin care regimen and skip the face lifts and botox. (must be doing something right cause few guess my age and the 7yo I watch just told me yesterday that my face looks much younger this week)
  8. I am pretty certain I am way more comfy sitting around the grill and fire pit with steaks, cold beer and good friends to dining in 5 star establishments where I don’t even recognize what is being served.
  9. I HATE having my picture taken and I am rarely seen without my makeup on so the idea of a camera crew following my every move 24 x 7 turns my stomach.
  10. I am way too west side/redneck girl to survive long in the snooty rich bitch side of society, I’d have most of them offended in the first 5 minutes and the rest of them when I drank too much and flashed the twins at the country club bar!

About Annie

10 Mar

Annie.  That is all I have to say and it brings fond memories and smiles to the faces of my siblings.

When I was about 3 years old, my parents purchased a house in Price Hill, a neighborhood in Cincinnati.  We had a long back yard, and on the left side, 3 houses back yards meet up with our property.  At that time there were no fences so it was wide open except for flower beds.  As kids we thought it was HUGE, though on a recent trip to check out the house, as it was for sale, I was shocked at how small the yard really is.  One strong memory there as I stood in the backyard was the 3rd house, Annie’s house.

Annie was probably in her 50’s at the time we moved in,  and lived in the house with her husband, Erhart and I think her kids that were grown, Bob and  Elaine.  Oh and their old dog, Ginger.  Annie had a great back porch and when we were all outside playing she’d call us over for our “quota”.  Quota was candy,  and she  had the best candy!  A few orange slices (those gummy kind covered in sugar) were my favorite, or marsh mellow peanuts.  YUM!  Annie was always a good ear, seemed to really love little kids and chatting with us.

She was also a good set of eyes for my parents when hell broke loose in the backyard and they needed to get to the  bottom of who started it.  One time I was showing my brother how to swing a baseball bat, as if he needed my assistance, and I hit him right up side the head.  While he was screaming bloody murder, I ran up the side of the house and slipped in through the front door.  Mom was exiting the backdoor to find out what my brother was crying over.  I came out of the house behind her, acting all innocent while  being tattled on.  It might have worked had Annie not witnessed the crime and filled my mother in on the details.  BUSTED!!!!

We moved away  from there just before I started high school, and I lost track of Annie.  I ran into her and her daughter at the grocery store after I myself became a mother.  She was very old but was still our beloved Annie.  I learned  that her husband had passed away, and her son, Bob (a true to life hippie) and he had a falling out years prior and he left without looking back, and didn’t know his dad had  died.  I  could  see the pain in Annie’s face as she shared that with me.  It broke my heart to think that an argument could split two people that loved each other  and cause damage that  would forever be beyond repair now that one of them had left this world.

I hope to be remembered like Annie some day.  She was so sweet, and she reminds me of a time when my world was so much simpler and happy, when something as simple as a few pieces of candy and the lick from a dog on my cheek could make me smile!

Mama’s Losin’ It

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Our old house - in foreclosure now, wish I could buy it!!!

What’s Growing Under My Feet???

24 Feb

Mama's Losin' It

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise man grows it under his feet.” — James Oppenheim



I am no stranger to adversity, pain and a broken heart, my life path has encountered these on more than a few occasions and sometimes, through my own fault.  But one thing these bumps in the broken road have taught me is that happiness is right where I am.

I married the starter hubby at 19, full of Cinderella dreams that came crashing down soon after the engagement.  Hey, when the groom shows up to the wedding drunk, it MIGHT be a sign that you should yank up those skirts and run like hell for the hills.  My daddy even leaned over and whispered something to the effect that it wasn’t too late to kick off those heels and bolt if I was so inclined.  I missed that less than subtle hint, and I guess everyone thought I was aware that my very soon to be husband was plastered.  I wasn’t even remotely aware that the ridiculous grin on his face had zero to do with making me his wife, and everything to do with  over consumption of alcohol until communion, when he downed the entire chalice of wine himself.  We had already said our vows, were legally wed….EPIC FAIL!

Then I met and became legally bound again a few years later and once again had blissful dreams of happily ever after.  While married I was happy, and loved him very much. But it was all a dream while I slept for those years.

When Sleeping Beauty awoke from that beautiful dream, a shattered heart was the reality.  But it didn’t take me long to pull from memory and stop dreaming of somewhere over the rainbow in the distance and start finding happiness right there in my own back yard (thank you Dorothy).  There, in my present reality, I found happiness.   In those people that chose to wrap around me in love and support, I found comfort.  In the little things like the sun shining, a great song on the radio, a scoop of my favorite ice cream, or a special text from my niece* when I went home before we all moved into one house, I found happiness growing under my feet.  As it grew like a vine it wrapped around me, and on bare branches roses of hope and joy bloomed.

I am a fairly easy person to please, pretty low maintenance.  I don’t need a lot to make me happy.  A favorite candy bar, a warm hug and a really deep kiss, my hand wrapped in someone else’s, the giggles of the kids in the neighborhood as they play outside, the purr of my cat in my ear when she wants me to wake up and scratch her head, my daughter’s dog running at me all excited to see mommy (gotta love visitation with the pooch!), curled up with a cup of coffee and the Divas on a winter morning in front of the fire place, or on a starry night on our deck, a sweet text “good night” or “good morning”, hugs from the twin 6yo nieces, these are the things that are now, under foot, growing the REAL happiness in life, in the current moment.


*one night when I left the Divas, while preparing to move out of the Black Hole’s galaxy, my niece texted me, “don’t lose your green card, we want you back!”.  It made me tear up to know someone wanted me.


My Favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition

3 Feb

My favorite Valentine tradition…is the boycott.  The UN-Valentine celebration.  Yes, for nearly 22 years of marriage, I did NOT want anything for Valentine’s Day.  And I never will want anything.

See, to me it is a big scam.  Once a year, men and women who normally do nothing special for their honey-baby-mine outside of birthdays and Christmas, are guilt driven by displays shoving it down their throats some creative marketing to do something to prove their love.  They don’t do it because they were driving home from work, or out running errands and thought, “wow, I love my sweet schnookems, I think a little token of my love is in order“, at which time they buy a card, or candy bar, or flowers, and surprise their dear, sweet cupcake.  The only reason they think to buy love  gifts is because everyone else is doing it so there is pressure.  Not only from store displays, but billboards, TV  and radio commercials.

Let me help you realize something…people  don’t feel special if you are guilted in to doing something for them, no matter where the pressure is coming from.  Special is being the only woman in an office building of hundreds that gets flowers, out of the blue, for NO reason other than being loved by someone who was thinking about you.  It isn’t special when there are 50 florist delivery trucks in and out of the complex dropping off flowers for dozens of women because for a change their man did something special.  Not to mention that for what he paid for those flowers on Valentine’s Day he could have sent her flowers 4 different times on other days.  The prices are jacked up because it is a heavily promoted scam to bilk a bunch of money out of people.

If I am special, I want those unnecessary tokens (unnecessary because one’s kiss, touch, hug, attention etc should speak their affection on a daily basis, with some passion and feeling and not just when they want a little some-some) when no one else is getting them.  I want it to be because I was thought of and as a surprise (it isn’t a surprise if everyone is doing it on a national holiday) not because it is expected.  If it takes a month of advertising to bring me to mind  enough to pressure someone into spending far more than they would if they thought of me on their own..then I must not be that special and would rather they just didn’t bother.

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Sand Castle Dreams

6 Jan

“If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.”  ~J.M. Power

When I was growing up we periodically vacationed on the east coast around the outer banks or in Florida.  From a young age I have loved the beach  and ocean, believing the sound of the waves on the sand is God’s perfect therapy for our stress.  Nothing seems to sooth me like closing my eyes and listening to that sound.

One of the joys of both children and adults alike is building sandcastles on the beach.  Sand that is moist and stays that way is the best for building them, so the best spot is always near the shore line when the tide is low.  Plenty of moist sand to build until your heart is content.  Of course the trouble is, when the  tides shift the water will wash over that beautiful creation and slowly wash it away until there is barely a few bumps on the beach where it once was standing so proudly.  If you opt to build further  inland, bringing the moist sand to your wave safe location, once the sand dries the wind will carry it away, eroding it until again it is just  a pile of sand.  No matter how much time and effort is put into the forming of that sand castle, sooner or later  it will vanish.

Dreams are wonderful things, they help us to keep a positive out look on life.  Dreams often become the foundations of our goals and desires, something we want to achieve or obtain.  We might dream of being famous, or getting our masters degree, a better job, having a bigger house, a nicer car or finally tying the knot with that one person that we simply cannot live without.  On the beach of our minds we play with those dreams, shaping and carving them carefully into something special,  like the sand castles on the beach.

But in order to have our dreams come true we need to act on them.  We need to wake up and DO something other than just dream.  Dreams are good things but they cannot become a reality just by building them on the sands of our hearts or minds.  So many times when asleep a dream has been so real that I was sure when I opened my eyes it would be a reality….and then the light of morning bringing me out of my deep sleep revealed that it was nothing more than a vision in my mind.  In order to achieve our dreams we have to make them a reality,  or at least try.  Wake up…plan…and DO something.  Certainly risks may be involved, either financial,  time or emotions, but without the action we can never know our dreams as realities.

If we only dream and never wake up, the dreams are nothing but sand castles waiting for the waters of life to wash them away, unfulfilled, until they are but a vague memory of what could have been.  Don’t wait for your dreams to vanish, wake up!

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10 Things I Love About Fall

30 Sep

Mama's Losin' It

I love the Fall for the change in temperatures.  Oh I am a total warm weather fan, but I love being able to wear my warm, soft, fuzzy on the inside sweat shirts.  Especially hoodies, I need that pocket on the front to put my cell phone, keys and other items in when I am out and about.

Having the windows open due to the change in the temperatures is nice too.  Cooler outside and less humidity, even on a day when it is in the mid 70’s like today, the windows are open and the breeze blowing through, and sleeping with the windows open is even better!

Football season is in full swing, and I LOVE football!  Ohio State, UC and of course the Cincinnati Bengals are  my teams, I just love watching them!

Fire pits are another plus.  Sure, there are some cooler evenings in the summer when you can use them, but it is so nice to be able to sit around the fire pit with coffee or a couple of beers, with friends and snacks and just relax on any given weekend.  I love the smell too.

Speaking of smells, there is nothing like the smell of fire places if you are out walking on a cool, Autumn night.  Kinda puts me in a romantic frame of mind.

The return of the holidays is on the horizon, and I LOVE the holiday season.  But for now, the hay rides, cider, and Halloween are all fun and all put a smile on my face.

Time to for hooking again when the Fall weather sets in!  I love to crochet but when it is hot out it is miserable to have a big blanket over my lap.  Fall weather means I can pick up the yarn and my hook and snuggle under my latest project.

While shorter day light time isn’t a real thrill, I tend to get more sleep in the Fall.  My body says it is bedtime once it gets dark so I tend to go to bed much earlier than I do in the summer.  It is like my major recharge time once the days grow shorter.

Food changes with the seasons, the focus moving from cookouts and burgers to chili and stews in the Fall.  I LOVE when it is time to mix up the meals and start changing what we serve.   Last night we dined on strawberry almond salad for the last time, as the strawberries need to be fresh for this to be a great meal.  Chili, soup, stew, all of these will now become part of our menu.

And last but not least…change in the outside world around me.  I LOVE the colors of this time of year!  I am blessed to live in an area of the country where we get to experience all 4 seasons fully.  This makes us appreciate each one all the more.  Fall brings about the leaves on the trees changing color, mums in  bright oranges, amber and gold, even the air takes on a different smell, you can detect the change with your nose!

10 Reasons Why I Love My Job

23 Sep

Mama's Losin' It

There are always a lot of reasons we hate our jobs, so I decided to chose this writing assignment so that I could THINK through the reasons I love my job.

1. I’m employed! Sounds silly but I was let go from my previous job after 26 years with the company.  I spent 18 months drawing unemployment and crawling the walls.  Certainly I did enjoy being home and free to spend my day as I wished but my kids are grown so there wasn’t a lot to do.  I did experiment with some cooking and that went well, and enjoyed laying pool side in the summer, but I NEED to work.  So finding this job was a blessing!

2. Other than my subcontractors and the boss coming and going throughout the day, for the most part it is just me there.  I have a lot of freedom to listen to whatever I want on the radio, curse a blue streak when I feel the need, and other than the phones I am really left undisturbed a good portion of the time.  I like this, I do not do well with micro-managers so being able to function without someone over my shoulder is great.  And when I need it quiet to concentrate, it is QUIET.

Simon Howden /

3.  The challenge..seriously since the boss resigned over the past weekend my job has become a world class challenge.  I’m trying to get my balance in managing 2 territories and doing all the necessary follow up and preparation so my subcontractors are on the ball and supporting the owner and VP that are now handling all the quoting and sales in these areas as well as their own.  I am stressed but it is like being dared to fail so I’m all over it and trying hard to succeed.

4.  Not going to lie, the free donuts on Fridays are kinda special to me.  The building management provides them in the coffee lounge every Friday morning, and that is just a sweet (no pun intended) little perk I very much enjoy!

5.  Free coffee is another mega plus!  The building management also provides the free coffee daily and anymore I need all the life giving push I can get in the mornings.  More than once I’ve read or heard about studies indicating that ADD adults tend to be medicated by caffeine which then masks the symptoms.  The women in my family drink coffee like addicts shooting up so there may indeed be something to it.  We can drink an entire pot each and sleep like bricks, and we’re focused on it so who knows.

6.  It keeps me busy!  Nothing is worse than watching the clock tick slowly by and being bored out of one’s mind.  This job keeps me hopping and that makes the day go by faster.  In fact some days it goes by too fast and I wish there were a few more hours to the work day so I could stay ahead of the tasks when things pile up.

7.  The job is the paycheck and the paycheck is keeping the bill collectors at bay.  I am able to pay all of my debts and that is a huge plus for me since I have no desire to have bad credit.  Took a long time after the first divorce 25 years ago to get my credit score rebuilt, not about to let that happen again.

8.  The close proximity of Chipotle Mexican Grill is another thing I LOVE about my job.  I am addicted to their steak bowl with rice, black beans, corn salsa and cheese so having one literally a block away from me can some days make it all worth the effort.  Comfort food makes the day so much better!

9.  Parking is a plus, it is also free and there is a large parking lot out there.  Knowing folks that have to go downtown to work and pay ridiculous amounts of money to park in the garages makes me realize how fortunate I am that my wallet is not forking out money to plant the car between a couple of white lines somewhere.

10. A full hour for lunch if I want it!  In that hour I am able to recharge my mental batteries and untangle my thoughts so I can tackle the remainder of the day.  Sometimes that may involve a few rounds of Farkle on Facebook, a good novel, or putting my head on the desk and taking a nap.  Whatever I do with it, that full 60 minutes that is ALL mine makes for a better work day!

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