Sunday Wine Musings…

It is 7:10pm, first day of daylight savings time, so my body and mind believe it is really only 6:10pm and I have to convince them this is not the case because I must be up at 4am tomorrow for work. Hoping the wine helps with this a bit.

I’ve been away from the blog for a while, wasn’t sure I was going to keep writing it but I’ve decided to stick around and try like crazy to post more often. Life has a funny way of invading your plans and priorities have to be addressed. Sadly most days writing is not the priority. At least folks can tell from my Instagram on my page that I have not died!

While I’ve been away, I had to patiently wait until my daughter passed the 3 month mark to let the world know that I’ll be a grandma for the 6th time come late summer/early fall. I am beyond over the moon about this, as the Nana gig is by far the most amazing yet. I am hoping for a girl this time, as we only have one girl in the mix, but a healthy baby is a joy regardless of gender. Early in April we’ll find out that secret and it is either buying more Bengals and Reds attire for a boy, or tutus for a girl. Well and yes sports items for her too because that is how we roll.

News flash…save your money and if you are into those Yeti tumblers, I can tell you that RTIC is just as wonderful and about 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost. I fill mine as I leave for work at 5am and that coffee is still hot at 9:45am in our daily stand-up meeting at work. If I use it for cold drinks, ice is still in it 12 hours later. Could be longer but I’m rarely one to let anything sit that long before consuming it. Really, save yourself a fortune! I’m making a series of cup cozies for that size tumbler, though they don’t need one as they never ‘sweat’ and are easily held no matter if it is a hot or cold drink inside. It is all about having a fashionable cup at that point! ūüôā

Over the past week I was trying like crazy to come down with a rip-roaring sinus infection. Maybe the weather didn’t help as we had a few odd days with winter, then spring (even a tornado warning at work) then back to winter again. We are currently experiencing winter for those interested in what cue card nature is reading. The infection was growing, causing a headache, snot factory, and over all fatigue. In the past I have boiled water and put tea tree oil in it and inhaled the steam, but that can burn your skin and its uncomfy to breathe. So, on a whim I googled and found out I could put tea tree oil in my neti pot!!! One drop, per the many articles I found, or it can irritate the sinus membranes. But I did this twice a day over 3 days and could feel it draining away. Today I’m breathing freely and really amazed. NOTE: I am NOT a doctor and this is NOT medical advice…just passing along what worked for me, flush those sinuses with saline and tea tree oil at your own risk.

I’ve not been neglecting my shop, in fact I have several items to stock, just haven’t taken photos and built listings. Again, life has been in the way a bit but I now have the supplies for shipping and I’ll be placing these over the next few days. My daughter is starting to add things as well, so we’ll have some really nice items coming this week.

Speaking of her…she recently became a Jamberry rep. Like me, she has a passion for direct sales, but needed to find her passion for a product. Me, I’m back on Avon but that is another post. My baby girl LOVES the nail wraps and finally took the plunge to become a rep. And she is making money, which is no real shock as once you find your passion product you are going to do well. It doesn’t hurt that these sell themselves right off your finger nails. Seriously she has people stop her to ask where she got her nails done. I had tried them once but didn’t have a real clue what I was doing. Now, if you go to a party or search YouTube you will have it down. I let her do a manicure on me 2 weeks ago from her stock and was blown away. I wash my hands at work easily 30 to 50 times in a shift. The wraps held up great through it all. And trust me I am hard on my hands, they are my most used tool every day at work. I also bite my nails. So this helped me make it 2 weeks without biting them at all. I actually have some nail to work with today and she came over and did my nails and my mom’s with the wraps we purchased from her. Mom is going through chemo and her nails just are so thin and fragile now. We figure wraps will help to protect them and she found a color she loved. You can see how short my nails must have been by where they are today, with this new french manicure wrap on. I LOVE them!

My index finger is the shortest I have and I’m determined to keep at this to get something grown. I cannot go real long, as nails cause skin tears to our elderly residents, their skin is onion paper-thin so it takes so little to injure them. But I can have pretty nails! ¬†Each sheet is enough for 2 manicures with a few wraps to spare, and only $15 a sheet! Check out her shop, the selection is just incredible. You can do a Basic Bundle for only $58.50 and that includes 4 sheets of wraps, the mini heater, and all the supplies you need to do your wraps, so it is quite the savings!

Well the dryer is calling me with the song of its people, so time to get my laundry folded and tuck myself into bed for my day tomorrow.

Y’all have a marvelous one!



Sporting Pink & White Cheetah Jammies

Last night we finished the last episode of Blue Bloods on Netflix. We divas are huge fans of the show so we started at the very beginning and watched each season, a few episodes a night, over the past few weeks.  Once we finished, we were a bit bored.  Boredom and the Diva Den are not a very good combo.

3 of us are into Pokemon GO, so we went out hunting them, after dark, around midnight, after a thunderstorm, on our street. Because? Well a Pikachu was in our vicinity and we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to catch one!¬†My niece was in shorts and a jersey, sis was wearing white jammie pants with tiny, navy blue hearts and navy blue top, also navy slippers. ¬†Me? The fashionista that I am, wore a black jammie top, baggie pink and white jammie pants with black cheetah print on them, black slippers with giant, hot pink bows on them (Hello Kitty baby!), what can I say, I looked hot of course! Our neighbors already think we are a bunch of crazy cat women, why disappoint. We did not get the Pikachu though, too bad.

20160730_103020-1And now? Same jammies, bed head, with my pink, Hello Kitty coffee mug full of my favorite daytime beverage, and a colby cheese on wheat toast sandwich.  I know, you are jealous, but not everyone can be this sexy and cool. Just embrace your own inner freak and it will be okay. (those spots are not on the top, but on the mirror, which I clearly need to clean!)

I’m on day 2 of 7 off in a row! I need this break, not only to crochet and work on items for my shop, but to physically recover from working this job. My 53yo body cannot take a lot of that for an extended time without some chance to recover.

Now that the delivery has been made, I wanted to share the custom order By Hook & By Hand made. We were a tad nervous about how it would turn out in the earthy tones, especially for a baby blanket, but we were very pleased. The new mommy was too! Delivered in person, I got to meet and hold the little man who will snuggle in this blanket for many years to come, and see it in his room which is very close in color to the green in the blanket.


Coming soon, another Bavarian throw, a new baby blanket, more wash clothes and scrubbies, a poncho, and one very cool Halloween throw. ¬†Hoping to get a lot accomplished while off these remaining 6 days. Boo is working on the Halloween one at this writing, and I’m hooking the Bavarian. ¬†Coffee and hooking, the best therapy ever! Time to get to it, this day is slipping away fast. Y’all have a great one!


Hot Coffee & A Pink Snuggie

20160127_154728I’m not really sure why, but I’m cold today. ¬†No hot flashes to keep me warm (where are they when we actually¬†need them?), and while it isn’t cold in the house, I feel chilled. ¬†Usually my heat vent in my bedroom is closed because I do get too warm, but not today. So here I sit in my pink Snuggie. ¬†Don’t laugh, it does keep me warm, along with this wonderful, hot cup of coffee on the desk. ¬†Those are paired with jeans, a sweater and my pink, Hello Kitty footie socks and Hello Kitty slippers. ¬†Admit it, you are insanely jealous!

This morning was a sleep in day, I made it to 8am and that was as late as I could manage. ¬†Considering it is 3.5 hours past my alarm for work days, it was fantastic! ¬†Coffee and mom time followed. ¬†Every morning that mom and I are both home and awake in the morning, is coffee time. ¬†We grab our cups and curl up in the arm chairs in our living room and talk. ¬†While my life is one giant, “this did not go as planned“, nothing could be better than having these years with her, on a daily basis, to laugh, share, and make memories. ¬†All too soon she will be gone, and thankfully I’ve been given a gift these past nearly 6 years, to be able to spend these final years of her life journey under the same roof.

We ran one errand today, heading to the grocery store to pick up about 3 items to make lime garlic chicken for dinner, though while we did get what we needed the plan changed first to walking tacos, then to steak burgers. ¬†We ended up buying $60+ of unplanned purchases, which included a scrumptious chocolate cake because when we found out it is National Chocolate Cake day today, well we didn’t want to miss celebrating. ¬†So, lunch included a plate full of baby-angels-in-the-mouth goodness. ¬†We were back in our arm chairs indulging in chocolate decadence and loving every minute!


This Marvelous Life

And make no mistake, it is indeed marvelous!

I’m blessed every day when I wake up and know that I rest in the grip of the One who created the universe and all things it holds.

My journey of late has gone through some intensive self reflection and prayer, as our church was gearing up for a new financial campaign.  Too much to go into but you can watch it all on the church website, and you can download the app, Crossroads Anywhere, from the app stores, for free, and live stream services, do the study with us each week etc., if you are searching for a church home or just want a little extra.

During some intense, self guided prayer a week ago Friday, as part of that campaign, I really felt God was telling me some things. ¬†For one, keeping my spiritual life and ‘other’ life in individual blogs, may not be the best thing. ¬†My faith is part of what defines me. ¬†In fact it DOES define me. ¬†I’m a Christian who happens to be a single senior (per the AARP I am a senior citizen), a CNA, and a host of other hats I wear. ¬†But first and foremost, I’m the daughter of the Most High God. ¬†As such I needed to reevaluate how I use my social media and blogs.

I’ve made all apologies that I have to make. Some accepted them, others opted to ungraciously attack my motives. That is on them, and between them and God to sort out.

One thing I do know is that I’ve asked someone to keep me accountable to stop posting negative things about the goings on in the world, and start using my various social media forums for spreading encouragement, positive, and yes, faith based things. ¬†This may mean it is time to combine my 3 blogs into one (other than my Avon blog). ¬†It will mean a change in the title, URL etc, but never fear, that will be a smooth transition. ¬†Marvelous Martha, AKA – Marvi Marti, just happens to be a prodigal princess. ¬†A royal daughter of God who got lost and is now back where she belongs. ¬†I won’t remove any posts from the past, it is all who I am.

My spiritual journey blog has been renamed, The Prodigal Princess.  It will also become far more active than it has been.  At some point I just might combine both blogs into one, we shall see.

More updates to come, but until then, be MARVELOUS!

My Cat Is Getting Married Next Week

1a79c829e5af7f3d6217f0a493e77d8fWell okay she isn’t really getting married, but I was at an extreme lack of creativity when it came to a blog title today so that is what I came up with, don’t judge.

Creatively I’m just blank, flat lined, nada. ¬†Not sure what is up other than I think I’m still just exhausted from work. ¬†Pulling 6 days in one week, 12.5 hour shifts, and a week later I’m almost recovered. ¬†Mind you I’ve since worked 3 more such shifts but at least it was only what I was assigned, my normal hours. No OT this week, just wasn’t up to it.

Baby watch has started officially, as my daughter is crampy, lost her plug and is about 3cm dilated.  Doc says any time is good and could happen.  Well doc you are wrong, the next 2 days this Nana works and so grand baby #5 must wait until Wednesday, and at that point has 3 days he can arrive, before Nana works the weekend.  Hopefully the baby got the memo.

My Henrietta is not running today.  I fear a fuel pump issue and hope that is covered under warranty.  Not sure and thankfully have enough cars in this house to still have a way to get to work and back.  But I hate not having my baby, and had to have my son pick me up for church.  Thankfully we all go to the same place!

The message this morning was a great one on marriage, the covenant that it is, and something the pastor said really impacted me. ¬†He talked about how two becoming one flesh is not just at the physical level, but it is deeply spiritual as well. ¬†This is why, he said, many still feel a pull toward their ex. ¬†I get that. ¬†It is why it is so devastating and why I think I’ve never quite gotten over it. ¬†My soul is still and forever linked to my ex-husband and in God’s eyes we are still one despite the courts ‘ending’ it. ¬†In God’s realm it isn’t over. ¬†I also think this is why I don’t ever feel ‘right’ in any relationship at a deep level, my faith gets in the way of that. ¬†My faith was very much a part of me even when the hubster and I had fallen far from the path, and deep down those vows were to God more than my ex. ¬†Now, when I try to love another man and be his, it doesn’t work well for me because on a spiritual level it isn’t right in my mind. ¬†I think it is likely I will never marry again because I had come into a relationship with Christ after my first marriage and know in the core of my soul that divorce is wrong wrong wrong in God’s eyes. ¬†It cannot now ever be changed as the ex remarried. ¬†And me? ¬†Well I just don’t know that I can ever honestly make that covenant again with another man, it simply wouldn’t be right. ¬†I’m rather thankful that one isn’t on my head as God takes the breaking of covenants very seriously. ¬†I recommend this message once puts it up, for anyone married, thinking of marriage, or contemplating divorce. ¬†It was rather freeing though for me, to realize that may be the very reason I simply cannot find it in me to be joined to someone else. ¬†I try, and my heart wants what it wants, but the heart is deceptive and it just never quite fits. ¬†I’ve been the one to end 4 serious relationships since getting divorced, which tells me a lot. ¬†I’ve not given up that God may bring one to me, but I’m not going looking anymore. ¬†He has given me a lot to do for now, and a relationship wouldn’t bode well with all of that.

My job is one area I know that He has planted me for a purpose. ¬†I never would have guessed that changing dirty diapers and feeding older adults could be such, but it is a ministry and I love it. ¬†Some days I do wonder if God realizes that I am 52 years old and this is really a difficult job physically for an old chick like myself, but it is getting a bit easier. ¬†I’ve lost 11 pounds over the past 6 weeks so I can see where it is physically a good thing for me. ¬†It is also emotional. ¬†I have one of my own residents on hospice now, which is hard for me. ¬†I love this resident, and it breaks my heart to see said soul giving up. ¬†It is also hard to look at my 9 people and realize that some are in their 90s and this time next year 3 or 4 of them may not be here anymore. ¬†It is possible to do the job and not get attached but not sure how those aides do it. ¬†I am very attached to them and cannot imagine them not there to care for each week.

As my body and mind are adjusting I’m getting closer to a balance of life in the nursing home and outside. ¬†My Avon business needs a serious shot in the butt, however I just didn’t have the energy. ¬†It has had to be one or the other, and since one is bringing in a bit more money and has medical benefits, that got priority. ¬†I hate it. ¬†This week is mapped out to get Avon back on track.

That goes for writing my blog posts too, which is why it has been over 2 weeks since the Marvelous one posted. ¬†Not that I haven’t started any number of them, but just couldn’t finish before I decided to go to sleep. ¬†I’m working on that as well, as writing is therapy for me. ¬†I don’t need to tell you that my novels are on hold and will be for a bit. ¬†I do have a new twist to add though so stay tuned they will be out eventually.

Farmville 2 has kept me sane, though I admit to thinking “crap forgot to harvest the green beans” when headed to a resident room after morning report. ¬†Sad I know, but it is mindless and helps me unwind after a long day. ¬†I also have my blog about my job, The CNA Life, but haven’t written much there yet. ¬†ūüôā ¬† I will!

Okay off to grab a glass of wine and relax, maybe work on my planner decorating a bit, then it will be time to board the Dreamland Express and get some sleep. ¬†Praying for this week to smooth out and all things I’ve left in God’s hands to be handled…well that I won’t try to pull them back and just let Him answer those prayers.

Little Things Are Big Things

The little things in life just thrill my socks off, to me those little things make for the big things, memories.

Yesterday a very special and dear friend and I went riding on his motorcycle for several hours. ¬†I love being in the wind, it is therapy for me. ¬†We talked at length while we rode and stopped to grab a quick drink (water and energy drink). ¬†Relaxing and enjoyable, we share numerous memories riding the back roads together. ¬†He is one of those special, true friends I can call when crisis hits and he is there for me, and I’m there for him. ¬†One of the only ones walking who knows every deep, dark secret I have and never judges me for them, just loves and prays for me. ¬†We also share our faith which is great as we talk openly about it.

Today more memories were made after church when me and my kiddos went out of lunch.  I love that we all worship together, even the ex and his wife though they were not at the same service with us today but usually they are and no that is not awkward at all.  After services we hit one of our favorite places for lunch.  I just love spending time with my kids and grandkids, they are jewels in my crown for sure.  Nice to know too, in chatting, that my kids do not think I was a bad mom even though I know I made mistakes, they love me and see me as a good mother.

The memories of my grandson whispering across the table to me with his little mischievous grin that he took off his socks and shoes (a real sneaky thing to a 2-year-old), then later having to remove mac & cheese from his shoes before they went back on (guess he missed his mouth a few times) won’t be forgotten. ¬†I cannot imagine life without my family around me.

Great quote I heard on the way to services:

Joy is the best makeup ~ Anne Lamott

Yes, yes it is. ¬†And my life is full of joy, yes I really DO love my life. ¬†Nothing about it I’d trade right now, it is full of the wealth of blessings and love, memories and laughter, family and a few very good friends.


Snowmagedon Coming Soon!

10523836_10153066700611031_5274101490780350214_nI swear nothing causes panic in these parts like snow. AKA: white death.

The local news stations will cover this for their entire forecasts, with reporters all over town to show us from 20 locations that OHMYGOSH IT’S SNOWING!!!! ¬†And because this is coming you won’t be able to buy a loaf of bread, let alone a parking spot, at the local grocery stores.

Normally we would have gone to the grocery store yesterday, for the regular, every 2 weeks trip. ¬†But NOOOO, we waited until today. ¬†Because we didn’t know that this morning we’d wake up to a winter storm watch that would become a winter storm warning as this day has progressed. ¬†Naturally we expected total insanity at the store and no one let us down.

10 deep in line at each register, maybe more as I couldn’t see down the aisles that lines snaked into. ¬†This is just plain stupidity too. ¬†We do not get trapped here in Cincinnati, Ohio, because in winter it does typically snow in these here parts. ¬†Therefore we have snow plows! And salt! ¬†And at best we might have to wait it all out for a few hours or MAYBE over night. ¬†To see this kind of craziness at the store one would think we’d be snowed in for the entire winter.

10979412_788634397888753_1381596223_nNow, mom and I just laughed as the aisles got more and more crowded and folks moved slower and slower. ¬†It was just nuts. ¬†We finally got in line and looked around at this sight. ¬†Then, in front of us, a couple with massive amounts of items in their cart started unloading for check out. ¬†He was doing it all wrong, she took over and talk about OCD issues! ¬†Things had to be unloaded in a particular order, so things were all grouped together in a way only she understood. ¬†They took forever to do this. ¬†It gets better! ¬†When it was all rang up and bagged up to their standards, and it was time to pay for their groceries, they couldn’t find their debit/credit card. ¬†Both going through their wallets and her purse until finally they were able to locate it. ¬†Seems the OCD tendencies don’t reach their wallet organization at all.

The snow will begin late tonight, and right now we are slated for over 6 inches. ¬†Just south, 12 inches. ¬†I’m praying this whole storm sinks southward and far away from us but when I commented as such on one of the local meteorologist’s Facebook post, he told me not too bet on that. ¬†DANG! ¬†More likely, as would be par for the course for me, it will move more north and I’ll be shoveling a foot of this crap off the driveway come tomorrow evening.


The Marvelous One Is MIA In Sunny Florida

I’ve been MIA that past few days, enjoying the warm weather and sunshine in Sarasota, Florida. ¬†The Badge is here for business, I came along to help drive (who would not want to drive his Mercedes after all?) and after the business part we’ve been enjoying the “cold” weather (around here they think 60’s is cold). ¬†It’s been in the 70’s during the day (glorious compared to Cincinnati) and 60’s over night. ¬†64 degrees, humid, windows down in the car last night as we went cruising to some of the spots he loves.

We drove to Venice Beach today to check it out, but while it is nice, Sarasota and Siesta Key are better. ¬†It was heavenly to walk barefoot in the sand again and come June we will be staying on Siesta Key so we can walk across the street one way to the beach, or the other way to Gilligan’s and The Daquri¬†Deck, and pretty much everything else we want to eat or drink. ¬†I cannot wait.

The plan is to move down here, the sooner the better.  Sooner WOULD be better.  I love it here and understand why he feels home here.  It is so beautiful.  The day I get back to Cincinnati I will be back in the gym getting my fitness on so I am bikini ready for June.  I will have my son and/or son-in-law work with me at the gym to achieve my goals.

For now, this and a few other photos are what I will enjoy and use to motivate me. ¬†I will job hunt and find something here I think, like slinging beer at a local bar. ¬†I can’t do an office again, ever. ¬†I want open air!!


Wine And Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

MyTiaraWineGlassYes, that is what I’m enjoying as I write this. ¬†Don’t judge me, we all have our vices.

My inner Diva, child and goddess have all been sitting over there in the corner of my mind, whispering among themselves for days now.

The inner goddess is all stretched out on the lounger in silk jammies, nibbling dark chocolate and sipping wine. She and I need to chat, I hate silk anything.

The inner child is sitting crossed legged like a kid on the floor, big bowl of ice cream in front of her while blowing bubbles and cracking her gum.

And the Diva planted herself on a bar stool drinking beer and sporting a really sassy attitude.

What has their panties all knotted up?  The Badge.

By now you probably have figured out he is a cop. ¬†Years ago, before the stint with the motorcycle gang member, and prior to dating The Count, I had drifted across the profile of the badge on a dating site. ¬†But then I dropped off because I was dating The Count. ¬†Y’all know how that crashed and burned, and if not it doesn’t matter. ¬†We’re¬†friends again. ¬†Not with benefits or anything, in fact beyond playing similar Facebook games we aren’t really much more than social media pals. ¬†Fence mended, life goes on. ¬†About a year ago, The Badge friended me on Facebook and after trolling his photos I realized who he was, that guy I had briefly encountered on a dating site. ¬†I honestly don’t know if he realized it at the time but over the months we “liked” or commented on each others posts very randomly. ¬†Then he asked me out. ¬†I didn’t even take it seriously the first time, but thankfully he asked again. ¬†Meanwhile I had serious issues adjusting to his sense of humor, but I finally got past all of that.

Since the first time, we’ve gone out half a dozen times and he has come to church with me 4 times now. ¬†We text, frequently¬†as in¬†daily, numerous times a day, and there is playful banter in those texts and on Facebook. ¬†I like this one.

My inner child finds him extremely amusing.  The Goddess finds him attractive and fun.  The Diva is just the usual bad girl that needs to be locked in her room.  She is looking forward to us going to Florida in May and is all over the Sparkpeople and Fitbit stuff plotting her way back to a bikini body by then.  She is all up the back end of the child who craves the ice cream and the goddess who is demanding her wine, they need to work together on this project for success.

Meanwhile? ¬†My heart is still locked behind walls. ¬†Jaded, scarred and untrusting of any male who is insane enough to try to scale the barriers. ¬†And that is the issue. ¬†I want to believe I’m not being played this time, that this time there is real interest beyond getting me in to bed. ¬†I’ve held this one at arm’s length but that isn’t going so well, he is getting under my skin and into my head. ¬†I said no more dating, and yet that is exactly what I am doing. ¬†The inner child is all over the fun, the goddess is skeptical, and the damn inner diva is standing on her bar stool trying to see when we will see him again. ¬†I’m so confused.


Making Memories

I love the holidays, the sights, sounds, foods…it’s all magical in some way to me. ¬†Probably because I am a total kid at heart. ¬†I am not huge on the whole gift giving thing, in fact it is highly over rated in my opinion. ¬†Every year parents on a quest to out do the year before, husbands and wives stressing over the perfect present for their spouse. ¬†It’s all insane and just dumb. ¬†No one can purchase the things I want in a store because the only thing I ever want is time. ¬†In that time together I prefer to make memories with those I hold close to my heart. ¬†Keep the rest, give me the most precious thing of all, time spent together having fun.

Tuesday evening The Badge took me out for sushi and then to The Festival Of Lights. ¬†I had such a great time! ¬†Then Wednesday we went to the Thanksgiving Eve service at church then out for a few drinks. ¬†We had gone out after church Sunday to watch the Bengals game and consume beer and eat junk food. ¬†I’ve seen quite a lot of him this week and enjoyed every second. A lot of laughs, a lot of great memories!

Thanksgiving this year was another quality time of making lasting remembrances.  We brought my dad over from the nursing home and had dinner.  Later my kids and their families, and one of my brothers and his kids, all came over.  That was when a whole series of memories were made!

10811634_740756649343195_610114151_nFirst my daughter walks in and hands me a bottle of wine. ¬†I was a tad puzzled until I read the label, which said “Drink this for me, I’ll join you soon. Baby Neyer coming June 2015″. ¬†As it sank in my heart soared, my baby girl is pregnant with her first child. ¬†They sat on the news for 9 weeks, then over the past 2 days found creative ways to tell their parents and siblings that they are expecting. ¬†It is everything I have to contain it!

My brother and his wife arrived next with their son in tow, and then their daughter and her boyfriend arrived and my son and his family. ¬†Shortly after that someone got the idea to play Catch Phrase, which is available as an app for your phone. ¬†I laughed so hard so many times I couldn’t breathe and my sides are sore today. ¬†When my mom finally had to call it a night, we moved the party to my daughter’s house.

These are the things that make me smile, that cannot be purchased and wrapped.  They are priceless treasures to me and I cannot imagine anything bought in a store that could give me the joy I have from these events over this past week.

I thank God for such  wonderful, blessing filled week!

My dad and his great-grandson

My dad and his great-grandson