My Journey To Health ~ Day 7

I’m SO excited! Today is day #7 of my journey and this morning I was down 7.1 pounds. On day 4/5 you enter fat burning, which is awesome because those pounds of lard have got to go! Today I moved 7 diamonds over to the Pounds Gone Forever wine glass, only 39 are left and I’m not stopping. This plan truly is great and if you stick to it, it does work. I’m so stoked that once I get further along I’ll be working to become a certified health coach myself, this is the best I’ve felt in years. And I felt good!

I get to eat amazing, healthy food on this too, like zucchini boats with shrimp…7oz of said shrimp which left me stuffed!


What is not to love about this?

Last night one of the nurses had brought in $3 a piece cookies that were huge, loaded with caramel and brown sugar and I had zero temptation. I looked, contemplated my health and goals, smiled and said, “no but thanks so much for offering!” and moved right on by. Cookies in the break-room, same thing, just didn’t have a desire to reach for one.

Want more information? I will hook you up with my health coach, my wonderful daughter-in-law, she is down 37+ pounds in 2 months and has just 22 to go until she reaches her goal. Doesn’t she look fantastic?

18199248_10208625682780825_8693363023070927190_n (1)Health

My Journey To Health – Day 5

It is Day 5 and I’m feeling fantastic! On Thursday I’ll be posting my weight loss, but I’m here to tell you that I already have been on the scale and lost over 5 pounds so far. I’d say it was all water, but I already was a huge water drinker so I doubt that it can be said it is all from water leaving me!

My daughter-in-law, who is my coach and one of my inspirations, has lost 37.5 pounds in 2 months time. I LOVE THIS! And my friend lost 93 and has kissed it good-bye forever, 3 years ago now.

My goal is HEALTH, and losing some weight. So, inspired to use a visual like my daughter-in-law has done, I made one, and every week on weigh day I will post a picture of my diamonds making their transition from one glass to the other. My goal in getting healthy is to get all 46 diamonds to the other side and KEEP THEM THERE!

glasses of diamonds

My Box Is Here!

My box from Optavia arrived today, so my journey toward taking back my health and obtaining optimal health begins tomorrow! I’m totally pumped about this journey.

Inside were all the fuelings I need to follow the 5 & 1 plan, which per the literature means I will lose 2-5 pounds a week the first week, then 2 pounds or so each week after, though individual results can vary (as in MORE coming off faster). Inside is also a great book and workbook for learning and making changes so I make healthy choices and get my health back. I’m really excited about this, and cannot wait to share my progress. Tomorrow I will post my starting weight (as per the scale with a photo – no cheating). Below is my before photo, which I’m not afraid to share either. Most folks swear I’m fine, but see, I’m 40 pounds over weight and it is NOT healthy. My blood pressure is creeping upward, and my body is not healthy like it should be. I am lucky in that I distribute my excess weight fairly evenly around my body, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there and doesn’t need to take a hike. And healthy is more than weight, which this will help me achieve.

Check back as I head toward a new, healthier me!


Back To Sneeze, Cough, Blow…UGH

Nothing says hello Spring like allergies going nuts.  Mine are out of control.  At least I assume that is it, I really don’t feel bad other than my head is stuffy, nose running, and coughing up yuck.  Oh, and my voice taking its semi-annual hiatus.  I cannot sleep well because I cannot breathe, so I am tired.  This just sucks.

I’ve been working a lot, and when not working just being.  Life is just nuts it seems. I don’t feel like doing a lot to be honest.  But then came the annual all-church journey again, so now I have a direction.  I’m going to be Brave, and attempt to get my non-fiction book finished. I also want to build up my Avon business.  Means I need to focus on my One Word for this year, 4 months into it already, DISCIPLINE.  And that is the very last thing I wanted to do, get disciplined and actually do something.

I believe it is a good thing to mentally and physically just exist, take a  break from everything in life outside of what you must do, like earn a living.  Trouble is being careful not to unpack and live in that space and time.  I’ve cleaned my room, purged my closet, started working on projects for my Etsy store, started ramping up my AVON business again, and now I’m going to focus on writing a book.  Hey, nothing like zero to ninety over night! This is going to be interesting.

Meanwhile? Well work is awesome.  No really, it is.  Sure, I feed adults, change their diapers, bathe them, help them to the bathroom, get them dressed, transport them around the facility as needed, keep an eye on things their nurses need to know, talk with them, love on them…and it really is an incredible job.  I leave there knowing I did something that matters that day.  I only wish it wasn’t so darn physical because at nearly 53 it is killing me!  I log 20,000+ steps in a work day, pull, push, roll folks and their chairs weighing as much as 275 pounds for 12.5 hours. But I cannot imagine not doing it.  I work with a great team of aides, especially the other half of Team M&M (Marti and Marianne).  I’m actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow and Sunday because she and I get it done together.  I wish I had found this long ago!

I’ll keep you updated on the book progress, and if you want to purchase any lipstick, you know where to find me!




Iced Water Moments

Photo by rakratchada torsap.

Photo by rakratchada torsap.

Why iced water? Because any more coffee and I very well may crawl up a wall and across the ceiling!  And I’m trying too drink half my body weight in water because I have been told that by trainers.  Only my pregnant daughter can rival my number of trips to the bathroom in a day.

SO, Sarasota & Siesta Key were fabulous, and right now at this writing it is 138 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes until we go back again.  Yes I am counting down!!  I hate being cold, hate snow, hate winter….you get the idea.

In my absence my poor cat had to rely on others for attention.  It is not like she lacked it, Divas love their pointy eared fur babies so she got what she needed while I was away.  Since my return and the initial snubbing, she has been my shadow.  If I go downstairs from my room, she follows.  Bathroom visits are not permitted without her on the other side of the door, sometimes knocking in rapid tap tap tap.  If I am at my desk, she is on it next to my laptop trying to purr in my ear.  Sitting on the bed reading? Yep, there she is, and if I don’t pay attention she puts her paw on my shoulder to gain it.  I think it is safe to say she missed her mama.

Now that I am back in town I am back at the gym on a daily basis.  Despite being 4 days without a workout I lost 4 pounds in the sunshine state.  No complaints here!  No doubt it was being sensible with what I ate.  Because next time we will stay on Siesta Key I did a little research and discovered there is one fitness center on the key, about 2 blocks from where we will be staying, and they have week passes for sale!  I am totally stoked.  While I will get a good leg workout walking the beach, I also want my strength and cardio session that is available in a gym so that is where I will be early in the morning while The Badge sleeps in.  Meanwhile working my butt off here to be bikini ready when I get down there.

My fitness journey is just that, a trip toward a destination and if you are on Sparkpeople feel free to follow my progress, in fact friend me!  I enjoy the motivation others post.

138 days, 10 hours, 37 minutes left.




NOEXCUSES-Fitness-Challenge-AUGUST1-e1405185836460I am so motivated since starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge (I’m on Day 22 and down 8 pounds) that when I stumbled on the NO EXCUSES Fitness Challenge for August over at Pink Heels Pink Truck’s blog, I knew I had to be INVOLVED!  It starts today so why not?  I mean, I walk every day anyway, though not as far as I want to go but that is okay because now I have new motivation!!!

It doesn’t hurt that my favorite color is pink, I love heels and love trucks, so their blog was just too much to pass up!  I have to give credit where it is due, I found it thanks to the Friday Confessional, as Aubrey over at HIGH HEELED LOVE had mentioned it in her confessions today.  Thanks Aubrey, virtual hug and a virtual high 5!

Last night I was on getting my new challenge to do with Advocare, Lean In 13, and ordering the products I need for it, and trying to figure out what I’d be doing next.  I have the workout DVDs for Level 1, but want to do more than just that.  Well smack my butt and call me Princess, if that isn’t just what I needed to find today! WOOHOO!

Means I need 50 minutes a day, 31 days.  If I miss a day, I will have to add minutes another day.  I have my tracker printed off from their site and I’m just open book enough to post it periodically as I fill it out.  Accountability anyone?

What about you? Are YOU in for the challenge?