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Friday Confessional

Slipping and sliding, trying not to fall on the ice and snow and break my neck, moving at top speed, I bolt into the confessional with 9 hours to spare before being locked out.

I confess…

Last week was SO busy!  Working from home a good portion of it, we’ve been busier than we could ever have hoped for at the office but it doesn’t make for much time for me to do anything else.  Even in the evenings I’m manning the phones from home and doing extra things that don’t get finished during the day.  But it’s all good and we are thankful beyond words for the work load!

I confess…

While I have indeed enjoyed watching the snow, the bitter cold this past week has been terrible.  My skin is getting so dry that even lotion is not keeping up.  I cannot wait for summer, the heat and humidity. Bring it on!

I confess…

I was very lazy about the laundry this weekend.  Mt. Washmore has grown and it will take the Knight to lug it all down on one trip for me to the laundry room.  But that is okay I will get it done today.

I confess…

I needed to lose myself yesterday in something other than work. I caught up on Nashville, watching the past 2 episodes and now I’m seriously anticipating this week!

I confess…

I could not stand not knowing what was going to happen on Downton Abbey so I looked ahead.  I found a website with recaps from this season (it runs in Britain before here) and I’m happy I did, but torn too because now I have to wait even longer to find out things that are left to hang until season 5!

I confess…

I didn’t go get the mail yesterday.  Didn’t feel like walking up in the cold and snow.  But now I’m itching to know if there is anything good in the mailbox.  And it is rather warm compared to yesterday…so maybe I will take the time.  Sadly, the puppy cannot go for a walk, too much salt on the streets for her little paws.


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  1. That bitter cold finally caught up to us this week, and it’s ridiculous. Hopefully, things will get more manageable for you at work.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. I’ve missed having you around.

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