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Avon Campaign 10

Avon Campaign 10 is live now!

Don’t miss this amazing new product (click photo to read my post):


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A Little Shameless Self Promotion

I do have a post coming later for Coffee Musings but I wanted to be sure to pass along this great set of deals currently running on my Avon site.  Just in case you like Avon products and want to save a little money this weekend and get a free gift in the process (click the image to make it larger to read the details):



I appreciate each and every purchase and even send out thank you cards with samples to all of my customers!

Okay back to the regularly scheduled blog postings!  Have a MARVELOUS weekend!


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Have You Ever Considered….

…working for yourself?  1_Million_Lips_Twitter_Profile

What holds you back?  The cost?  I totally understand.

Did you know that Avon is only $10 to start and that includes your kit and website?

Did you also know that until the end of Campaign 7 (we are in 6 right now and they are only 2 weeks long) you make 40% commissions on your orders for the first 4 campaigns that you are a rep?  Including saving 40% on your personal orders!  But this is the last time Avon will be doing this so you have to act NOW.

You can sign up online at: and enter code:  martigardner

Pay $10 there online and the kit ships to you and instructions to set up your website.  I will be here to help you every step of the way to getting your own business set up.  ALL training is free, online and there are local sales meetings you can attend.  And of course I am here to help my team members to succeed.

Your commissions range from 20% – 50% based on sales.

What are you waiting for? It has never been easier to work for yourself to make a little extra pocket money, replace your income, or just save on your own purchases as an Avon representative!

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What If $10 Could Change Your Life?


I was doing some reading last night, my all time favorite hobby, and for the second time in the past week I ran across a disturbing fact:  Most bankruptcies could be avoided if the person(s) filing had just $50 more a week.  Just $2,600 more a year could have meant keeping what they had and not having to start over. I was one of those people hanging by a thread above the pit of financial destruction, and while it is hard to believe, just $50 more a week in my hands would have given me a bit more ‘rope’ to hold on too.

There are those who could seriously enjoy life a bit more with $50 more a week to spend so they didn’t feel like they had to scrape by each pay day.  $50 more a week could be the difference between “yes” and “no” when their children want to play sports, join a cheer leading squad, take dance or music lessons.

Many work-at-home opportunities are scams, where you have to send them $100 or more to receive a list of possible work clients seeking people to do work from home.  Sadly, if they had $100 they could part with for a “maybe” job they probably wouldn’t be looking in the first place.

Other ways to work from home are party plan/direct sales businesses.  And yes you really can make money doing these but now that I am in direct sales with 2 companies I do realize some of the realities.  Party plan businesses are great fun, you get folks to host parties, they invite their friends, you show up and sell pots and pans, or candles, or jewelry and make money off those sales.  One of the ‘hooks’ is that you can make $300-500 in just 2 hours, you cannot make that working in an office where your hourly wage might be $12-20 per hour.  Well true, but not many party plan folks are doing 40 hours a week in just parties.  And the other issue being that the majority of goods sold at these parties are not consumable.  Jewelry is nice but you can only wear so much at a time.  Purses and bags rock my world too, but I only use one at a time and rarely need more anytime soon.  Don’t get me wrong, some party plan businesses, like the one I am with (SwissJust) do sell things you will want more of fairly often, trouble is I’m already a very busy woman so the idea of having to find several hours a week to go do a party to make money is not so appealing.  It isn’t just 2 hours, it is drive time, set up time, take down time so that 2 hours is more like 4 or 5 per party for a party plan business owner.  I love going to parties others are throwing, but again time is of the essence and I just don’t have much of that.

Now, we are also all looking for a way to save money on our daily needs, in addition to making that $50 a week.

So, you’ve read this far keep going…

What if I told  you that for just $10 you could:

  1. Join a “club” where you could purchase most of your daily needs (other than food & utilities) for 20-50% off EVEN sale items?
  2. You could make $50 more a week (or a lot more but let’s stick with the $50).
  3. You would not have to go out and spend any more time away from home than you already do?  In fact LESS time away because it would cut down on trips to the store.

Would that be something that you find of interest?

You CAN invest only $10 and have all of that and more.

Yes…it is AVON.

For $10 you receive your Avon kit, your website, oodles of online training, and if you are signed up under the right person you have someone who wants to make you a success.

Trust me when I tell you that Avon….well it isn’t your grandmother’s or even your mother’s Avon anymore.

While you certainly can go ringing door bells if you so desire, most of us don’t.  There are no territories, sell to anyone, anywhere you like.

Take me for example.  I work a full time job now, and have grandchildren and children to spend time with.  Books I want to read and shows I like to watch.  The idea of having to get dressed up and go work a party just doesn’t appeal to me.  But I do love extra money.  Avon gives me that without adding to my busy day.  I don’t leave my house without brochures and I will talk to and hand one to anyone I come in contact with during the day.

I recently thought about the things I use every single day:

Shampoo & conditioner
Facial cleanser
Shower soap
Hand soap
Hair gel and hair spray

All of those items I purchase from Avon at 20-50% savings every time, even on items that are on sale.

Yes I make $50 a week…in fact much more.  We have Avon reps making 6 figure incomes (one little old gal in my division is 80+ years old and sells over $200,000 a year making %50 commissions…you do the math!)

There is no catch…we don’t buy anything we either don’t need ourselves, or our customers don’t order, unless we want it.   Just that $10 investment and there is no expensive kit to purchase.  Yes, I do purchase brochures, in fact I used to spend $20 and buy 100 of them each campaign.  I’m only spending $11 and getting 30 now.  Sometimes I buy samples (10 for $1) but mostly I just use the brochures and talk to folks when I’m out and they either call with an order or go to my free, Avon website that came with my $10 investment, and they buy and order direct to their own door.

So, how much do you need to sell to earn $50 a week?  If you placed an order of $300 every campaign (every 2 weeks), you would earn 35% ($105).  There is  your $50 a week.  How hard is it to sell $150 a week in Avon?  Not hard at all, if you are handing folks your brochure and following up to see what they need, you will consistently have orders of at least $300.  I submit the orders online every other week, it is delivered to my door, and I bag it up while I watch TV then deliver when I am out and about or some customers pick it up from me.

I am looking for more representatives for my team.  Doesn’t matter if you live all the way out in California, you can be on my team.  And still for only $10.  All you have to do is go to and sign up, using a credit card, for just $10 (NO shipping etc).  Use the code:  MARTIGARDNER  and you will become one of my team members. I will coach you, Skype with you, do whatever you need me to do in order to help you make that $50 a week.

Even if you are your only customer, you still will be able to purchase your Avon at a discount of at least 20% (as long as it is a $50 order).  That alone beats anything your local wholesale club can offer.

How could $10 change YOUR life right now?  That is all you would be out just for trying, but it sure could  turn into the best $10 you ever spent.


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Shameless Self Promotion!

I try not to push sales on my blog page, as this is kind of my therapist couch here.  It is where I come to write, vent, etc, and it helps keep me sane.

But today, I’m coming to my readers to shamelessly promote my Avon business.  I have until March 13th to hit my sales goals and make President’s Club again.  To do that, I need to have $1,900 in sales by that date.  It makes the difference in 20% vs 40% commission on my sales.  I’ve been distracted from my sales because of my new job and now I need to really push hard to get them so that I finish out the sales year on the high note.

So, what I’m asking  you, my readers, is that if you are a fan of Avon, or ever thought about checking it out, that you consider an online order from me!  You can shop the current brochure from the comfort of your computer, pay online (orders over $30 ship FREE), and your order will be delivered direct to your door usually in 3-5 days!!!!

Just go to my store (, then click “shop my eBrochure” and you can see the latest brochures to order from!  Cosmetics, bath & body, fashion, jewelry, fragrance, home items…Avon has a wide variety including a leading skin care line, ANew!


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Avon MagiX Product Review and Give Away!

I am a stickler about my makeup.  I know, probably vain of me, but if I am going to put on a face in the morning, I want it to look the best possible.

One of my pet peeves when it comes to my makeup is shine.  I do NOT like to have shiny spots at all, I just want a  nice, flawless finish.  But my skin has areas that while they don’t feel oily, when I put on makeup they sure look it!  Too much powder trying  to tone that down and I look like I have a ton of foundation on when in fact I do not!

As a representative I have seen Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector in the catalogs but just never thought to give it a try.  Honestly, it wasn’t a product that I gave any attention to so I wasn’t even certain what it would do.  Then one day when searching for a past article in our representative catalogs for upcoming products I stumbled on the MagiX.  I decided to give it a try.

It goes on as a gel and dries almost instantly to feel powder smooth.  I put it on after cleansing, serum and moisturizer.  Those alone tend to make my skin feel kind of oily.  Immediately I noticed NO shine where I had the MagiX applied.  (by the way, it sports an SPF 20!)

I followed up with my Avon ideal Flawless foundation, then my blush and finally loose powder.  I am VERY impressed!  That was 5 hours ago and still, no oily shine.  Just a nice, smooth look to my face and makeup.  I am SO glad I decided to give this a try.

Another positive, you can wear this product with or without makeup! Just put it on after your moisturizer to give you a nice, matte finish!

Do you suffer from shine or oily skin that makes your makeup look less than perfect?  I highly recommend this product.  A little bit goes a long way, and it is well worth the price.  Regular price it is $10 for a 1 fl oz. supply, it is currently on sale in the Campaign 22 brochure for $7.99.  It is for all skin tones.  The product number is 646-451 and you can purchase it now on my Avon website.

Because I am SO impressed I am going to give away a MagiX! 
You must be a US resident.

To enter simply comment on this post!  For additional entries “like” my Facebook page and share the giveaway! That will give you a total of 3 entries! (if you are already a fan of the page that will count as one entry)

Contest runs through midnight, 10/16/12.  Winner will be chosen at random and contacted so that the item can be shipped to you the following week.

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Leave The Drama To Your Lashes

I have to do one more product review, for the single best mascara I have ever used.

I play up my eyes the most when I put on my face, they are my best feature.  I used to wear false eyelashes because they really do make your eyes look amazing.  I have even gone the route of lash extensions, but the cost is prohibitive and it is very time consuming to have them applied.


This past Spring at the Avon President’s Club Gala, in our swag bag of goodies we were given for achieving President’s Club, we were given this new mascara.  OMG it is AMAZING.  I LOVE this stuff!!!! I was so bummed when I finally used up that tube, because I had to wait until this current campaign to get my hands on it again.  IT’S HERE!!!!

Volume and length to die for, I’ve been asked if they are really my lashes!  YES!  And they can be your lashes too!  Avon Drama Mascara doesn’t clump, and comes off easily with eye makeup remover.  And you will have the best looking lashes you have ever had from a mascara!

Best part? Right now, you can order online and all orders of $10 or more ship FREE when you use the code: ESSENTIAL

DON”T Wait! Order your amazing, Drama mascara and leave the drama to your gorgeous eyes! Click —> HERE  <— to go to my website to order! Then click  “shop my eBrochure” to begin paging through the current brochure and placing your order!

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Turning Back The Hands Of Time – Pro Line Eraser Product Review

Okay ladies, and gents – because men want to retain youthfulness too, I feel like I’ve discovered the fountain of youth.  Best part? I work for myself selling the product, it has just been released here in the USA and it is the beauty breakthrough of the century, maybe even better.

What if I told you that this product is SO good that women that were going to undergo cosmetic surgery to minimize their wrinkles actually canceled surgery after using it?

If you knew this product was a fantastic alternative to Botox and other treatments that are similar, PER a dermatologist, would you be impressed?

And suppose I told you that fully 100% of the women who have used this product in clinical studies saw noticeable improvements to their skin?

I could also tell you that this is a bigger break through in skin care treatment than alpha hydroxyl acids and Retinol were.

If I also told you that you could see results, noticeable ones, in as few as 2 weeks of using the product in the morning and evening after using facial cleanser, would you want it?

Okay now what if I mentioned, that this product will sell for $39.99 for the full size, 1 ounce product, but currently it is on sale for $34.99 as an introductory price?

Are you hooked yet?  You should be!

YES it is an Avon product.

Anew Clinical Pro Line Eraser Treatment.

And you can purchase it right  now, online, through my Avon site and shipping is free.

Men and women will love this item.  I’ve started using it myself along with my regular regimen, I LOVE it.

I will give you numerous links to check out reviews:
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