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Tuesday Water Wonderings

It is water because I’ve already had coffee. And water is healthy. You know of late I am all about HEALTHY.

Today the scale said 158.5 and I was so shocked I got off, reset it, then got back on again. Holy pounds-be-gone….I’m down 28 pounds!!! Only 18 pounds to go until I reach my goal weight. 28 pounds of fat, gone in 2 months time. If it wasn’t happening to me I’d be skeptical. Heck I was very skeptical when my friend took off her 93 in 9 months (she has kept that off 3+ years). My daughter-in-law is now down 53 pounds in 3 months. ¬†Again and again success stories in our Facebook group and across the nation in other groups. It works.

I still have anxiety every morning when I go to pull on jeans, fearing they suddenly won’t fit anymore, becoming tight. But alas, they are getting too big again. I’m out of all my skinnier-me jeans, all too large. Time to go shopping soon I suppose. Until I hit goal I will shop at thrift stores, no sense in paying full price for something that won’t fit a month from now. And health coaching is going amazing. I love it. I’m going to start studying to make it as a certified coach next month. This is too good not to share and help others accomplish.

Yesterday, and today really, are testing my ability to stay on plan. Mom ended up back in the hospital and it was freaking me out. But I have noticed water is my new comfort/coping mechanism, so I indulged in extra water. I made it through the day without caving in to the desire to go jump in a pint of ice cream. In fact the thought of that made me ill. My sister made the dreaded error of eating a nice, sugary, fat filled cup cake one day last week after 6 weeks on plan and eating totally healthy, and it DID make her physically sick to her stomach for 48 hours. Several folks I know have experienced this, as once you detox from crap your body is not real happy when you introduce garbage to your digestive system again.

I’m taking on clients as a coach now, you don’t have to be local to achieve serious results. This is NOT a diet, diets have a start and end. This is changing your lifestyle, it starts but never ends and the results therefore will hold! Contact me and we can talk and see if this might work for you.


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Helping Others Find Health

3 years ago I began a new career taking care of our elderly in long term care and dementia/ Alzheimer’s communities. At 51 this took a serious toll on my body, the long shifts, being on my feet all day, bending, squatting and lifting. My blood pressure was at an all time high averaging 145/95 and even higher. 2 days of back to back 16 hour shifts and I thought I was going to drop over. I felt like a slug trying to push through my days and my left foot developed a case of plantar fasciitis that was incredibly painful. On top of that I was bouncing between 187 – 195 pounds. I knew I had found my heart’s calling in healthcare but I also knew something had to change before I ran myself in the ground.

B and A.jpgI had been following a friend’s journey to better health and watched her transformation from a very unhealthy weight with a multitude of health issues, down 93 pounds and to amazing health minus those issues that were making her so sick. My daughter-in-law then began her own move to better health and went from dragging through the day with 3 kids to energy and stamina and so far 45 pounds lighter. I knew I was physically ‘sick’ and had to make some changes so I reached out to them. My own journey began at 186.5 pounds and feeling physically exhausted and mentally fatigued. After only 40 days of making healthy changes in my life my blood pressure is averaging 115/65, my foot is no longer hurting, and I’m 21 pounds lighter. I have the energy of a teenager and plow through my days with stamina. I sleep solid and wake up refreshed, and I’m just getting started.

In my job I care for those at the end of their life journey, walking beside them as they are writing the final paragraphs of their life, trying to help make this time as wonderful as possible. My heart is in helping people and I realized I can help those currently in the early chapters or middle of their life’s book by becoming a health coach and helping them find some of the physical health changes they are seeking. If you are looking to make some healthy, life long changes in your story, I’d like to pay this gift I’ve been given forward. Please contact me and let me walk a journey with you toward a better life.

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My Journey To Health ~ Beginning Week 5

Do y’all mind if I do a happy dance? Like jump up and down, kick my heals up and squeal kind of dancing? THIS is a day of celebration for me. 4 weeks ago I began this journey all skeptical still about the hoped for results. My close friend Tracy had lost 93 pounds and kept it off for 3 years now, and my daughter-in-law was down 30ish at the time in 2 months (she is now down 42), but could I do this?

Well as of today I am down 16.5 pounds, with only 29.5 to go to reach my goal. But it is way more than just saying good-bye forever to the weight, it is about my health. My blood pressure was getting up there, like it as hanging around 140/90, sometimes higher. I’m in the medical field, I take vitals before giving meds, I know what that means and it isn’t good. I stumbled out of bed limping with plantar faciitis in my left foot, which was horribly painful for the first hour of my day. And my knees…I spend a lot of time on them at work, up and down changing Depends on my residents while they sit on the toilet, getting eye-to-eye level if they are in wheel chairs, and it took serious effort and agony to get up off them. I needed the bar on the wall as much as they did to pull up! Not to mention just feeling blah all of the time.

All that is changing now! My blood pressure has dropped to 119/71, pretty darn pleased with that! The plantar faciitis is GONE. No more limping around in pain ūüôā for this girl, and since I’m on my feet all day that IS awesome sauce. And those knees, I am up and down off them with much more ease! 60 pounds of pressure is off of them (4 pounds for every pound you lose) and I’m not having so much trouble with all of the up and down. Energy? Oh my, that of a 12 year old kid again, my coworkers accuse me of bouncing around like a ping-pong ball, I cannot sit still. I even can now wear a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to get past my thighs! YAAAAHOOOOO!

To think, I’m not even to the goal weight and optimal health yet, but I’m so amazed I’ve decided to become a health coach so I can pay it forward and share this gift of health with everyone and anyone who wants to know about it!

Here are my current before/after photos, and I cannot wait to reach my goal and post those!

170 pounds and loving life, living MY dream!


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My Journey To Health ~ Day 7

I’m SO excited! Today is day #7 of my journey and this morning I was down 7.1 pounds. On day 4/5 you enter fat burning, which is awesome because those pounds of lard have got to go! Today I moved 7 diamonds over to the Pounds Gone Forever wine glass, only 39 are left and I’m not stopping. This plan truly is great and if you stick to it, it does work. I’m so stoked that once I get further along I’ll be working to become a certified health coach myself, this is the best I’ve felt in years. And I felt good!

I get to eat amazing, healthy food on this too, like zucchini boats with shrimp…7oz of said shrimp which left me stuffed!


What is not to love about this?

Last night one of the nurses had brought in $3 a piece cookies that were huge, loaded with caramel and brown sugar and I had zero temptation. I looked, contemplated my health and goals, smiled and said, “no but thanks so much for offering!” and moved right on by. Cookies in the break-room, same thing, just didn’t have a desire to reach for one.

Want more information? I will hook you up with my health coach, my wonderful daughter-in-law, she is down 37+ pounds in 2 months and has just 22 to go until she reaches her goal. Doesn’t she look fantastic?

18199248_10208625682780825_8693363023070927190_n (1)Health

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My Journey To Health – Day 5

It is Day 5 and I’m feeling fantastic! On Thursday I’ll be posting my weight loss, but I’m here to tell you that I already have been on the scale and lost over 5 pounds so far. I’d say it was all water, but I already was a huge water drinker so I doubt that it can be said it is all from water leaving me!

My daughter-in-law, who is my coach and one of my inspirations, has lost 37.5 pounds in 2 months time. I LOVE THIS! And my friend lost 93 and has kissed it good-bye forever, 3 years ago now.

My goal is HEALTH, and losing some weight. So, inspired to use a visual like my daughter-in-law has done, I made one, and every week on weigh day I will post a picture of my diamonds making their transition from one glass to the other. My goal in getting healthy is to get all 46 diamonds to the other side and KEEP THEM THERE!

glasses of diamonds

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Ready, Set, Go!

Once again I’m going to make the attempt to keep up with the fitness journey posts.

I decided that I would do this as a way to be accountable, and maybe even inspire someone else.  Hopefully, others will come along that inspire me too!

You can read about my purpose behind all this in the My Fitness Journal – Making Marti Marvelous section.

I began this week with reactivating my SparkPeople account. ¬†It wasn’t inactive, just sitting there unused. ¬†Not so much anymore. ¬†I got on the scale and nearly stapled my mouth shut when I saw the results. ¬†I don’t FEEL like I weigh this much but I do. ¬†I don’t look like I weigh 183 pounds, but I do. ¬†And that is not acceptable.

So I began tracking what is going in my mouth and that is always an eye opener for me. ¬†I am a grazer when I go through my day. ¬†Open fridge, grab something to chew on. ¬†Wander to the kitchen for coffee, reach for a snack to munch. ¬†And so goes my day. ¬†Trouble is I don’t reach for the healthier options. ¬†I go for the crap.

51YPNYK1B5LExample: cookies! ¬†Pecan Sandies at 170 calories for 2. ¬†UGH. ¬†I don’t usually get by with just two…more like 4 or 6. ¬†Yeah, that isn’t helping one bit. ¬†10 grams of fat in 2 of them isn’t good either. That racks up to be 340-510 calories just on that one trip through the kitchen. ¬†10-30 grams of fat, as opposed to the 3 grams of protein. Not a healthy or wise choice.

I could have 5 large baby carrots and rolled back out with only 35 calories.  And once I stopped eating sweets the first thing I noticed is just how sweet carrots are, and green grapes.  I can have a whole cup (may not sound like much but measure them out) for 110 calories.

Last night, instead of grabbing junk for a snack, I decided to go with a serving of raisins, green grapes and baby carrots. ¬†3 servings of fruits and veggies in one sitting. First of all that is high volume food so it wasn’t easy to eat all of it!

1 cup of green grapes
1/4 cup of raisins
5 baby carrots.

It took a while to eat it all, while sipping water.  I was ready to just stop, but I also had not hit my minimum calorie intake of 1200 so I had to finish.  It was SO good.  I was more than satisfied by the time I finished.

I’ve also been told that often when we think we are hungry, we actually are dehydrated and need water. ¬†I’ve taken to keeping up with 8 glasses of water a day. ¬†I carry around my 24oz tumbler that is spill proof and filling it 3 times a day. ¬†That has helped me get the water I need to drink, and it is healthier than a Diet Coke.

ProduceI’m going to be getting very familiar with the produce section at the store, and hopefully over time, with much determination and help from the site, I will be successful this time.

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It Only Takes A 183 Pound Spark!

As in a spark of motivation.



I got on the scale this morning after being a tad uncomfy in my favorite jeans yesterday.  I did not like what I saw, 183 pounds, but that was 9 less than it was when I last checked.

Still, that is not acceptable.

So I decided to once again get on and activate my SparkPeople account.

This will help me to watch what is going in  my mouth.  It also helps me track my water intake.  And exercise.  As a stickler for earning meaningless points at anything and everything social media like that I have, I also can earn points for everything I do on there.  Best part is?  FREE!  Yes it is 100% free.

I am all about free stuff. ¬†Especially when said stuff can help me get fit and healthier. ¬†50 has me in it’s cross hairs, so I am really desiring to get this done, hit my goal weight and be in much better shape.

Sure, people see me and few believe I really weigh this much.  I am good at dressing to hide it. But this is insane.  I weighed around this when pregnant with my daughter.  She is 22 years old.  I think it is safe to say that there is no reason I should not be back to my pre-baby weight.  I was hanging around the 150 pound range toward the end of my marriage.  But while some of this is depression and anxiety, comfort food weight, the marriage ended over 2.5 years ago now, time to stop with comforting myself with crap I eat.

I am what I call an equal opportunity comfort eater.

Happy? – Grab some comfort food!

Sad? – Go for the cookies!

Angry? – Look out candy here I come!

You get the idea…I just like to eat. ¬†Not that eating in and of itself is so bad, it is more what I eat than anything. ¬†And portions, those are important too. ¬†Before today I would grab the raisins and have a cup or two. ¬†A serving size is 1/4 cup. ¬†Oops. ¬†My favorite cereal, raisin bran, a serving is one cup. ¬†I was going for 2 or 3 cups, whatever fit in the largest breakfast bowl I could find. ¬†Not working so well!

If you are on SparkPeople, please feel free to add me as a friend!  I have a SPARK PAGE there, would love to have more friends as a circle of motivation!

If you are not yet using it, may I suggest it as a way to get fit, healthy, drop weight etc., all for FREE.

I don’t use their meal plans, as it isn’t required. ¬†I do track everything going in my mouth, even my herbal tea. ¬†Every day at the end of the day it gives me a report on my progress. ¬†That helps.

Just click this button and come get sparked with me. Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

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Spark Me Fit Baby! Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

Created by MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods

Yes, beginning Sunday, 1/1/2012, I am back on the Spark. And on My Fitness Pal too. ¬† I have a wedding coming up in March, my son is getting married, and I don’t want to be shown a seat over in yonder pasture.¬† And frankly the older I get the harder it is to drag a few extra pounds around with me.

I’m not unrealistic, 10 or 15 pounds is the the most I will have shed by the wedding, if I do this safely (and I will) but I am happy with that!¬† Then I will be motivated to keep on going!

In the past I’ve posted this at the beginning of a new year…then did nothing with it.¬† Difference this time is in my seeking knowledge to expand my direct marketing business (Avon) I’ve learned from the experts in sales: write down your goals and you are 75% more likely to achieve them.¬† Keep them in front of you.¬† SO, every day my goals will be there on the wall next to my desk along with my business goals.¬† In front of me daily to motivate me.

It is NOT easy for me to put out here in public what my weight is, even though I love my curves because they are me.  I still know that this weight is not healthy, it is hard on my joints that already cry in pain from arthritis.  So from now on I will keep it very public.  I need the accountability. I need the motivation.

If you opt to join either or both sites, as I have, they are FREE!¬† Oh and add me as a friend.¬† We’ll motivate each other on down the scale!

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Where Is The Food????

Okay I’m not really starving, but I am facing a harsh reality.¬† There is a big reason my butt is growing so big and my jeans are getting snug:¬† mega portions!

Over the past 3 days I’ve been adding my foods to my SparkPeople nutrition tracker and noticing that if I actually measure out my portions, holy heffers no wonder I’m weighing in at 170!!!!¬† Okay so I know if we eat appropriate portions we’d likely all start dropping pounds, but DAMN!¬† I measured out my Special K cereal this morning, 3/4 cup and 1/2 cup of vitamin D milk.¬†¬† Then I looked at the tiny bowl in which it was waiting for me to dive in.¬† Tiny bowl is what I chose so that it appeared full.¬† It was full.¬† It still appeared rather small…too small.¬† It isn’t hard to see that my usual portion would be about 3 times that much.¬† SIGH.

I have had¬† no major issued getting my water intake up to the 64 ounces a day, that is a piece of cake for me.¬† But taking time to measure out my foods is another story, and staying focused.¬† My pink heart post it note on my mirror still is a #1.¬† I didn’t go on with my workouts.¬† I know I know,¬† don’t give up, just do it today and start over.¬† I AM going to do that!¬†¬† It is hard to establish a new routine and stick to it though, and I’m quickly meeting my resistance on the road to a more fit self.¬† I refuse to give up!

One place I DO need to starve myself is my social network addictions connections.¬† It likely is somewhat related to my expanding bum!¬†¬† Last night Diva Mom, Boo, me and my daughter had dinner then went shopping for a bit.¬† I went out of the door without my most prized appendage…my cell¬† phone.¬† I¬† experienced varying degrees of withdraw, especially when we had to stop at the Verizon store on the way to Target.¬† There, in a valley of cell phones, I was naked.¬† I had to touch my daughter’s for a moment so I could keep breathing and hold back the panic attack.¬† Then when we came home we watched Police Women of Cincinnati, CSI: NY, and then CSI (we DVR’d them).¬† When I crawled in bed I realized my usual nightlight was not glowing from the desk…my laptop.¬† I had gone an entire evening from the time I left the office without being on the computer.¬† I think hell must of experienced a frost warning, the Packers may win the Super Bowl, and I should go buy a lottery ticket.¬† An entire evening without the computer??? Be afraid, be VERY afraid.

Time to get my life train back on the track from its derailment.¬† Obviously I’ve gotten my priorities in life completely out of whack, but now it is time to refocus!

On that note, time to change the sheets, get myself together, and go buy yarn. I have blankets to finish!