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Shooting The Speaker Off The Ice Cream Truck

Courtesy of Salvatore Vuano at
Courtesy of Salvatore Vuano at

Is that considered bad form, to sit in my window and shoot the speaker off the top of the ice cream truck as it comes through the neighborhood?

That has to be one of the most annoying noises under the sun.  It could only be worse if it was playing It’s A Small World rather than the bad reggae music already blaring out of the motorized crap calorie cart.

I am ever so thankful it came through the area after I was done walking my dog, she gets uptight enough over the UPS and FedEx trucks!

I think they should have to play something pleasant, like classical music if they insist on making noise.



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100 Updated Random Facts About The Marvelous One

I just stumbled on a past post from 2011, 100 Random Facts About Me, and realized that it is a bit out of date.  So with a lack of creativity flowing through me today I’m updating it.

  1. My favorite color is still pink, followed closely by purple.  Always has been.
  2. My favorite flower is lavender roses, followed closely by yellow, then pink.
  3. My favorite vegetable is corn, prefer it on the cob.  Yes it means I will need to floss but wow it is SO good.
  4. I am a natural blond but once in a while I sport auburn, or temporary pink sprayed throughout.  Currently auburn.
  5. Peppermint iced tea, lightly sweetened, is one of my favorite drinks, year  round.
  6. I never had any desire to be a Disney Princess when I grow  up. (note that says WHEN, still haven’t!)
  7. I am terrified of the  dark and sleep with a night light of some kind (an actual night  light,  FeBreze Luminary, laptop screen saver…).
  8. I sleep with a stuffed Teddy Bear (don’t judge).
  9. I am very much afraid of storms.
  10. I am afraid of heights.
  11. I’m also afraid of fire.
  12. I cannot  stand to sit with my back to  the door when out.
  13. I’m not a glass half full person, I see mine as 95% full.
  14. I chew on my bottom lip, it is a habit that I have found impossible to break.
  15. I wear contact lenses for distance and cannot drive without them.
  16. Because of the contacts, I need readers when the contacts are in my eyes.  I am wearing bifocals at the moment.
  17. I REALLY do want a Butt Freckle, still don’t have one.
  18. My favorite time of the year is Christmas, and the only time of year I like snow and cold.
  19. I have 3 tattoos, and plan to have my whole back done want to get a sleeve eventually.
  20. I have both ears triple pierced, and my left has a fourth up top.
  21. My nose is pierced and I wear a tiny diamond  nose  ring.
  22. I LOVE to read.
  23. I LOVE to crochet! especially baby blankets and booties. If I make a blanket  for you, then you are very special!
  24. My favorite beer is Mich Ultra, but it gives me migraines no matter  how  many or few I drink, so Bud Select 55 is what I drink.  Actually at the moment IF I drink it’s wine.
  25. I love coffee!  Flavored ones even better.
  26. Chocolate is great, dark chocolate is even better (Hershey’s special dark!)
  27. I had a hysterectomy when I was 40 years old, YEAH!
  28. I have had a tummy tuck and the twins enhanced.
  29. I’ve been married twice, both times to fire  fighters.  Never again to that profession!
  30. My favorite job is what I am currently about:  Fire/Water/Mold restoration company (I manage it), Avon, SwissJust Essential Oils, Javita Coffee, Jewelry In Candles and Advocare!  I am somewhat of a direct sales junkie
  31. I’ve been in roughly 40 of  the  50 states, but  never lived further  than a 5 square mile area of where I am now.
  32. I was born under the sign of the bull, and fit it to the letter!
  33. I started playing Farmville on Facebook,  what was I  thinking???
  34. I love my smart phone.
  35. The first child I gave birth  to I placed  for  adoption.
  36. I hate wearing shoes, prefer socks or bare footed.
  37. I  go through a LOT  of little footie socks because I don’t wear shoes.  I have 18 pair of Hello Kitty footie socks.
  38. Diet Coke is better than Diet Pepsi.
  39. I love rings, and over time will have one for every finger, thumbs included.
  40. I wear a set of wedding bands  I  bought for myself, keeps the flies away so to speak.
  41. I will get married again, one day.   I enjoyed being someone’s only one, and having someone be mine.
  42. I’m a reformed cat hater.
  43. My second  favorite holiday is Halloween.
  44. But I hate haunted houses and scarey movies.
  45. I love watching football – Bengals, Colts, Bearcats and Buckeyes.
  46. I enjoy Bearcat basketball too. (can’t stand Xavier)
  47. I am NOT a fan of the fighting Irish, sorry Notre Dame
  48. I totally hate shopping, a root canal  is more pleasant (they drug you!).
  49. I love scented candles, especially WoodWick and Jewelry In Candles, candles.
  50. I do NOT like surprises as in parties.  Don’t do it, I’ll be upset.
  51. I boycott Valentine’s Day (Single Awareness Day), even when married/attached. If you want to get me flowers, do it for NO reason, not the pressure of the mass marketing.
  52. I can cook…but I HATE  it so I  don’t do it.  I actually have started to enjoy this.
  53. Meat is not murder, it is dinner. Pass the steak sauce,  please.
  54. I do not text and drive.  I  will at a red light but if moving the phone is put down.
  55. I am not currently in a relationship.  Just not sure it’s what I want at this time.
  56. I like putting a pink streak in my hair sometimes just because I can.
  57. I used  to have my nipples, belly and south of the border piereced, and I might consider it again.
  58. At Christmas time I LOVE UDF (United Dairy Farmer) Eggnog shakes!
  59. I have a tough exterior but get my feelings  hurt very easily.
  60. I rarely let anyone see me cry.
  61. I miss grandpa Fred very much, even after 14 years.  Sometimes when my life is over whelming or I need to think, I go sit by his grave and talk to him.
  62. UDF Homemade Brand Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, with chocolate syrup drizzled on it and walnuts is the ultimate PMS food.
  63. I read my bible, often, and find much comfort and guidance in it’s pages.
  64. I love my kids and grandkids.  And I’ve long since forgiven and gotten past the bitterness toward the ex.  He married an awesome lady who is perfect for him and I’m happy for them both.
  65. I have just the 2 blogs for the moment, and barely have time to write on either of them.
  66. I stopped playing Angry Birds, now I’m hooked on Candy Crush Saga.  What was I thinking?
  67. While those looking from the outside see me as outgoing, I’m painfully shy and hate situations where I don’t know anyone.
  68. I am directionally challenged, I get lost even with GPS.
  69. Sometimes I think I should have gone into marketing, I seem to ‘pimp’ things very well.
  70. I am torn about returning to school to finish my degree, not sure I want  to be an interpreter but wish I knew American Sign  Language better. Thinking returning just for the language parts
  71. I totally support concealed carry and gun ownership.
  72. Gun control = taking very careful aim so you don’t miss.
  73. I always vote.
  74. I never vote party lines.
  75. I try to donate blood regularly.
  76. I am an organ donor, take it all if it can help someone else.
  77. I am a procrastinator and do my best work in the 11th hour.
  78. I love my Bengals.  Yes they suck but they are my team.
  79. Very rarely am I ever seen outside without my face on, too self conscious.
  80. I used to smoke, quit when my son was 2years old (28 years ago!) cold turkey.
  81. When I am least huggable is when I need a hug the most!
  82. Fleece blankets right from the dryer when I am cold are just amazing!
  83. Nutella on 12 grain toast is a great breakfast or snack.
  84. If you hurt my feelings I am quick to forgive.
  85. If you hurt someone I love, I will become your worst enemy and nightmare.
  86. I like my bedroom to be cold when I am sleeping.
  87. When I need one, nothing beats curling up on the bed and taking an afternoon nap. Even better with someone wrapped around me.
  88. Fountain soda pop is by far the best way to drink pop of any kind.
  89. Microwave popcorn is snack crack to me.
  90. Sometimes kisses really DO make boo boos feel better (especially the ones of the heart)
  91. Hugs for no reason are the best kind.
  92. Actions do speak louder than words, but sometimes I just need to hear the words.
  93. I get a flu shot every year, and never get the flu when I do!
  94. If I find Toll House Chips in the pantry, I will open them and just eat them right  from the bag.
  95. I would far rather be hurt by the truth than by catching someone in a lie.
  96. Sometimes I like to do dishes by hand, the hottest water while wearing rubber gloves helps the arthritis in my hands.
  97. Sometimes I just want to sleep in until I wake up and feel like getting out of bed.
  98. I have an addiction to jammies, I will buy every cute (not sexy) pair that I can afford.
  99. I like to color and blow  bubbles, it’s just FUN.
  100. I color outside the lines sometimes, because it is how I like to live my life.
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Sunday Evening Wine Musings

iStock_000006082518XSmallYesterday I celebrated my 51st birthday.

No big to-do, just an ordinary day for the most part.  Spent it serving my community with 8,000 others, doing 450 projects around the greater Cincinnati area.  It was called GO Cincinnati, through my church, Crossroads  and it was awesome!

After serving a meal to homeless men living in a medical respite center, and helping with some cleaning projects there, I had dinner with my kids and 2 of the grandchildren.  It was a fantastic day.

Last weekend, for Mother’s Day, I had the joy and blessing of sharing church time with my kids and their significant others.  It was really a good message, and we shared the row with the ex-husband and his wife.  Many have asked me, “wow wasn’t that kind of awkward?”.  No, not really.  No more than his wife (I’ll call her the wife-in-law) coming up to me at church this morning and giving me a hug along with birthday wishes.  Okay for many that would just be flat out bizarre I suppose, but it wasn’t odd to me at all.  Nor was it strange that we sat together for the services and talked a bit.  Frankly, in my opinion, it is kind of cool that it happens that way.  We share common love for my kids and the grandkids.  And she loves the ex, and he will always hold a special place in my heart.  I am pretty positive I will never love anyone like I loved him.  He is not an easy man to love, so my hat is off to her and I am really very  happy that HE is happy and in love again.  Make no mistake it took a lot of prayer to move past the hurt and bitterness but wow what a liberation once I did and could actually smile when I saw his wedding photos on my daughter’s Facebook and be happy for them.  And yes, I actually came to embrace the character of Zelda in her book, the one supposedly based on me.  I still want an autographed copy from her, so if you happen to read this, miss Maggie Fields, or someone who knows her reads it, I would love to have it.   🙂

Speaking of books, I’m still plugging away on my own.  I’ve gotten lax this past week but I’m blocking time each day to get to it.  One of these times when the publisher calls I’ll be able to say “YES it is finished and ready to for first edit!”.

Time to refill the wine glass.  Hope you had a really great weekend!

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Meet Scooter

I have to admit that when my son posted this I didn’t believe it really ran on TV.  Seems he saw it one evening watching Wheel Of Fortune (don’t judge).  Then not to many evenings later, we Divas in the Diva Den also saw it while watching Wheel Of Fortune (seriously, don’t judge, we watch Jeopardy too).

So, for your amusement I am posting it.  There is a billboard locally of Scooter as well, and I’m told more to come!

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Mt. Washmore, My Least Favorite Mountain

Yes, Mt. Washmore. As in “wash more often”.  Or maybe “wash more” again.  I swear the dirty laundry mates and multiplies, as I am washing twice a week and still it just piles up!  Oh well, at least we have a washer and dryer, nothing would be worse than loading it up and having to cart the mountain off to the laundromat.

10013668_607000622718799_1229616938_nI had to say goodbye to my little bad-ass cat, Skyler.  She just didn’t ever manage to fit in around here.  She has been around for 6 months but at no time did she ever get along with the other cats we have, or the dog.  In fact, there was no love loss between the humans and the kitten.  Things about her were simply not normal.  Eyes that didn’t change indicating blindness.  Aggressiveness that simply increased rather than decreasing.  She’d spend hours spaced out, tongue out, drooling puddles, then seem to surface mentally and completely go berserk.  The last straws were the sudden attacks and biting.  I cannot risk my grandson being attacked and I was less than appreciative of her tearing through my shirt sleeve and into my flesh with her teeth.  So she is now hopefully placed in a home that is ready for a special needs feline.  The other cats have settled down again, and in fact I found them snuggled up together when I got home from the store today, something that hadn’t happened since the kitten arrived.

1957395_606989869386541_1136329841_nWhile out shopping I happened upon something very disturbing.  The local KKK was demonstrating on a street corner nearby.  This did not make me happy at all.  These hate filled monsters grate on my nerves.  It would not bother me one bit if someone ran them over.  In fact, I wish I had my grandpa’s favorite dream weapon.  He used to say “If I had a gun that shot shit…”.  Well, if I had a gun that shot shit, I’d have shot every damn one of them with the smelliest manure available.  Instead, I flipped them off as I passed by and made sure they saw it.  Then I had to explain to the step kids who they were and what they stood for, which didn’t sit well with the kiddos.  Good.  Educate them young in tolerance and Christian love, and yes I did mention that my flying the middle finger was not very Christian.

Glad to be back home with the two cats who show the black and white together are an awesome combo.

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Breastfeeding In Public

By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013 Stock Photo - image ID: 100196112
By Jomphong, published on 21 August 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100196112

WOW what a hot button!

I was channel surfing in the office this morning to find something not too distracting for background noise on my TV while I work.  The View was on, and while I usually do not care for the show I left it on over The Price Is Right.  The topic came up of Delta Airlines, via Twitter, telling a woman it is unacceptable to breastfeed on the plane unless covered.  That exploded and breastfeeding mamas hit the freaking ceiling.

Here is the deal as I see it.  I am a mom.  I’ve breastfed both of my children.  There were occasions when the baby got hungry and I was out and about.  I opted to find a secluded place to feed my child and covered up with a very light weight blanket so as not to offend anyone.  Yes, babies need to eat and this is how many of them do it, from mama’a breast.  But that doesn’t give us the right to offend others.  There is nothing wrong with being discrete about it ladies!  If a ladies room offered a lounge area, then I always went there.  If not, I could locate a bench in an out of the way spot.  Once I used a dressing room couch.

I’m female, I am a mom, I breastfed my babies, but I do not want to sit there and watch someone else do it out in public.  I don’t see anything wrong with asking someone to cover up or find a discrete place to do so!

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Unwelcome Decisions

The following is unedited, just typed out as it came from my within.  Pardon typos and grammatical errors.


Nothing is worse than having someone make decisions for us that we neither asked for assistance making, nor welcome.  But sometimes those decisions have to be made and are a part of a logical progressions of actions and consequences.

Last year in the early part of autumn, my father fell and broke his hip.  Sadly this occurred during the night and my father was very much alone at the time.  Daddy has a walker, as his legs are numb from neuropathy and he cannot feel his feet or a good portion of the legs themselves.  I’m not certain of the details that resulted in him being up during the night, or what caused his fall, but he spent a long, painful and agonizing time dragging his body across the floor to a phone that he could pull down from a table to call for help.

Several family members had tried to convince my father of the need for a medical alert style necklace that he could push a button to get emergency help sent but he refused.  For years we tried to convince him to sell his large, 5 bedroom house and move to an assisted living facility where he would still have his own ‘home’ but would have 24×7 care right there at his front door in the event he needed assistance.  Again he refused.  I’m not sure if it is pride, or just denial that his physical body was not that of the man 10 years prior who was coaching a high school golf team and out on the links playing himself, or working nights as a park ranger photographing amazing sights that can only been seen under the cover of darkness.

Daddy has fallen repeatedly over the years, with increasing frequency.  Once was during the winter when he went outside to get his newspaper and he had to drag himself into the house after regaining consciousness, where he called my brother and it required an ambulance trip to be stitched up.

My dad is a retired cop and no doubt carries demons of the things seen over the years that no person should ever have to see.  While he seemed to take it in stride, it is my personal opinion that there is some degree of PTSD suffered by all police and firefighters, and other emergency responders in this world.  I believe that, as is the case for so many of them, is the reason my father drank heavily.  If you didn’t know him you would never suspect a drinking problem.  He could hold his alcohol quite well in his younger years, was never violent or obnoxious.  In fact until I was an adult and out of the house I never realized that he had a problem at all.   Growing up he was my hero!  I was the oldest and I have a wealth of memories that I share with just him (another post to come).  I thought my daddy was the best.  But over the years after I moved out, he changed.  The drinking increased, and in later years none of us (me and my siblings) were willing to answer the phone after a certain time of day because daddy would be slurring his words so hard and making so little sense.  We didn’t have time for a hour long conversation while he strolled down imaginary memory lane where he shared tales we had all be present to see happen, only his new versions were nothing like what any of us recalled.

I began to see that what was happening was daddy was no longer feeling self confidence or worth.  His children were grown and gone, he and mom had divorced, and while he tried to be that super hero to others that he had been to us growing up, there was something lacking.  Perhaps this is what resulted in the stretching of truths to make himself feel like he had been and done far more than who he had been.  Little did he ever know or grasp, to us he was everything a dad should be and he was special.  But we had kids of our own, lives keeping us busy and moving that didn’t result in a lot of time to spend on the phone.  For years we’d gather back at the family home for various events and during holidays, but over the years daddy slowed down and became a hermit of sorts.  The windows were no longer opened, and little by little his smoking a pack-a-day-plus habit made the air in the house hard to breathe for even those of us who smoked.

My mother has earned her wings a thousand times over, and pure gold ones at that.  Divorced for over 2 decades she still made sure he had what he needed as his health declined.  She made sure we had him at family events or brought him over for dinner when I moved in with her, my sister and nieces in to the infamous “Diva Den”.

Since the night of the hip breaking, daddy did not return to his home.  He couldn’t.  The surgeon and doctors who cared for him said he could no longer live alone as the likelihood of another serious fall was not a matter of ‘if’, but one of ‘when’.  The hospital would not discharge him unless it was to a nursing facility.  Suddenly we all had to stop, sit down, and make some very serious decisions for my dad and his belongings that no child should have to make.  First, my sister and mom were able to get him into a facility that is without a doubt the Taj Mahal of nursing homes.  Having done my nurse aid clinicals in a few facilities I can tell you that it is beyond the nicest and best, it is nothing short of amazing.  This was not without some string pulling and such but he is there and it is a very nice place.  He has his own room, and as much of his furniture that can fit into a 12×12 foot room.

Then began the process of literally flipping his house.  Years of sealed windows and doors, and all of that smoking meant there was a lot of work to be done.  Daddy wasn’t a hoarder but he did hang on to a lot of things he hoped would be of value to us someday.  One such collection was a bookcase of classics that would have been a wonderful thing to have.  Sadly, there had been a leak from a second floor bathroom at one time, through the ceiling into the family room.  When we began to pull the books off the shelves to box them up, they were mildewed and moldy.  There was no way to salvage them.  Everything that could be kept was indeed boxed and is now stored in the homes of all of us until it is determined what will become of these items.  Unsure of what would happen next, we each took home something that is special.  For me, that is his badge and ID from the police department, along with a stack of letters my grandmother had kept from my dad when he was in the seminary for high school.  When I find myself missing the man he used to be, I pull one out and read it.  These are treasures to me.  Daddy once made a creche and ceramic figurines for a nativity set, it was a part of Christmas in my family since I was a child.  My one brother had that proudly displayed over the holidays in his home.  Each of us has something that we didn’t allow to be boxed.  We MISS the dad who raised us.

The dumpster behind the house that my father fears holds all those precious items, only held a lot of old carpeting and things that could not be salvaged.  I think there might have been more of my sister’s personal items than anything of my dad’s.  When she had moved back to Cincinnati from Missouri she had stored a LOT of stuff at dad’s on the second floor.  About 99% of which ended up in the dumpster.

It was a very emotionally difficult experience for us all.  No one wants to accept that their parents are aging, especially when you had a great childhood and the memories flood forth as you are pulling and having to decide if things will be kept and stored, delivered to the nursing home, or simply need to be tossed.  Knowing that he will leave this world while residing there only adds to the sadness and pain of making those decisions.  But they had to be made so that the house could be repainted, and fixed up to get the most money we could from the sale so that daddy could stay in the nicest place possible.

Now, we have the pain of watching him rip us all apart on his Facebook page.  Saying unkind and untrue things to anyone who will listen, that he sees his personal property for sale on Craig’s List because someone stole things from the dumpster that we threw away.  Nothing could be further from the truth unless they are selling my sister’s old country music CDs that were scratched and tossed out there, or the old shredded carpeting that we tossed.  If there was anything of value it did not land in the dumpster.  His clothes were so stained from nicotine smoke over the years that we could not get them clean, so we had to toss most and mom purchased all new clothing for him out of her own pocket.  We did not discard his things lightly, we had no choice.  He accuses us of forcing him into the nursing home and selling his home out from under him.  We did what had to be done.  We could have gone ahead and put him back in that house and left him there to try to make it on frozen dinners that he could barely stand long enough to cook in the microwave.  His housekeeper had to load and unload the dishwasher as he couldn’t stand long enough to do it himself.  No, we could not have put dad back in his home, it wasn’t possible.  And that hurt all of us to accept that not only years of drinking had changed our beloved father into someone very different, but to know that we had no choice in what had to be done.  Now we get to deal with the hurt of his wrath on Facebook, the mean lies he tells the world about it all.

When he first was being placed there my son took my grandchildren to see their great-grandpa.  I stopped in too. I thought finally he is safe, and in a place we can come visit frequently.  But all the spewing of unkindness and lies on his Facebook make it too hard for me to even consider going to see him.  Yes I know he is hurt to have to be where he is, dependent on others when he was once fiercely independent and active.  And of course it is us he lashes out at when he knows deep down that this was by his own choices 15 years ago when doctors told him to stop drinking or his legs would get worse to where he is now.  He knows we had no choice but for now he is in denial and lashing out at us through his social media, eating up the sympathy from those who do not know the truth behind it all.  And we hurt because we miss the man who raised us, miss the dad he used to be and the one he could STILL be.

One day soon I will suck it up and go visit him, but it will have to wait for now.  I have to get passed this hurt, and find it in myself to forgive him and then find what it takes to honor my father as I should.  But for now I am just too hurt and angry to that.

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Early Morning Ice Capades

Have I mentioned that I HATE winter?  The snow, cold and icy conditions are just not my cup of tea.  Imagine, if you will, my excitement yesterday when the temperatures crept into the upper 30’s and this lovely mess started melting.  And then came the rain! Oh glorious rain falling hard from the sky!  I even saw lightening on the way home from work and was ever thankful.

Ah but I was celebrating entirely too soon.

This morning, while my Keurig was making my morning commute cup, I went out and pulled my car into the driveway to warm it up.   It was above freezing so one would think that things would have been still on the melt, but the news I watched while getting ready for the day had another story to tell.  Seems the ground temps are still very much at freezing so all that rain we received last night?  Well it made for a lovely, slick, dangerous mess.  Accidents popping faster than a bag of microwave popcorn on speed-pop.  Our driveway has a slight incline so I was careful to pull the car onto the spot that was dry.  Appearances can be deceiving as I was to find out.

1903465_595734980512030_907834330_nI grabbed up the cup of coffee, leashed up the pup, put my laptop and purse over my shoulder and went out of the front door.  Because I turn off the porch light as I leave it is always fun in the dark, making my way down the front walk.  But I did it, only stopping because my dog decided to stop dead in front of me and pee on the snow covered sidewalk.  She still cannot figure out where the yard ends and the walk begins as it is buried in snow and ice.  We slipped along to the car where I opened the passenger front door and she hopped up into the car with some assistance from my foot as she is too fat to make that jump on her own.  She rides shotgun with me always.  Then I went around the back of the car to the driver’s side, opened the rear door and put my laptop in and closed the door, reaching for the handle on the driver’s door.

I suppose the added weight of the fat Yorkie and my laptop, combined with the shutting of the door, was all that was needed and away the car went!  Sliding backward down the driveway.  Not fast mind you, which was a good thing, but moving nonetheless.  My dog is sitting in the front seat looking at me, obviously spooked by this, with this look on her face like “what?! You aren’t coming???”  Seems that ‘dry’ spot had a slick sheen on it as well.  The car stopped and I carefully opened the door, and as I go to get it in slides a bit again.  I just jumped on it and hit the brake and it slid some more before stopping.  Needless to say I was very careful on the drive to work.  Every other driver must have had some interesting experience themselves as no one was in any hurry.  Took 25 minutes to go 3.5 miles on 75N in Kentucky approaching the Ohio River, BEFORE we were even near the cut-in-the-hill, which was poorly treated in my opinion, as it was still a bit slick.

When I finally arrived over an hour later, at my office, the parking lot that had been snow covered but we could get around on it, was now a big block of chunky ice.  My car was not going in the parking spot.  And then it got stuck, right smack dab in the middle of the lot between us the business next door.  It would not go forward or backward.  Thankfully the boss and our project manager were there, and able to finally push me so I could get back a bit more and then they help push me into a spot.

I think a little rum in my coffee is called for about now.  Too bad there isn’t any.  Rum that is.

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Waking In A Winter Wonderland

1608969_583783925040469_2049936554_nYes I did know it was supposed to snow over night.

It was supposed to be 2-4 inches last I heard before crawling in next to my Knight in the bedchamber of the man-castle.

Okay all female jokes aside regarding ‘size’, that looks like a LOT more than 2-4 inches of snow out there.

Sigh…but it really IS very beautiful and I don’t have to go out today so I shall sit here with my laptop, Kindle, and Keurig and enjoy it.

The only bad part was my honey had to be up at 3am for work, outside in this glorious mess, means no snuggling in when I first woke up.

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is on a morning when it snows? It’s like it insulates from the noise, and before you part the blinds to peek out you know it snowed a lot due to the peaceful silence.  The view in the half inch between slats makes you pull the cords and raise the blinds, and the view is breath taking.  For just a moment it’s like being a child again, before the realities hit about what all this means if one needs to venture out there.  For me, it is only to take the poor dog out, and when you are as little as a Yorkie it is quite disturbing to see that when the door opens.  She is such a trooper though, she went out on the driveway to do her business.  The home owners association will plow, shovel and otherwise have us dug out,  once it stops coming down.  Her little evidence will be scooped away and no one will be any the wiser.

The day ahead holds lots of mundane things to do. Laundry, clean litter boxes, maybe run the vacuum.  But then there is the baking of chocolate chip cookies, which already has been given a double thumbs up from young Einstein.  The Nestle Toll House kind today.  Because being a step-monster requires one to do sweet things like warm the house with the oven at times to bring forth gooey goodness for the kiddos.  I just wish it wasn’t so crappy out, I miss my grandkids and would run some fresh baked goodness to them as well just so I could cuddle the snugglebugs!  Little man is starting to walk, making 4 or 5 steps before landing on his diapered tush.  And Little Red needs to teach grandma how to use those darn rubberband looms so I can teach the step-daughter, Miss Thang, how to do it.  Sure, I can learn on YouTube but it isn’t the same as spending time with my granddaughter.

Ah well, I will work on my novel, that should keep me busy between the loads of Mt. Washmore and the cookies.  🙂

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Our Vibrating Bed

Here in the man-castle we have a nice, queen size bed, nestled there in our large bedroom on the second floor of the palace.  It is a very nice room, very comfy and one of my favorite rooms of the house.  That nice, warm, comfy bed, it seems, is of the vibrating variety.  I had not noticed this was the case in the beginning of this relationship.  In fact for months I’ve slept there all snug and warm with my Knight, completely unaware that our bed had such setting on it.

magic-fingers1-285x300There is no quarter slot anywhere, or a start button to get the bed into it’s quivering mode.  But recently, during the night time hours when all is still within the walls of our home, our bed will begin to shake.  I noted that the Knight was not having seizures so that was not the cause.  I also ruled out demonic infestations.

So, the source of this bizarre pulsating of the royal mattresses?

Well, it weighs in in 11.5 pounds (3.5 pounds heavier than it should be).  It’s furry and has 4 legs.  It is our adorable little Yorkie, Penny.  Recently she has been permitted to sleep on the bed as she remains within the community property area of our sleeping place.  That would be any area that our feet or heads or bodies are not occupying.  She is a wonderful foot warmer, all snuggled up in her blankets.  And she never causes either of us an issue.  At least unless she develops an itch in the night.  At that time she sits up and begins scratching with her hind leg in rapid movements, so hard that the bed begins to shake, rattle and roll.

Ha!  Bet that isn’t what  you thought when you read the title of this post!