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Friday Confessional

OMG I am so thankful it is Friday. Time to make my way on over to Aubrey’s place and drop in the confessional and get it all off my chest so I can start the weekend free.  Join us, just click on the little lady above and link up your confessions.


I confess…

Nothing in my life for the past week as been anything at all like I imagined it would be.  This time last Friday I was sitting here in tears and mad as a hornet.  It has been an interesting week but all is good or at least it will be.

I confess…

I started off this week on a roll.  Well after being sick on Tuesday, my work week started Wednesday on a roll.  Yesterday was productive too right up until I met up with former coworkers and then my self esteem took such a huge hit I went to bed feeling rather worthless and unappreciated and wondering if I shouldn’t just give up and go flip hamburgers at McDonald’s for a living.  My drive and confidence are at an all time low today and I am mad at me.  I woke up at 2:20am and could not go back to sleep, replaying the last 3 years of my life over in my head and wondering what the heck I was ever thinking.  Everything is now, in my mind, being second guessed and questioned.  I finally realized I was wasting a lot of precious hours of rest, worrying about what is next when it wasn’t solving anything.  I woke up hurt, frustrated and confused and all the more certain I want to work for myself, that way I know I have my back and don’t question my own loyalty.  But right now I am not feeling real dang confident in me.

I confess…

I know, I need to get off the pity-party choo choo, it goes exactly NO WHERE.

I confess…

My poor dog is acting out and upset.  I guess dogs are somewhat OCD because she is very upset that we have not gone to work all week.  No amount of treats and talking to her about it seems to help her understand that we work at home now, this is the office, and there are no kind hearted veterans coming through each day to give her treats.  Sure, they don’t understand our language but I felt better saying it.   I know she is missing one in particular as he always stopped at my office to show my dog some love.

I confess…

I have so much to do and getting a late start on the attack today because of the lack of sleep last night.  Time to get to work.  ya’ll have a marvelous weekend!


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  1. Well, I’d miss those treats too! Ha But I think she will adjust eventually. Just as I am sure that you will be right back feeling good and fine and like nothing can stop you soon too. It’s perfectly understandable that you might falter for a bit right now; given the events. But you definitely strike me as someone who bounces back — and shows everyone else what you can do! 🙂

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