Little Black Dress

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Avon’s Little Black Dress scent has been given a modern flair, oriental floral, and is stylish for both day and night.

Coming Soon! Avon Campaign 9, 2016
Avon Campaign 9, 2016

If you like Victoria’s Secret Heavenly, then you will like this!  It has become my new signature scent and you can now purchase it via my website, all 3 pieces for $25 (order #041-140) in campaign 9.


I’m sending out a FREE sample to anyone who contacts me before 4/15/16.  Just fill out the form below and I’ll drop a sample in the mail to you!  USA residents only!

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  1. I love wearing a scent! My signature one is Gucci Guilty. But it is so disappointing because it seems everywhere I go there is a No Scents Policy. Like a cafe actually asked me if I could go into their bathroom and try to wash it off … because someone MIGHT be affected. I mean, I get migraines – I know the pain – but it just seems a bit much sometimes. That much control over someone’s life that I cannot wear my favourite scent.

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