What I Need More Of In My Life

Interesting question:

What do you need more of in your life?

Over coffee this morning I’m pondering this and realize this is not a one word answer.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Time. This was the first thought that occurred to me, I need more time! But the trouble with time is you don’t just run over to a local store and grab some time off the shelf and head to the check-out. It isn’t found online for purchase. We all only have so much time allotted to us in this life, like a bank account. The Bible says we are given a certain number of days, they are in fact numbered, and then our time account runs out (Psalm 139:16, Job 14:5 just to name a few verses). There is no bargaining with God for more, earned time interest added annually, exchanging my days for someone else’s. My time is limited so while I feel I need more time, it really is I need to make better use of my time for the things that I need more of in my life, or what more of, like:

  • Time with God, the most important time there is and I fail at spending enough focused time in His presence, feeding on His Word, and laying myself spiritually in my Abba’s hands to be comforted, taught, loved, meditating on HIM.
  • Time with my son and daughter, and with their families. I need more of them in my life.
  • Time with my siblings. I see my sister quite often, our apartments are in the same building. But more time with her is always welcome. And my brothers, both fire fighters working on a different 24 hour shift, in order for us all to be together requires some advanced planning to nail down that one day in every 3 that they are both off work. Even just seeing one or the other, and of course their wives, my nieces and nephews, is something I need more of in my life.
  • Time to read. I LOVE to read and have so many books on my Kindle right now, and in print, that I want to dive into.
  • Time to crochet..oh the projects piling up on me that I’ve started or purchased supplies for and haven’t gotten finished or even started.
  • Time to just be. To sit and close my eyes and just listen. Listen for God’s voice, listen to the sounds of life going on around me.

I need more of all this in my life, and it all boils down to needing to make better use of my time!


What are your thoughts?

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