Avon Selling Tips I’ve Learned From My Cat

Be Marvelous With Marti

cat_s_there_is_no_snooze_button_540I know you think I may have gone off my rails with that title but I promise this makes sense.  Cats would make excellent Avon Ladies, or other direct sales representatives.

Prospecting:  When my cat wants my attention she simply approaches me.  No fear of being rejected, she just comes up and paws my leg, or climbs up and pokes me in the shoulder when I’m working.  If this doesn’t work she will work her way onto my desk and keep attempting to walk across my laptop.  She makes darn sure I know she is there and wants me to pay attention.

It’s no different approaching potential recruits and customers, we have to be seen, make that potential aware of our presence and desire to speak to them.  Standing next to them in line at the store, no matter how much we wish they could read our minds and know…

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