Avon: What You Should Know Before Becoming A Representative

Be Marvelous With Marti

First let me say that I am a direct sales junkie.  A junior kit-napper would describe it best. At one point I was ‘selling’ for 7 different companies, everything from weight loss coffee, those crazy wrap things, candles and diet supplements.  It was crazy.  Now? I sell only Avon and Jewelry In Candles, the candles being more of a hobby so I can get the discounts when I want candles or tarts.

I’ve spent (wasted) good money trying out multiple companies, so I’m somewhat knowledgeable about the financial risks of direct sales.

So what should you know before you opt to sign up to be an independent sales representative for Avon?


Avon has one of the lowest start-up fees of any direct sales company.  It is only $15 to sign up, which you can do online or in person with an established representative.  This cost includes your kit…

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