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Tickle Me Pink

I’ve never made a complete bucket list, it is a work in progress that one day I will post.  I also have an indulgence list, it too is a work in progress.  This is a list of things that I either buy periodically or I intend to purchase in order to spoil myself, over time, simply because I enjoy them.  Pamper Me items that while I find pleasure in them, I rarely bought for myself without feelings of guilt for spending the money.  I’m past that now.  I must say there is something liberating about managing my own money, MY money, all mine.  This just all tickles me pink!

I enjoy spoiling myself, not rotten mind you because I have never been and never will be THAT self indulgent, but I do feel I deserve some fun things now and then.  Here is my list of things I love to buy/do for myself:

NAILS: I love having acrylic nails, long ones.  I will skip eating out to put money aside to have my nails done because I think they are super feminine and if a woman is going to wear rings or bracelets then her nails should look great as they are a part of the hand that is the  showcase for the jewelry.

HAIR: I am natural blond, but I love highlights and love my kinda messy do with the back all spiked/standing up.  I also love putting pink in it at times.  I put money aside in my budget for maintaining the locks the way I like them now, and never again will I wear my hair a particular way because someone else prefers it.

TANNING: I love tanning, and I have put it off for a while now because I really did not have the money to fake bake myself bronze.  However I feel a good dose of vitamin D in the tanning bed, with the fan and radio on, is about the best 20 minute power nap I can have!  I’m working it back in my budget.

PAJAMAS: These border on an addiction of late, I love lounge wear type jammies and have been treating myself to them whenever possible.

HOODIES: I love hooded sweat shirts, cannot get enough of them, though I really  only have a few.  I love them thick, soft inside and with a pocket on the front.  Bengals, UC, plain..doesn’t matter what is on them I just  love them.

PERSONALIZED/VANITY PLATES: All my driving life I wanted license plates with my choice of wording.  I finally was able to get them a number of years ago, first set was HOT JAZ, and then I got new ones that said FYR WIFE.   In January when they were expired, Lord Voldemort wouldn’t let me get a new set, just did away with them as I was no longer a fire wife, but wasn’t allowed to spend the money for something new.  That will end this weekend. The car is going in my name and I will be ordering my new plates.  I have several ideas for what I want on them but haven’t narrowed it down.

CUSTOM BENGALS JERSEY: I will be splurging on a personalized jersey this year, maybe 2 of them. One in white and one in black, with my name and lucky number on them.   I have wanted to spend the money so many different times and even when given the green light could not bring myself to drop $100 for one when I knew our finances were tight.  Seemed like an unnecessary expense.  It still is but now I am the only one that suffers if money is tight between paydays so I WILL have one if not both!

SOCKS: Plain, white, thick footie socks, I LOVE them!  I hate shoes but like something on my feet, and those are what I like.  Because I don’t wear shoes if I can avoid it, I go through a few dozen pair a year and I don’t care.   I love them!!!

CHIPOTLE: I love Chipotle steak bowls and at least once a week (and sometimes many more) I treat myself to one for lunch.  I cannot get enough of it!

DIGITAL PHOTOS: Every payday I purchase credits to use digitial photos  so that I can dress up my blogs a bit.  I love them and love hunting for just that right one.

BLOGGING: Writing is like therapy and a drug for me.  I love blogging and don’t like to miss a day unless I have too.

READING: I love reading!  I used to have a large collection of books, I cannot get enough of reading.  I don’t like heavy stuff, and educational only in the form of historical fiction.  I read for pleasure and want a good story to keep me entertained. My library card gets a work out in spurts when the reading bug hits me.

YARN: I am totally at home in the yarn aisle of my local Hobby Lobby store.  I love to crochet and make blankets, especially baby stuff.  In the winter I enjoy being curled up under my latest creation hooking away.  This winter it will be with the added touch of a fireplace and a nice, warm fire going while me and my yarn addicted sister  feed our hooker addiction.

BEER: Not going to lie, I love beer!  Must be the German part of me?  I don’t drink a heavy one, prefer Bud Select 55, nice and cold.  And weather permitting I want it on the deck in the evening, relaxing and enjoying being outside.  Or tailgating which I think is illegal without beer!

DIAMOND RINGS: This is probably the only pricey item I will ever indulge in, I love rings and LOVE diamonds.  It is killing me that my wedding bands are locked up safe and not on my hand, only because they really aren’t something I’d wear any longer for various reasons.  I also have 2 beautiful rings that hubby gave me for anniversaries, ruby & diamonds, and emerald & diamonds.  Those are in need of some minor repairs at the jewelers but I may part with them entirely.  Thinking take all 3 in and get myself something really nice that I like and wear it?  Have to see how that goes.

COLORING BOOKS & CRAYONS: I love to color, it is like therapy to me!  Once in a while I will buy myself some crayons and a color book, I just say it is for kids coming over but really it is for myself.  🙂

BUBBLES: Totally cheap therapy, bubbles!  I love them, and could sit on the porch and blow bubbles for hours.  Now that I have a cat I may have to get some to entertain her.  I could lay on a blanket under a tree and blow bubbles all afternoon if I didn’t have to work today.

DIET COKE & CANDY: After cruising the grocery store, sometimes I hit the check out and grab one of those handy dandy, cold soft drinks in a bottle and a candy bar just because.  There they sit, usually unnoticed by me.  But sometimes a diet pop and a Mounds Bar just is SO needed!

ICE CREAM: Sometimes it is a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with dark chocolate syrup over it that just tickles me pink inside!  SO good and so bad for my ass and hips. Not that I care that much, never stops me from having it!

SHOWER GELS: I love shower and bath gels!  Bath & Body Works has the best without a doubt, but I don’t care if it’s the cheap kind there is just something so girlie about a shower puff and some good smelling gels!  OH and hand soaps too, love scented, liquid hand soaps.

SCENTED CANDLES: Candles are awesome, I love having a bunch of them lit for the scents and the soft light.  Woodwick candles are my favorites, they sound like a camp fire burning and that is so soothing.

Those are just a few of the things I love to buy for myself when I need a little spoiling.

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10 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve recently started following Mama Kat from Mama’s Losin It! and she has a whole boat load of writing prompts as a part of her Writer’s Workshop. My brain is over taxed today so I decided to mosey on over there and snag a prompt for my blog. 10 Things That Make Me Happy seemed like a positive one so here goes:

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Clothes fresh from the dryer, all clean, crisp and smelling SO good!

Finding money in my purse, pants pockets or wallet that I forgot I had placed there.  THAT will always make my day, it is like finding buried treasure!

A pick me up text from my sister-in-law, she always seems to sense when I really need a little cheering from my peanut gallery.

Finding a fresh pot of coffee first thing in the morning because my sister  is up first and has it all brewed by the time my feet hit the kitchen, Boo rocks my mornings!!!

Waking up thinking “ugh I gotta get up for work” then realizing it is Saturday morning, rolling over and going back to sleep!

Fridays!!!  I really love my job, but Friday means sleeping in the next two days and getting to spend more time with my BFF’s, the Diva’s I live with!

Saturday nights!  I love when Diva Sarah finally gets home from work late on Saturday night and we 5 Princesses can sit and sip the wine choice of the weekend and laugh, talk,  cry and otherwise share together.

Curling up in bed at night, Pixel kitten jumps up and snuggles in against my hand, ”grooming” my hand and fingers then puts her head in the palm of my hand and goes to sleep.  She is the little four legged, furry band-aid that has been so important to me as I am healing my broken heart.

Popcorn! My number 2 comfort food, I LOVE the smell and taste of freshly popped popcorn.  It is pretty much snack crack for me and something I just gotta have daily.

Dark chocolate – the NUMBER 1 comfort food  for me.  I do not indulge often but oh the smile  on my face with a bite of it melting slowly on my tongue.  YES that is something that makes me very happy!

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