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Friday Confessional

Ah Friday!  Time to hop on over to the confessional with Aubrey and let it all out, get it off the chest, out of the soul.  You can join us by clicking the icon above to link up with your confessions.


I confess…

Okay I did NOT hop, nor will I, over to the confessional.  I’m too stinking tired to hop.  In fact it is a small wonder I am awake right now.  I am so far behind on sleep lately as I am not getting to bed early enough then storms and acid reflux have kept me awake at night.  UGH.  And the cat who hates storms had to come make biscuits on my pillow (kneed it with her front paws) and inform me of the lack of food in their bowls because, you know how cats are, OMG WE’RE GOING TO STARVE TO DEATH.

I confess…

I brought a salad for lunch but it’s small and I’m debating if I want to run down the street and get something else.  But that would mean I’d have to actually leave the office and right now I’m more inclined to kick off my shoes and sleep for lunch rather than running out or writing.  Yes I am that tired.

I confess…

Last night I was just finished with all things technology.  Our cable company “did us a favor” and gave us a better router, and that is where the trouble started.  Sure it saved us $40 a month but the cable and Internet were down all night, with the exception of one TV.  Really????  I had 2 online classes to attend, I was not happy.  In fact frustrated would be under defining it.  I had hoped to be able to do one at work at some point today, since it is for my job, but that hasn’t panned out either.  I need another 24 hours in my day and a do over please!!

I confess…

I have made an attempt to reach out to someone, olive branch like.  Hoping it is well received.  Praying either way for this individual.

I confess…

I hear my jammies and a big, hot cup of Sleepy Time Extra tea calling my name.  My bed is calling me too.  My dog is asleep under a chair in my office, and I’m jealous.  Wonder if she’d scoot over and make some room for me?


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  1. technology is so awesome…. until it doesn’t work. which can be often; especially when storms are brewing. like… inside me because I can’t Do All The Web Things!!!

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