But I Don’t Wear Makeup

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As a representative for Avon, one of the things I hear from women when I approach them about purchasing Avon is, “I don’t wear makeup”.  There are many women who do not wear cosmetics for various reasons, some are simply fortunate to have gorgeous skin that needs no help.  But women who do not wear makeup need a good skin care regimen to protect that beautiful skin.

Most cosmetics today feature an SPF to protect from the harmful rays of the sun, as well as moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.  Good cosmetics are even treating the skin with the same things that you find in good skin care products.

avonanewvitalAlways remove any makeup and wash your face in the evening, followed by a good moisturizer.  Never use soap, but rather a good cleanser specifically for washing the skin on your face.  Each morning you should again cleanse the face and…

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  1. Don’t ya love folks like that? I wear it cause I want too. Most days that I don’t have it on, I wanted too but something happened that I didn’t get that far before I had to leave the house.

  2. It so irks me when I get that question “why do you always wear makeup – you should be able to go out without it.” gggrrr. First – get back in your own lane honey. I am a grown woman who can wear makeup if I want. and since I am not going around slinging jealousy disguised as snark at other womens’ choices, I think we can determine who actually is the more well adjusted person here. whew — I guess I needed to get that out! ha The truth is I do wear it outside always because it does have SPF; so my face is always always protected. It also has moisturizer. Since I use a mineral powder based item, it’s healthier for my skin too. I am in my 40s and don’t have any wrinkles yet – so I must be doing something right!

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