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The Soap Kitten ~ Product Review

Recently I stopped in to my local Artisan Collective shop to browse the creations of local residents in my community. While there I saw some soaps and decided to give one a try. My face soap was nearly gone at home so I inquired about the selection and went home with a bar of Morning Dew soap. Avocado and Cucumber, it smelled so good!!

I’m not one of those people who wigs out over ingredients but I do know that the closer to nature we get on things we use in and on our bodies, the healthier it is and as a result we are too. I don’t know what, if any, chemicals cause cancer or other diseases but I also don’t see the point in taking unnecessary risks. I also believe in supporting local, small businesses whenever I can because it helps keep food on the table for those families. My daughter is a careful shopper of things more natural based and I suppose she is rubbing off on her mama. ūüôā

QkJCNDBGNEEyMjE3Q0UyODEyQjM6ZDZhNDdjOWUxNGViODJmZmMyN2I5NmY1ZWNhMGUyM2Q6Ojo6OjA=The Morning Dew bar is made of Olive, Coconut and Castor oils, cucumber, avocado and goat’s milk. Being someone who battled adult acne in my late 20’s and early 30’s I get nervous about oil anything but decided to just give it a chance.

It lathers up nicely but not too much (I’ve read that the more lather the more a product is actually stripping your skin of its own moisture, as do chemicals). I use hand-made cotton scrubbies to wash my face so I rubbed the bar with my wet scrubby and cleansed my face and neck. Not only was my face very clean, it¬†felt clean! No oily residue left behind, it rinses away leaving just clean skin! I’ve been using this product now for 2 months and to be honest my face has never felt this clean and the skin looks amazing. (At 54 we really notice these things!)

Morning Dew is $6.50 per bar and is a pretty decent size brick of soap. I broke mine in half and only keep half in the shower at one time. Washing my face twice a day the whole bar lasted 8 weeks, very economical in my opinion.

I was so impressed I got online to¬†The Soap Kitten’s website¬†and looked at her other products because she officially had a new customer, ME! Turn around is fast from order to shipment, another plus if you are like me and tend to wait until the last-minute to restock.

I’ve purchased the Morning Dew Again, as well as Stay Frosty, Christmas Past, Sugar Shack and Heavenly Body. All smell amazing and are just wonderful for your skin. The scents¬†are not overly strong, and don’t hang with you to clash with perfumes, another plus!

You can purchase direct from Soap Kitten or at one of the locations listed in her website if you happen to be local to Cincinnati’s west side.

Other ideas: use the soaps as shower prizes at wedding/baby showers, birthday or Christmas gifts, and hostess gifts!

You won’t be disappointed!


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Product Review: Native Deodorant

I sweat at work…a LOT. Menopause + hot shower room while bathing residents = sweat. And I never stop moving so I keep the body heat going quite well. Old folks get cold sitting in the shade on an 85 degree day so if the air conditioning is set to make employees comfy, well the residents are very cold. They don’t live where we work, we work in their home, so it is set to their comfort level. It makes for sweaty care givers and if the deodorant fails, smelly ones at that.

Recently I noticed by the 3rd hour of my shift my deodorant was indeed failing. ¬†Later that same day, while wasting precious moments of my life browsing Pinterest I saw an article from Women’s Fitness And Style about the 5 best deodorants for women. I took that as a sign and decided to give the top one a try, Native.

When I saw that it was $12 I nearly passed, but knowing I needed something that really works I read up on it. ALL natural ingredients, no aluminum or parabens or other chemicals. I liked that part so I decided I’d give it a shot. Here is where it gets fun.

nativeOnce you submit your order you receive an absolutely hysterical confirmation email from the company. Then it is followed by another once the order ships, equally amusing. I’m not yet sure of the product but the purple cow marketing they are using rocks. And finally the product arrives and the packing slip again had me cracking up.

The day after receiving my product, I showered and followed the directions. 3 swoops is all you need, a little goes a LONG way, per Native. So I gave it a shot and went to work. AMAZING! I still smelled like my wonderfully scented Native deodorant at the end of the day and not like a sweat bomb. ¬†And this girl’s glamorous pits were dry.

SOLD! I have a new deodorant and I like it so much I had to share.

I went with the coconut/vanilla scent, and shipping is free. I totally endorse this product and plan to purchase more.

You can check it out by clicking HERE and that will also earn me a free travel size of their product.

I was in no way compensated for this product review.

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Product Review – Makeup Finishing Spray

I recently purchased a product on the recommendation of someone I trust very much, my daughter.  She used the product before going to a professional football game where it was a day of misty rain during tailgating and the game itself.  She came home and still looked amazing.  So when she talked about it on her Facebook later that same day I decided to give it a shot.  Artists use a finishing spray to set charcoal, pastels and other types of pictures to keep them from smearing so why not our makeup?

I am one of those women who puts my face on in the morning and that is it for the day. ¬†I don’t have time to spend reapplying it all in the mirror at lunch or on breaks, or both as I have seen over the years. ¬†I am also one of those who touches my face frequently throughout the day, especially resting my chin or cheek on my hand or fist while reading something or listening in a staff meeting (when I’m not doodling). ¬†This can cause my makeup to wear off easily.

mary-kay-makeup-finishing-spray-hBecause she spoke so highly of it, I purchased the Mary Kay Makeup Finishing spray from her to try for myself.  I was a bit leery because it is $18, and that is a lot to part with for one beauty product if it turns out to be less than expected.

I have been using this daily now for about 6 weeks and cannot be without it! ¬†Once my makeup is applied, I spray an ‘X’ and then a ‘T’ ¬†pattern over my makeup/face as directed. ¬†The first day I used it someone I worked with said I looked like I had done something different with my makeup, in a good way. ¬†I had! ¬†By the day’s end my makeup still looks great! ¬†One night I didn’t even bother to wash my face before bed (a practice that I do NOT recommend) and it still looked halfway decent in the ¬†morning.

It is light, pleasant in scent, and lasts a LONG time.  6 weeks later I am still using the same initial purchase of 2 oz.

So,  does it work? YES!

Is it worth the price? YES!

Would I recommend this to others? OH YES!

And if you do not have a Mary Kay representative, please do not hesitate to drop by my daughter’s webpage and purchase online and have it ship direct to your door!

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Elaine’s Toffee Company – A Worthy Indulgence

ToffeeAndWineOne day recently I was watching something on TV and saw ¬†commercial for Legal Zoom. ¬†The ex-hubster and I used them for our divorce and saved ourselves a mint, however that is not why it caught my attention. ¬† The commercial was about a toffee company and scrumptious looking goodies had me drooling, the toffee looked amazing. ¬†Because the commercial was for Legal Zoom and not the toffee company, I wasn’t sure the company was even real. ¬†But you know me, the hound dog on the Internet, I googled “Elaine’s Toffee Company” and there it was, with pictures of that very toffee.

The story from the commercial was very sweet, a lady talking about her mother’s amazing toffee that everyone loved and how she and her sisters came to form the company, named for their mother. ¬†The photos on the website just added to my curiosity, and had my mouth watering. ¬†I decided I would give it a shot.

Now mind you, I am not one of those who parts with her money easily, so the prices kind of made the decision a tad more cautious to make, but I finally opted for the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee.  A 1 pound box is $21.50, which I purchased, along with the a bag of the Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee Nuggets for $6.95.  With shipping my little indulgence was $39.40, steep to say the least but I was counting on this being truly outstanding.

I can describe this toffee in one word:


OMG this is baby angels dancing on the tongue delicious.

I shared some with my mom and sister the other night as we were watching the last few episodes of season 3 of Downton Abbey, which only made it all the more wonderful as we felt rather wealthy to be savoring such expensive treats.  I nibbled mine with a glass of wine, I felt positively royal.

It is wonderful, buttery, crunchy English toffee, wrapped in chocolate and nuts.  Worth every penny, believe me on that.

I will be buying more, and I will be purchasing it for gifts for special folks.

Check the website to see if it is sold near you, and save yourself the shipping if you can. ¬†You won’t regret it regardless of how you purchase it, just DO spoil yourself and buy some, then hide it from the kids. ¬†This is way too good for anyone but yourself!

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Essential Skeptic Turned “Snake Oil” Sales Woman!

For years I’ve been a huge skeptic of the “snake oil” salesmen out there pushing all natural remedies for whatever ails you at the moment. ¬†Mostly because of a lack of education. ¬†Home remedies, holistic healing, you name it I was against it simply because I just didn’t buy into it all. ¬†My daughter contracted poison ivy one time, and unbeknownst to us she had the oil from the ivy on her skin ¬†which was transferred from her skin, to her rag doll and pillowcase, then onto her face. ¬†We were out of town at a family conference at the time, and the first morning there she woke up looking like the elephant man. Her entire face was so swollen she didn’t have a chin, and one ear was HUGE. ¬†I regret that I didn’t take a photo of that, but she was very insistent that we not. ¬†It took a lot to convince her that she was not going to look like that forever, especially when I wasn’t sure what was wrong. ¬†My husband ran her to the Emergency Room and they put her on steroids for it, seems the child is highly allergic to poison ivy. ¬†One of the not so sweet things she gets from my side, as I am also very allergic.

While there at the conference a fellow attendee told me she had an all natural remedy for my daughter, and that it worked great because it was, after all, all natural. ¬†Skeptic me said “thanks but no thank you, poison ivy is all natural too and you see where that got her.” ¬†Well yes, it IS natural, but not all things natural are bad for us or dangerous. ¬†But as I said, at the time I thought the ‘all natural’ crowd were a bunch of kooks with braided hair, flowy skirts and they homeschooled their kids. ¬†I never braided my hair, but there is a lot to be said for those flowy fabrics, and I did end up homeschooling my kids! ¬†However I still didn’t buy into aroma therapy and essential oils. ¬†And I didn’t know anyone else who did either. ¬†My family is made up of nurses and paramedics, a doctor and, well we’re pretty solid on medical science and technology.

Years ago I began reading a series of books by Jean M. Auel, called The Earth Children’s Series. ¬†Dated to prehistoric times, cave man days, the characters of the book used all sorts of plants for medicinal purposes. ¬†Chamomile for teas to sleep etc., which I found on the grocery store shelf! ¬†In fact there are all sorts of herbal teas ¬†on the market and honestly I’ve used a few and found them to work as claimed. ¬†Of course it could all be in my head but there are those out there like my ex-husband¬†who shall remain unnamed, that would say there isn’t much of anything in my head. ¬†But mind over matter or real properties, they work for me.

Recently a friend began working for SwissJust, a company that sells “Swiss natural products for the body and mind”. ¬†Essential oils and herbal therapy type items. ¬†My skeptical barriers went up immediately, though she was very sold on the benefits. ¬†I spent some time researching online and discovered that there is a difference between SwissJust and many other ‘essential oils’ on the market. ¬†The vast majority, about 95%, of the essential oils on the market are perfume grade. ¬†SwissJust sells 100% pharmaceutical grade essential oils. ¬†They are not diluted, they are the real deal. ¬† But I still found it hard to believe that the aromas and oils could have any real benefit.

My friend had me sent the Just Favorites set to try. ¬†I admit I did not go into this with a real open mind, but rather set out to prove it’s all bunk.

The first item I ended up trying is the Eucasol. ¬†My bad cat allergies make for a very stuffy nose most of the time. ¬†So, I sprayed it on a tissue, then got comfy and put it across my face. ¬†All prepared to dispel the myths…I found I could breathe. ¬†Seriously, head opened right up, go figure. ¬†My sinuses are traders! ¬†But hey, I could breathe! ¬†I’ve sprayed it on my pillow case next to where my head is most nights (you don’t want to have it directly on your skin or it irritates it). ¬†But still I was not sold. One item doesn’t make me a believer.

Next I tried the Anti-Stress oil. ¬†Don’t know if it relieved my stress really, but I DID feel way more relaxed. ¬†But I wrote that off to being all in my head.

The Chamomile hand cream, okay this stuff is flat out amazing. ¬†A little bit goes a very long way, and lasts through 4 hand washings. ¬†It isn’t sticky or greasy so I could text (very important) right away. ¬†But hey, a good lotion doesn’t necessarily have to be natural, I thought. ¬†But I was sold and have continued to use it.

The biggie for me is the body balm. ¬†I was told to put it in a small, clean spray bottle to spray down my shirt front and back for hot flashes. ¬†As life has me in the beginnings of menopause I’m BFFs with hot flashes the past few years. ¬†Now that, I know was NOT all in my head, the portable tropical climate I walk around in is very real. ¬†This stuff ¬†is amazing, and it works. ¬†My sister used a little on a blister and it was gone the next morning. ¬†Okay now it has my serious attention.

I was now plain curious and the next thing I tried, that is not in the Favorites, is Lavender oil.  I was having some insomnia issues and someone said a few drops rubbed in my hands and inhaled would help.  I did as my friend and rubbed my hands on my pillow case too.  And yes it helped, I slept like a downed tree!

My sister used the Juniper cream for some serious neck spasms and pain she was having, said it worked like a charm.  She being a nurse, was skeptical at first too until the blister went away so fast.

So here I am, a skeptic turned believer. ¬†So much of one that I’m now working for SwissJust. ¬†Still with Avon too, but now also a “snake oil” sales woman.

And I’m recruiting. ¬†SwissJust is 80+ years old, and in Switzerland, but is still relatively new to the United States. ¬†If you are interested let me know, I’d love to have you on my team. ¬†Or if you just want to purchase essential oils because you are already a firm believer in their properties, please browse my site! ¬†Yes, 100% pharmaceutical essential oils are pricey, but remember you are using a few tiny drops at a time, they last. ¬†And honestly, they work and they are worth every penny! ¬†You can read info on the company and products when you are on my site as well.

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color

Back in the 70’s, Avon sold hair color.¬† I’m not certain why but they stopped at some point.

Beginning in campaign 9, Avon is once again in the home hair color business.  As representatives we were given a free product, color of our choice, to try.  Being natural blondes around here, we are touching up roots often, as we dye our hair a cherry-cola color.  Red dye fades a bit fast, and when your roots are naturally very light, as they come in it can make your hair look like it is thinning rapidly.

My sister, Jeannette, and I use the same color from John Frieda.  We both chose the same color from Avon, that is closest to what we were using.  This is our review:

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Avon Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Color used:  Medium Mahogany Brown 5.65

Marti:¬† I will be the first to admit that I was skeptical about this product.¬† Until last November I had never ‘dyed’ my hair.¬† I am a natural blond and I’ve had highlights done for years, but back around Thanksgiving I decided to go ‘cherry cola’ in color.¬† As I have no experience, my sister dyes my hair for me.¬† She has been coloring hers and her daughters for years.¬† With 4 days to go til my son’s wedding, I figured I was nuts to do this, unsure what to expect,, but my roots needed done so figured what the heck, we have the free color from Avon, let’s give it a shot.¬† Since it was going to be a bit different, we opted to dye it as a color change.¬† Both of us used the same color tonight.

Jeannette:  Having used and applied well over 10 different brands of home hair colorant over the years (likely everything on the market), this is the most unique I have ever come across.   Never have I heard of or seen a pre-treatment with hair color.  The rule was start out with clean, dry hair.  I was skeptical as this pretreatment made the hair kind of wet.  That worried me, as I know how hard it is to get the colorant from root to tip of the hair, but when I actually applied the color mix, it was very easy to coat the hair, root to end.  It felt a bit like applying a thick oil to the hair and it went on VERY evenly.

Marti:  The first thing I noticed was the pleasant smell.  Usually dye has a harsh smell, but this was very nice.  I could also feel the difference as Jeannette was applying the color to my hair, a slick, thick, almost oily feeling.  Not at all what I was used to with the foam colors.

Jeannette:¬† As the person applying I am having to step back several times from the intense chemical smell of dyes, but this time I had no problem at all.¬† It didn’t irritate my nose or eyes, and does in fact have a fairly nice smell to it.¬† Also, when dying hair, you end up getting it on skin to some degree at the hair line.¬† A trade secret my daughter taught me was to use a little dye from my hair to rub on the skin to wipe it off any residual color, with cotton or a tissue (dye removes dye).¬† However, this wiped right off, without any hard rubbing, very easily on a tissue!

Marti:¬† After the processing time, my next surprise was the post-treatment.¬† WOW!¬† It is thick, almost like a soft margarine, and felt amazing in my hair!¬† I couldn’t believe how great my hair felt after as well, very soft as opposed to a dry, straw like feeling I’m used too after coloring.

Jeannette:¬† I was really happy how it didn’t drip during processing and it rinses out very easily!¬† And that post-treatment, feels like whipped butter, rinses out super easily, and even my hands are soft from it!¬† Both of us have soft, shiny hair too, which is something I have never seen with other brands.¬† It is multi-tonal as well, like natural hair color.¬† As the light hits it you see reds, browns etc, varying shades like you would if this was your own hair and not an applied color.

We are both highly impressed, and cannot say enough about it!  Once again, Avon has surpassed our expectations!

Your results may not be the same as our own, we can only speak for ourselves from our experience.  We will be using this again!!!

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Skin Care Skeptic – SOLD!

2 Weeks to your BEST SKIN yet!!!

I have always been a real skeptic when it comes to all the hoopla surrounding various skin care lines.¬† After all, they are usually quite expensive and I just have a hard time parting with my money for a ‘maybe’.¬† So, when Avon made it possible for me as a sales representative to try the Anew Skin Care line, I figured this was my chance to prove to myself that it was highly over rated. I won’t endorse a product that I don’t believe in so before I give my review and opinion of something I want to try it for myself.

I went down the 5 question skin care survey to see which of the Anew lines was right for me.¬† I’m 48 years old and while I am told I don’t appear to be, I know that I’m starting to show my age.¬† I have¬† dark circles under my eyes because I’m very pale skinned (and frankly not willing to spend the money on tanning right now).¬† My skin also is a bit blotchy and pitted in places from a run with adult acne in my 30’s.¬† So I chose the Anew Reversalist regimen and ordered the 2 week starter kit.

Every day I washed my face in the morning and evening.¬† This was huge for me as it was because usually I fell into bed with my makeup still on, which is not good.¬† I also applied the eye cream in both morning and evening.¬† Mornings I used the day cream all over my face,¬† and evenings applied the night cream, then prepared myself mentally for maybe nicer feeling skin but hardly expected to ‘see’ anything change.

In addition to Avon I am a¬† daycare provider.¬† I watch 3 kids, 9 months, 2 years old and 7 years old.¬† I take the 7 year old to school and pick her up each day.¬† Usually at nap time in the afternoons I am picking her up and either my mom, sister or niece are home so that I do not have to take the little ones.¬† At the 1.5¬† week mark of my 2 week trial, I had the baby in tow when I picked up little Princess Smiles A Lot at the school.¬† While getting them buckled in to their seats, the 7yo¬† looks up at me and says “Miss Marti, your face looks a lot younger today”.¬† Now keep in mind the sun is shining so there is no soft light to mask over the fine lines etc. that come with being 48 years old.¬† I admit it did a lot for me, after all she is 7 years old, so that coming out of no where kinda surprised me.

I’m now in my 4th week of using the Reversalist regimen, and now I¬† can see changes.¬† My skin really IS firmer, the fine lines are much less defined, the blotchy areas are fading and yes, my skin really does look and feel much better, younger.¬† I feel like I received a face lift,¬† this is really amazing.

Yes I am an Avon representative, but I’m not biased.¬† I tried this product and whole heartedly believe in it, it really is amazing.

This current brochure, Avon is selling the 2 week starter kit (cleanser, day and night creams and eye cream) for $25 as a way to let our customers try out the high end skin care line.   All of the full size regimens are on sale as well.  I cannot recommend a skin care regimen more, it really has made a difference, I even stopped breaking out like I tend to do during PMS week.

ALL the skin care lines Avon sells are on sale in this current brochure, so if you cannot afford to consider a high end line, believe me the less expensive ones will still give you results you will like.

My daughter has fought with severe acne throughout high school and recently started the Clearskin Professional line and loves the results.  She was using Proativ, which was helping, but not nearly giving her the results she wanted and was far more expensive.  She highly recommends it and is going to write up a review in the coming weeks.

To view the brochure online just visit MY SITE to shop the eBrochure (you can click the Avon Lady icon in my sidebar).  If you are local in Cincinnati I deliver for a more personal touch, or if you prefer or are not in the area, you can purchase online and chose to have the items shipped to you directly (free shipping if the order is $30 or more).

Put it to the test, see if you don’t agree that a good regimen of skin care, used daily, isn’t the best thing you have ever done for your appearance!

Avon has a no risk satisfaction guarantee,  if you are not satisfied, they will refund your money Рnothing to lose but great skin to gain!